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Nothing completes a nice relaxing soak like parasitic alien worms.
"Splish, splash
I was takin' a bath
Long about a Saturday night.
Just relaxin' in the tub
Thinkin' everything was all right...."

One of the most simple forms of Fanservice is having an attractive character spend a small amount of screen time in the tub. Many films usually use this as an easy excuse for nudity. Even though they are not very necessary, bathtub scenes usually seem to sneak their way into many forms of media even though most of the time they're unnecessary to the plot. If they do advance the plot, that's often due to a deadly twist.

Can include candles and Censor Suds usually come in. This trope is a variation of the Shower Scene. See Furo Scene for the Japanese variation.

Also see the Bathing Tropes index for the many variants that can occur once someone gets in the tub.


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    Anime & Manga 
  • In the second episode of 009-1, main protagonist Mylene Hoffman is taking a bubble bath, but is interrupted and sent on a mission.
  • The episode of Azumanga Daioh narrated by Chiyo shows snippets of what her fellow main characters are doing at the end of the day. Osaka is relaxing in the tub... which hides everything but her appendages.
  • At one point in Digimon Adventure Mimi is carried off by a group of Koromon and the group runs after her. Tai finds her taking a bath and gets things thrown at his face for his trouble.
  • The Dirty Pair movie known as Project Eden has our two heroines stop in the middle of their mission in an abandoned mine for them to engage in small talk while they have baths in a room that conveniently had multiple bathtubs filled with hot soapy water, but then becomes a significant plot point when they are attacked by alien-like creatures and are forced to retreat with just a Modesty Towel for the rest of the movie.
  • Dragon Ball: Bulma loves baths!
    • In Dragon Ball, she takes a bubble bath in the second episode and is then seen naked by Goku, who makes comments about her cleavage, which is covered by the bubbles, and says it looks like a butt.
    • She also has one in a filler scene in episode 49 of Dragon Ball Z during the Frieza Saga where she is in a capsule house in the bathtub talking to her father on a radio.
  • In Fairy Tail, Lucy gets these all the time, one time with Cana in the same bathtub.
  • Episode 6 of Gourmet Girl Graffiti has one, when Ryou and Kirin attempted to wash away the sweat from the summer heat.
  • In Hetalia: Axis Powers, Japan gets one in season five.
  • Pretty much every episode of Hidamari Sketch contains someone having a bath. It's usually Yuno, but it has been Sae, Hiro, Miyako, and Yoshinoya-sensei. One episode had short snippets of each one singing part of the first season theme song, but most often, whoever it is says something referring to what happened. By contrast, such scenes are few and far between in the manga.
  • JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Battle Tendency has a bathtub scene with Lisa Lisa after Joseph defeats Esidisi. The anime adaption definitely increased the Fanservice.
  • Chapter 42 of Kaguya-sama: Love Is War has multiple scenes of Hayasaka soaking in the bath (or trying to, as she keeps on getting pulled out by Kaguya for help with setting up a Twitter account). It's notable in that this is the only bit of fanservice in the entire series outside of spin-offs and the OVA.
  • Kill la Kill has one in Episode 16 but it's played for Squick due to Satsuki being molested by her mother Ragyo.
  • In the wartime Girls Love manga series Kurogane Pukapuka Tai, there's an unwilling one where stinky U-Boat captain Nina Stortebeker is hauled off and thrown in the tub before being scrubbed with a long-handled broom. Played for fanservice, naturally.
  • A Little Snow Fairy Sugar always ends with tween Saga and the titular character sharing a bubble bath as they reflect on the events of the episode. The Censor Suds keep it clean.
  • Meg in episode 3 of Majokko Meg-chan; she take a shower also. Special mention to episode 23 where Dirty Old Man Chou-san rigged Megu's bathtub with wheels, causing it to race around the city while Megu was bathing.
  • Many episodes of Miss Machiko include a scene with the title character in the bathtub. One scene involved one of her students attempting to join her. Yeah, it's that kind of an anime.
  • Neon Genesis Evangelion has a few bathtub scenes primarily used to show introspection on behalf of the characters of Misato and Asuka. Both of their respective scenes are part fanservice, part "What I am doing with my life everything is crazy" rants.
  • Rebuild World: After trying a bath for the first time, Akira becomes addicted and jumps in the tub every chance he gets. While this is also used as a source of Fanservice by Alpha going naked in an attempt to seduce him, Akira is usually too occupied with the bath itself to react with more than minor embarrassment if he pays her any mind at all.
  • In Sailor Moon Esmeraude had a bathscene where she was talking to her boss. A lot is actually shown, in comparison to her closed-up outfit.
  • Rouge the Bat twice in Sonic X. She takes her baths wearing her gloves.
  • Soul Eater:
    • Blair first appears in a bubbly bathtub scene in which Soul lands in her bathtub during the first episode.
    • Blair has another in episode 4.
    • Tsubaki has one in a wooden bathtub in episode 14.
  • Squid Girl has a couple of quick ones: When Squid Girl is sick, one of the remedies they attempt before finding out what the illness is is a soak in hot & cold water. The other is an Imagine Spot where Sanae imagines what she could do with something that makes you invisible... such as watch Squid Girl bathe.
  • To Love Ru starts with Rito taking a bath when the female alien Lala Satalin Deviluke ends up transported naked into Rito's bathtub where he is shocked and mesmerized by her naked body. The series has many scenes in the bathtub.
    • Exaggerated in the sequel Darkness since the first chapter where Rito took a bath when Momo Bella Deviluke, Lala's lustful younger sister, comes naked into the bath and starts talking with him.
  • The vampire villain, Camula, has a short scene in the bath after she sends her bats to spy on various duellists in Yu-Gi-Oh! GX. Her entire role is very much played for fanservice, being the only attractive female to appear up to that point (except Asuka).
  • Zoids: Genesis has many with the Bathing Beauty Colonel Felme who even has bathed in an Awkwardly-Placed Bathtub.

