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Do-Me-Now Lady was by everyone's standards a little too much on the nose.
"I'm not bad. I'm just drawn that way."
Jessica Rabbit, Who Framed Roger Rabbit

Sex often has a bad reputation in fiction. Often, the only characters allowed to have any sort of sex appeal are not the ones for whom we're meant to root. Character types like The Vamp and the Femme Fatale run amok, doing their evil work, ruining lives, and corrupting men into doing nasty things. A gorgeous Succubus uses her appeal to lure men to their doom.

But not every sexy girl in fiction is evil. Some of them are downright heroic; and not despite their sexiness, but because of it. They're the ones who use sex as a tool or means to achieve a goal, the same way the vamp or femme fatale might, the difference being that their goals are good.

Here are a few ways the trope can manifest:

Compare Good Bad Girl.

Contrast with The Vamp, who uses sex to corrupt. Also contrast with Femme Fatale, who uses sex to manipulate for purely selfish, often villainous ends. Contrast the Madonna-Whore Complex, which states that sexually active women cannot be considered "good" in any way.

Frequently crosses with Hooker with a Heart of Gold, Ethical Slut, and High-Class Call Girl. Sometimes even My Girl Is a Slut. Every example of female-initiated Sex–Face Turn featured someone in this role.


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    Anime & Manga 
  • Shiki Aizawa of Aizawa-san Multiplies is the manifestation of the title character's sex drive. She constantly pushes her original forward to be more aggressive in her relationship with their crush. Justified by another one of the duplicates - as the duplicates get all of the experiences of the original when they merge, Shiki gets all the joy of the relationship when she links back up with the original.
  • Erza from Fairy Tail loves being sexy. She flirted with two customers at a restaurant while in an outfit showing her cleavage, and she even purchased an armor used for seduction. In Chapter 441, she and Lucy used their seductive charms to bypass guards, and in the Key to the Starry Skies arc, she planned on seducing a group of bandits to distract them. Also she literally has an armor called the Seduction Armor.
    • Lucy tries to be this but fails a lot of the time, and for reasons that aren't her own fault.
  • In the fifth episode of the second season of The Heroic Legend of Arslan, Farangis seduces Pelagius to lure him into compliancy before bringing him in towards Arslan.
  • Nancy Lee from Ninja Slayer is an Intrepid Reporter who happens to be a sexy, blonde bombshell who's not afraid to Show Some Leg from time to time to distract bad guys and help the main protagonist. In one instance, she dresses up as a prostitute in order to gain access inside a Syndicate facility. On the downside, her gorgeous looks tend to work as much against her as for her, making her a Lust Object of some vile, sleazy scumbags who all have some... unwholesome thoughts in mind for her.
  • Dorothy in Princess Principal is a spy and a Badass Driver, but whenever she needs to get a man to drop his guard, distracting him with her voluptuous figure and seductive manner is her go-to move.
  • The Seven Deadly Sins: Holy Knight of Liones Lady Deldry of the Order Plieodes of the Azure Sky has a magical power fittingly called "Love Drive" which she can use to seduce people into becoming hopelessly in love with and devoted to her. She has used this power to detain a demonically possessed Dreyfus for the purpose of exorcising the demon.
  • Soul Eater: Blair is a magical cat who likes to take the form of a voluptuous woman. While not really a hero — she's the main characters' roommate and enjoys teasing Soul, she does help out when the son of Death gets trapped in a book. When they enter the book, it temporarily flips everyone's gender and a succubus tried to distract our heroes. Cue Blair turning into Mr. Fanservice and blasting it.
  • In The Vision of Escaflowne, when Allen Schezar is locked up by his king, Princess Millerna comes down to the dungeons, seemingly trips and Shows Some Leg to the guard, asking him to check her foot. The blushing guard bends down to investigate and gets a Tap on the Head from Allen's lieutenant Gaddess.
  • In the Duelist Kingdom Arc of Yu-Gi-Oh!, Mai helps the non-competitors in the group get into the castle by distracting the guard by flirting with him (and then knocking him out when he tries to stop them).

