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Fakir prefers the non-verbal approach.

"You are at Buckingham Palace — the very heart of the British nation. Sherlock Holmes, put your trousers on!"

When a character sees another character while they're naked, a common reaction is to stare briefly, bluster and turn around, followed by asking (and sometimes demanding) that the naked character... get dressed. They may even go so far as to give the naked person their own clothing or help them find or improvise something if they have no clothes. This is the usual reaction a unattractive naked person will get, but this may happen even if the naked person is a Head-Turning Beauty, with the request usually coming from a a chaste or upstanding person, but it can even happen if they are generally of low morals, who you'd think would gleefully use the opportunity to closely inspect the ''au naturel'' specimen. Even a Lovable Sex Maniac can request this if they Can't Act Perverted Toward a Love Interest.


This is common in stories where the naked character in question has: no idea about the nudity taboo and find themselves in real-life human culture, is simply indifferent to their nudity or might find be interacting with a culture or species that has an entirely different concept of nudity and modesty. It can also happen when the character is The Vamp or a Heroic Seductress who tries to work their wiles on someone who just isn't interested, such as them trying a Striptease or Sexy Coat Flashing only to be rebuffed by being told to get dressed.

The most common variation is a man walking in on a naked woman for some reason, but a woman may also walk in on a man, or the two characters may be of the same sex. If the gender-bent version is again reversed, as a man *walking around* naked, he is more likely to be hit by the woman (which is usually portrayed as being a justifiable, even funny reaction for the woman). When the trope is used between two people of the same sex, the results may range from hilarity, awkwardness and more rarely disgust, usually in cases of Have I Mentioned I Am Heterosexual Today? or when the... position in which the naked person is seen is... er... not socially appropriate.


Note that this also could be a survival reflex: walking in on a naked Megaton-Punch happy woman is very dangerous. Giving clothes (i.e., making clear that perversion's not the goal) can dampen the danger.

Usually used to ramp up the comedy, sexual tension or both. Sometimes the character, rather than being fully nude, is merely wearing something very Stripperific or provocative such as underwear, lingerie or swimwear.

Truth in Television, to a degree; most men will agree that ogling a naked woman is hardly unpleasant, but it's bound to be immensely awkward when it's someone you know (and will have to interact with later) socially. As for women, the reasons are the same, just with the genders in reverse.

Contrast with Shameful Strip for when a character forces another to strip, Take Off Your Clothes for when a character asks another to strip for non-sexual reasons, Underdressed for the Occasion for wearing inappropriately casual clothes for a social event, Undressing the Unconscious for when a character has a need to take off the clothes of someone who is unconscious and You Must Be Cold for when a character offers clothes for someone who is Exposed to the Elements. See Naked Freak-Out for when the person caught in the nude is the one who overreacts.


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    Anime & Manga 
  • And You Thought There is Never a Girl Online?: In episode 5., Rusian visits Ako, and she's taken by surprise his sudden visit, telling him not to come into her room, but he does it anyway. He sees her barely wearing her underwear, and immediately closes the door. She then tells him she's ready a few moments later, and he opens the door again, only to find her completely naked and Ready for Lovemaking. He then closes the door again and tells her to Please Put Some Clothes On.
  • Axis Powers Hetalia:
    • Straight Man Germany has Innocent Fanservice Guy Italy as his partner. Logically, Germany ends up invoking this trope often.
    • In the published manga, a teenaged Prussia gets to see a young Hungary with her tunic ripped. She's not really bothered, but he blushes intensely and then throws his cape at her so she can cover herself.
    • And in the Hetalia Bloodbath 2010, Hong Kong gets told this by an horrified China when he takes off a meido outfit and ends up naked. He settles for a white apron.
    • In Episode 35, France seems uninterested in the ancient Olympics until Greece explains men competed in the nude. Cue to France insisting the Olympic tradition should be revived, complete with him stripping down to nothing but a fig leaf. England arrives for the games and begins protesting France's shamelessness ("YOU FORGOT TO CLOTHE YOURSELF!"), especially when France tries to take England's clothes off for him.
      France: Take your clothes off or I will take them off for you!
      England: UNHAND ME RIGHT NOW!
    • Japan has this once, while adjusting to Western society.
      Japan: That kind of nudity is unacceptable! It dishonors the ghost of your ancestor!
      Italy: Aw... but I'm hot and I'm Italian and the chicks dig it! Why don't you get naked?
      Japan: I couldn't possibly show a strange man my loincloth! I'm begging you to please put some clothes on!
    • An early Running Gag in the manga was that not only does Italy Sleeps in the Nude, but he would also has the occasional tendency to forget to put pants on when he wakes up, prompting whoever met him to demand he put some clothes on.
  • In Bakemonogatari episode 2, Araragi shouts this at Senjougahara Hitagi when she walks out of the shower completely naked in front of him. She's pretty obviously trying to mess with him because he's completely stressed out by it, while she keeps getting half-dressed then stripping again and lounging around in lingerie. And then she taunts him about being a virgin.
  • Barajou no Kiss: Shirtless Scene: In the aftermath of the Haruto arc, Anis summons Kaede right after he's taken a shower, so he appears on her veranda shirtless, causing her to give him her hoodie.
  • Beastars: When Haru first tries to seduce Legosi in the gardening shed, she starts to take off her clothes but he rebuffs her and even covers her up with a blanket. She's extremely confused by this reaction.
  • Berserk: When Isidro rescues Casca and Nina in volume 19, he notices Nina's nakedness and starts blushing. Too embarrassed to look at her or say anything, he turns his back while slouching and holding his legs together to hide his Raging Stiffie, and hands her his coat so she can cover herself. A true Chivalrous Pervert indeed!
  • In both the original manga and OVA versions of Birdy the Mighty, Tsutomu asks this of Birdy when she leaps directly from the bathtub to and out of his house when she decides to confront a nearby alien. In the OVA, she obliges the request and dons her uniform, but in the original manga, she ignores it and confronts the alien in her birthday suit.
  • Black Butler: After dealing with a giant demon hound, with the ability to morph into a human male form (which is butt naked) it takes Bardroy to finally yell at him to put some clothes on, and stop "Letting it all hang out."
  • Black Bullet: Enju makes a "Dinner, Bath, or Sex" Offer to Rentaro while wearing nothing but a Modesty Towel. Rentaro's response is to implore her to Please Put Some Clothes On.
  • Black Clover: Fanzell, due to frequently losing his clothes, prompts this reaction from pretty much everyone.
    Dominante: You're a grown man! Keep your clothes on!
  • Blade & Soul: In episode 1 Alka is bathing in a pond when she notices a man peeping at her. So she reaches for her weapon underwater and leaps out of the water to attack him while fully nude. She doesn't kill him since his partner comes out and convinces her otherwise and then asks her to put some clothes on when she doesn't bother covering herself.
  • Bleach:
    • When Ichigo first meets Yoruichi in her human form, her transformation leaves her naked. Ichigo almost has a stroke when she sits down in front of him, cross-legged, as though nothing's wrong until he finally yells at her to put some clothes on and Hilarity Ensues. Yoruichi is noted to be a Shameless Fanservice Girl who's always been The Tease and she starts to flaunt herself in front of him just to annoy him ever since, with him always having similar reactions.
    Yoruichi: I see! You're more naive and innocent than I thought. It's the first time you've ever seen a naked woman, huh?
  • Blue Drop: In Tenshi no Bokura, Admiral Mariel walks around practically naked. When Shouta asks her to "put something on", she dons cat ears but remains otherwise undressed.
  • The Brave Fighter of Sun Fighbird: When Fighbird fuses with Hiroshi's android in the first episode, one of his first actions as Katori is to use the silicone foam that Hiroshi keeps around to 'recreate' his human looks, based on a drawing made by Haruka. This doesn't include clothes, so when Kenta and later Hiroshi and Haruka arrive, Katori meets them completely naked and doesn't seem to acknowledge it as he politely introduces himself to the Amanos and even to Haruka's pet monkey Champ. A very red-faced Haruka tells Kenta to get him some clothes as soon as it's possible.
  • Captain Earth: In episode 3, a clueless Hana walks up naked tp the protagonists and they all try to Ignore The Fanservice while asking her to get dressed, except for Akari who is staring jealously at Hana's sizable bust.
  • Ceres, Celestial Legend: In a side story focusing on Mikagi and Ceres (present at the end of one of the Fushigi Yuugi: Genbu Kaiden volumes), Ceres is taken to Mikagi's house after he finds her on the beach. There, she removes her robes and more or less tells Mikagi to have his way with her. However, Mikagi refuses, throws her robes back at her, and tells her to reevaluate herself because she seemed so sad. She's left dumbfounded that a man didn't immediately want to have sex with her.
  • Club 9: Mangaka Lewis and his assistants have been working on a deadline rush for the last days non-stop. The much attractive, much appreciated Hello-chan visits wearing one of her Mama's more daring little numbers, red even, and makes the men weep along the lines of Please Put Some Clothes On. An emergency cover is improvised from cardboard boxes.
  • One character in Darker Than Black has the power to teleport, but only people, not their clothes. While she has no problem with wandering around naked, Amigiri made her get dressed while they were on a sabotage mission.
  • Senji aka Crow from Deadman Wonderland is a vicious Ax-Crazy fighter who gets highly embarrassed around scantily clad women and immediately tells any such women in the vicinity to cover up before threatening to kill them anyway.
  • Dragon Ball: Happens several times to Goku, given that he doesn't care if people sees him naked or not.
    • Dragon Ball
      • After Master Roshi blows up the moon at the 21st World Martial Arts Tournament, Goku transforms back from his Great Ape form. Naturally, he's naked since he tore through his clothes when he grew. Goku is more than willing to fight in the nude, but the audience isn't and the fight is postponed until he gets dressed.
      • Goku strips naked in the middle of the street to get changed out of his torn clothes, right in front of Upa, Krillin, Yamcha, and Puar. Both Yamcha and Krillin yell at him to put some clothes on.
    • Dragon Ball GT:
      • Goku strips naked to go Skinny Dipping through an underwater cave to rescue a kidnapped Trunks, and Pan is mortified and throws his clothes back at him, telling him to cover up, but Goku just brushes her off.
      • Later on in the series, a minor fight with one of the Big Bads results in Goku's clothes getting blasted off. The villain even waits around and lets Goku get dressed again, despite the fact that he could have made a very tempting target with his "pants down", so to speak.
  • Dr. Stone: After he's revived from being turned to stone, a naked Ryusui Nanami instantly establishes himself as a Bunny-Ears Lawyer and starts being loud and obnoxious until Minami hands him some clothes and asks put them on before acting up.
  • Dr Stone Reboot Byakuya: During chapter 2, Yakov gets fired up and flexes so hard that his muscles rip-off his clothes. His wife Dalia begins fan-girling and squeeing as her husband starts giving out orders and assignments to the ISS crew, while the rest of the astronauts implore him to Please Put Some Clothes On.

