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"In conclusion I would recommend to not get hung up on birthdays or aging."
Pete Abrams, author of Sluggy Freelance, on how much time has passed since the beginning of the story

You have a feeling it's going to be a long day.
Narrator, Homestuck, at the beginning of a day that wouldn't end for two and a half years.

Chu: It's Christmastime, Matchu Brown!
Matchu: It's the middle of September...
Chu: Nope, it's December! It was September last week and will be September again next Tuesday!
— A Matchu Christmas filler strip during a story taking place in September.

Complains: Wait, haven't we've been in this situation before?
Thaco: I don't know, have we?
Thaco: Oh yeah, you're right. Feels like that was a decade ago.
Complains: And yet it's only been a few days.
Goblins note 

"Nearly all of the next two weeks of comics will take place over a span of, oh, say, about fifteen minutes to the folks actually involved in the comics themselves. It's like Narnia that way, I guess...."
—Micheal Payne, on Daily Grind

Question: Why hasn't (insert thing set up in Squirrel Prophet here) happened yet?
Amanda: Because it's literally only been one day since that happened.
Lisa: Squirrel Prophet ended on February 13th. Of 2015.
Amanda: Their time. Comic timeline wise, it was yesterday.
Lisa: One hundred and eighty-two comics ago!
Amanda: Still just one day.

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