    Comic Books 
  • Black Widow started off as a villain, but did a Heel–Face Turn and started working for SHIELD. She still uses sex to get information out of SHIELD's enemies. It is part of her "specific skillset" after all.
  • Both Abbey Chase and Sydney Savage of Danger Girl have used this:
    • In the first miniseries, Abby gained access to the Peach's room by pretending to be a "party favor" for him. When he arrived in the room, she stripped and jumped into the tub, convincing him she was there to have sex with him all the while mentally retching from how repulsive he was.
    • In issue 3 of Revolver, Abbey seduces and then coerces Donavin Conrad into helping them get into a villain gathering.
    • Abbey tries to pull this act on a Cobra guard in the crossover with G.I. Joe. When it doesn't work, she settles for punching him out.
    • In Issue #6 of the first miniseries, Sydney tricks a guard into unzipping her catsuit for her by claiming she needs to use the bathroom. While he's distracted ogling her cleavage, she takes the opportunity to knock him out and free herself and Johnny.
  • The Marvel Universe's Gaea, the Earth Mother, is characterized as a goddess who solves problems by having babies. Lots of babies. For instance, when many of her fellow Elder Gods turned evil, she solved the problem by mating with the primordial entity called the Demiurge and gave birth to the Demogorge (aka, the God Eater). Later, when a certain Top God expressed the need for a son powerful enough to defend the Earth from danger, she offered to give him a son capable of just that. That son became The Mighty Thor.
  • Steve Trevor regularly plays at being interested in foes, often Nazi spies like Dolly Dancer, in order to carry out his job as an intelligence officer and has done so since his earliest appearances. In Sensation Comics he pretends to be enthralled by the beauty of a woman claiming to be the descendant of Helen of Troy who has taken multiple US military men prisoner to distract her while Wonder Woman rescues the prisoners. While his ploy works at first and "Helen" is taken in by his flirting he gives up the game when he panics thinking Wonder Woman has been injured.
  • Marvel Comics also has Venus, who is a Greek nymph that started out as an evil temptress, but was cursed by a wizard to have a soul as "beautiful" as her appearance. Now, she uses her beauty and Glamour powers to help people.
  • Teen Titans: Starfire's issue in the Tales of the New Teen Titans miniseries has her escaping slavery at the hands of the Gordanians by seducing a Gordanian guard and killing him. Her guest appearance in Gotham Central has her trying to "persuade" the Gotham police to let the Titans help with a case.
  • Also from Marvel, the Young Avengers had a member called Enchantress during the Young Masters arc, who named and modelled herself off of Thor's nemesis, Amora the Enchantress, and was unknowingly created by/empowered by Loki, but tried to use this for good. The "Heroic" part only lasted until a misunderstanding led to a Mistreatment-Induced Betrayal at which point she joined her fellow "New Young Avengers" in forming the Young Masters of Evil. Though she remained a Token Good Teammate in the original arc, she subsequently reappeared as a firm villain.
  • Vampirella:
    • Vampirella has occasionally used her sex appeal against villains. One such example is the 2006 Halloween Special in which she takes advantage of her looks to lull a murderer into a false sense of security before killing as punishment for murdering his wife. She even teasingly flaunts her body at him as she leaves him bleeding to death.
    • Pantha, Vampirella's ally, also counts. A Mark Millar-penned story in 1997 has her posing as a dominatrix or prostitute to kill the evil scientists who subjected her to all manner of vile experiments. She also posed an as erotic dancer to get the Scarab of Atum-Ra from the Nazi scientist Midwinter.

    Fan Works 
  • Bird: Ingénue's role in canon was ambiguous, but as a gang leader in Brockton Bay she plays this role. This leaves her as either a very atypical villain or a hero with a checkered past and phenomenally bad PR.
  • A Brighter Dark: Corrin is not shy about her sexual prowess, though she only ever actually weaponizes it once when she had exhausted all other options.
    • Kagero, being a well-trained espionage agent, is a more straight example; we get to see her in action when she disguises herself as a prostitute during her information gathering in Mokushu.
  • Smurfette plays a G-rated version of this trope in the Empath: The Luckiest Smurf story "The Once And Smurfy King", which adapts the original Smurfs comic book story "King Smurf". She uses her charms to keep Lord Smurf the First distracted while learning about his plans and secretly conveying them to the rebel Smurfs.