    Comic Books 

    Fan Works 

    Films — Animation 
  • In Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths, the good version of Lex Luthor contacts the Justice League and strips naked to prove he's unarmed. After being convinced of his sincerity, Superman tells him to put some pants on.
  • Beast Boy is introduced this way in Justice League vs. Teen Titans during an early morning training session. Apparently the exercise was called before he could get his uniform on, and he has a Naked Freak-Out once he finds Raven staring at him.
Beast Boy: Yeah, so I sleep in the nude. Animals do it and I'm the entire animal kingdom wrapped in one perfect package.
Raven: You're something wrapped in something all right.
  • Played with in Disney's Pocahontas II: Journey to a New World, when Pocahontas, dressed in neck-to-ankle Jacobean underwear, comes out of her room to model her "English clothes" for her Love Interest-of-the-moment John Rolfe. He is mortified at seeing a lady in such an embarrassing state of undress even though the underwear is actually far less revealing than her regular outfit. Note that John Rolfe had only seen her in her winter outfit, which while form-fitting, covered everything. Even came with a shawl. The iconic outfit she wore in the first movie was her summer outfit.
  • In Shrek the Third, Donkey has this reaction when pulling the covers off of Shrek at the beginning, as he finds out he Sleeps in the Nude.
    Donkey: You know, you really need to get yourself a pair of jammies!

    Films — Live-Action 
  • Bad Samaritan: After taking a shower and using every soap and lotion in the order Cale told her and telling that to Cale, who wasn't watching, Katie takes a deep breath and drops the towel. Cale seems disgusted and throws her some clean clothes.
  • The Blood on Satan's Claw: Reverend Fallowfield, though obviously tempted by the sight of Angel Blake disrobing in front of him, averts his gaze and begs her to cover herself up. She is disinclined to comply.
  • Cowboys & Aliens: Jake covers a Naked on Revival Ella with a blanket, though he does seem to stare quite a bit before doing it.
  • In Date Night, several characters do this with Walking Shirtless Scene Holbrooke. Phil is especially not happy, mostly because Claire visibly is.
  • In the American Girl Doll Movie Felicity, the title character has been sneaking out at night wearing her chemise and some breeches she stole from Ben, her father's apprentice. When Ben walks in on her in only her chemise, they're both mortified and he has to turn around until she is finished.
  • In The Fifth Element, Vito Cornelius and Korben Dallas simultaneously spin around when Innocent Fanservice Girl Leeloo suddenly undresses in the middle of Dallas's apartment, and engage in light conversation until she's put her clothes back on before looking again (Vito's a monk and Korben is just embarrassed). It happens with Vito and apprentice David too, exactly the same way.
  • Fired Up has Bianca been asked to put on some underpants after they wake up at night when Bianca and Angela were sharing a bed.
  • Featured prominently, including in the marketing, of Forgetting Sarah Marshall. When the title woman breaks up with her boyfriend, the lead, he's just come out of the shower - and drops his towel in shock. As they discuss it, she eventually half-whimpers, "Would you please put some clothes on?" He actually refuses out of anger, asking if she wants to pick out the clothes he'll be dumped in.
  • Forbidden Planet: Commander Adams walks in on Altaira bathing nude in a pond. He then asks her to put some clothes on, to which she responds with puzzlement.
  • In the James Bond film For Your Eyes Only, Bond tells Bibi Dahl (i.e., "Baby Doll") that if she puts her clothes on, he'll buy her an ice cream. He does have a good reason for this: she is only 14.
  • The House Bunny: After showering, Shelley likes to "air dry" and steps out of the bathroom with a Modesty Towel wrapped around only around her waist. Natalie tells her she has to cover up because most of the girls in the house haven't seen their own bodies and seeing Shelley naked may be too much of a shock. She refuses and goes a step further by dropping the towel. Cue a horrified Reaction Shot from the girls (The audience only sees her Toplessness from the Back or Shoulders-Up Nudity).
  • Into the Blue Amanda is asked to cover up when some Coast Guard come across her sunbathing topless.
  • Jack Reacher is discussing the case with attorney Helen Rodin while washing his shirt in the sink and she gets Distracted by the Sexy.
    Helen: What more do you want? They were five innocent people. Senselessly murd— I'm sorry, can you please put a shirt on?
    Jack: This is my shirt.
  • Juwanna Mann: After Jamal's outburst during the game, he strips down to his jockstrap and then throws it into the crowd who mostly reacts with disgust... except for a few girls who are Eating the Eye Candy.
  • A variation occurs in Lawn Dogs. Trent mistakes Devon's attempts to show him the scar on her chest, as an attempt to show him something else. Considering that she's 10 years old, one can easily understand his fear.
    Trent: Stop that.
    Devon: There's something I want to show you.
    Trent: Well, I don't want you to.
  • In Mystery Men, Invisible Boy becomes "transparent", but to everyone who sees him, it seems like he's wearing nothing at all.
    Invisible Boy: Hey, look! I'm invisible! Can you see me?
    The Bowler: Yes. [everyone becomes stunned to see him naked]
    Mr. Furious: Wow...
    The Bowler: [disgusted] Maybe you should put some shorts on... or something... if you wanna keep fighting evil today.
  • Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides: The mermaid Syrena has nothing but Godiva Hair for most of the film. When she grows legs her Love Interest Philip gives her his shirt for her to wear.
  • John Woo's Red Cliff has a room of veteran Chinese warriors turning away in embarrassment at the sight of Sun Shangxiang undressing, but because she's doing to reveal the map of the enemy camp she drew while undercover and kept hidden under her clothing, it's okay.
  • In The Spirit, the hero busts in on Sand Seraf after she just got out of the shower and tells her to put her hands up. She calmly agrees, and since she was holding up her Modesty Towel, it falls leaving her clad only in Censor Steam. Embarrassed, he turns around and says "Okay, put on a robe or something, but no tricks!"
  • In the film Split Infinity, Amelia is told by the principal in 1929 to wear clothes. Of course, she isn't naked, but in her great aunt's long johns, which, to a 14-year-old girl in 1992 America, might seem to be regular clothing, given a few accessories.
  • Star Wars:
    • In The Phantom Menace, this is practically R2-D2's reaction when he first meets the unfinished C-3PO at the Skywalker residence on Tatooine.
      C-3PO: I beg your pardon? What do you mean "naked"?
      [R2 points out what he means]
      C-3PO: My parts are showing!? My goodness, OH!
    • In The Last Jedi, Kylo Ren and Rey discover they can communicate telepathically, and can see each other when they do this. At one point, a conversation trails off when Rey gets embarrassed because Ren is shirtless, and she asks him to cover up.
  • In Trading Places, a huge party is thrown at Billy Ray Valentine's mansion (formerly Lewis Winthorp's), with all the people he knew from his former life as a hustler and general crook. One such female acquaintance surprises him in his bedroom, naked. A sign of how much he's changed, he tells her to get her clothes on and leave before subsequently shutting down the rest of the party.
  • In Underworld (2003), Lucien orders two of his minions to, "Put some clothes on, will you?" The minions in question had been having an all-out werewolf brawl, with everyone else egging them on, and this caps off Lucien chastising everyone for "acting like a pack of rabid DOGS!"
  • The Vow: After Paige sees Leo sans clothing en route to the bathroom, she's mortified and demands he clothe himself. Made more awkward since she's his Amnesiac Lover.
  • What's the Worst That Could Happen?: When Max is holding a burglar gunpoint, Trace gets out of the bath to see what is happening. Max tells her in disbelief to go and put some clothes on.
  • Spoken verbatim in X-Men: First Class by Charles Xavier when a newly self-confident Mystique walks in on him while she's entirely naked. Amusing, given that this is the first time the character's constant nudity has been alluded to in the series. (The irony being that Mystique is almost always nude, as it's shown that any "clothing" she might be seen wearing is simply part of her shape-shifting disguise, including possibly the X-Men uniform seen in the final act as it disappears when she briefly impersonates Shaw.)

