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"The Hero always peeks."
Sheldon Cooper, The Big Bang Theory

A character is hesitant to perform an action in view of another, so they request, warn, or demand for said character to turn around, not look, close their eyes, or even leave the room. This can even be done non-verbally via a Meaningful Look, a dismissive hand motion, or Body Language. It usually comes with the implication that the action won't take long, so both characters still remain within hearing distance, often even keeping the conversation going. Naturally, many characters will ignore such requests and try to sneak a peek anyway.

This is most commonly done for modesty purposes, such as a character needing to change their clothes or take a bath and needing some privacy, usually done between characters that have some Unresolved Sexual Tension. A common follow-up is for some unrelated event to occur that makes the character look or rush in, such as a sudden noise or commotion, turning them into an Accidental Pervert. A perverted character might simply ignore the request and just try to peek anyway, sometimes even resorting to tricks like Watching the Reflection Undress. May result in Pervert Revenge Mode — the peeked-upon character is angry because of it. The Tease or The Vamp will give this request playfully in a Mocking Sing-Song just to rile up their target, especially if they're going to Slip into Something More Comfortable.

This also can be done for other reasons, such as the character playing some sort of Hide and Seek game, or one character suffering from Performance Anxiety and being incapable of performing the action while being watched. This can often be an empty claim by a Con Man, and the true reason is that the action requires some sort of trickery and their request for privacy is just part of the ploy. Someone with a Shy Bladder may do this by asking someone to look away while they use the bathroom. A prisoner may take advantage of their guards allowing them privacy in order to escape.

See Blindfolded Trip when a character guides a blindfolded one towards something. See Can't Move While Being Watched for when a character or object is physically incapable of movement as long as they're being watched. See My Eyes Are Up Here for when a character draws attention to their face. See Look Behind You, when someone tricks someone else into looking away so they can escape or do something else against the other person. See Naked Freak-Out when a character is humiliated upon being seen in a state of undress. See Offscreen Reality Warp for when a reality-warping change occurs while the character has looked away.

Not to be confused with Don't Look At Me (for when the character doesn't want to be looked upon due to a traumatizing reason, such as disfigurement or a scar), Don't Look Back (for when a character metaphorically needs to move on from an event) or Don't Look Down (for when a character is in a high place and doesn't want to look how high they are).