    Films — Animation 
  • Aladdin: Jasmine had her moment by keeping Jafar distracted long enough for Al to get the lamp back. It backfired since Al was (rightly) too squicked out upon seeing her kiss Jafar to keep moving toward the lamp, losing a few crucial seconds.
  • Songstress Angel attempts to seduce Mok in Rock and Rule so that Mok will abandon his Evil Plan to summon a demon during a rock concert. Unfortunately, Mok is Ax-Crazy, and laughs off the attempt, ordering his minions to "take her away".

    Films — Live-Action 
  • The Austin Powers movies gave us a couple of examples:
    • Austin is a distaff example. He sleeps with Alotta Fagina to get info on Dr. Evil's plan and later uses his "mojo" to defeat the fem-bots.
    • The sequel has CIA agent Felicity Shagwell seduce the villain Fat Bastard in order to implant a Tracking Device in his buttocks. She later flashes her breasts to a guard to cause him to fall into a death trap and allow Felicity and Austin to escape.
  • Barbarella: She displays this trope in a number of ways.
  • Charlies Angels and Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle: The Angels have no problem using their sex appeal to extract information and items or lull targets into a false sense of security. Examples include Dylan using her Navel-Deep Neckline to distract a driver while the Angels place a tracking device on his car in the first movie and posing as strippers to swipe a dock worker's key card in the second movie.
  • Mermaids gives one sister Venus the powers of siren who can use seduction to hypnotise anyone. This includes getting her sister out of jail and making the guards forget anything ever happened.
  • Rear Window: Lisa Fremont acts like a classic Femme Fatale seductress (she is Grace Kelly in a nightgown after all). At first, the movie seems to be setting her up as Ms. Fanservice or someone who will cause the male lead (James Stewart) to be Distracted by the Sexy. But as the film progresses, she is fleshed out as a seemingly good-hearted, intelligent, and helpful character who assists the wheelchair-bound male character in his investigation about the suspicious behavior of his neighbor.
  • Roxanne of Red Riding Hood implies she'll be willing to sleep with the werewolf hunter to release her brother from the torture device he's locked in (though she's turned down before she can get further than trying to unstrap her dress). She's presented as The Woobie the entire time.
  • Sucker Punch:
    • Baby Doll distracts people with seductive dances (though the audience never gets to see anything) to help gather items she needs to escape.
    • Amber uses seduction as a distraction so that she can steal something from the man she's pleasuring that'll help her friends.
  • Witchfinder General has a downplayed example. Sara is desperate to save her uncle from being tortured over a witchcraft accusation - so she offers to sleep with Hopkins if he'll spare him. Notable because this is her idea and she is not judged by other characters for doing this.
  • Wonder Woman (2017): Steve's scheme to get information from Dr. Maru involves at least an element of this since he starts a conversation implying that he's turned on by her homicidal genius. We never find out how far he was willing to go with it since Diana interrupts.