  • The Belgariad: Relg is outraged by Taiba's nakedness when they first meet, even when she points out that she doesn't have any other clothes - and that she's not ashamed of her body, so she really has no reason to want more clothes.
  • The Big Sleep: Carmen comes on to Marlowe (by turning up naked in his bed) and he turns he down while telling her to get dressed. She's not pleased.
  • In James Blish's Cities in Flight, Mayor Amalfi says it almost verbatim to Dee Hazleton when she's washing the Hevian women:
    Amalfi: Dee, come to Astronomy with me. I've got something to show you. And for my sake, put on something, or the men will think I'm out to found a dynasty.
  • Chronicles of the Kencyrath: In Dark of the Moon, The Heroine Jame escapes the bad guys stark naked and comes across Graykin and then Lyra in the empty palace of Karkinaroth. The scene is played for laughs with Jame being nonchalant about her nudity while the others so bothered by it; even more so because what bothers Lyra the most is that Jame, who she recognizes immediately as a full-blooded Highborn woman, is not wearing a mask as custom dictates which she demands Jame to put on. This ends up in a scene with Jame sitting down to talk and eat with them wearing a mask, but otherwise still completely naked.
  • Discworld:
    • A rather interesting inversion in the novel Mort: the title character is told this by Death's own daughter. She could've avoided it, actually, since she was the one who put him to bed that night (but she looked the other way). Related is Mort's earlier comment to Ysabell: "And for heaven's sake, put on something sensible, you're overflowing."
    • As one might expect for a comedy trope, variations of this are rather common on the Discworld. Wizards in particular seem to be prone to losing their robes and having to have the problem pointed out to them by others (they take the view that a wizard is dressed as long as he's wearing his pointy hat).
    • Werewolves are also affected, a notable instance being Serafina chiding Guye for not only transforming from wolf to human shape without remedying the consequent clothing deficiency, but also then engaging in... certain behaviors which are far less publically acceptable for a male human than a male dog.
  • The Styric Gods in David Eddings' The Elenium and The Tamuli trilogies apparently don't see the point about clothes when in their true forms. This is particularly true with Aphrael, whose true form is a tall, beautiful, and nude young lady. When Sparhawk sees her true form, he invokes the trope: out of propriety and a little fatherly instinct (by the end of the Elenium he becomes father to her latest incarnation).
  • Used interestingly in Enchantment by Orson Scott Card. When someone crosses the bridge that joins the past and present, they will only have clothing if they have already been there. When Ivan crosses for the first time, he is mortified to be naked, especially in front of Katerina. However, while Katerina's culture has no taboo against nudity, there is a strong taboo against cross-dressing, so she is extremely resistant to giving him anything of hers to use to cover up. When they cross to the present and Katerina is the one who winds up naked, Ivan begs her to wear his shirt, and has to convince her that in his culture, it's perfectly all right for her to be wearing his shirt, and far, far worse for him to walk out of the woods with a completely naked girl.
  • Escape from Furnace: Hilariously between Zee and Alex, with Zee stating that Alex, with his worn out, ragged, ill-fitting prison outfit, is looking "practically indecent".
  • Fate/strange fake: Flat Escardos summons Jack the Ripper as a Berserker Servant. In this story, Jack is a shapeshifter with no set form or gender. At one point, Jack absentmindedly changes into the form of the Jack The Ripper from Fate/Apocrypha, who was a little girl in a Stripperific outfit. Horrified, Flat covers Jack with a blanket and orders Jack to put some clothes on or change to another form before someone sees them and calls the cops.
  • Averted in Alan Dean Foster's Flinx in Flux. When Charity cleans up, Flinx notices she doesn't reactivate the holographic door, and doesn't mention it, nor does she jump when she notices him watching.
  • Hive Mind (2016):
    • In Telepath, Lucas knocks on Amber's door, and since she's still sleepy accidentally tells him to come in causing him to accidentally find out she Sleeps in the Nude. He immediately goes back outside and tells her to get put some clothes on first. He teases her about the incident occasionally.
    • In Borderline Keith tries to shock Amber when she first calls him by answering in the nude. It doesn't work, because she spends her time reading the minds of teenage males, so male nudity is far from shocking to her.
  • The Hunger Games: Katniss is flustered by people's nudity on several occasions. Johanna knows this and strips off in an elevator whilst chatting with Katniss and Peeta, and again during training, even oiling her body for a wrestling lesson. Peeta finds it amusing. Katniss... not so much.
  • The Institute: Luke always sleeps in his undies. When he wakes up one morning and finds that Avery (who sleeps with him almost every night) is gone, he runs to Averys' room to check if the boy is still in front half, but forgets to dress first. Winona, one of the housekeepers, catches him in the act and orders him to get dressed.
    Winona: Put on some clothes, young man. I'm not interested in seeing any male in his undies unless he's at least twenty-two and buffed out.
  • Journey to Chaos: This is generally the case with recovered victims of mana mutation. The monsanity (i.e. mentality of a monster) of the victim removes any nudity taboo they might have had and causes them to think clothes are something to eat.
    • Averted in Looming Shadow, where Kallen has a lengthy discussion with post-mana mutation Eric before telling him to get dressed. Ostensibly, this was for research into the mindset of mana-born demons but you never know...
    • Played straight in Mana Mutation Menace with Tiza and post mana-mutation Nolien. She tosses him a labcoat from a nearby scientist to cover up and then has to insist he put it on because he doesn't see the point.
  • Judge Dee and his lieutenants often find themselves saying this as at least one naked girl seems to show up per mystery. The Judge usually takes this pretty coolly - he does have three wives, after all - but is quite embarrassed on two occasions when he is being vamped and knows it. Ma Joong and Chiao Tai's reactions tend to be more enthusiastic and uninhibited.
  • The Licanius Trilogy: This is Erran's initial (over)reaction to Asha as she takes most of her clothes off in preparation to swim towards the Tributary.
  • In The Mists of Avalon, when Igraine gets into an argument with Gorlois, she rips off the dress and jewels he gave her to protest how he's acting. He ends the argument because he can't continue it while looking at her naked body.
  • The Mortal Instruments: In City of Ashes, after almost having Their First Time, Clary and Jace have a discussion in bed, and she concludes they must to the Silent City immediately, and he jokes that she isn't dressed appropriately for the trip quite yet.
    "Now," Clary said. "I don't want to wait. Do you?"
    He didn't reply, just got up off the floor and picked up his shirt. He looked at Clary, and almost smiled. "If we're going to the Silent City, you might want to get dressed. I mean, I appreciate the bra-and-panties look, but I don't know if the Silent Brothers will. There are only a few of them left, and I don't want them to die of excitement."
  • In the Myth Adventures books, Skeeve has this problem with Queen Hemlock and Bunny. Hemlock did it on purpose; Skeeve is disguised as King Roderick at the time and she was testing him, since "royalty doesn't get embarrassed" as she puts it.
  • Done in The Naked Sun by Isaac Asimov, when a detective interviews a woman who just finished bathing. Since it is merely a 3D communication, rather than personal contact, she has trouble understanding what the big deal is.
  • Played With in Second Stage Lensmen when Kinnison finally gets around to mentioning to Ilona of Lombar that she needs to put on some clothes while on board Dauntless. The discussion that follows makes it clear that it's a matter of convention - guests dress up or strip down to match the host's culture - rather than a nudity taboo.
  • Ordinarily United: The Unitias run around completely naked at all times and they hate being told to put clothes on. Once is fine. But asking one of them twice in a row is grounds to be outright yelled at. Trying to force clothes on them is not only suicide, but specifically suicide in a very painful manner. Ask Pantalite, who especially pisses off the Unitias compared to the other Demons for trying to put panties on Origin pre-Hibernation.
  • Shadow of the Conqueror:
  • Tortall Universe:
  • In Uprooted, Agnieszka rips her dress off in panic when the Dragon uses a spell to show her The Corruption under her skin. He creates a cloak once he's done purging it, though she barely notices since she's now more concerned for her Best Friend's much worse condition.
  • Weirdly averted in the Xanth books, where a panty flash is considered scandalous (and a weirdly powerful weapon) but ending up naked in front of strangers is simply a brief embarrassment. It's the Forbidden Fruit effect that does it. Due to Xanth's nature of basically taking puns and the like literally, women's underwear carries inherent magic because of its typically "secret" nature. On the other hand, many humanoid species (centaurs, mermaids, etc.) don't acknowledge their own nudity, so it's a lot more commonplace.

