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Lelouch: "How is it you manage not to get fat, if all you ever eat is pizza? I never see you do anything more strenuous than walk across campus, and you only do that to annoy me between classes."
C.C.: "Pizza is brain food. If you ate more pizza, you'd know that, as well as how I stay in shape."

Whenever a character eats too much food, no matter how much or how unhealthy, this person just won't gain a huge gut or end up in a mobile chair. Maybe they will but only in a few seconds of screen time as a gag or perhaps a Very Special Episode. Then they will go back to fighting bad guys or performing neat moves like back flips.


A common justification would be that such characters are always active (like running every day, fighting bad guys that always cause trouble, or carrying heavy objects everywhere they go), they use magic, they were born with have a high level of metabolism, or the food they eat is healthy. This trope can be Zig Zagged if the character is fat in short time, but gets skinny and/or fit again afterwards.

This often happens to a Big Eater. Compare Hyperactive Metabolism, where a video game character regains HP/stamina through eating, usually with no weight related consequences.



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    Anime and Manga 
  • Dragon Ball:
    • Goku and Vegeta are Big Eaters but they still keep their muscular physique every time they are on screen or page. This might apply to the entire Saiyan race.
    • Lord Beerus, the Destroyer Deity of Universe 7, eats just as much as Goku and Vegeta but still keeps his skinny figure every time he appears.
    • His brother Champa, however, is a subversion. He probably eats more than Beerus, but it's never shown.
  • In Fairy Tail:
    • Zig-Zagged for Natsu, who is only seen getting a big belly in a short time after eating a lot with Happy. After that, he gets his muscles and abs back.
    • Minerva Orland is a very slender woman capable of besting her guildmates in eating contests—this includes dragonslayers, famed for near-bottomless appetites and magic revolving around eating. This Big Eater might be a Big Cheater though, since she has spatial magic she is capable of employing as a pocket dimension.
    • Cana Alberona is this combined with The Alcoholic. She constantly drinks enormous amounts of alcohol, usually beer, far more than almost any other character (with the possible exception of the wizard Baccus who's power involves drinking), but never loses her hourglass physique despite the calory intake.
  • K-On! has the Sweet Tooth vocalist Yui. When the rest of the band asks on why she never gets fat with all of those sweets, she explains that she has a high metabolism.
  • Belkan style mages in Lyrical Nanoha burn calories quickly due to the physically intensive nature of their magic. Subaru from Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Strikers in particular eats more than five full-grown men, but maintains an athletic figure. This is an early hint that her body consumes a lot of energy, especially during physical exercise, because she is actually a cyborg and has to power all those electronic circuits with her metabolism.
  • Dragons in Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid can eat ridiculous amounts of food without putting on a single pound, though this likely ties into Shapeshifter Baggage given the sheer size of their true forms. Two of Elma's coworkers express jealousy over her ability to chow down at an all you can eat buffet without gaining weight since both of them were on diets.
  • My Hero Academia:
    • Momo Yaoyorozu has the ability to make just about anything out of her body fat, so whatever weight she puts on through eating is quickly turned into various items she uses while being a superhero in training.
    • Rikido Sato A.K.A. "Sugar Man" is justified because of his quirk. Eating a lot of sugar just increases his strength and physique!
  • Subverted in Naruto with Anko Mitarashi. She enjoys sweets, particularly dango, and an omake page said that the number of calories she ate in a day would make anyone else fat. In the epilogue, which takes place over a decade after the ending of the series, she's gotten plump from continuing to eat sweets without going on so many missions.
  • Zig-Zagged in One Piece on account of Luffy's eating habits. Luffy so much food like there's no tomorrow pretty much all the time. He does get fat, but only in a short amount of time. Whenever does he gets fat, he always get back to skinny in no time. Probably justified since he's a Rubber Man.
  • In Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt, it is revealed that all the fat Stocking gets from her desserts and candy go straight to her breasts and nothing else.
  • Justified in-universe in Slayers, where practically half the cast consists of big eaters, as spellcasting requires high caloric intake.
  • Justified in Toriko. Every important named character has Gourmet Cells implanted in them, which grant superhuman abilities at the cost of burning incredible amounts of calories and requiring delicious food to continue functioning. As a result, few Gourmet Cell users are fat and many are brawny due to the Gourmet Cells reactions to food.

  • Jughead from the Archie Comics series eats staggering amounts of food that should make him fat, but he is always portrayed as very thin.
  • Spoofed in an issue of Earth X, featuring a very fat and balding Wolverine who married Jean Grey (also immensely overweight). As the couple snark with each other Logan insists that his Healing Factor prevents him from getting fat (despite the ample evidence to the contrary).