    Comic Books 
  • Phantom Lady would occasionally end her adventures with a nice hot bath, and bubbles. Back in 1942.
  • ORPHANIMO!!: In the fifth album, there is a two-panel scene of Trish, Minky and Gri Gi in the tub, discussing how Alice refused Vallalkozo's last offer by literally throwing away the Briefcase Full of Money he offered her.
  • 1982's Marvel special The Fantastic Four Roast opens with a splash page of The Thing taking a bubble bath.
  • Zatanna: Everyday Magic: Zatanna finally gets the chance to unwind and take a bath after she defeats Nimue, with Censor Suds bubbles and a glass of wine. It's mostly played as gratuitous Fanservice, with Leg Focus shots and a Sexy Surfacing Shot. Funny enough, she keeps her top hat on during it.

    Fan Works 

    Films — Animation 

    Films — Live-Action 
  • One of the more famous non-Fanservice examples comes early on in Arthur (1981) as the title character takes a lavish bubble bath; in this case, the scene is playing up his Idle Rich Manchild nature and further establishes his relationship with his Servile Snarker valet Hobson. Photos from this scene turned up quite a bit in the print advertising campaign for the film, including several posters. The sequel and the 2011 Remake have similar scenes; in the latter, the bathtub is next to a window and Arthur watches passerby on the street below through opera glasses and jokes about them while he's bathing.
  • Atomic Blonde. Our introduction to Charlize Theron's character has her bathing in a tub of ice. However, it's not played for fanservice; rather, it's done to help treat and show off the bruises and injuries she's collected along the course of the movie.
  • A.W.O.L.: Rayna and Joey share a bath together while discussing their relationship, with them both shown topless in the tub.
  • In Back to the Future Part II, Marty interrupts Biff with two Buxom Blondes while they are watching A Fistful of Dollars in a hot tub, to ask about Gray's Sports Almanac.
  • Bad Apples: Ella has a relaxing soak in the tub early in the film. The tub is covered in Censor Suds, so the scene isn't played for Fanservice.
  • The Barbarian: This 1933 film has one of the most famous/infamous scenes of The Pre-Code Era, one that was pushing censorship boundaries even for that more easy-going time. Diana (Myrna Loy) takes a bath, with nothing to obscure her but some rose petals and not very many rose petals at that. (Also, it's a Bathe Her and Bring Her to Me scene.) She looks like she's naked, but Myrna Loy wrote in her memoir that she was wearing a flesh-colored body suit.
  • Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Lois Lane is naked in a bathtub, so Clark Kent steps in too while still fully clothed and starts making out with her, clearly showing the Man of Steel, Woman of Kleenex trope isn't a problem.
  • Below Her Mouth: There are two different ones with Jasmine. In one, she's alone and uses the tub's sprayer to stimulate herself. The other has her fiancé joining Jasmine, after which she gets out and nearly has sex with him but breaks it off. In both cases she's shown completely naked.
  • The title character of Carrie has a bathtub scene, where she washes all the pig's blood off her in the bathtub equivalent of a Shower of Angst.
  • Dangerous Affair: Tuul is shown lounging in the bathtub naked while her lover Munkh stands and talks to her. It's utterly gratuitous as there isn't even any dialogue; it's part of a montage of their relationship near the end of the film.
  • Exit 0: After Billy and Lisa have dinner on their first night in the Doctor's Inn, Lisa takes a bath. It's so full of suds all you can see are her head and legs.
  • A non-Fanservice example occurs in Fatty's Tintype Tangle, a silent slapstick film in which Fatty Arbuckle accidentally intrudes on his domineering mother-in-law in the bath. She is horrified, but he just laughs at her.
  • IN SPACE! in Forbidden World where a female character takes a steam bath while entirely naked except for her sunglasses.
  • The Freakmaker: Heidi (played by scream queen Julie Ege) takes a long bath after she calls Brian to discuss her concern about Tony's disappearance. Her bath is disturbed by the arrival of Tony who has been transformed into a Plant Person.