    Live-Action TV 
  • 800 Words:
    • Pretty much everyone's reaction when Monty walks around George's house with only a Modesty Towel on. Siouxsie tells this to him out loud, though.
    • When George and Woody get into a discussion in the nudist beach, Tracey interrupts it to tell to go elsewhere because "This feels like a 'clothes on' conversation".
  • Angel: A male-on-male version occurs in "First Impressions", when Wesley discovers why you should let sleeping vampires lie.
    Wesley: [while being choked] I can't breathe.
    Angel: [releasing his throat] Oh, sorry.
    Wesley: It's quite alright. Now, about the naked thing...
    Angel: I'll get dressed.
    Wesley: Much appreciated.
  • Attack of the Show!: One segment had Kevin Pereira express his discomfort with how Olivia Munn was lounging around in the alltogether while clipping her toenails.
  • Baby Daddy: In "She Loves Me, She Loves Me Note", Ben requests this of his brother Danny when they're having a conversation in the locker room while the latter is showering. Danny refuses, pointing out "Showering is easier to do while naked". When Riley also barges in to join the conversation Danny does have a Naked Freak-Out and hides behind Ben, but she still asks him to put a towel on.
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer subverts this when Anya comes to visit Xander in "The Harsh Light of Day". He turns around to get a juice box from the fridge and when he turns back, her dress is gone. He doesn't ask her to put clothes on, though — he just stands there and stares until they get around to the consummation she dropped... everything... in preparation for. Followed by him squeezing the juice box in surprise and causing it to spurt in a not-at-all suggestive manner.
  • Happens several times on Chuck, and twice Sarah references this trope by name:
    • The first is when she goes to Shaw's apartment to discuss Chuck's changing personality, only for Shaw to answer the door in nothing but a Modesty Towel and flustering her greatly and leading her to ask Shaw to get dressed.
    • In "Chuck Vs The Suitcase", Chuck is being held at gunpoint by a naked Volkoff agent (played by Creator/Karolina urkova) when she caught him trying to break into her safe while she was taking a shower. Chuck is very uncomfortable her state of undress.
    [Chuck is almost finished opening her safe]
    Sofia: [Dramatic Gun Cock] Don't move.
    Chuck: [slowly turns around to face her, sees she's completely naked and quickly turns away]
    Sofia: Look at me.
    Chuck: [turns to face her again, trying and failing not to ogle her] Okay, you should know that I have a girlfriend—
    Sofia: Who do you work for, and how did you find me?
    Chuck: [nervously] I would love to get into this. Is it at all possible for you to cover yourself with maybe a towel?
    • Later, in the same scene when Sarah turns the tables and rescues Chuck she quite snarkily tells the woman to "put some clothes on."
  • In Coupling, Steve returns home looking for his keys, and bumps into Sally in a Modesty Towel, who's using the shower because hers is broken. And then she accidentally drops the towel.
    Sally: Did you look everywhere?
    Steve: Er... Yes. Yes. So sue me. You're naked, I'm a man. I looked.
    Sally: ...Did you look everywhere for your keys?
And then Steve agrees that Sally picking up the towel again would be a very good idea...
  • The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance: In Episode 6, Chamberlain has this reaction when he catches The Gourmand peeing in the hallway, and the latter turns to face him without closing his robes first. Chamberlain screeches in embarrassment and turns his face away.
  • Dirty Sexy Money: Karen's birthday present for Nick is to let him see her birthday suit via Dress Hits Floor. He's not amused and curtly tells her to put her dress back on.
  • Doctor Who:
    • In "The Daleks' Master Plan", the First Doctor tells an actress playing an Arabian princess to cover herself up.
    • "Blink": Right after Kathy mentions her brother, Larry, to Sally, Larry shows up in front of Sally. Here's the exchange:
      Sally: I'm in the kitchen. What's that on all those screens in your front room?
      Kathy: Oh, God! Oh, God! Sally, you've met my brother Larry, haven't you?
      Sally: No.
      Kathy: You're about to.
      Larry: [stepping out of the bathroom, naked] Okay. Not sure, but really, really hoping. [points down] Pants?
      Sally: [grinning, and not looking away] No.
      Kathy: [running downstairs] Put them on! Put them on! I hate you! What're you thinking?! Sorry. My useless brother.
    • The Tenth Doctor appeared, due to circumstances, naked before Donna Noble. However, he was quite enthusiastic about it.
      Donna: It's you!
      The Doctor: Oh yes!
      Donna: [looking away] ... you're naked.
      The Doctor: Oh yes!
    • In "The Eleventh Hour", the (just-regenerated Eleventh) Doctor starts changing out of the tatters of Ten's clothes right in front of Amy and Rory. Amy doesn't mind at all, but Rory is sufficiently embarrassed.
    • In the Red Nose Day mini-episode "Space"/"Time", after the TARDIS is endangered by Rory being distracted by the sight of his wife Amy in a short skirt;
      The Doctor: Okay, we're back in normal flight. The TARDIS is no longer inside itself. The localised time field is no longer about to implode and rip a hole in all causality but just in case — Pond, put some trousers on.
    • In "The Time of the Doctor", the Eleventh Doctor appears before Clara completely naked for a fun exchange.
      Clara: You're naked!
      The Doctor: Yes, I am naked. I wondered if you'd notice.
      Clara: Doctor, why are you naked?
      The Doctor: Because I'm going to church!
  • Mal from Firefly does this in "Our Mrs. Reynolds" upon seeing Saffron waiting for him naked in his bed. He doesn't use this exact phrase, but he certainly implies it. (Note that Saffron is hardly an Innocent Fanservice Girl; she's just pretending to be one.)
    Saffron: But aren't we to become one flesh?
    Mal: No, we're still two fleshes, and I think your flesh should sleep over in the... [Saffron drops the blanket that was covering her nakedness] Whoa! Hey! Flesh!
  • Friends: Joey interprets Monica's invitation for "Lemonade" to mean "Please get naked" in "The One with the Flashback". The trope ensues.
  • The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air: In a season 3 episode, Uncle Phil runs around the house yelling that the baby's coming (it's not, he's just panicking). Will, once he can see clearly, yells in terror, with Phil quickly reassuring him that everything will be fine. Will's response, while not saying it outright, just screams this trope:
    Will: That ain't what's scaring me! You ain't got no drawers on!
  • Game of Thrones: In "The Bear and the Maiden Fair", Robb is trying to plan a war strategy, but is distracted by his wife Talisa lounging naked in bed next to him and he jokingly requests her to get dressed so he could get some work done.
  • The Golden Girls:
    • In one episode, Blanche goes on a date with a coworker and winds up going back to his apartment with him. Believing that he brought her back for something else, she tries to do a striptease with his bathrobe for him. He tells her to put some clothes on so he can take her home. It turns out he had a problem with dating a coworker and quits his job so he can continue seeing Blanche.
    • In another episode, Dorothy, Blanche and Rose accidentally book a vacation at a clothing-optional hotel. They later decide to go with the flow and go to the dining hall completely naked, only to discover that you have to have formal wear on when at dinner. To add insult to injury, a waiter tells them that everyone would appreciate it if they stay dressed at all times from then on.
  • Ice Fantasy: Shi is talking to fire princess Yan Da while she's bathing. When she asks him if she's the World's Most Beautiful Woman and he denies it, she gets so miffed she stands up in the bath. He simply averts his eyes and tells her to put some clothes on before she catches a cold.
  • In I Dream of Jeannie, there is a variation of this... though she's not actually naked. In the pilot episode, after showering, Jeannie puts on one of Tony's shirts (which shows a lot of leg and is unbuttoned at the top), and a while into their fight/conversation, he looks away and tells her to please take his shirt off. She starts to comply... And then he quickly corrects himself by instead pleading with her to put her own clothes on.
  • Inspector Lynley: In "For The Sake Of Elena", Havers is embarrassed when Lynley speaks to her about the case after having come out of the shower, wearing nothing but a Modesty Towel. She tries to be stoic throughout their conversation but ultimately gives up, at which point she tries to say Please Put Some Clothes On, but then changes her mind half-way and becomes even more embarrassed. Lynley understands exactly what's going on but finds it amusing anyway.
  • Jessica Jones (2015): In "AKA The Sandwich Saved Me", Jessica does a nonverbal version with her eyes to Simpson who's just wearing briefs.
  • Seen in Kickin' It, after Milton dons a sumo-style diaper to take on a world champion wrestler. As Jack remarked on how awesome his bravery was, he added: "You know what else is awesome? Pants. Seriously dude, put some on!"
  • When Don Cheadle was on Late Night with Conan O'Brien promoting "Crash", the subject of his time on the set of Boogie Nights came up. He recounted a story where a porn star loved walking around the set naked, explaining that at first he enjoyed the "titillating" experience. After a while, though, he got tired of it, telling Conan he wished "she could put some clothes on".
  • Leverage: Parker has a habit of changing clothes whenever and wherever she needs to, regardless of who is around, usually getting this type of reaction from her teammates. Hardison, whom she has tons of Unresolved Sexual Tension with, is particularly frustrated about it, such as when she suddenly strips naked while posing for him and Sophie in "The Jailhouse Job"
    [Parker is wearing a robe standing in front of a green screen, trying to pose]
    Sophie: I can work with that.
    [Parker drops her clothes to the floor]
    Hardison: [turning away] Whoa. Oh! Whoa.
    Sophie: [admonishingly] Parker!
    Hardison: [quietly] Why am I looking away?
  • Life: In "Badge Bunnies", Bob goes to Crews house to get his sister Kathy who is Skinny Dipping at the pool. When she leaves wearing only a Modesty Towel, he tells her to put some clothes on and she coyly makes a move to take off her towel right there in front of everyone before he yells at her to get dressed outside.
  • Lost:
    • In Tabula Rasa When Michael walks into Sun bathing topless in the jungle, he first apologizes (even if she hasn't revealed that she understands English) and then hands her bra, with further apologies.
    • In "I Do", Sawyer barks this (minus the "please") at Kate in while she's changing in the cage opposite him, but not because he didn't want to see her Toplessness from the Back: He was afraid the explosive pacemaker that Ben had supposedly put in his chest would cause his heart to explode if his heart rate got over 140. This ended up not being true.