    Fan Works 
  • Subverted in Amazing Fantasy. Peter used to be able to eat whatever he wanted and not get fat thanks to his spider-enhanced teenage metabolism. But he develops a gut after reaching his forties and consuming almost nothing but fast food due to a lack of funds. Played straight with the Melissa Shields of Earth-2018.65, who happily indulges on donuts for breakfast, knowing that her active lifestyle as a Hero and her metabolism will more than make up for it.

  • In Labyrinths of Echo, Max often remarks how much some of his colleagues (most commonly, Juffin, Shurf, and Melamori) manage to eat while staying wafer-thin — in fact, this seems to be a common thing among combat-trained mages (like the aforementioned three). The only exception seems to be Sir Kofa Yokh, who is a combat mage on par with Juffin and eats as much as him, but has a rather corpulent stature — until it is revealed to be an illusion, maintained by a curse his father put upon him to make him more sociable.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Fred in Angel has a huge appetite for junk food while always remaining a tiny skinny waif.
  • Joey on Friends, to the point the "Joey Special" (two large cheese pizzas) is named in his honor.
  • Gilmore Girls: Lorelai (in her early 30s) and her teenage daughter, Rory, are famous in their small Quirky Town Stars Hollow for eating large quantities of food, often rich food like fries, pizza, doughnuts, muffins etc. and drinking absurd amounts of coffee. They never cook at home and have aversions to fruit and vegetables. They never exercise and hate doing sports (Rory is shown being thrown off balance when she has to choose a sport at her preppy high school; Lorelai says she wanted to join a gym after having a baby to get fit, but she never went there because she was not fit enough to show up there; and they spend one episode, partly set in the gym, drinking juice or lurking around). Yet they are both slim and they never put on weight.
  • Supergirl (2015): Supergirl cannot get fat by overeating terrible foods due to her Kryptonian physiology. Exchange from "Fight or Flight":
    Kara: Hand me that last potsticker.
    Alex: No. That one is mine. You had four!
    Kara: If that potsticker is not in my mouth in two seconds I will melt your face.
    Alex: (Gives Kara the potsticker) I hope you get fat.
    Kara: Not on this planet.

    Video Games 
  • Common in video games featuring food, when you're in control of what the player character does, you have access to food, and the concept of getting fat was simply never programmed.
  • Devil May Cry: Dante is mostly shown eating ice cream and pizza all the time. Yet he still looks like he hasn't gained any weight!
  • Subverted in Metal Slug 2 and onward: Eating enough dropped food items will make the player character(s) fat. This slows them down a bit, but also strengthens their firepower.
  • In Persona 5, Ann has an enormous Sweet Tooth and gorges on high-end deserts after stealing Kamoshida's heart. Despite this, she never has any trouble maintaining her supermodel figure, making her the envy of her modeling rivals. This is partially justified by all of the exercise that comes with fighting Shadows and navigating Palaces and Mementos.
  • In Touhou Project one of the powers granted by the Yin-Yang Orb is the ability to eat sweets without getting fat.

    Web Comics 
  • Loserz: Ben, who's self-conscious about his scrawny frame, laments how he can't seem to gain any weight no matter how much crap he eats, which understandably infuriates the mildly overweight Eric.

    Web Videos 
  • RWBY: Nora eats copious amounts of food routinely, to the point other characters realize they need to get to a prepared meal quick if they want there to be any left. Despite this, Nora remains as slender as the other girls.
    • This is parodied in the spin-off comedy series RWBY Chibi. Nora is shown eating entire meals in one bite and getting fat immediately afterwards, usually only to return to her usual shape not long afterwards after letting out a burp. One short had Yang needing to work out to stay in shape, only for her to become angered when she sees Nora regain her usual shape so easily.

     Western Animation 
  • Scooby-Doo has Shaggy and Scooby eat huge amounts of food in one sitting, but they remain pretty trim. Jusitifed when one recalls they are very often running away from danger and the speeds that Shaggy can go through can rival Olympian atheletes. The original cartoon even noted Shaggy was in track and a gymnist. Little wonder he goes through so much food with Scooby if they're burning it through regular amounts of panic-induced exercise.
  • F is for Family: This used to apply for Bob Pogo, back during his younger days in the air force. A flashback showed him with Frank, who expressed amazement at how much Bob could eat without gaining weight, while he had to work like hell to keep his weight down. Bob claimed it was because of his high metabolism. In the series itself, which is set about 20 years later, it's clear that Bob never adjusted to his metabolism slowing down as he aged, as he's now a Fat Bastard Mean Boss who needs a scooter to get around. Part of his character development is him trying to eat healthier and slim back down again. Let's just say it's a work in progress.

    Real Life 
  • People with high metabolism tend to have this benefit, though with the catch that their body burns energy with food faster than regular people, thus people with high metabolism tend to (and in some cases need to) eat much more often.

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