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    Anime & Manga 
  • Akame ga Kill!: In episode 12, Tatsumi tries peeking on Chelsea while she's bathing outdoors but he's the one surprised when he finds her waiting for him while wearing a Modesty Towel, and she explains she foresaw he would try doing it. She lets him go with a warning that if he ever tries peeking on her again she'll be "cutting it off".
  • In Amagami SS episode 04, Haruka and Junichi stay in a hotel room for Christmas Eve and she goes to take a bath in the luxurious bathroom, and warns him not to peek. He promises not to, but then keeps overthinking if she was just teasing him or not. She soon comes out of the bathroom in just a Modesty Towel and chides him for not trying to take a peek.
  • Bakugan: In the first episode of "The New Vestroia", Drago comes back to Earth to ask Dan's help, but because he doesn't want the other brawlers involved, he requests Runo, Julie and Marucho that they turn around without telling them the reason (which they assume to be him wanting to change) while him and Dan jump into the portal. Marucho figures it out and jumps into the portal as well, while Runo and Julie are angry they were left behind.
  • CLANNAD: In one episode, Kyou and Tomoya both get locked in an equipment storage shed due to a charm. In order to break the charm and escape, Tomoya has to perform a chant while shirtless and asks Kyou to turn away while he does it.
  • DARLING in the FRANXX: In episode 16, Zero Two teasingly warns Hiro not to peek at her and the other pistils while they bathe in the river.
  • GA: Geijutsuka Art Design Class has a scene where Homura walks in on Mizubuchi, who is apparently trying to change her clothes, and immediately asks him to turn away. Homura obliges, and it turns out that Mizubuchi is only trying to change the club mannequin's outfit.
  • Genshiken: In an early episode, Kasukabe warns Kousaka not to peek at her while she changes clothes. Totally absorbed in a video game and barely paying attention, Kousaka mumbles his agreement. She gets incensed at his lack of interest, she yells, "I'm SERIOUS! DON'T!"
  • My Bride is a Mermaid: Nagasumi accidentally sees Lunar's dad changing into a Sailor Fuku outfit through a window across the street while cute music plays, causing him to gasp and close the curtains, shouting at Nagasumi to not look. Nagasumi is clearly not a fan of what just happened.
  • My Dress-Up Darling: In the early chapters, when Marin decides to show Gojo her unfinished cosplay outfit, she starts taking off her clothes in front of him, much to his embarrassment. She quickly realizes what she's doing and asks him to turn around while she changes.
  • My Hero Academia: During the "Battle Trial Arc", Hagaruke starts to take off her clothes to use her power to become an Invisible Streaker when confronting her opponents. Despite the fact she's completely invisible, Her partner Ojiro becomes visibly distracted at the idea there's a girl stripping naked next to him. Noticing his awkwardness causes Hagaruke to suddenly become shy and tell him not to look at her as she does it.
  • Inuyasha: Miroku's first meeting with Kagome and Inuyasha just so happens when he and Kagome are bathing in the same natural hot spring, although they're on different sides. He notices her large sacred jewel shard and is planning to take it when he hears Kagome yelling about not peeking at her. He's momentarily startled, thinking she's talking to him, is relieved when he hears Inuyasha yell a dismissive response to her soon after.
  • NAKAIMO - My Little Sister is Among Them!: When the seemingly Bishōnen Ikusu showers at Shougo's place, he makes sure to ask Shougo not to peek under any circumstance, and Shougo agrees, privately thinking it's a weird thing for a guy to ask. Just as Ikusu is finishing showering, Shougo remembers the bathroom has no towels, so he brings one over, and enters the bathroom just as Ikusu is stepping out, causing Shougo to find out Ikusu is actually a girl.
  • Neon Genesis Evangelion:
  • One Piece: In the "Baratie Arc" Nami Invokes this to steal the Going Merry. While Luffy's crew is away and only Johnny and Yosaku are guarding the boat, she coyly asks them to turn away for a moment while she changes the top and pushes them off the boat when their backs are turned. She does make sure they're safe and apologizes slightly before sailing off, claiming she's simply a "thief who steals from pirates".
  • Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai: At Ogaki, Mai and Sakuta decided to stay at a hotel in Ogaki, Mai goes for a shower and asks Sakuta not to peek. Being a Chivalrous Pervert he replies that merely the sound of a girl showering would be "enough for him". She promptly gestures for him to get out of the room.
  • Re:Zero: At the end of episode 26, Subaru asks Emilia to turn around when he starts crying about Rem's condition.
  • Saki: During Kiyosumi's first training camp Mako says Nodoka should be wearing a yukata, so Yuuki promptly jumps on Nodoka and stuffs her into one. Kyoutarou innocently walks into the room while this is going on, and he gets an eyeful of a half-dressed Nodoka lying on the floor before Saki quickly jumps in front of him shouting, "Don't look!"
  • Teasing Master Takagi-san has two instances. Once, Takagi and Nishikata are Caught in the Rain, and he realizes that the rain has made her blouse translucent. He offers her his gym shirt, and she requests that he not look while she changes. He actually complies. However, in another instance, he proposes that they each attempt to do a kick-flip over a high bar at a playground. Takagi agrees on the condition that he not watch her as she's wearing a skirt. He initially agrees, but then comes to the conclusion that she might not be doing the flip since he can't watch. During their second round, he turns to confirm she's doing the flip, to find that she was prepared and wearing shorts under her skirt. He admits to looking, and declares himself the loser in their contest.
  • In the animated adaption of Utawarerumono: Mask of Deception, Kuon tells Haku not to peek at her while she bathes, and he actually shows no interest to do so. But during her bath, she senses someone is peeping and tries to chase after the intruder, but fails to do so. Having heard the commotion, Haku comes out and gets an eyeful of the naked Kuon who lept out of the bath without putting her clothes on, causing her to freak out in embarrassment.
  • Yatterman: Doronjo suffering Clothing Damage almost Once per Episode is a frequent source of humor and in one instance she even turns to the viewer and asks them to stop looking at her whenever it happens.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V: Identical Strangers Yuzu and Serena decide to swap clothes so Yuzu can draw attention away from Serena, who is being pursued. Serena starts undressing right there and then, but Yuzu quickly stops her because the male Tsukikage is watching them. She drags Serena behind a huge rock instead and demands from Tsukikage not to peek, to which he complies. Serena has no idea why they have to go through the trouble.