  • Lost Girl: In "Big in Japan", Lauren comes to Dyson's gym to ask him to train her in self-defense. Dyson has been working out shirtless, and even though she is a lesbian, Lauren is visibly distracted by Dyson's abs and asks him to put a shirt on before they start.
  • Lucifer:
    Lucifer: Traumatized for eternity now, so thank you very much for that.
    • In "At The Grand Galloping Gala", Lucifer and Ella ditch their clothes without a second thought when they have to investigate a nudist resort, while the modest Chloe refuses to strip down or even look at them, demanding them to put their clothes back on even as they walk in and ignore her protests. She does go in when they identify the suspect, if only to arrest him... but she still demands they all get dressed first.
    Chloe: You're under arrest. Oh, and the precinct has a strong no-nudity policy, so you'll have to put on some clothes. [sideglances at Lucifer and Ella] And you, too.
  • Mr. Bean doesn't like nudity, to the point of censoring a nude statue for a photograph at the park, and building a clay bra to cover a nude model in an art class so he can draw in peace.
  • Mystery Science Theater 3000: This is a common reaction by the S.O.L. In Hercules Vs. the Moon Men, Crow moans, "I hate movies where men wear shorter skirts than the women!", leading to "The Pants Song".
  • Night Court: On the episode "Prince of a Guy," a woman who has been arrested for swimming nude in Central Park claims to be a princess from a tropical island. While standing in Harry's office, he asks her to just relax. She obliges by removing her bikini top (with her back to the camera), with stupefies Harry and Roz doesn't miss the chance to snark at the situation.
    Roz: I'm your witness sir. You did absolutely nothing to provoke this.
    [Harry continues to stare]
    Roz: Of course, you are doing nothing to stop it, either.
    Harry: ...I've never actually said this to anyone before, but could you put your top back on?
  • One Big Happy: Lizzy first meets her roommate's new girlfriend, Prudence, while she's strutting around naked in the kitchen and not at all bothered at being seen naked. Being a lesbian, Lizzy is torn between Eating the Eye Candy and asking her to put some clothes on.
    Prudence: Are you always this uptight? Do you know what you need?
    Lizzy: I know you need a robe.
  • One Tree Hill:
    • In early season 7, Mouth wants Skills to move out of the apartment so he and his girlfriend Millie can have for themselves and starts to wander around naked to put off Skills. But Skills counters by starting to wander around naked himself. Millicent finds herself caught in the middle of their "Naked Standoff" and tells them to put their pants back on constantly, but they ignore her. Although Skills does get miffed when she pokes fun of his size
    Millie: Good to known the stereotype is not true.
    • In "Your Cheatin' Heart", Julian goes to Alex's apartment so they can work on a script and right on arrival he needs to request her to get dressed when she answers the door only wearing a t-shirt. And then she comes back still wearing a t-shirt, but now she says she put actually put her underwear on much to his exasperation.
    Julian: I can't believe l'm saying this, but you need to put more clothes on.
    Alex: Why? It's not like they're crotchless or edible.
    Julian: Because if I work with you in yours, I'll never see Brooke in hers again.
  • The Originals: In "Alive and Kicking", Elijah confronts Haley while she's in a bathtub about her witch massacre. Hayley isn't in the mood for his talk and defiantly climbs out of the tub right in front of him, taunting and challenging Elijah (whom she has tons of UST with) to stare. Elijah, unamused, reaches for a Modesty Towel and wordlessly holds it to her, though he doesn't avert his eyes. She rolls her eyes at it, but takes the towel and wraps herself in it before walking away.
  • Reaper: Occurs in "The Good Soil", when a naked Sock walks up to Sam and Ben while naked.
    Ben: [turning around] Can you put some clothes on, please?
    Sock: Too upset for clothes, Ben!
  • Revolution: Occurs in "Austin City Limits", when Miles sees Frank in only his underwear.
    Frank: I should probably go put some pants on, huh?
    Miles: Please.
  • The Shannara Chronicles: In "Chosen", Wil first meets Amberle when he finds her taking a Waterfall Shower and ends up slipping and rolling down to where she is. By the time he gets himself up, a stark naked Amberle (only seen from the shoulders up) is holding a knife to his throat and demanding he keep his eyes up. When she tries to interrogate him, he pleads this will go much more smoothly if she put her clothes on first.
    Wil: This conversation would be much less awkward if you were dressed.
  • Sheena (2000): When he's not Eating the Eye Candy this is Cutter's reaction whenever Sheena ends up naked in front of him, usually due Shapeshifting Excludes Clothing. He usually ends up offering her his own clothes for her to cover up, which she does with annoyance.
    Cutter: There are a number of things I can do with a naked woman. Having a conversation is not one of them.
  • Sherlock: In "A Scandal In Belgravia", Sherlock Holmes is in Buckingham Palace, naked but for a Modesty Bedsheet and plans to go in dressed like that. His brother promptly steps on the sheet, threatening to snag it off and orders him to get properly dressed. Later, there's also John's obvious discomfort at meeting Irene Adler while she's naked. "Can you please put something on? Anything - a napkin."
  • Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's The Lost World: In "More Than Human", a mistress tries to seduce Roxton by taking off her dress in a Dress Hits Floor way in front of him. He walks over to her and puts her dress back up around her as she complains.
  • Sirens (US): While sneaking into Theresa's house, the guys encounter Billy who Sleeps in the Nude and is startled by them, and comes to confront them while completely buck naked. They also find out he's also extremely well hung. The guys all want him to get dressed while Hank and the girls all lust after it.
  • Smallville:
    Lois: I think you might want to get him some clothes first. [The orderly nods at her irritably and leaves while Lois and a nurse turn to ogle the naked Clark]
    • In a more clothed example in "Fierce", Kara attempts to fit in with the humans by attempting to join a beauty pageant, however, when she shows up in Clark's living room wearing nothing but a bikini, the following exchange occurs...
      Kara: Say hello to the next Miss Sweet Corn.
      Clark: Uh, listen, uh, when I talked about fitting in, I was thinking of something with more clothes. This is definitely not blending in.
      Kara: You mean, undercover?
      Clark: Yes, exactly. And this is... not covered. Um, look, can you just go change, please? Now.
    • In "Warrior", Chloe silently asks this to Alec when she finds him shirtless.
    • In "Escape", Chloe (who is possessed by the Silver Banshee) ambushes Clark while he's showering, dropping her Modesty Towel and trying to seduce him into a Shower of Love. But he's Above the Influence and wraps her back on the towel while he covering himself with the curtain. Naturally, Lois walks in right at this moment and Clark has to explain this is Not What It Looks Like.
  • In the 1988 sci-fi mini-series Something Is Out There the Head-Turning Beauty alien protagonist Ta'Ra comes from a culture with no nudity taboo. She's quite puzzled by Jack Breslin insisting that she put on a T-shirt as she's perfectly aware (as a telepath) that Jack wants to see her naked body. Things become even more awkward later when Jack's girlfriend comes around to the house, suddenly looks over his shoulder and says: "And who is that?" Jack mutters "Oh God, let her be wearing the T-shirt" as he turns around... fortunately, Ta'Ra is only wearing his shirt.
  • In Spartacus Vengeance, Rhaskos starts singing My Cock Rages On while naked. No one is happy about this.
  • In the 20th Century Studios 2016 series Star, Eva comes out of the shower and attempts to seduce her talent manager Jahil by dropping her Modesty Towel and coming on to him, but he just gives her towel back and tells her "You don’t have to do that".
  • Stargate SG-1:
    • In "Out Of Mind", O'Neil looks around a little awkwardly after seeing that Carter is naked under a blanket when she sits up and tells her to trade clothes with the unconscious guy next to them before moving away.
    • A rare male-male example occurs in Stargate SG-1 when Daniel Jackson comes Back from the Dead. Naked. Jack O'Neill simply looks awkward and turns around, passing him an SGC flag to cover himself with. (He then realizes that he is sort of fondling the flagpole and looks even more uncomfortable.)
  • Inverted in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Ferengi women aren't supposed to wear clothing, and when a Ferengi character is talking to his liberated mother, he asks her to please take her clothes off because she's making him uncomfortable.
  • Stranger Things: In "The Sauna Test", Hopper wakes up naked under a Modesty Bedsheet on his couch after being beaten into unconsciousness by Grigori in the previous episode. He is nursed by Joyce who apparently brought him home and undressed him. Hopper only realizes that fact when he gets up and feels himself without clothes. An embarrassed Joyce turns her head and nods at the direction of his clothes.
  • Strong Medicine. Dr. Lu Delgado arrives at a porn studio to give medical checkups to the actors and rather sheepishly name drops this trope, a little unnerved by all the casual nudity.
  • The Sweeney, episode "Night Out": the following exchange takes place between Jack Regan (a cop) and Iris Long (a "working girl") while awaiting the arrival of an armed gang:
    Regan: Get dressed.
    Iris: All right. What do you think I should wear? Something inexpensive cos of the bullet holes? Or something dark so it doesn't show the blood?
    Regan: That's not funny!
    Iris: There's no need to get hysterical.
    Regan: I am not being hysterical, I AM TERRIFIED!
  • Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles: In the "Pilot" episode, Sarah tells Cameron to "put those back in the holster" while she's taking bullets off her body while topless.
  • True Blood: Alcide Herveaux once walked in on his fat, middle-aged father Jackson naked and about to sleep with a prostitute. Alcide is disgusted and asks him to cover up, but Jackson just laughs at him and continues what he was doing.
  • Ugly Betty: In "Crush'd", Betty is shocked to find Amanda completely naked at Mode early in the morning and immediately asks her to put some clothes on.
  • The Vampire Diaries:
  • This sometimes would be ad-libbed in Whose Line Is It Anyway? skits - when someone couldn't think of a line and wanted to put the burden on someone else, they'd sometimes just say something like "Oh and put your pants on, please" even though nothing else in the scene had implied that anyone's character was naked.