  • The Gingerweed Man: A non-fanservice example. The Gingerweed Man takes a bath near the start of the movie while Barbara cleans up the apartment from a party he had the previous night.
  • Fifty year old Tuco had this in The Good, the Bad and the Ugly... which doubles with Naked People Are Funny when a vengeful bounty hunter (that Tuco had shot in the hand earlier) bursts in on him and starts yapping at him about his victory. He delivers a long speech about how he tracked Tuco down, and how he had lots of time to learn to shoot with his left hand... which is cut off when Tuco shoots him with a gun hidden under the bathtub bubbles.
    Tuco: When you gotta shoot, shoot, don't talk.
  • I Shot Jesse James: One occurs early in the film, with Jesse James himself lying naked in a tub. His friend (and future killer) Robert Ford stands nearby, helping to scrub Jesse's back. Unsurprisingly, it’s one of the movies greatest Ho Yay fuel.
  • Jewel Robbery introduces Kay Francis' character via bathtub and fanservice shots of her legs.
  • The 1931 version of The Maltese Falcon has some pre-Code fanservice in a scene where Ruth Wonderly (Bebe Daniels) is shown taking a bath. This scene was not included in the much better-known 1941 version made after the imposition of The Hays Code.
  • Lady Macbeth: Katherine bathes in a tub at one point, with her breast shown on the side.
  • La Llorona: A variant. Alma is seen sitting on the edge of a bathtub completely naked, washing her dress with her back to the camera.
  • Liz in September: Liz is shown submerging herself underwater in the bath and counting how long she can hold her breath.
  • Loving Annabelle: A couple times Ms. Bradley is shown in the bath, with her nipples seen.
  • Maverick and Cooper relax in a pair of bathtubs at the end of Maverick, thinking they can enjoy the fruits of their schemes. And then....
  • The Novice: Alex is shown in the tub multiple times. This is not played for fanservice at all given it shows her struggling against stress and with scars from cutting herself on her torso.
  • In Original Sin, Angelina Jolie and Antonio Banderas take a bath together in a tin tub. Jolie's breasts are readily visible. In a case of Best Known for the Fanservice, this and the actual sex scene are probably the only things anyone takes away from the film.
  • In Out of Sight, as escaped bank robber Jack Foley soaks in a tub, US Marshal Karen Sisco confronts him. After clearly eyeing his nether regions (his eyes are closed and he's presumably unaware of her presence), she leans over to kiss him, eventually climbing into the tub with him before it's revealed that she's dreaming.
  • There's a bathtub scene in Pretty Woman for Vivian to enjoy the five-star accomodations, that works kinda sorta as Fanservice, though only her head and one of her legs are showing for most of the scene.
  • There's a rather gratuitous shot in Princess O'Rourke that has Maria pondering in her bathtub.
  • Red Dust provides one of the most iconic examples, possibly the Trope Maker, in which Jean Harlow takes a bath in a rain barrel, and neglects to use the modesty curtains, much to Clark Gable's consternation.
  • The Seven Year Itch has Marilyn Monroe get her toe stuck in the faucet when she's taking a bath. Even though it's Sunday the plumber rushes right over.
  • Short Circuit has Stephanie Speck relaxing in the bathtub as Number 5 comes in to show he is still alive.
  • Cindy Crawford has one in the 1999 (but released in 2001) movie The Simian Line. Unfortunately for her male and lesbian fans, those damned Censor Suds come into play - especially when she stands up to put her towel on.
  • Slaughter High: Though the water turns into acid, killing the bather.
  • Slither has one which is used a lot as promotion for the movie (being the only reason to see it). The original 1975 movie Shivers (1975) (on which Slither is at least partially based) has a bathtub scene where the parasite comes up through the plughole and then slithers up between the unheeding girls's legs... well, what do you expect, David Crounenburg directed it....