    Comic Books 
  • Birds of Prey: In Issue #106, Huntress needs to quickly change out of her dress and into her outfit, and asks Creote (the only male in the room) to turn around. Given that he's Straight Gay and wouldn't care, he gives her a Fascinating Eyebrow, but she answers back a Death Glare and demands him to turn around anyway.
  • Black Cat (Marvel Comics): During a car chase in issue #1, Felicia has to quickly change out of her dress and into her costume, and warns her two henchmen to keep their eyes upfront.
  • Black Widow would often ask this of her chauffeur Ivan during her early days in Marvel Fanfare and Daredevil, as she often had to change into her Spy Catsuit while he drove her to places.
  • Bone: When Fone walks in on Smiley Skinny Dipping, Smiley is embarrassed, despite the fact he never wears pants and tells Fone to turn around until he's put his vest on.
  • Camp Spirit: Catherine goes Skinny Dipping at the camp at night and is trying to convince the shy Eloise to join her. Eloise eventually agrees, but only if Catherine turns away so she can strip. Catherine points out it's a ridiculous request since she saw Eloise naked in the communal showers that very morning, but obeys the request anyway.
  • Catwoman: When in Rome: Catwoman has to jump out of her window into a pool because her room is catching on fire. Since she Sleeps in the Nude she had nothing but a Modesty Bedsheet on, which comes off her as she jumps, leaving her naked and furious on the hotel pool. She promises pain to her nearby male companions if they peek and orders them to get her a Modesty Towel so she can leave.
  • Combat Kelly and his Deadly Dozen: Combat and Cookie catch Yellow Peril agent Yalu River Rosie while she bathing in a lake. She pleads them to at least turn around while she climbs out of the water and puts her clothes back on. Combat agrees, but it's smart enough to search her clothes and take her weapons first although she still tricks them, diving underwater and running away while they had their backs turned. They try to pursue her, but end up ambushed and captured by her Chinese soldiers instead.
  • In Crossed: Badlands #6, twins Ashlynne and Ashley go Skinny Dipping on the lake near their shack while Leon stays and cooks. When they need to climb up the pier and put their clothes back on, they warn Leon not to peek, which he blatantly ignores. When Ashlynne scolds him for staring, he makes a lame excuse about "searching for distinguishing features" so he can tell them apart.
  • In Daredevil Volume 2, #15, Matt is visiting Natasha in the hospital as she's about to check out. She starts stripping out of her hospital gown and jokingly tells the blind Matt not to look. He gives her a dry "Very funny".
  • Justice League of America: During "The Golden Perfect" story arc, Diana is about to change in her room, when she suddenly turns to a chandelier and threateningly demands it to leave the room. Cue the chandelier shapeshifting back into a frightened Plastic Man who is stammering excuses while Diana shoos him from the room.
  • In Megalex, Ram wakes up to find a naked Adamâ sleeping on top of him. She wakes up and angrily tells him to turn around so she can get dressed, and not to get any ideas because "It's not what you think" (it was actually a case of Intimate Healing).
  • Papyrus: Papyrus and Theti-Cheri are stuck in a pit with no way of escaping. Then Theti suggests using cloth and Papyrus' sword to make an improvised grappling hook... using Papyrus' loincloth. A very embarrassed and naked Papyrus does so, asking her to turn around and cover her eyes, but given that she warns him about a falling rock while he's using the hook and her smug expression when he calls her out, it's obvious she was Eating the Eye Candy.
  • In SpyBoy, the eponymous character is sharing a plane with Bombshell (who is, as her name suggests, a bombshell). She warns him not to look back, and so he promises not to turn around while staring at her reflection in the sheer surface in front of him. His Super-Deformed alter ego informs him that he's going to hell for this.
  • Superboy (1994): In issue #35, Superboy is knocked out, undressed and wakes up naked in a medical contraction on the Agenda lab. He breaks out and is about to go on a Full-Frontal Assault when Amanda Spence arrives and casually offers him clothes and a tour around the lab. He's confused but accepts her offer, but asks her to turn around first so he can get dressed.
  • Superboy (New 52): In issue #10: Superboy walks in on Wonder Girl (Cassandra Sandsmark) as she's bathing in a lake. Wonder Girl has a Naked Freak-Out angrily calling him a pervert and telling him to turn around. Superboy turns around, but puts his hand on the ground and smiles. Wonder Girl remembers that he can "see" through what he is touching and angrily throws a rock at the back of his head to get him to cut it out.
  • In the The Mighty Thor comic series Thor Son Of Asgard, Sif decides to take a Waterfall Shower on a nearby lake and orders Thor and Balder not to peek and the two go hunt for some firewood instead. Unbeknown to them Loki is watching and uses the opportunity to try to damage their group, disguising his voice as Sif and screaming for help to Thor who rushes in right into the naked Sif. Much to Loki's shock and annoyance, she doesn't take it that badly after Thor apologizes and the two start flirting right after.
  • Tomb Raider: Lara is taking a relaxing bubble bath which is interrupted by Chase who has information on the plot for her. She's covered by Censor Suds, so she's unconcerned with him in the bathroom until she has to leave the tub and she asks him to turn around, which he does. But as she's drying herself, she notices he's been staring at her through the mirror and angrily throws the towel at his face.
  • Zolastraya And The Bard: After Bard rescues Zolastraya from the bandits that captured her, she searches for her clothes, since the bandits forced her into a skimpy slave outfit. When she finds her clothes, she tells the Bard to turn around while she changes, and somehow she doesn't notice the room is covered with mirrors, so he can still see her no matter where he looks.