  • In The Alice Network, the Femme Fatale Spy Eve sleeps with her employer, Rene for information and to avoid being fired, allowing her to keep fighting the Germans. Her decision to sleep with him is portrayed positively, despite her feelings of guilt and disgust.
  • Scheherazade in Arabian Nights allowed herself to be married and have sex with a mad sultan for the purposes of saving her people (as well as any potential future brides of his). Of course, this is overshadowed by another type of seduction she employed, that of telling really captivating stories.
  • In Guy de Maupassant's short story, "Bed 29", Irma fell in love with a Captain who later went to fight in the Prussian War. When he came back, he realized that Irma had caught syphilis after she was raped by the Prussians. On her deathbed, Irma asked Captain Epivent to visit her once more, only to realize that he despised her for ruining his reputation, especially since she was now known as "the wife of the Prussians." Hurt by his accusations, Irma explains that the reason for her actions was to poison the Prussians. She then proceeded to laugh, exclaiming that she had killed more men than the Captain and his troops combined. She died the following day.
    • Maupassant also uses the trope in "Boule de Suif," in which the title character,note  a Hooker with a Heart of Gold, is pressured by her traveling companions to sleep with one of the German officers occupying the city of Rouen (it's set during the Franco-Prussian War) so that they can leave the city. After she does so and they escape successfully, they all snub her. Elelar seduces many powerful men in order to get useful information which helps the Alliance.
  • Book of Esther: The eponymous Esther wins a "beauty contest" to find a new queen and saves her people from destruction by using her charms and sex appeal. She did this by being the sexiest girl and the best lay out of an entire harem of women chosen specifically for their beauty and sexuality. It would be like if US presidents chose consorts by selecting their favorite lay from a harem of pornstars, models, and beauty queens, and then one of those chosen consorts then used her position to get slavery abolished / civil rights enacted / favorable conditions for Native Americans.
  • Ellen Patrick (a.k.a. Domino Lady) is just as likely to use her knockout figure and talents in the bedroom to uncover information and distract bad guys as she she is to use her .45 or her syringe of knockout drug.
  • In The Epic of Gilgamesh, a wild man named Enkidu (who later becomes The Lancer to the eponymous Gilgamesh), spends a week with a temple prostitute named Shamhat, who teaches him how to be civilized. He curses her for that because if he had just stayed in the forest and lived as a wild man, he wouldn't have experienced so much loss during his and Gilgamesh's adventures. The Sun God sets him straight, by pointing out that even though it doesn't always seem that way, becoming civilized has made Enkidu's life better, and he owes Shamhat for that. Enkidu takes back the Curse he put on Shamhat.
  • Invoked by Liesel in The Golden Enclaves, and all but name-checked when Aadhya accused her of trying to "get her hooks" into an emotionally compromised Galadriel. Liesel casually admitted the truth of this, pointed out that as El's first unrelated and entirely sane friend Aadhya had quite a few hooks of her own imbedded, observed that El's character is such that the normal uses of such 'hooks' were either redundantnote  or uselessnote , and spelled out that if El did grow tempted to exploit her vast mystical power for selfish ends everyone would benefit from more people with emotional ties able to calm her down.
  • A lot of problems in the first trilogy of the Kushiel's Legacy series are solved by having the High-Class Call Girl protagonist, Phedre no Delaunay, find the right person to sleep with. This ranges from seducing an on-the-fence admiral to infiltrating the harem of a horrific dictator.
  • It may take some stretching of the term "heroic," but in No Good Deed, Elsabeth Soesten is not the least bit hesitant to sleep with Lord Cuncz as an easy means of gaining access to some documents she's come to steal. It's also made clear when she describes the plan to Hieronymus that she's used this particular trick many times in the past. The plan nearly falls off the rails and she has to resort to drugging him, because rather than getting an opportunity to slip away later after he falls asleep, Cuncz was ready and able to go all night. It also turns out to be subverted in that Cuncz wants her to have the documents and knew why she was there all along. He just went with it for the opportunity to bed her.
  • Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle's novel Oath of Fealty: Tony Rand, the chief engineer of the Todos Santos arcology, needs to come up with a plan to rescue someone from police custody. He's talking over his plans with a woman named Delores Martine. Because of problems in his personal life, he can't concentrate and starts to lose control of himself, so Delores repeatedly seduces him to calm him down so he can think.
  • In Mercedes Lackey's Owlflight, Lilly keeps the Barbarians from raping any of the village girls by keeping their attention on her.
  • "Mary" from Robert A. Heinlein's The Puppet Masters is walking death with hands/feet, with knives, and with guns. Lots of guns. Everyone of the guns. But her principal weapon is her sex appeal, which "Sam" is happy for her to use on him, but which is more useful for detecting aliens, due to their not understanding human emotions like physical attraction.
  • Francesca in The Shadow of the Lion uses her position as a high-class courtesan to end a deadly family vendetta and to further the education (in all sorts of ways) of prince Manfred.
  • The Silerian Trilogy: Elelar seduces many powerful men in order to get useful information which helps the Alliance.
  • Special Operations: Both Finn's sister Anna and Louise Laval are heroic, yet complicated, versions, doing this to get information from German pilots, but possibly developing real feelings for them in the process. Anna's boyfriend -who she doesn't appear to have ever had sex with- is aware of what she's doing and is actually using her, while Louise's got her pregnant, getting her shunned by her family, although this causes him to provide aid to the resistance.
  • In Stephen King's The Stand, Dayna Jurgens of the Boulder Free Zone goes to Las Vegas to infiltrate and spy on Flagg's organization. She sleeps with Flagg's right-hand man Lloyd Henreid as part of this mission.