  • In The Truth About Cats & Dogs, Janeane Garofalo and Ben Chaplin have a Split-Screen Phone Call, each in a separate bubble bath. In this case, the Censor Suds also cover Garofalo's tattoos.
  • Ms. Fanservice herself, Joan Blondell, has a scene in Blonde Crazy, and there isn't many bubbles...
  • A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) features what at first looks like a standard example... before revealing that Nancy has fallen asleep for a brief moment, shown as Freddy's glove appears between her legs. Thankfully, Nancy's mother wakes her up in time.
  • William Holden's character in Paris When It Sizzles is a screenwriter whose Creator Thumbprint is that he includes a bathtub scene in every script he writes. Naturally, the film-within-a-film The Girl Who Stole the Eiffel Tower has one.
  • Played for comedic effect in the John Wayne/Robert Mitchum western El Dorado, as every one of Sheriff Harrah's friends brings him a bar of soap.
  • So Close features a bathtub fight scene. Professional Killer Lynn has her bubble bath interrupted by her little sister with a camera, who records her in bathing so she can blackmail her into going on field missions. Lynn them has to wrestle for the possession of the camera while keeping herself covered.
  • Race for the Yankee Zephyr. After their helicopter crashes, the protagonists take refuse in a mountain survival hut. Sally is surprised when Barney shows her there's a built-in bathtub under the floorboards, and once he's got a fire going from the firewood that's also stored in the hut, he makes up a hot bath for her.
  • A Hard Day's Night has an epic bathtub scene with John Lennon, although it's solely Played for Laughs. Two other characters have a conversation in the bathroom, when John is in the bathtub playing with his toy submarines happily and loudly. The Censor Suds cover everything up to the wrists and neck (though not the hat John's wearing in the bath, for reasons only he knows), which helps when John pulls the plug, and to all appearances goes down the plughole with the suds. Only to come through the bathroom door a minute later - much to the astonishment of the Beatles' manager, who was in the bathroom the entire time and knows perfectly well that John didn't leave the tub.
  • Used for Fan Disservice in A Cure for Wellness. The protagonist has an Erotic Dream of Hanna naked in a standalone bathtub (not unusual in the spa where he's at; unfortunately the rest of the patients are elderly) but when he approaches he sees the tub is full of eels.
  • Blood of the Tribades: Among the earliest scenes is a female vampire bathing in the tub, who's then killed by a male priest (though not before we see her bare breasts).
  • Wonder Woman (2017): Steve Trevor, whose been meant to be fanservice for the ladies since his first introduction in comics back in the 1940s, ends up having a bath scene during which he is very exposed.
  • Ophelia: Ophelia is shown bathing several times in the river (mostly with her shift on, though she's still viewed as naked to strangers). Gertrude is also bathed by her ladies-in-waiting while still wearing her shift (this was historically accurate).
  • In Drive, He Said, Olive relaxes in the tub and listens to the radio. Until Gabriel breaks in and tries to rape her.
  • We Are the Night: Lena gets one after she's turned by Louise, to help clean her up. While in it, her hair dye washes out, with her injuries, piercings and tattoos vanishing as her Healing Factor kicks in. There's no explicit nudity, but she's shown topless from the back getting in and afterward.
  • Thelma: Thelma is shown topless while bathing at one point.
  • Sweet, Sweet Lonely Girl: Adele is shown taking a bath in the tub after her unappealing sex with a man, experiencing strange visions and occurrences before Beth's sudden appearance. She isn't shown past her shoulders.
  • Up Pompeii:
    • We first see Ammonia when Lurcio is providing the bubbles for her bath, and she has another which is interrupted during the destruction of Pompeii.
    • Rumpus walks in on Erotica during a bath:
    Rumpus: No, don't scream.
    Erotica: I won't if you promise to stay.


