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Olivia: You know, having a puppy really works on chicks.
Lucas: I've heard that
Olivia: Not on me though.
Lucas: Really? Because the whole reason I adopted Bella was to impress Olivia from the maintenance department.
Olivia: That seems to be your motivation for everything lately, I've noticed.
Lucas: Must be working if you've been doing all this noticing.

This trope is about the fact that women seem to be naturally fond of animals, and tend to show more interest in a man who has one or more.

Compare Pick Up Babes With Babes, Cuteness Proximity. Any kind of Animal Lover (such as Kindhearted Cat Lover and Canine Companion) can get this.


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  • An ad for... something... oh yeah, Mike's Hard Lemonade, has some men running a beagle puppy rental booth for this purpose.

    Comic Strips 
  • After noticing that the women around him all liked birds, Jon of Garfield slammed an ice cream cone into Garfield's face to look like a beak, and asked a passerby if she wanted to pet his parrot. She asked if it talked, and the strip ended with Garfield thinking "The stories I could tell, lady."
    • There's another early comic where Jon takes Garfield on a walk through the park, hoping to invoke this trope. After Garfield half-strangles one lady with his leash and traumatizes another's dog, Jon decides "back to the drawing board".
    • While on a date, Jon reveals to Liz that he keeps a picture of Garfield as a kitten in his wallet, and Liz becomes enamored enough with Jon to cover his face in Lipstick Marks. This is largely justified, since Liz works as veterinarian.
  • A strip from The Far Side had a man test this theory, by taking a pet alligator for a walk in the park. It ended up eating another woman's poodle.
  • Dilbert once tried this. His cute animal being Dogbert, it obviously didn't work.
  • A storyline in Mary Worth had Wilbur Weston, dumped by Estelle for yelling at her cat, have a conversation with Saul Wynters in which Wynters mentioned that he and his girlfriend had bonded over their dogs. Cue Wilbur getting a French bulldog from a shelter, expecting it to be a chick magnet. The closest he gets is a woman who explains to him all the things he doesn't know about dogs, but realises he's still hung up on Estelle. Then Estelle takes him back, and also adopts the dog so he doesn't have to look after it, so ... yay?

  • Referenced in A Dog's Way Home when Lucas jokingly says he adopted Bella to attract a woman he likes (who ends up his eventual girlfriend and later his wife).
  • In A Dog's Purpose, Wendi's boyfriend buys her a puppy on a whim in order to make her like him more. It doesn't turn out well for Bear. Like many dogs bought without much thought, Bear's owners weren't prepared for a puppy and couldn't commit to him (Wendi wasn't even alllowed to have dogs in her housing). As a result, Bear is later given to Wendi's mother and abusive step-father, where he is kept chained in the yard under the minimal conditions until his owners finally decide to throw him out onto the streets.

    Live-Action TV 
  • How I Met Your Mother: Barney harnesses the power of a ridiculously cute teacup pig to get women into his apartment.
    • He later attempts to fill in the "wingman" role of his no-longer-single friend with a dog he meets and names "Brover". Numerous dog puns involving "bones" and "chasing tail" ensue. Then it turns out the dog was lost and belonged to an attractive woman, who ends up acting as the last chick attracted by the magnet.
  • Road Rules season 7 "Latin America": Abe Ingersoll used Menudo, the group's pet Chihuahua, to meet girls.
  • Will & Grace, Jack used Will's dog to pick up guys.
  • One episode of Top Gear had Hammond doing an experiment regarding which was a better "girl magnet", a flashy sports car or a retriever puppy (named Killer). The puppy won by a mile. All who approached fell under the spell of the Cuteness Proximity and didn't even notice the car.
  • Frasier has a gender-flipped version with Roz who returns from walking her dog and admits she was trying to get the attention of an attractive guy at the dog park. Apparently there were several other women with dogs of their own trying to do the exact same thing. On another occasion she gets a phone number while walking her dog and Eddie and discusses the trope with Frasier.
    Frasier: Is that why you people have pets? To get dates?
    Roz: No, but it's a plus. I've never met one person who didn't get at least one date through their pet.
    Frasier: Well, meet me! Four years of high school and not a single encounter generated! (darkly) Stupid fish.
  • In Entourage Johnny and Turtle use their dog to meet women dog-owners in a doggie park.
  • In the final episode of The Big Bang Theory Raj gets Bert to look after his dog saying it is a chick magnet.
  • Friends: Joey hits it off with the stripper hired for Ross' bachelor party when she starts cooing over Joey's pet chicken and duck.

  • The Kingston Trio song "Oh, Yes, Oh!" presents this trope as advice to "soldiers in their quest for girls."
    A sweet young maid in passing by, (oh, yes, oh!) saw my smile but made no reply, (a good long time ago).
    The puppy fixed his gaze upon her, (oh, yes, oh!) Two steps more and she was a goner, (a good long time ago).

    Video Games 
  • According to party banter in Dragon Age: Origins – Awakening, the tabby kitten Ser Pounce-A-Lot serves as this for Anders.
    Oghren: Women are drawn to you when you play with that cat.
    Anders: Like moths to a flame. Women like it when men show affection for small, fuzzy, defenseless beings. Like you.

    Web Comics 

    Western Animation 
  • Johnny Bravo tries this by buying an emu. Goes about as well as expected.
  • In an episode of American Dad!, Steve wants to get a dog for this purpose. His dad brings him home an old, weak, dying, 20-year old dog. Steve reluctantly takes it, and gets mocked by some passing girls. However, he sees this as a positive since a girl "noticed him".
  • Gender-flipped in the Phineas and Ferb episode "Mispercieved Monotreme", where Candace appropriates her brothers' pet platypus after her crush Jeremy mentions that "you can tell a lot about a person by how they treat animals" and invites her to his charity pet-wash.
  • Teen Titans: Beast Boy tried a form of this when he sees two girls giving attention to a cute dog and turns into a dog hoping for the same treatment. However, since his dog form is green and smells like old pizza, he didn't get the intended response.

    Real Life 


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