    Comic Strips 
  • Calvin and Hobbes: Calvin comes up to his dad with something in his hands and tells him the old "Open your mouth and close your eyes and you will get a big surprise," adding "No peeking!" when Dad complies. Then comes the big surprise:
    Calvin: Hold on, he got away.

    Fan Works 
  • As Fate Would Have It: During Their First Time in Chapter 13, as Nate is stripping Yancy, she requests him not to stare at her now-exposed chest out of embarrassment. He ends up staring at her anyway, no thanks to his curiosity getting the better of him.

    Films — Animation 

    Films — Live-Action 


    Live-Action TV 
  • All My Children: In one episode, JR walks in on Annie's room while she's fresh from the shower and wearing only a Modesty Towel. She demands him to leave so she can finish getting dressed, but he insists on staying to talk. So she drops her towel in an effort to make him leave, it doesn't, but it does make him uncomfortable as they finish the conversation.
  • Beastmaster: In "Mydoro", Tao finds Loriel bathing nude in the river. Her body is covered by a rock from the viewer but Tao himself gets an eyeful and is so Distracted by the Sexy he starts stammering until she has enough and just asks him to turn around so she can get dressed and he nervously complies.
  • The Big Bang Theory: In "The Adhesive Duck Deficiency", Penny hurts her arm falling in the shower, and Sheldon has to help her get dressed and to the hospital, with this naturally invoked. It causes an awkward situation when he accidentally gropes her while helping her to put on a shirt with his eyes closed. Later, however, it is revealed he did sneak a peek, as, to quote him, "The Hero always looks".
    Penny: [relunctantly accepts his help in getting dressed] All right. But don't look!
    Sheldon: Don't look?
    Penny: I don't want you to see me naked.
    Sheldon: Oh. Well, that's understandable. You may be interested to know that a prohibition against looking is well established in heroic mythology. Lot and his wife, Perseus and Medusa, Orpheus and Eurydice.
    Penny: Great.
    Sheldon: They always look. It never ends well.
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer: In "Never Kill A Boy On The First Date", Willow and Xander are helping Buffy pick out something to wear on her date with Owen, and both girls give Xander a look when Buffy needs to take off her bathrobe to change clothes, but he just plays dumb until Willow physically grabs him and turns him around. And he still tries to sneak a peek by trying to angle her dresser mirror.
  • Canal Road: In one episode, Bridget calls the office, asking Steve to meet her quickly in a hotel for an emergency. When he arrives there and begins to go inside, she immediately asks him to close his eyes before coming in, but he ignores it and finds she's been Chained to a Bed completely naked, due to her one night stand pulling a prank on her. She promptly has a Naked Freak-Out and yells at him to close his eyes and hand her a Modesty Bedsheet so she can at least cover herself while he helps her get free.
  • Chuck: Inverted in "Chuck Vs The Suitcase". Chuck is searching the Villainess Of The Week room while she's showering, but while he has his back turned to the bathroom, she suddenly ambushes him, holding him at gunpoint with the gun she kept in her stall while completely naked. She repeatedly demands him to keep facing her as she questions him, since he's very uncomfortable with her nudity and keeps looking away.
  • CSI: In "A Little Murder", Catherine gets into a tussle with a suspect who manages to escape. So she decides to take no chances and wants to send all of her clothes as evidence in case there's some trace of him in them, so she asks Warrick to turn around and guard the back of the ambulance as she undresses.
  • When Kim Ga On gestures to Kang Yo Han to leave the room so he can get changed in The Devil Judge, Yo Han scoffs at the request especially since they are both men, and still looks at Ga On's body (to check if his wound has healed or not) when he's on his way out of the room.
  • In the Mexican Telenovela, Duelo De Pasiones, protagonist Alina is bathing in the river and asks her friend who's standing guard not to look as she gets out. Unbeknown to both, Gaspar looking at the floor gives the chance for her Abhorrent Admirer, Orlando who had been hiding, to take a peek at her as she gets dressed.
  • Entourage: In "Stunted", one of Turtle's employers, Alex. arrives late for work and without her uniform shirt, so she asks him to turn around and not peek while she and her co-worker exchange shirts.