  • The Private Practice of Michael Shayne: An unusual gender flip on this trope. It's Shayne the private detective who takes a bath in his apartment, after escaping from a car that plunged into a canal (the two mooks in the car were killed). And it's Phyllis who cracks open the door to the bathroom and says "Can I do anything?" Shayne, still reluctant to do anything with Phyllis as she's so much younger, demands his privacy.
  • In general, a staple of the bodice-ripper Romance Novel, in part due to many of them taking place at times not known for great hygiene, like the Tudor, Regency and Victorian periods, and thus helps the modern reader play along with the fantasy. Such scenes also are ideal for displaying the Unresolved Sexual Tension between the main characters.
  • The Sunne in Splendour:
    • Richard returns home after an absence and the first thing he does is take a hot bath. His wife Anne assists him, which leads to a love scene.
    • Edward IV surprises his best friend Will with a visit, only to be surprised to find Will's mistress, Jane Shore, in the bathtub. This leads to a flirtatious Naked First Impression of Jane, and Will observes wryly that it is bad manners to seduce a man's mistress in his own bathtub.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Hunter (1984). In the pilot episode, Hunter thinks Dee Dee's life is in danger and bursts in on her to find she's in a bath covered in Censor Suds. Even though the incident shows that Dee Dee Can't Bathe Without a Weapon, Hunter jibes her about wanting a bubble bath in contrast to the tough cop facade she puts up. It happens again in "The Biggest Man in Town", with Hunter making a Call-Back to the first incident.
  • Love and Redemption: Si Feng gets one when Xuan Ji accidentally teleports into his bathtub.
  • Emerald City has one in episode 4, where West disguises herself as an orphan to convince Tip to come to her side. It works, but Tip saw right through her.
  • Game of Thrones universe:
    • Game of Thrones:
      • Viserys elaborates on dragons and Targaryens while sharing a bath with Doreah.
      • In 3x05, Jaime Lannister, still recovering from the loss of his hand, tells Brienne about the death of the Mad King whilst sharing a bath together in Harrenhal.
      • Daenerys' final scene in "Second Sons" has her being bathed and tutored by Missandei, but it also serves the plot when Daario arrives to pledge his allegiance.
    • House of the Dragon: Queen Consort Aemma is visited by her loving husband King Viserys while she takes a bath in Season 1's first episode. The scene serves as the strongest manifestation of the two's love for each other before Aemma's death at the end of the episode.
  • In the pilot of Selfie, Eliza has a Heroic BSoD after becoming violently ill on a plane and then getting recorded with puke spilling all over her. So she sits in her bathtub drinking ginger ale and on her phone, asking her faux-friends to comfort her and getting nothing.
  • Angel: In "Heartthrob", seeing Cordy is in pain and distraught over yet another vision, her resident ghost prepares a nice foamy bath and scrubs her back with a loofah.
  • Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction: The protagonist of "The Getaway", when she's on the phone with her neighbor.
  • In an episode of Emergency!, a woman calls Johnny and Roy to get her young daughter out of a locked bathroom. Turns out the young daughter was a young WOMAN in her 20s... with her toe stuck in the tub spigot! Roy applies some soap to her stuck toe, popping it out with ease.
  • Lessons for a Perfect Detective Story: Has one bathtub scene with Tenkaichi, though it does show off the fact he never takes his hat off.
  • Hawking: Has a few. The context is a bit sad - the character in question is sick, testing his lung capacity - but not quite sad enough to turn wet Benedict Cumberbatch into Fan Disservice.
  • High Fidelity: Rob is in the tub when her family video calls on her birthday, quickly covering herself.
  • The Invisible Woman: Alexa Hamilton has a bathtub scene after becoming invisible in this Pilot Movie.
  • JAG: Mac has one in "A Tangled Webb (Part 2)" with Scenery Censor.
  • Revolution: Charlie gets one in episode 6.
  • Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles: One episode shows Sarah shaving in the tub, when she accidentally cuts herself. Cue dramatic shot of blood in the water.
