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"For every creator who makes great strides towards webcomics as a viable literary and artistic medium, there is another one drawing pee monsters."

Alex: "Wow. The Internet has everything."
Riley: "Even cheesy online comics!"

Being a content creator is a wonderful job...and for the most part I'm thankful. But even a dream job is still a job, and every job has its' faults.
Mrs. Oatmeal, R.N.: Hey, why so glum? Bad day at work?
Oatmeal: REALLY bad. First, I couldn't think of anything good to write about, so I went and grabbed a coffee but the barista used the wrong kind of milk.
And then, my computer was being really slow. Boo-hoo, woe is me :(
How was your day?
Mrs. Oatmeal, R.N.: My day was a bit rough too. Near the end of my 16 hour shift at the hospital a meth addict came in with a pair of gardening shears jammed in his eye.
He claimed he was a prophet from the Kingdom of Caca here to deliver us all from evil.
Then he shat himself and started throwing poo at the nurses.
Oatmeal: I will never complain about my career again.
Mrs. Oatmeal, R.N.: Excellent. (sips coffee)
The Oatmeal on being a self-supporting webcomic artist.