  • The whole point of the song "Bettina zieh dir bitte etwas an" (Bettina, Please Put Some Clothes On) by German band Fettes Brot.
  • Referenced near the end of the Ray Stevens song The Streak, as the interviewee shouts after his wife, who's running away with the titular man to "get your clothes on!"

    Pro Wrestling 
  • Kurt Angle's clothes were once stolen while he was in a tanning bed. He spent most of the episode running around in a thong and beating up random people, demanding the thief reveal himself. Jim Cornette caught up to him and handed him a robe, begging him to put it on.
  • Well he never got the chance to go further, as when referee Sean Vincent was forced to wrestle at GCW Adults F-N Only, he started changing in the ring only to get showered with chants of "Put Your Shirt On!"

  • Bizarrely done in the comedy of remarriage Mary Mary: Bob asks his ex-wife to put on a robe, though she's wearing nothing more immodest than her usual night clothes ("Good Lord, you'd think it was a black lace bikini! Eight million times you've seen me in pajamas!"). When she does put a robe on, he immediately tries to tear it off her, claiming she did it just to make him look silly. He's rather confused.
  • In One Touch of Venus, when Venus suddenly appears in Rodney's apartment, he tells her, "Take off that nightgown!" She starts to do just that, and he says, "I mean, put something over it!" She doesn't stop trying to seduce him, and he complains that she's nearly naked ("I can see your — form!") and looking too much like "some kind of a strip-tease." She does take his hint to get herself a more decent dress, and surprises him when he runs into her again:
    Rodney: Oh... I didn't recognize you with your clothes on.
    Venus: Do you like me better with my clothes on?
    Rodney: Yes, I do. It's a big improvement.
    Venus: That's refreshing — most men are so vice versa.
  • The song "I Just Can't Wait (Till I See You with Clothes On)" from Subways Are for Sleeping.
  • Spoken almost verbatim by the titular character in Tartuffe to a servant showing too much cleavage (according to him anyway), as part of his guise of an overly devout man. The servant in question riles him on being so easily troubled, and goes on to tell him that seeing him naked would not trouble her in the slightest.

