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Gorgeous Garment Generation

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Candace: Oh no! Jeremy's here! How am I going to get ready in three seconds?!
(Phineas, Ferb, and Isabella suddenly get zapped by Doofenshmirtz's Ball-gown-inator ray and are instantly clothed in ballgowns.)
Ferb: ...Apparently, do what we did.
Phineas and Ferb, "Gaming the System"

This is when you have a magical adventure And Your Reward Is Clothes. Not just any clothes either, Costume Porn clothes that come out of nowhere.

This can happen many ways, from a Transformation Sequence, to waving a Magic Wand, to Applied Phlebotinum making the clothes.

A Sister Trope to Virtual Paper Doll.

Compare Instant Cosplay Surprise, Garden Garment. Contrast The Nudifier.

See also Person of Mass Construction. Not to be confused with Gorgeous Period Dress.



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    Anime & Manga 
  • Ayakashi Triangle's version of Snegurochka makes her clothing out of ice, and can exactly duplicate a Pimped-Out Dress the instant she sees it in a picture. During a summer festivals she makes a yukata and customizes it with a snowflake motif. It's still ice, though, so it's vulnerable to melting, as shown when a Heat Wave turned her usual jacket into a pile of slush until she makes the effort to keep it cool.
  • Vanessa from Black Clover can use her Thread Magic to create clothes and stitch them back up. She uses it to create the Black Bulls' robes.
  • In Date A Live the Spirits' Astral Dresses are generated by their powers, not only protecting them but also looking fabulous... except maybe the Yamai twins, or Yoshino. However, since generally that's the only thing they wear, when Shidou seals their powers... further, when the spirits are in their limited form, they can partially conjure their Astral Dresses, which meshes with their current clothing.
  • Dragon Ball: A recurring power used throughout the franchise is Magic Materialization, the ability to materialize objects — but most commonly clothing, typically martial arts uniforms, on characters who have suffered Clothing Damage or who may be dressed inappropriately for an occasion. Piccolo is its most common user, but Supreme Kai uses it several times too.
  • Fairy Tail: Lucy's celestial spirits provide her and her friends with regal-looking clothes when clothing is necessary.
  • In Guilty Crown, Mana is initially unclothed after her resurrection, but takes the time to manifest a ballet dress out of crystals before getting down to the whole eradicating-humanity-business.
  • In Kamigami no Asobi, the gods can change into their true forms, and it involves some of this. The ones with more revealing outfits have enough jewelry that it still is this.
  • Princess Tutu: Rue gets a beautiful dress this way at the end of the series. Mytho also changes into a gorgeous "prince outfit" (complete with sword) for the final battle.
  • One Piece has "Fox Fire" Kin'emon has the power of the Garb-Garb Fruit, which lets him dress people up in whatever clothes or costume he wants. However, these clothes are basically illusions- if you take them off, they vanish completely. Normally, he applies his power by having recipients place an object like a leaf or stone on their heads, but for the raid on Onigashima, he creates a gate that dresses whoever passes through in a Hell-Bent for Leather outfit like the kind Kaido's minions wear.
  • Osananajimi wa Onnanoko ni Naare: When Sylphie turns Iori into Shiori, she usually changes their clothes along with it—and sometimes just the clothes afterward. Sylphie can make any clothing in an instant, and spends an early chapter putting Shiori in every ridiculous outfit her classmates requested. Her turning back into Iori reverses the clothes' transformation as well—but normal clothes she put on after transforming won't be effected. Sylphie once withheld that information to leave Iori on the street in girls' clothing, and tries to take advantage of him wanting to change into a girl for once.

    Comic Books 

    Films — Animation 
  • Barbie & The Diamond Castle: Four times over (six if you count the dogs getting all sparkly). In fact, it would be easier to count how many Barbie films that didn't feature this trope (There's only two, and they're not even considered part of the main "canon".)
  • Cinderella has such a scene to fit the fairytale. Legend has it that this Transformation Sequence was Walt Disney's favorite piece of animation done by his animation shop.
  • Frozen:
  • The Little Mermaid: At the end, Triton makes Ariel human but gives her a dress, to contrast Ursula not giving her extra clothes. The dress itself is an extremely sparkly silver slip dress.
  • The Princess and the Frog: The Fairytale Wedding Dress and princely clothes at the end appear when Tiana and Naveen are turned back into humans.
  • The "Just Sing" sequence of Trolls: World Tour has a new rainbow colored outfit and dye job appear on Poppy, seemingly at the behest of the audience of all the troll tribes acknowledging her.
  • Wreck-It Ralph: Vanellope gets a Pimped-Out Dress in every shade of pink after her game resets, revealing her to be the princess of Sugar Rush. Too bad she hates the dress.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • Barbarella steps into a chamber on her spaceship and emerges seconds later fully dressed. Not that she feels any particular need to be.
  • In Beauty and the Beast (2017), the Wardrobe (Madame de Garderobe) doesn't just contain some dresses for heroine Belle to wear in the castle — she's able to create them in seconds. At first, the results are Rummage Sale Reject, but she gets much better at it, culminating in Belle's signature golden ballgown.
  • In Cinderella (2015) of course, as an adaption of the original animated version. It involves butterflies and a lot of sparkles.
  • In Into the Woods, Cinderella's gown, accessories and shoes appear on her as she spins under her willow tree.