  • Linda Downey from The Warrior Heir is implied to be this, but she can wrap people around her little finger with her looks and some flirting. Actually having sex with them doesn't seem to be necessary. It turns out this is her magic power.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Alias: Sidney Bristow has been known to dress provocatively on occasion in order to get into secret lairs and charm crime bosses.
  • Inara Serra in Firefly:
    • In the series as a whole, she is a minor example. Her status as a Companion grants the Serenity crew a level of respectability, allowing them to get around more easily.
    • In a full-blown use of the trope, Inara's involvement with the son of the guy who runs Canton gave him the confidence he needed to stick up to his dad, and sooner or later, when the responsibility passes to him, he'll rule with a gentler hand.
  • Battlestar Galactica (2003)
    • Mrs. Tigh may be a woman of questionable morality, but her liaisons with the Cylon Cavil were ostensibly to secure her husband's release from the detention center, where he was likely being tortured, and had lost an eye.
    • Baltar's Head-Six bounces like a pendulum between this and The Vamp every few episodes or so. Makes sense since Ron Moore has described her as being a Madonna-Whore made real.
  • Charmed (1998):
    • At one point when the sisters have powers from the Greek Gods, Phoebe is a Love Goddess and envisions using her powers of seduction to turn their enemies against each other. It doesn't happen but it was worth a try.
    • When infiltrating a demon market, Paige pretends to be a demonic seductress to get through the front door.
  • In the D&D episode of Community, Annie, roleplaying as "Hector the Well-Endowed", seduces an elf maiden for a flock of Pegasuses.
  • Chiana in Farscape.
    • At one point, the crew is short on food. When someone offers them what they need in exchange for a night with her, she is more than willing to go through with it for the sake of her crew.
    • On many other occasions, she's used her inherent sex appeal to extract information or to keep attention on her and be a distraction while her teammates are working.
  • Detective Jo Martinez of Forever only strays into this territory once, in "Fountain of Youth," when she starts acting flirty with a suspect in order to get him to give her his business card with his cell number — which she then lifts his fingerprints from.
  • Game of Thrones: Margaery Tyrell. She's sexy and she knows it. And what does she do with her sexiness? Keeps Joffrey from being too cruel. Given the Gray-and-Grey Morality of the show, this may be a case of Pragmatic Villainy; she seems to see befriending the people as a path to power, rather than getting power in order to help the people.
  • In Horatio Hornblower, Miss Cobham used her sexiness and sex to preserve her alias as Duchess of Wharfedale when she was staying as a civilian in Spanish fort (and prison), and consequently she saved her and Hornblower's life. It also saved Horatio's super important dispatches for the Admiralty she was hiding for him. While the inquisitive French soldier she had to sleep with was sleazy and she was not happy about it, she saw it as the only way to keeps their plans safe.
  • Lexx: Xev was not above using her libido to get what the crew needed. That she finally got the chance to satisfy said libido was of course an added bonus.
  • The heroine of the TV show Lost Girl is a succubus who uses her magical seduction powers to flirt information out of bad guys regularly, and occasionally knocks them unconscious with a kiss. In particular, physical contact with her causes intense sexual pleasure, which is very useful for getting information out of people.
  • The female agents in Mission: Impossible often filled this role. Best summed up by Cinnamon in the pilot episode:
    Terry Targo: This will never work.
    Cinnamon Carter: Yes, it will. Remember what Dan said. People don't look at a crippled old man. They look away.
    Terry Targo: Yeah, but nobody looks less like Rollin than I do.
    Cinnamon Carter: Terry, I'll be wheeling you out. If anybody looks at you, I'll quit the sisterhood of women.
  • Sloan Sabbith of The Newsroom is a minor example, in that she isn't so much a "hero" in the classical sense. She is however a morally upright, utterly brilliant, and stunningly attractive woman who Mac hires to report on economic news specifically because she is both A: eminently qualified, and B: so attractive that keeping the audience's attention won't be an issue. Aside from that, she once also charmed a teenage lech into giving her his phone (during a breaking news story that required a phone, while Don was using hers), and on another occasion, told a former student of hers that she was single (she wasn't, but her lover was in the room and indicated that saying so would be ok) in order to get information that could save their jobs.
  • Emma, the protagonist of Once Upon a Time, did this for a living as a Bail Bond Investigator, prior to taking over as The Sheriff of Storybrooke. Admittedly, the only time she's ever seen on the job is during the pilot, but holy crap did that dress not work like a charm.
  • Shadowhunters depicts Isabelle as a Good Bad Girl who does a sexy dance to distract demons, and also sleeps with a Seelie to gain information.
  • Star Trek: The Original Series:
    • The episode "Mirror, Mirror" shows Lieutenant Uhura getting minxy with Mirror-Sulu so that he doesn't notice a warning light that signals transporter tampering by Chief Engineer Scott. Once the danger is past, Uhura switches off the sexy.
    • Many episodes in TOS feature Kirk having to seduce some lovely woman in order to save his ship and crew.
  • Underground:
    • Ernestine seduces and sleeps with her master in order to protect her children. She clearly hates it, but she does make him promise that her son won't be put to work in the fields.
    • Elizabeth performs a burlesque dance at the governor's ball to distract the crowd while John steals some valuable intel for the Underground Railroad. Later in the season, she reluctantly sleeps with the town Marshall (who just so happens to be her ex-fiance and still very much infatuated with her) to keep him from taking away Boo, the runaway slave child she's been harboring. In the series finale, she's shown having gotten involved with a guard at Harpers Ferry Armory to get information on when the weapons come for the raid by John Brown's men.
  • The Walking Dead: A minor example, and possibly a subversion. During the third season, the survivors are being terrorized by a man known as The Governor, whom Andrea just happens to be involved with. Knowing this, Carol suggests she take a page out of Jael's book; sex him to exhaustion, then impale his skull in his sleep. But after he's finally out, she can't bring herself to do it.

