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Lola and Mr. Wrinkles is a 2018 webcomic by Ben Hed. A pair of pet "siblings", Lola, a mischievous Labrador, and a sarcastic Sphynx cat, Mr. Wrinkles, share a suburban home. But the path of siblinghood never did run smooth...

The individual cartoons can be found at the artist's Instagram here.

For another work by the same artist in the same universe, see Pixie and Brutus.

This webcomic contains examples of the following tropes:

  • All Dogs Are Purebred:
    • According to the artist, Lola is a Labrador.
    • Hugo, the dog next door, is a Saint Bernard.
  • Ass Kicks You: Hugo stands up to Randal... by sitting on him. It's super effective!
  • Big Brother Instinct: Lola and Mr. Wrinkles watch Brutus, having been scared by him earlier and not trusting him around their Cute Kitten neighbor. They're happy when Brutus' friendliness to Pixie proves them wrong.
  • Big Friendly Dog: Hugo, the St. Bernard next door, can readily be called upon to administer rescue hugs to a freezing person. The problem is that gentleness isn't his forte.
  • Cats Are Snarkers: Mr. Wrinkles has no problem with being sarcastic around Lola, such as calling her "Sherlock" after she doesn't immediately understand why he's not happy about the snow.
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  • Comically Missing the Point: Lola asks Mr. Wrinkles if there are dogs on the planet he comes from. When he bluntly says he's not an alien, she asks if there are alien squirrels on his planet.
  • Creepy Hairless Animal: Lola teases Mr. Wrinkles, the Sphynx cat she lives with, by saying he looks like a wad of gum and her belief that he's an alien stems from her thinking that all Earth cats have fur.
  • Crossover: The strip crosses over multiple times with Pixie and Brutus:
    • One strip shows Lola and Mr. Wrinkles going over to wish their new neighbor Brutus a Merry Christmas...and quickly being scared off by his intimidating demeanor.
    • Brutus gives Hugo self-defense lessons to keep Randal from bullying him.
  • Does Not Know His Own Strength: Hugo leaves Mr. Wrinkles feeling bulldozed after a hug.
  • Dogs Are Dumb: Zigzagged; Lola's intelligence seems to vary. In some strips, she seems to have a normal amount of brainpower; in others, she's very gullible (for instance, holding the kooky belief that Mr. Wrinkles is an alien) and comically misses the point. Hugo, the St. Bernard next door, uses Hulk Speak and tries to hide from an owl by flattening himself on the ground, alleging that it wants to eat him.
  • Enemy Eats Your Lunch:
    • A variation; Lola starts eating Mr. Wrinkles' cat food, and, when he calls her on it, challenges him to prove it's his food. He points out his name is on the food bowl.
    • A straight example occurs in one arc, in which Randal keeps hitting up Hugo for bones. In one case, he even snatches the bone out of Hugo's mouth, knowing that the dog hates confrontations enough that he can get away with it. He stops after Brutus comes up with a plan to get Hugo to stand up to him.
  • Eskimos Aren't Real: Lola refuses to be convinced that hairless cats and dogs are a thing on Earth and teases Mr. Wrinkles for not being able to come up with more realistic names than "Sphynx" and "Xolo" for them.
  • Everybody Laughs Ending: Downplayed when Hugo finally stands up to Randal. The last panels show everyone (except the raccoon) smiling.
  • Female Feline, Male Mutt: Inverted; Lola, the dog, is female while Mr. Wrinkles, the cat, is male.
  • Formally Named Pet: The cat of the house is called Mr. Wrinkles.
  • Freudian Slip: When Brutus turns around and fixes an intimidating gaze on her, Lola's planned "Merry Christmas" turns into "Merry scar-face." Mr. Wrinkles has to correct her.
  • Gentle Giant: Played with; Hugo the St. Bernard is friendly and tries to be helpful, but his lack of carefulness with his strength, especially when he's hugging another animal, can cause trouble regardless.
  • Give a Man a Fish...: Namedropped in the "Randall the bone thief" story arc. Lola and Mr. Wrinkles express doubt whether Brutus can get Hugo to stand up to Randall. The cat suggests Brutus could take care of the problem himself. In answer, Brutus uses the expression...and absolutely confuses Lola.
  • How Is That Even Possible?: All but said by Brutus after he realizes that Hugo— a 300lb St. Bernard— climbed to the top of a very tall tree after being spooked by him.
  • Insufficiently Advanced Alien: Mr. Wrinkles finally has enough and tells Lola in no uncertain terms that he's a Sphynx cat, not an alien, and further tells her that hairless dogs exist as well. Skeptical, Lola tells him he should have come up with less invented-sounding names for these supposed breeds. Then she adds that she thought aliens were intelligent, much to Mr. Wrinkles' consternation.
  • Intimate Healing: A non-romantic example; after Lola calls him in, saying that Mr. Wrinkles is freezing, Hugo runs over and gives him an emergency hug to warm him up.
  • Kidnapping Bird of Prey: One strip opens with Hugo running from a gigantic bird, which turns out to represent his fear of an owl in the yard. Lola points out she's too small compared to him to carry him away and eat him.
  • Lovable Coward: Hugo, the St. Bernard next door, has an endearing nature. He is also scared of owls, seeing them as horrific monsters, and runs away yelping when Brutus arrives while he's talking to Pixie. Randall even manages to take his bones day after least before Brutus steps in.
  • Mama Bear: Hugo lost his eye as a puppy when he accidentally irritated a nesting chicken by walking into the henhouse to explore.
  • Not So Dire: One comic starts with Hugo standing somewhere high up, calling Brutus for help...and it turns out that the first panel showed things through Hugo's eyes and the rock isn't as high off the ground as he thinks.
  • Opinion Flip Flop: Lola suggests to Mr. Wrinkles that they should go and tell Brutus "Merry Christmas", saying that they can't judge him by his appearance. After trying this, however, the shaken Lola excuses herself as quickly as possible. Mr. Wrinkles asks about what she said about appearances and she tells him to be quiet.
  • Sickening "Crunch!": Hugo hugs Mr. Wrinkles so hard he cracks his back.
  • Snipe Hunt: Mr. Wrinkles gets Lola to stop eating his food by happening to mention his spaceship in the backyard. She runs outside to look for it, leaving the satisfied cat sitting by the dish.
  • Super Gullible: Lola easily falls for Mr. Wrinkles saying he has a spaceship in the backyard, as she thinks his unusual appearance means he's an alien cat. She still hasn't realized it was a joke at her expense two hours later.
  • Touché: When Lola realizes that Mr. Wrinkles has sent Hugo off running with the end of her leash in his mouth, she manages a resigned "Well played." before getting yanked out of sight.
  • What a Drag: Mr. Wrinkles invokes a non-lethal, Played for Laughs version in one of the strips. After Lola teases him, he talks Hugo into seeing how fast he can run around the house while carrying an item with him. The item is the end of Lola's automatic leash. As the strip ends, she's yanked off her feet.

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