    Video Games 
  • AdventureQuest Worlds: When Noxus holds Gravelyn hostage, he makes her wear a Chain Mail Bikini. Once the Player Character takes down Noxus, s/he seems surprised and asks if she wants help finding her armor, though Gravelyn doesn't seem to care and insists there are more pressing issues.
  • Breath of Fire IV: Nina first finds Ryu Naked on Arrival unconscious inside a crater after a dragon attack. When he awakens he stands up and gives her a full frontal Naked First Impression and Nina stares at a loss for words until she blushes and gives him clothes from the nearby ruined caravan, looking away while asking him to please put them on.
  • Code of Princess: Solange has a very stacked figure and is dressed in such revealing Chainmail Bikini that it has her brother telling her to cover herself up.
  • Criminal Case: While in Germany, the player meets a fat, balding old nudist. Naturally, the first thing Carmen did was tell him to wear some pants.
  • A Dance with Rogues: NPCs have special reactions if the main character is naked or in underwear when talking to them. Friendly ones will usually say something like "Please Put Some Clothes On", Dhorn guards will order her to put clothes on, and eventually may arrest her.
  • Dragon Age:
    • In Dragon Age: Origins, there is a sidequest to obtain several notes written between illegitimate lovers. One such note informs the recipient You Can Leave Your Hat On next time they meet... And maybe his boots... "And trousers. Shirt too. And I shall facilitate said clothed status by locking my door and posting a guard."
    • In Dragon Age II one of the lines that play when you have Hawke look out a window is "Maker's breath! Put some clothes on, man!"
  • The Elder Scrolls:
  • In Fallout 4, should the Player Character fast-travel while in naught but their skivvies, most companions will awkwardly suggest you to get dressed, even if you've romanced them. Pragmatic and mission-focused X6-88 will outright lose affinity. The exception are Cait and Hancock, who will both gain affinity and have comments to voice their appreciation.
  • Fairy Fencer F: When Harley starts taking off her clothes due to the heat her fairy partner Bahus starts to freak out and demand her to put her clothes back on and she complies with reluctance.
  • Farnham Fables: Compared to his brothers, Philip is much less comfortable around naked people. He outright refuses to enter the nudist Keith's hut, turns his head away when handing Gloria's skirt to Rachael (who is topless due to National Geographic Nudity), and can ask her and her daughter to put more clothes on. In Episode 3, going to the Edisons' farm after gathering all of the animals will have Philip learn that they like to go topless when no one else is around, much to his embarrassment, and he will refuse to do most of the interactions with them.
  • Final Fantasy XIV:
    • This is a consequence of how the class system works. When you learn a new class, it starts at level 1... and you can't equip gear higher than your level. Most people don't tend to keep their starting level 1 gear (and the starting gear has no stats anyway), so people tend to spend the first few levels of a new class in their underwear. Since rogue was added in a patch after launch, it's not available as a starting class. You have to complete a level 10 quest and unlock the city the rogue trainer is in, in order to get it. The rogue trainer heavily lampshaded this situation by complaining that they get huge numbers of new recruits coming in only wearing their underwear.
    • When M'zhet sees J'olhmyn in nothing but a bikini, he constantly turns his head away in order to not gawk at her and then asks her to put some clothes on before they chase after the bad guy they're looking for.
  • Fire Emblem:
    • Fire Emblem Awakening: Chrom asks one of the bikini-wearing Annas to do this in the intro to the Summer Scramble DLC.
    • Fire Emblem Fates: Oboro says this word for word if a male Corrin enters the hot springs while she's there. Even if they're married she will complain he lacks modesty.
  • Golden Sun: Dark Dawn: Walking Shirtless Scene Amiti is told to Put Some Clothes On when he joins the party. He asks if it's because his present outfit is embarrassing, and the others tell him it will be cold in the mountains. when they get to Te Rya he indeed will be the one to complain about the cold.
  • Garou: Mark of the Wolves: Rock Howard kindly asks Bonne Jenet to get some less revealing clothes. Funnily enough, in The King of Fighters: Maximum Impact 2, she hits on him. (His reaction? Covering his face in embarrassment.)
  • Amiti is told to do this in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn when he asks to travel with the heroes. He wonders aloud if it's because his current outfit is distracting, but is told that it's because they'll be traveling in the snowy mountains and he'll get cold. Sure enough, he complains about being cold in Te Rya.
  • Honkai Impact 3rd: While assuring Fu Hua that she'll get the intel she seeks, Wraith asks her to change outfits. Fu Hua, who spent half a day on the run from "Welt" half-naked, is confused until Wraith points out that she's not even wearing pants and that the Singaporean police arrests people for indecent exposure.
  • King of Fighters XIII mercilessly lampshades the fact that Mai's outfit has her half-naked, by having most of the cast point out the indecency of what she's wearing. Her reaction ranges from trying to justify it, by explaining it's the traditional garb worn by the women of the Shiranui Ninja Clan, to being insulted.
  • Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords:
    • Echani traditionnote  dictates sparring while wearing as little as possible (supposed to be completely nude, but because it's a T-rated game the closest they can come is underwear) so as not to restrict movement (or, as is likely, for Fanservice). The Handmaiden doesn't put her clothing back on after a duel until you ask her to (and then she is rather reluctant).
    • Played with; you can convince her that training while wearing as much as possible makes a better fighter by simulating real-world fighting conditions. She will agree and don extremely heavy, unrevealing robes.
    • Played exceedingly straight for the first fourth or so of the tutorial level. The Exile just wakes up in a Healing Vat after having been undressed and is forced to search for anything to arm and clothe herself with. After Kreia wakes up you can talk to her, and at the end she suggests you find some clothes, if only to make a proper first impression. Atton Rand, meanwhile, only has a problem with the Exile going around half-naked if the Exile is male - when the female Exile finally finds some clothes to put on, Atton expresses his disappointment.
  • In League of Legends, Evelynn, Agony's Embrace recounts a time this happened to her. She responded in her usual manner.
    Evelynn: A man once told me to put on some clothes. So I wore his skin.
  • The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild:
    • The Character Customization aspect that gives Link a variety of possible outfits. Running around without an outfit tends to get this reaction from NPCs.
    • In the Goron city, if you are not wearing any fire protection suit, the shop keeper will freak out and tell you to put on a suit. Of course, in this instance it is not out of modesty but because Link is literally on fire.
  • One Way Heroics: Parodied with the Hero's Zenura Weave that will increases the Hero's stats while permanently barring them from armor and clothes. Everyone will either think you're crazy or ask you to at least find some pants to wear, but if you're playing as a female character, some people will compliment your body and other female party members will even be jealous of you. Either way, using this skill drops you to -99 Charisma, meaning that without extremely copious amounts of Level Grinding, you will never be able to recruit another NPC.
  • Present in Neverwinter Nights. However, being shape-shifted counts as naked, leading to the bizarre situation where a guard can tell a giant spider to put some clothes on.
  • Persona 3 Portable
    • When playing as a female main character, during the temptation scene, one of the player's conversational choices afterwards is a request to please put some clothes on.
    • This is also the reaction that the female main character's Love Interest has if she tries to talk to him in Tartarus while wearing the Battle Panties.
  • Persona 4 Golden: If the protagonist/Yu puts on the Bath Towel costume and then talks to Rise, she will ask you to put some clothes on because she can't concentrate.
  • [PROTOTYPE 2]: Alex Mercer to James Heller. Who knew a virus could be sensitive to partial nudity?
    Mercer: [deadpan] And for god's sake, man. Put some fucking clothes on.
  • Resident Evil 6: When Sherry and Jake reunite in a locker room after being captured by Neo Umbrella, Jake immediately looks away from Sherry in embarrassment because she's wearing a fairly revealing patient's outfit. Sherry looks down at herself and notices it, and quickly ducks behind a locker door.
  • Roommates: When Isabella prances downstairs in a Modesty Towel, Dominic scolds her to go get dressed before waltzing around the house.
  • Under rare circumstances, Sims in The Sims 2 will, after a bath or shower, forget to don clothes until it comes to their attention they're forgetting something, which can easily take a while. Even shy Sims have no modesty whatsoever, yet any Sim will gasp (or even scream) upon seeing anyone else who is naked. Since very outgoing Sims will forgo swimsuits in a hot-tub, they can cause quite a commotion at a community lot. Mix in some adult game mods and you end up with Sims freaking out over the nudity of the person they just explicitly "woohooed".
  • Singles: Flirt Up Your Life, a German-born Sims knockoff that features anatomically correct models and outright (if clinical) sex, has characters who do get embarrassed for lack of adornment. Stuck naked, or clad only in underwear in the same room as a relative stranger (i.e. not a significant other or a very good friend) they will seek out a far corner and curl into a ball until directed to change into something.
  • In Shining in the Darkness, there is a status effect called "muddled" (inflicted by the second level of the Muddle spell and by using the Demon Staff) that makes affected enemies and party members do strange things at random. One of the possible results is for the affected party member to shed all clothes. If it's Pyra doing that, then Milo will ask her to put something on. If it's the hero or Milo, then Pyra will tell them to get a hold of themselves.
  • In SNK vs. Capcom: SVC Chaos, seeing as how Ryu was raised by Gouken in Japan for most of his life, and has probably never seen a girl naked before (at least up-close), he's pretty embarrassed when he stops to ask directions from Mai Shiranui in her Stripperific outfit. Another funny one is when Chun Li threatens to arrest her for wearing such an indecent outfit. Finally, if Mai reaches Athena, one of the two True Final Bosses, the dialogue between the two is them arguing over each other's attire.
  • Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions: This is Ultimate Spider-Man's reaction to encountering Electro, who fights naked.
    Peter: Ugh, dude, pants! No one wants to see your junk!
  • Street Fighter: Dudley win-quote against Poison in Ultra Street Fighter IV invokes this.
    Dudley: Mr. Gotch, fetch this fine young lady some garments.
  • Team Fortress 2
    Spy: I still don't see why you couldn't have stolen pants off the dead man.
    Sniper: Y'do know what people do in their pants when they die, right?
    Spy: Yes. I am aware. It would still be preferable.
  • Under Night In-Birth When Vatista first awakens, she's completely naked (thankfully, she's only seen from the back and her Godiva Hair covers her up. When she first finds Hyde, he's understandably upset, so she summons a dress on her. Later, when she finds another character who is also upset that she's gone naked again, she opts to keep the dress on, since she will attract less attention that way.
  • Utawarerumono: Mask of Truth: When Haku teaches Nosuri to play the Hanafuda game Koi-Koi, she's really thrilled to be able to gamble again. And promptly begins losing over and over. Haku tries to stop her, but eventually, she's lost a month's worth of drinking money to him and starts to bet her clothing. Though he tries to end the game or at least lose on purpose, he still keeps winning until she's stark naked. He just wants her to put her clothes back on and leave but just she can't accept that she can't win and refuses to be pitied.
  • Warriors Orochi: Yoshitsune Minamoto encounters Ayane during the Battle of Hasedo. After a little fighting back and forth, he notices her Absolute Cleavage and effectively says, "Please Put Some Clothes On!" It doesn't faze her. This becomes a Running Gag in the DLC levels as at least two of them involve Yoshitsune trying to find some new clothes for Ayane.

    Visual Novel 

    Web Animation 
  • In a Homestar Runner cartoon, Coach Z is given a message via Strong Mad's back, saying "Your tiny bathing suit demeans us all!" He then takes off the pink, furry thong he was wearing under the water, and the water around him begins to turn black. Cue Strong Mad screaming "PUT IT BACK ON! PUT IT BACK ON!"
  • This is the one order the Custodes in If the Emperor Had a Text-to-Speech Device will ignore from their Emperor.

    Web Comics 

    Web Original 
  • In Tales of MU, this forms an ongoing argument between background character Feejee the Mermaid, who spends a lot of time more fish than human and sees breasts as entirely non-sexual, and her human boyfriend, Rick, who doesn't want to be dating the Innocent Fanservice Girl.

    Web Videos 
  • Played With in The Guild. Vork tell Codex, "Cover yourself, woman!" when she's completely clothed (albeit showing a small amount of cleavage).
  • Princess Tutu Abridged, about the first Princess Tutu example above:
    Fakir: Put some clothes on, Moron Girl!