  • The Scarlet Pimpernel: Young Lord Tony Dewhurst has a bath in public, with several girls washing him. He's a bit ashamed and tries to protest, but Mr. Fanservice has his duties. Comments from Tony's friends suggest that it might have lead to an off-screen Shower of Love and the loss of his virginity.
  • Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: In "Crossover", Intendant Kira greets Major Kira as the Intendant is just coming out of her bath, escalating the sexual tension of the scene.
  • Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger: The entire shtick of Umeko/[DekaPink], rubber duckies and all.
  • True Blood: Bill and Sookie bathe in an old-fashioned claw-footed bathtub after they have sex for the first time.
  • One episode of Farscape features Grayza in a bathtub. She seduces Braca (and the audience) with the help of her aphrodisiac-producing gland and then pushes him away.
  • The BBC version of Pride and Prejudice shows us Colin Firth's back.
  • Scully has a couple of these scenes in The X-Files. And then of course in "Hollywood A.D." we get the scene in which Scully, Mulder, and Skinner talk on the phone while ALL in the bath.
  • Fleming: The Man Who Would Be Bond. Ian Fleming finds someone has broken into his house, but finds not a German spy but his Love Interest helping herself to his bathtub. And using more than the government-regulated six inches of bathwater too.
  • Hugh Laurie must like this trope, he's done it in both House and Jeeves and Wooster! (His fangirls certainly like it.)
  • The Outpost: Talon gets one when Gwen invites her to dinner, and then insists she clean up beforehand.
  • Highlander has a Duncan bathtub scene in "The Samurai". It's actually a gaffe because he's a Scotsman in Japan and had no idea that bathing in Japan is done before soaking in the tub.
  • Another Adrian Paul scene was in Tracker (2001). Mel has to teach Cole, who's an energy-based being with no physical body, how to keep his human body clean and shaved and such.
  • Early version on The Dick Van Dyke Show in the infamous 'Never Bathe on a Saturday' episode. Laura takes a bath and gets her toe stuck in the faucet.
  • Smallville:
  • One of the Erotic Tales series had a woman convincing a bathtub salesman to let her try out an expensive bath on his showroom floor after hours, with him sharing it with her. He pours out his troubles and it's implied they have sex. She has a female roommate secretly video this and blackmails him into letting her have the tub for free, which he's actually not too bothered about. The story ends with the two women planning to get a new bed as well, with the implication being that they'll furnish their house this way.
  • The Witcher (2019) has Henry Cavill providing some rather good Fanservice by way of some of these.
  • Defiance: Castithans traditionally practice communal bathing, so there are many scenes of the Tarr family in their indoor bathing pool (along with some Human guests at times, though Christie is uncomfortable with the idea and thus declines, to Datak's disapproval).
  • Sun-ah from The Devil Judge has a scene where she is in a bathtub with a towel on her head while drinking from a cup.
  • Y: The Last Man (2021): There's a long conversation scene while Hero is bathing with the Daughters of the Amazons, with her attempting to keep her privacy in a tub even as the rest casually stand around or wash nude. Hero herself is covered by the water.
  • Titans (2018). Used for Fan Disservice with Hawk in the bath treating himself for the chronic injuries he's picked up working as a masked vigilante.
  • Tidelands (Netflix): Cal goes into the bath and then holds her head underwater in hopes of testing if she can still breathe there after she'd survived drowning. Colton interrupts her and she's shown topless when she gets out. Later she tries again but fully clothed this time.
  • Mr. Bean: In Mr Bean in Room 426, Mr Bean discovers that his hotel room does not have a bath, and is furious when he puts his ear to the wall, and hears his neighbour having a bath. Later, the neighbour finds he cannot get into his bathroom, and it is revealed that Mr Bean is inside using the bath, having drilled a man-sized hole through the wall.
  • The Regime: Instead of showing up in person to a Cabinet meeting, Chancellor Vernham attends remotely while taking an ice bath to cope with hot flashes. She completely ignores how uncomfortable this makes the Cabinet members.