  • The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air: In "The Butler's Son Did It", Will tells Carlton, Jazz and Frederick note  to turn around and cover their ears while he goes into his secret stash to pay the pizza delivery guy. Frederick takes a peak however and tries to steal Will's cash just as everyone else leaves, but Will arrives back and catches him red-handed.
  • General Hospital: Luke first met Holly when he caught her Skinny Dipping in a lake at night. Indignant, she ordered him to turn around and hand over her clothes and he complies. She dresses quickly and sneaked away while his back was still turned.
  • Hollyoaks: After Newt accidentally soaks Theresa with a bucket of water, he offers her his jumper to wear. As she removes her wet top, she tells him to turn around, which he does, however he still watches her in a reflection on a TV.
  • Keeping Up Appearances: When Hyacinth tells somebody not to look for a surprise, they completely fail to see what she wants them to notice afterwards.
    • During their cruise on the QE2, Hyacinth makes Richard close his eyes for a long time, causing him to mutter "I'm in a cabin with a view, and here I am with my eyes closed". When she tells him to look, hoping that he will admire her new outfit, he does not even notice it, until she prompts him. He then asks irritably "have you changed again?".
    • Hyacinth covers Elizabeth's eyes, before revealing a beautifully laid-out tea tray. When Elizabeth looks, her reaction is "you got the stain out from where I spilled the coffee".
  • Lost:
    • In "Fire + Water", Libby and Hurley are doing the laundry in the hatch, and she asks him to turn around so she can try on a shirt she found in the abandoned luggage.
    • In "Every Man For Himself", Kate and Sawyer are locked in cages in front of each other. When Kate needs to change out of the filthy clothes she's been wearing for days, she instructs Sawyer to turn around. Sawyer momentarily complies, but as she strips in the background, Sawyer cocks his head and catches a glimpse of Kate's Toplessness from the Back. And because he has a device installed on him that will explode if his heart rate gets too high, he begins to beep, and Sawyer promptly douses himself with a bucket of water to cool off.
  • Lucifer (2016): In the Halloween Episode "Monster", when Maze takes Trixie out trick-or-treating, the latter expresses disappointment that Maze doesn't have a costume as well. So Maze tells her to turn around, and improvises a "costume" by dropping her Glamour to reveal a half-decayed face. When she turns back, Trixie is delighted with the result, to Maze's visible relief.
  • In the Korean Drama Mad Dog, Ha-ri and Min-joon need to change clothes on the spot so they can infiltrate a hospital. When Min-joon doesn't immediately turn around, Ha-ri teases him by asking him if he wants to watch and he awkwardly turns around while she changes in the car. He also uses the suit she handed to him to block the window, so he wouldn't get tempted.
  • Money Heist: Mónica takes advantage of this when Arturo asks her to swap Denver's gun with a fake. When she gets the opportunity, she asks Denver to turn his back while she changes, and uses that moment to swap the guns.
  • Outlander: In "Lallybroch", Jamie dives under the mill pond to fix the wheel. But just as he gets in, a British patrol starts to approach and he has to hide underwater while Claire and Jenny distract and shoo them away. When they finally leave, Jenny and Claire rush over to Jamie, worried he drowned, only for Jamie to be more embarrassed by being naked in front of Jenny and his sister (especially because the water is very cold) and he clutches his privates while imploring them to turn around so he can climb out of the water.
  • Reign:
    • In "Kissed", while playing ball with Prince Charles, Mary kicks the ball too hard and it gets stuck on a tree, and she climbs it to retrieve it, and Greer and Tomas walking on her, with Tomas teasing her being a noble girl who strolls in trees. She asks him to turn around so she can get down without them getting a peek under her skirts, and just as they turn, Mary ends up slipping and falling right on top of Tomas instead.
    • In "For King and Country", Mary and Sebastian are hiding from the French in an Inn. They are both drenched from their High-Dive Escape, so Sebastian suggest they let their clothes dry in the fireplace for the night, and Mary asks him to turn around while she disrobes, but he points out he'll have to look away the whole night since she'll have nothing else to wear for the night, but she gives him a look and he gives up and turns. She only gets to disrobe her cloak before French soldiers end up finding and capturing them.