  • In A Christmas Dream by Louisa May Alcott, rich girl Effie dreams she is poor and out on the street. An angel appears and turns the snow falling on her into a white fur cape and hood.
  • Cinderella: The original Fairy Tale has the Fairy Godmother make a dress for the title heroine.
  • The Dresden Files: Harry and Susan get one in Changes, courtesy of Lea (who is, yes, Harry's fairy godmother, and she revels in this opportunity). It also serves as heavy-duty magical gear. However, while Susan's new gear gets her checked out by everyone, Harry's gets him laughs. He describes it as the Games Workshop imagining of a Jedi Knight. Fitting, because he's a game-breakingly badass magician, in a world of Eldritch Abominations, and is now the Winter Knight.
  • Journey to Chaos: Annala is dungeon-diving in the Organic Research Repository when this happens to her. She steps on a floor tile that transforms her light armor into a wedding gown complete with evening gloves and a veil. This is more than middle embarrassing for her, as her boyfriend happened to be with her at the time. Then, his reaction to it (or rather, his lack of reaction), leads her to saying something she immediately regrets.
  • Magic, Inc.: Jedson is seen working with a young witch whose specialty is creating unique garments out of thin air. Unfortunately, she's been having some problems and produces dresses that are copies of existing designs on one try, and several hundred left shoes on another.
  • October Daye has formal wear forced upon her by various fairies. She finds it annoying.
  • Uprooted: One of the first spells seen is "vanastalem", which the Dragon uses on Agnieszka daily because her messy, homespun appearance offends his sensibilities. She later uses it herself to block an Attempted Rape, and eventually learns that deliberately fudging it will give her a normal dress.
  • Young Wizards: Dairine resorts to this in Wizards at War after finding she has nothing in her closet suitable for meeting alien royalty. Unfortunately, she doesn't consider that reconfiguring her clothes on a molecular level will leave her momentarily nude, and she isn't alone at the time.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Doctor Who: In the Christmas Special "The Husbands of River Song", River carries a spray can, rather like a perfume spray, which changes her outfit into something appropriate.
  • Wonder Woman (1975): Wonder Woman's iconic transformation brings her gorgeous outfit from nowhere. She also uses it to change back, although this is never shown on-camera. Rather, we get a reaction shot of Drusilla in "Wonder Woman in Hollywood".
  • The Goodies troop through a cabinet that Graham invented that instantly creates the required clothing for them so they can Do Anything, Anytime.

  • Lindsey Stirling gets one of these in the music video for the orchestral version of her original track "Transcendence". She begins in an old abandoned theatre wearing dull raggedy clothes, but during her first twirl playing the violin she finds, her outfit becomes bright blue with gold decorations. She then helps other people transform in the same way.
  • Queen's It's a Kind of Magic shows an old theater come to life when Freddy Mercury (dressed as a magician) enters. He and the other musicians who were dressed in rags transform into the gear that they usually wear on stage.
  • Joe Scruggs' "Late Last Night" video has two of the kids dream about spring-loaded boots materializing onto their feet, allowing the kids to bounce into space.

    Tabletop Games 
  • In Anima: Beyond Fantasy the spell Wardrobe makes this, giving the caster impressive (magical) clothes that never get damaged or dirty and that at higher levels can change at will as well as protecting the wearer as if they were armor.
  • Changeling: The Lost has "hedge-spun" garments. They're invariably beautiful and feel wonderful to the touch, but if they so much as brush against Cold Iron you're left in your underwear. One rare, valued token is the Hedgespun Wardrobe, which creates hedge-spun clothing on demand (with the caveat that they evaporate at the next dawn).
  • Dungeons & Dragons:
    • One of the joke items featured in an April issue of Dragon Magazine is the "Snazzy Ring", a magical ring that would make the wearer's armour take on the appearance of an elegant gown or suit, while still providing the same level of protection. Unless it went wrong, in which case it left you genuinely naked and destroyed your outfit, making it The Nudifier as well if you roll a 1.
    • In 1st through 3rd Edition (at least) the Rod of Splendor could garb the wielder in magical noble's clothing — the finest fabrics, plus adornments of furs and jewels, worth 7,000-10,000 gold pieces.

    Video Games 

    Web Comics 
  • This happens in Chapter 3 of Cucumber Quest - Carrot spends much of the story being a Failure Knight, struggling to do the right thing yet always failing due to his crippling cowardice. But after getting Princess Parfait's Love Letter that she wrote to him, the love mutually shared through their lockets transforms his patchwork clothes into a shining, heart-themed suit of armor. It lets him magically create any weapon he wants from the heart-shaped gem on his chest, including bows and swords. It also symbolizes his character development; after he transforms, he stops being cowardly and fights like a real Knight in Shining Armor.
  • In Girl Genius Queen Albia of England can change her clothes and other elements of her appearance instantaneously using some form of advanced applied science that even other sparks think looks a lot like magic and transforms her initial outfit (a relatively practical gardening ensemble) into several pretty new ones while talking to Zeetha and Agatha.
  • In The Witch's Throne. the Witches get a full witch costume after their Transformation Sequence.
  • In Yokoka's Quest, Copycat is able to shapeshift into different outfits, and Yfa also does this when he shapeshifts into a human. It is implied that this is a spirit bird ability; other characters shapeshift into the clothes they were wearing when they were last in that form.

    Web Original 

    Western Animation 


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