    Myths & Religion 
  • The Bible, of all places, has quite a few examples of this.
    • Judith from the apocryphal book of the same name uses her sexuality to get close to Holofernes, the leader of the oppressive enemy, then kills him while he's vulnerable. She takes it a step further and cuts his head off.
    • Tamar in the Book of Genesis. Her father-in-law Judah misblamed her for the deaths of his first two sons and wouldn't give her his third son in marriage as was the custom. As a result, his line was in danger of dying out. She then disguised herself as a veiled temple prostitute so that Judah lay with her. The result was twin boys who became the ancestors of the Judah tribe and of King David.
    • Rahab is a prostitute, or a brothel madam, who gives the heroic Israelite spies a place to hide. She's one of the ancestors of King David and Jesus.
    • Jael, according to some translations of the word "covered." The Bowdlerised assumption is that she tucked Sisera in all nice and snug before assassinating him, but "covered" may have more adult-themed connotations.
    • The title character in the Book of Esther prevents an extermination of her people by using her looks to manipulate the king into preventing it.
    • Then comes Ruth. With some prodding by her mother-in-law, she spends a harvest season flirting with Boaz, who responds by giving her more than enough food to feed herself and Naomi. Then while he's passed out drunk from a party she goes and lies at his feet until he wakes up, at which point she proposes to him by invoking the law of Levirate marriage. She's one of the ancestors of David and Jesus.
  • In Hinduism, Mohini is a female avatar created by Vishnu to seduce demons. She distracted the asuras during the churning of the Ocean of Milk (No Pun Intended) to steal the amrita elixir, and later tricked the near-invincible Bhasmasura into unknowingly killing himself.
    • In a similar myth, once the gods find themselves threatened by Sunda and Upsunda, two demons with a boon according to which they can only be defeated by each other. In order to solve the problem, Brahma orders the artisan god Vishvakarma to create the most beautiful woman he can, and he creates the apsara Tilottama, who eventually seduces the demon brothers into killing each other for her love.
  • Dakinis from Tibetan Buddhism are spirits that enjoy seducing men, but they are not evil, only mischievous (in fact, they are part of the retinue of some wrathful deities), and can be summoned to help you advance towards enlightenment.
  • The Kitsune is a fox-like spirit who often shapeshifts and seduces human men. However, their intentions are rarely ill, with some actually encouraging or inspiring heroic and courageous acts, and many of them often wind up falling in love and become completely devoted wives and mothers.
  • Albanian folklore has Nora of Kelmendi, also known as the "Albanian Helen" whose beauty attracted the attention of an Ottoman pasha who sought to marry her or else he'd destroy her land if she refused. According to one version of her legend, she seemingly goes along with his proposal and enters his harem with the intention of knocking him out with a bag of hashish and assassinate him with her family's dagger. He survives his wounds and later attacks her home, only to be later killed by Nora in a single duel.