  • Shadow and Bone: In "The Heart Is An Arrow", Nina convinces Matthias to take off his drenched clothes so they can cuddle for warmth. But he's prudish so he still demands her to turn around while he undresses and she complies, but still mocks his modesty. She continues to mock him by saying she's sure there's nothing impressive about him, yet still turns around to sneak a peek, and is clearly distracted by his bare chest.
  • Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's The Lost World: In "The Elixir", Roxton and Marguerite get some sort of rash from the jungle plants and Roxton suggest they get Covered in Mud so they stop itching. When they're both finished with their mud bath, Marguerite orders him to stay there and not peek while she washes up at the river, but then she notices that someone took all their clothing and they're trapped naked in the jungle she screams in distress, which causes him to rush over, and she has to remind him to look away again.
  • Smallville:
    • In "Calling", Lana tells Clark not to peek when she surprises him with a birthday cake for his birthday, though it ends up causing Adoption Angst on him since he sees his birthday as "some date that my parents picked off the calendar for the adoption papers".
    • In "Slumber", due to a Heat Wave both Clark and Lana coincidentally have the same idea to go Skinny Dipping on Crate Lake. Clark thinks about leaving when he sees her there, but she says she doesn't mind swimming together as long as he doesn't peek while she strips. He keeps his back turned while she takes off her clothes behinds him, but does turn to catch a peek just as she's diving in.
    • In "Bizarro", when Chloe Healing Factor brings her Back from the Dead, she wakes up at a morgue, stuck in a drawer and with only a Modesty Bedsheet. When Clark finds her, she tells him to turn around so she could get put her clothes on.
  • Star Trek: The Original Series: In the episode "Shore Leave", Yeoman Barrows finds a princess gown on the planet they're visiting that Dr. McCoy encourages her to try on. Before she starts changing in the bushes she tells him not to peek. He replies, "My dear girl, I am a doctor. When I peek it's in the line of duty."
  • Thunderbirds: At the end of the Christmas Episode "Give or Take a Million", Brains asks everyone to close their eyes, while he activates some machines to make snow.
  • Timeless: In the pilot episode, Wyatt and Lucy are stuck in a cell in the past, when Wyatt suddenly realizes they can use the wire in Lucy's bra as an Improvised Lockpick, and he immediately asks her to hand him her bra. She realizes what he means right away and begins to strip, then suddenly realizes stops when she notices he didn't turn around and sends him an incredulous look, prompting him to catch himself and turn away.
  • The Troop: In "Lost in Translation", Felix, Jake, and Hayley are all hit with the Borlak's slime, which doesn't injure them but it makes all their clothes melt away. Just as Felix and Jake start to turn around to look at the naked Hayley behind them, they hear her circutron gun charging and she warns them not to turn around if they don't want to get evaporated.
  • Under the Dome: In "Imperfect Circles", Norrie walks into Joe's room to talk to him while the latter Sleeps in the Nude. He asks her to look away while he gets out of bed and puts on some pants first.
  • The West Wing: In a flashback during the season two premiere C.J. falls into a swimming pool while meeting with Toby. She tells him to "avert your eyes" when she climbs out because her clothes will be wet and clingy. Toby scoffs at the request but turns his back. C.J. spends a few seconds trying to cover up but soon realises there's no saving her outfit so she tells Toby he can look.
  • The Witcher (2019): In "Bottled Appetites", Yennefer has shed her dress to get into the bath with Geralt and warns him not to look the moment he starts to turn his head. Geralt's eyes then land on a conveniently-placed mirror... which Yennefer then tips over with magic.
    Geralt: That's cheating.
  • In the first episode of Worzel Gummidge, John tells his sister Sue, "No looking" when he goes off to pee behind a hedge.
    Sue: I wouldn't dream of it!
  • Wynonna Earp: In "Whiskey Lullaby", Waverly and Nicole had just had sex when a sleep spell hits town. Meaning that Dolls finds Nicole in the bathroom completely naked. Her deadpan "don't look at me" is what sells it.
  • Z Nation: In "Doctor of the dead", when the whole team has to strip naked for the Decontamination Chamber, Roberta warns everyone not to peek, and everyone awkwardly stands naked in a circle facing away from each other (they're only seen from the shoulders up).