    Western Animation 
  • In an episode of American Dad!, George W. Bush falls off the wagon during a dinner the Smith house (Stan won an essay contest, the prize being dinner with the President). He proceeds to continue drinking and runs off into the night with Stan and Haley on his trail. By the time they catch up with him, humping a replica of the Washington Monument on a mini-golf course, he's completely naked and wants to quit being president. Stan reads the first sentence of his essay, which he wrote about Bush's presidency, to cheer him up. Elated, Bush demands to hear more, but Stan refuses until he puts his pants back on.
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender: In "The Winter Solstice Part 1", Iroh is relaxing in a hot spring when Zuko walks over and tells him to hurry up because they need to leave. Iroh stands up, and Zuko looks away, shielding his face in disgust (Zuko's hand conveniently proving Scenery Censor), and tells his uncle to take a few more minutes and meet him at the ship. Later Iroh is attacked and kidnapped during his bath by Earthbenders and spends most of the episode in only some modesty rags. At the end when Zuko and Iroh manage to fight them off, Zuko request once again for Iroh to get dressed.
    Zuko: Now will you please put on some clothes?
  • In the Musical Episode of Daria, one of the first things Helen tells Jake is "Put some pants on. We're seeing more than should be seen." To which, all the neighbors reply "I'll say!" Later on, she's on the phone with Trent and tells him to come over and stay with them in light of the coming hurricane. There's a brief pause before she exclaims, "Then put some on, and get over here now, young man! Doesn't anyone in this town wear pants anymore?!"
  • Final Space: In episode 3, Gary ends up naked when his new robotic arm goes out of control. He also repeatedly loses the Modesty Towel Mooncake gave him, which leads to Avocato to complain:
    Avocato: How about covering up that dick situation you got going there, jeez!.
  • Futurama:
    • In "War Is the H-Word "Leela (posing as a man), enters the showers where Zapp Brannigan, having just finished showering, is naked. She politely suggests that he put on a Modesty Towel, and he obliges by wrapping one around his head. A few seconds later, President Nixon's head (carried by Kif) comes into the room and yells at Brannigan to cover himself. Instead, Zapp has Kif raise Nixon's head up higher.
      Nixon's head: For God's sake cover yourself, Brannigan! I didn't live a thousand years and travel a quadrillion miles to look at another man's "gizmo".
      Zapp Brannigan: Oh, sorry Mr. President, I didn't realize. Kif, raise him about nipple high.
    • In "Anthology of Interest II", Human!Bender starts off naked. There is an above-the-waist shot of his body, and Hermes rushes to cover Bender's crotch just as a lump starts growing.
      Hermes: Cover your shame, mon!
    • In "Teenage Mutant Leela's Hurdles", Farnsworth is at a health spa to get "Youthasized" and the attendant encourages him to take a bath in hot tar. Farnsworth immediately takes his clothes off.
      Attendant: Sir, it's not necessary or wise to be naked.
      Farnsworth: Oh, you sound just like my tennis instructor.
    • Averted in one episode where, à la LBJ, The Professor conducts a staff meeting while naked and comfy in a bubble bath. No-one complains. Justified, perhaps, in that this may be a common occurrence at Planet Express.
    • "Love And Rocket" has a weird example occurs when Bender is "getting freaky" with the Planet Express spaceship, which involves Bender pressing buttons on an exposed panel in the ship. Leela bursts in, sees what's happening, and shouts "Planet Express Ship, cover your shame!"
  • Hoze Houndz: In "Mythconceptions" the Underwear-Wolf is told by other monsters to put on some pants.
  • King of the Hill:
    • Hank Hill frequently implores this of his niece Luann in early seasons when she would walk around the house in her "unmentionables". He would of course say this even if she wasn't his (non-biological) niece, as he is quite uptight about nudity, period.
    • And his line after being stranded and tied to a gate by his father and his war-buddies in his underwear:
      Hank: I have to hide my nudity!
    • He initially refuses to run to a shelter while in the eye of a tornado that had torn off his clothes because the women would see him naked. One of the people in the shelter, an old woman, informs him that he's worried over nothing:
      Old Woman: Oh, don't worry about it. I seen a whole jar o' pickles in my day.
    • Also, in one episode, he and Peggy are in bed, Luann comes bursting in, and Hank very quickly and with a look of complete embarrassment grabs and dons his glasses.
  • In an episode of ¡Mucha Lucha!, Ricochet ends up wearing only his mask and underwear when the group is stranded on a deserted island. Nobody minds while on the island, but when they finally get home, Buena Girl orders him to get dressed. Ricochet refuses, but his Abuelo shows up and orders him, while bystanders start laughing. This time, Ricochet is embarrassed and complies.
  • In an episode of Rocko's Modern Life, Rocko is making a video of his life to send to his parents. Unbeknown to him until it was too late, Heffer and Filbert also recorded him coming down the stairs completely naked in the middle of the night to go get a drink from the fridge. They then sent a copy of the video to his parents as well as one to the Australian film festival. While his parents were not upset with him over it, they did send him some money to buy a robe.
  • Samurai Jack: In the episode "XCIX", Jack quickly tosses his gi onto Ashi after an alien's acid blood disintegrates her leaf dress, leaving her naked. She's confused about why Jack is making such a fuss about it.
  • The Simpsons:
    • "The Wizard Of Evergreen Terrace", when Homer is standing naked at the window:
      Homer: From this day forward, I am an inventor!
      Sarcastic middle-aged guy: [outside] Do us all a favour; invent yourself some underpants!
    • In another episode, Homer is Caught Up in the Rapture and arrives in Heaven naked. An angel immediately demands he get dressed, unable to stand seeing a fat guy naked.
    • In yet another episode, Chief Wiggum goes after Comic Book Guy for possession of pirate videos, only to find him in bed with Agnes Skinner. Wiggum places CBG under arrest, but offers to reduce the sentence if he puts some clothes on.
    • And in another episode, the bullies are assembling a stink bomb in Jimbo's basement and his mother opens the door.
      Jimbo: Put a top on, mom, everybody's seen your implants!
      Jimbo's Mom: But the doctor said the fresh air would help them to—
      Jimbo: Just go!
      Dolph: Looking good, Carol!
    • In "Brother from the Same Planet", Homer finally remembers to pick up Bart from soccer practice while taking a bath, and he runs outside without bothering to put on clothes. Fortunately, he's dressed when he gets there.
      Lisa: Dad, hide your shame!
      Ned: Hey, Homie, I can see your doodle.
      Homer: Shut up, Flanders.
  • Used at the end of an episode of Space Ghost Coast to Coast, where the whole episode was just Space Ghost's attempt to explain the birds and the bees to Moltar and Zorak (naked, for some reason). Zorak tells him to put his clothes back on, with Space Ghost responding "Never!"
  • Star vs. the Forces of Evil: In "Storm The Castle", when Glossaryck discards his Modesty Towel as a demonstration of the word "cleaved", River urges him to put it back on while Moon covers her eyes.
  • Happens at the end of the Steven Universe episode "Frybo": Steven, in order to defeat an animated mascot costume gone mad, uses gem shards to animate his clothes to attack, leaving him naked. Later the owner of the costume gives it a Viking funeral, with everyone involved assisting... including Steven's clothes. Pearl tells Steven to put them back on.
  • In the Teen Titans Go! episode "Pure Protein", Cyborg tells Robin that "he can't make a confession until Robin puts some clothes on". A naked Robin says it's okay, much to Cyborg's dismay.
  • X-Men: Evolution: In "The Stuff Of Villains", the Brotherhood members are seen cleaning up their house and Toad is goofing off while wearing one of Pietro's uniforms. Lance ends up dumping all of the traitor, Pietro's stuff outside and tells Toad to get rid of the suit. Toad takes off running but trips and then crash through Wanda's bedroom door. Lance catches up to him and rips off the uniform that Toad was wearing. Lance's reaction is that of disgust/horror as he quickly looks away while covering his eyes and telling Toad to go put something else on. (Now the screen moves slightly up focusing on Lance's reaction and conveniently not showing Toad at all. So yeah. It's implied that he was completely naked underneath that suit. Ew.)

    Real Life 
  • Poor Eric Massa. "Do you know how awkward it is to have a political argument with a naked man?" Massa (a US congressional representative) and Rahm Emanuel (then White House Chief of Staff) were in the showers at the gym at the time, so the nakedness was expected, but this combined with it being Rahm Emanuel no doubt made it awkward.
  • Lyndon Johnson was quite fond of utilizing this mentality when it came to talking to political rivals, going so far as going to the bathroom while insisting they remain present and continue their conversation. He was also, according to several accounts...quite well endowed, which may have added to the strategy.
  • Cindy Crawford tells a Playboy interviewer about her meeting with a guy from Pepsi (and what she overheard from him) while sunbathing topless while in Barbados for an international meeting:
    Crawford: One day my girlfriend, her boyfriend and I were sunbathing topless because that's Barbados - you can wear nothing if you wantnote . And the Pepsi guy walks up and with my agent to meet us for lunch. I saw him coming and I wondered. Should I put on my top because I have business relationship with him? I didn't want him to get offended because the rest of the rest of the beach had seen me with my top off. Meanwhile as he's walking toward me, he's saying to my agent, "I hope she puts on her top.". He wasn't even being a schmuck, like wanting to see. He wanted to keep our relationship professional.
    Playboy: Did you or didn't you?
    Crawford: I left it off and it was fine with everyone.
  • Former hockey defenceman Aaron Ward recalls the "no-shirt rule" that he had at his house when rookie defenceman Jiri Fischer was his roommate:
    Aaron Ward: I had to have this "no-shirt rule" in the house. He [Jiri Fischer] wasn't allowed to be shirtless in the house. The kid's built like a Greek god. I didn't want my wife seeing that. One day he was sitting at the computer with no shirt on and I'm like, "Hey Jiri, you know the rule."
  • Kathy Griffin exploits this for her own purposes (read: funny) during CNN's New Year's Eve coverage, which she co-anchors with stoic, serious newsman Anderson Cooper (who also happens to be one of her best friends, oddly enough). At least twice she has stripped down to a miniskirt and bra on national television during the night, leading to this reaction from Anderson. The second time she did it, he appeared resigned to the fact that nothing he said was going to have any effect, but he gave it his best go anyway. (He'd apparently forgiven her after awhile that year, as she did get a smooch at midnight.) While there had been rumours that Cooper was gay for years (which he sort of never commented on either way) he finally came out in the late 2010s.


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