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  • Dr. Frost: Frost is somehow unaware of Yoon's crush on him, Song's past feelings for him, and Seol's flirtations.
  • Elliot from El Goonish Shive had gained the affection of several girls all without him realizing it. Ellen has this to say about her brother:
    Ellen: I'm betting the day Elliot actually tries to attract women will be the day that they collectively lose interest in him.
  • Girl Genius:
    • Moloch possibly has some excuse in that he wasn't this trope before he Took a Level in Badass as Agatha's head minion, and indeed had a hopeless crush on one of the three women now interested in him, but he still misses some obvious clues. From his own words, he never got the chance to be around attractive ladies before. His childhood was on a farm, soldiering in adulthood, and then being a prisoner shipped off to an insane sentient castle, where he's got neither the experience or the time to think about romance.
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    • Oggie never figured out why the woman who eventually became his wife chose to share his tent.
  • Homestuck:
    • John Egbert gets hit with this. At various points, he's macked on by Karkat, Vriska, Roxy, and Terezi, and Pesterquest implies Dave had a crush on him too. However, he's completely clueless about romance and sex, and fails to recognize these crushes until explicitly spelled out for him.
    • John's biological father Jake English is one of these too, as all three of the other Alpha Kids have crushes on him of varying strengths. It's hinted, however, that he may be subconsciously aware of their crushes and willfully ignoring them in order to pretend everything's fine.
  • Ménage à 3:
    • Gary, one of the protagonists, is completely clueless about the effects that he increasingly has on women as the comic continues. This is nominally justified by his unhappy and repressive religious upbringing, but mostly it's just because he's an oblivious (but endearing) geek who gains a peculiar but justified reputation as an oral sex master. The whole thing was maybe turned Up to Eleven when a rather scary dominatrix provisionally identified him as "the perfect sub".
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    • The writers clearly like this character gag. In spinoff comic Sticky Dilly Buns, we get swimming instructor Andy, who never notices how much attention he's getting from women (and some men) until he becomes boyfriend to The Ingenue Ruby...
    • ... In the second spinoff Sandra on the Rocks, there's virginal teenager Alex, who fails to notice the interest shown by his childhood friend Marie, doesn't know that he's being targeted for a threesome by Marie's friend Ingrid, is just confused when trainee model Sandra keeps ending up naked in his presence for good plot reasons, and has his brain scrambled by the seduction attempts of Eloise, another model.
  • Elan of The Order of the Stick. He has an 18 in Charisma (the highest you can naturally get), but, due to his happy-go-lucky, childlike nature, he doesn't notice Haley's crush on him (even Belkar, with a notoriously bad Spot skill, notices). This is taken to extremes when Haley receives actual brain damage in keeping the secret from him (damage that is reversible); the damage causes her to spend an entire book (roughly 200 strips) speaking in a code requiring letter replacement to decipher (the code changes with different strips) — which no-one does.
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  • David from Ow, my sanity is a variation of this. He is completely unfamiliar with the dating scene and implied to have zero experience in this field. Yet, wherever he goes, he attracts romantic attention — just never from human women. First, he gains the interest of an Eldritch Abomination who takes the form of a pretty, Arabic woman after eating all David's flatmates... it goes downhill from there.
  • Vinnie, the werewolf from Skins. Rabbit's extremely hot sister is clearly still in love with him (even throwing herself onto him and kissing him passionately when they meet for the first time in years) but he dismisses it as her simply being happy to see him alive.


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