  • Céline Dion has one in her Misled video.
  • Invoked in Bobby Darin's song "Splish Splash." The bather winds up making a Naked First Impression due to being unaware that there's a dance party going on in the next room.
  • Most of Cindy Crawford's screen time in the video for George Michael's "Freedom '90" is spent in a bathtub.
  • The backside of the album cover for the album Beauty and the Beat by The Go-Go's features all five members.
  • AOA's dance unit's "Miniskirt" video has member Hyejeong taking a bubble bath... right after taking a shower. Complete with Censor Suds.


    Visual Novels 

  • In Girl Genius Violetta takes a bath while half asleep when she is at the Immortal Library.
  • Parodied in the Order of the Stick prequel volume On the Origins of PCs, in which Haley's bath is interrupted and she complains about her fanservice scene being cut short. Note that this is a Stick-Figure Comic (unusually well crafted and expressive stick figures, true, but even so, it requires a rather active imagination to get turned on by them).
  • Supernormal Step gives us a bathtub scene here.
  • Tower of God, chapter 89: the (mostly) male cast of Season 2 has a bath and massage session, all for the purpose of characterization and foreshadowing. No, seriously.

    Western Animation 
  • Hilda: In episode 9, after returning empty-handed from their nighttime adventure in the graveyard, Hilda is seen taking a bath, feeling bad she was unable to help Frida.
  • Punky Brewster is seen taking a bath in the animated episode "Fish Story" but only to keep herself concealed from her foster father Henry as Glomer had turned her into a mermaid.
  • A couple from Dastardly & Muttley in Their Flying Machines:
    • To catch the pigeon, Dastardly dives into a bathtub kitted out by Klunk on an airplane. It works until Dastardly recalls he can't swim.
    • A Wing Dings blackout had Zilly telling Klunk "If you're looking for the old crab, he's in the bathtub". Dick Dastardly is taking a bath and takes umbrage when he hears that comment, but Zilly clarifies that crab in question was a sea crab that takes a claw to Dick's big toe.
  • Soaky, a bubble bath from the 50s and 60s in containers resembling off-model cartoon stars, featured a cartoon little boy called the Soaky Kid in their commercials. He was always seen in a bathtub.


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