  • Child Ballads: In one of the variants for the "Lady Isabel and the Elf Knight" ballad, called "The Outlandish Knight". A knight and a lady are planning to elope to his faraway home via a boat, but actually is planning to throw her into the sea and make off with her money. When they arrive in the boat, he asks her to Take Off Your Clothes, since her silken dress is too valuable and would rot during the trip. She tells him to turn away while she strips, and he does so, only for her to push him over the edge as he has his back turned, since she figured out he planned to drown her.

    Puppet Shows 
  • Sesame Street:
    • In the Season 8 premiere, the viewer happened to surprise Grover who gets them to surprise the rest of the street gang; as the viewer went to "hide", the others cover their eyes to Grover's request, to which the viewer then came back out and was asked by Grover to surprise them.
    • Episode 1624 has Big Bird surprise some of his friends by bringing Puerto Rico to Sesame Street on a snowy day; he has them close their eyes and follow his voice, asking them not to peek until he tells them so.
    • In Episode 3606, Big Bird's Auntie Audubon visits and insists he give up Radar in favor of her stuffed dodo toy. As a last-ditch effort, she has him cover his eyes while she leads everyone else out of the nest, so he can be alone to think it over.
    • In Episode 3789, Zoe covers her eyes to Maria's request so she can surprise her with her new Zoemobile.
    • In Episodes 3365 and 4014, Big Bird hosts a "Guess What's Missing" game where the participants have to remember the three objects he presents; he then asks everyone to close their eyes while he takes one object away, and when they look, they have to guess the object that's missing.
    • In the Journey to Ernie segments, Big Bird will ask the viewer to close their eyes and count to ten with him while Ernie finds his hiding spot.
  • The Sooty Show: In the episode "Fun Park" from the Sooty & Co. series, Matthew has the bus driver pull over so that Sooty can pee in a bush. Sooty, however, is just staring at Matthew because he doesn't want anyone to look at him. Matthew then covers the screen with his hand and tells the viewers to look away.

