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Eric Approves.

A webcomic by Erik Schoenek. Started in 2001, went on infinite hiatus in 2007. You find the archive of strips up to 2004 here while the latest archive can be found here.

A sequel comic called Quarter-Life Crisis (set nine years later) is also on indefinite hiatus and is found here.

The protagonists are three high school kids on a school in Michigan:

Not to be confused with Sexy Losers.

Contains examples of:

  • Cat Fight: Between Jodie and Alice at the movie theater. Unusually, it's Played for Drama afterwards.
  • Chained to a Bed: Jodie once ends up like this. Must've been a really Wild Teen Party.
  • Cluster F-Bomb: Jodie, when the school cafeteria ran out of coffee. The reason was that atleast four people cut ahead of her in line, disregarding her because of her social status, and completely justifying her anger. Of course, the clerk didnt see that happen.
    Clerk: If you wanted coffee, you should have gotten here earlier!
  • Did You Just Have Sex?: Jodie is immediately able to sense that Eric lost his virginity to Alice the night before.
    Jodie: GASP! You got laid, didn't you?!
    Eric: How do you DO that?!
  • Disappeared Dad: Jodie's, though it's something of a subversion - Jodie's mother became pregnant from a one-night stand in Vegas where she was so drunk that she didn't even remember the guy's name. She never saw him after, and it was two weeks later at home that she discovered she was pregnant, much too late to even attempt to locate him, so he didn't disappear - he was never even there to begin with at all. It's here.
  • The Unseen: Erics parents never appear in the comic, the closest is one of them speaking offscreen in an early strip. Bens mom calls them about her concern with violent video games at one point and thinks she's talking to his dad, but its actually just Eric pretending to be him.