    Video Games 
  • In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, some villagers will ask you to turn around when they change into the clothing item you just gave them.
  • Azur Lane: Honolulu is a very embarrassed about all the fanservice skins she can be put on and frequently tells the commander to turn away while wearing them.
  • Baldur's Gate III: In Shadowheart's Act 3 romance scene, she'll ask you to turn around before undressing. When she's partially undressed, she'll be surprised you haven't tried to peek, to which you can either be chivalrous and stay turned around or peek at her.
  • Bravely Second: When the party visit the Yunohana hot springs, Edea and Magnolia threaten the boys (Yew in particular) with violence if they peek at them while they're bathing. But when the guys go to bath at their side, it's the girls who peek at them instead. And after they're done Edea warns the boys again that she'll beat them up if they try to peak on them. Yew is particularly offended.
    Yew: They can look, but not us!? It's not fair, I say!
  • Dead or Alive Xtreme 3: In Owner Mode, the player can gift a swimsuit to the girl's, and if their "satisfaction level" is high enough, they may be willing to do a "Raw Outfit Change", meaning they'll change right then and there in front of you, but they ask you to close their eyes. The player can try to peek, but doing so will severely drop the girl's satisfaction.
  • Elden Ring: Millicent requests for The Tarnished to avert their eyes when she stabs herself with the Unalloyed Gold Needle to cure her scarlet rot, and the screen fades to black to simulate the Player Character looking away, and only then we hear her doing it. (It's likely done so the developers wouldn't need to animate it).
  • Fairy Fencer F: When the party pulls off Tiara out from the Vile God's body, she's Naked on Arrival (with Shoulders-Up Nudity and Godiva Hair). Harley immediately demands the boys turn around, with Eryn poking Fang in the eye when he is slow on the uptake. Turns into Hypocritical Humor later when Harley reveals to Tiara she took photos of her body for "study".
  • Final Fantasy:
    • Final Fantasy V: While the party is getting through the Ship Graveyard, they stop at a safe room to change out of their soaked clothing. Lenna goes into another to change, and warns the guys not to peek. This leaves poor Faris (who the party still thinks is male) to change with the other Bartz and Galuf, which leads to her Gender Reveal.
    • Final Fantasy IX: To get Princess Garnet through Bohden Gate undetected, Steiner hides her in a bag of Gysahl Pickles and sneaks inside, letting her out in an alleyway. While he's watching the alleyway's entrance, Garnet chooses that time to change out of her pickle-stained clothes (with wooden crates serving as Scenery Censor). The player is given the option to check the other end of the alleyway, which sends Steiner to the back end of the alleyway, right past a mortified Garnet who pleads him to not to look. Steiner doesn't even seem to notice her predicament.
  • Fire Emblem Fates: In Benny's A support with his son, Ignatius, he asks his son to turn around after he starts shedding Manly Tears after Ignatius shows him the Good Luck Charm he made for him.
  • inFAMOUS: Second Son: Brooke Augustine mockingly offers to close her eyes if Delsin doesn't use his Neon powers during a scripted fight.
  • In Mother 3, a secret door guarding a treasure can only be opened by performing a special (and rather ridiculous-looking) dance. Before trying to open it, old thief Wess tells his son and disciple Duster, "This is embarrassing. Turn the other way." Doesn't stop Duster from turning around anyway while Wess isn't looking.
  • No More Heroes: When Travis arrives in Destroyman's arena to face him for his spot in the assassin rankings, he finds him wearing his civilian outfit, a normal postman uniform. Destroyman asks Travis to turn around just for a moment so he can change, and Travis complies. The moment Travis turns his back to him, Destroyman fires his Wave-Motion Gun, and Travis just barely manages to dodge it in time. When Travis turns, he sees Destroyman has already changed into his outfit in an instant, making it clear the whole thing was a charade to get a cheap shot
  • In Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, Ghost T. will demand that you not look into his diary before returning it to him. Reading it will result in him giving Mario a Nonstandard Game Over.
  • Persona 4: After the gang has entered the TV, Yosuke remembers that he still has to pee, so he gets ready to pee on a wall. He orders the others to turn around, but they don't, so he just gives up.
  • Phantasy Star IV: After acquiring Demi, a later dungeon has a piece of equipment for her that unlocks a new skill. When she goes to install it, she immediately asks the party to look away, and Chaz doesn't quite grasp it at first.
  • Portal 2: Wheatley insists on the Player Character turning around when he's 'hacking' something, and he will refuse to do it until the player complies. If the player uses portals to sneak a peek at when he's hacking or just turn around fast enough to watch, you can see that it's because his 'hacking' method is less 'technical' and more 'physical'.
  • Prinny: Can I Really Be the Hero?: During the final stage of the alternate Asagi storyline, Asagi shouts "Pretty Prinny Evolve!" and runs off-screen to change into her new costume. She does shout at the Prinny to not peek.
    Asagi: Hey! No peeking, perv!
  • Puyo Puyo Fever: At the end of the HaraHara Course, Raffina asks Ms. Accord for her prize and Accord asks her to turn around and close her eyes while she gets the prize. When Raffina does, Accord pulls out a giant hammer and whacks her on the head, then steals her catchphrase "Oh la-ti-da."
  • Silent Hill: Shattered Memories: After meeting Lisa Garland and heading to her apartment, she'll change her clothes, and make such a request. You can defy her request and peek, which if done, will increase the "Sexual" points on the hidden psychological profile system the game uses to gauge your personality. Depending on how the profile is at that point, Lisa may be angry at you for defying such a simple request, or she may tease you about being unable to resist taking a look.
  • In the SpongeBob SquarePants video game Employee of the Month, after SpongeBob gives Patrick his pants in Oxygen Springs, Patrick asks SpongeBob to turn around while he gets dressed, as he doesn't want him to see him naked.
  • Star Ocean: First Departure: After Roddick and Ilia go through the timegate and arrive on Roak, Ilia tasks him with finder her some clothes so she can blend in. When he brings her the clothes she'll go to change in the bushes, and asks him not to peek, causing Roddick to Sweat Drop.
  • Estellise Sidos Heurassien gives a nonverbal one to Yuri near the beginning of Tales of Vesperia by putting her sword next to the door to her room so that she can change out of her princess dress. While Yuri assures her that he wasn’t going to peek, Estellise tells him that Flynn had warned her to be careful if she ever met him, leaving Yuri to dryly thank Flynn.
  • Until Dawn: After Sam frees Mike and finally finds some clothes so she can change out of the Modesty Towel she's been stuck wearing for a while, she walks into the back of the room to change and gestures Mike to turn around so she can change.

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