    Pro Wrestling 

    Tabletop Games 
  • In 7th Sea, it is likely that any PC Vodacce courtesan will fill this role, given their skill set. The are several NPC courtesans who fit as well, especially in the Sophia's Daughters secret society.

    Video Games 
  • Lucy from 16 Ways to Kill a Vampire at McDonalds is "the bait" in a team of vampire hunters; her job is to provide a tempting target for vampires in order to lure them into an ambush by her more combat-ready teammates. She's forced to take on a vampire by herself when she spots one at a local McDonalds on her night off.
  • Ayla in Chrono Trigger has the Charm (get an item from an enemy) and Kiss (heal an ally) abilities, in addition to wearing only a Fur Bikini. She's also the single strongest character in the game, able to rip robots and monsters apart with her bare hands.
  • It is possible (but by no means required) to play the Princess as this in A Dance with Rogues.
  • Dragon Age:
    • You can play this type of character in Dragon Age: Origins. For example, one of the bargaining chips you can use to convince a pirate queen to mentor you, to convince a demon to stop possessing a child, or to solve a Succession Crisis is to sleep with (or, in the last case, marry) the person involved.
    • Witty Ritts of Dragon Age: Inquisition was actually able to weaponize this: The Hinterlands is an all-out battleground between templars and mages with civilians caught in the middle. As an Inquisition scout, Ritts was set upon by a female mage, who did not attack her. Instead Ritts seduced her into laying down her arms. If Varric is in your party, he is amazed at her gift and encourages her to become an agent.
  • Dragon Quest VIII's Jessica Albert is this through Gameplay and Story Segregation. Many of her special "Sex Appeal" skills in battles are seducing based that lets her debuff enemies. All her alternate costumes are also heavy on the fanservice. In the actual game though, she's actually more of the exact opposite.
    • In Dragon Quest IX, enemy monsters will occasionally lose their turn in battle by ogling one of your party members if their Charm attribute is high enough, complete with hearts floating around their head.
    • Jade from Dragon Quest XI has access to the same skillset as Jessica, which is called "Allure" in this game instead of "Sex Appeal". These abilities revolve around distracting enemies by seducing them and using her body in various ways to inflict pain. And much like Jessica, her actual personality is much more serious. The game also puts a spin on the concept by having Sylvando, one of the male members of the party do his own variations of the same attacks that both Jade and Jessica can use by utilizing his irresistible charm and his talents as an entertainer.
  • You can also play this type of character in Fallout: New Vegas. Aside from the normal dialogue trees, there are specific perks that affect men or women (both are available to either men or women) that will have some sort of desirable outcome gained through flirtation or outright sex. For example, you can resolve the situation with the Starter Villain by using this perk to follow him to his hotel room, whereupon you can either kill him, sleep with him, or sleep with him and then kill him. There are other examples as well, with one of the most direct ones being finding the military contact for a smuggling ring with the Great Khans gang, and convincing him to make his scheduled delivery by... well, you know.
  • While Aphrodite of Hades herself is more an ethically sketchy Femme Fatale, she can also bestow her supernatural allure on others. Thus, Zagreus becomes a Rare Male Example when he accepts any of her boons during an escape attempt, making foes fall in Love at First Punch and charming them into pulling their punches, exposing themselves to more damage, or pulling temporary Sex Face Turns.
  • Miss Fortune in League of Legends is implied to be this. In her biography, it's stated she uses her great number of lovers to help her get rid of the Pirate King Gangplank. Shown directly in the comic Fortune Smiles when she invites to dinner a rival local crimelord and seduces him to gain him to her side. It's debatable how heroic she is, however, given some of the downright immoral stuff she does in her line of work (such as in her color story).
  • Sha'ira, the asari Consort in Mass Effect. She's introduced as a very powerful woman who is part confidant, part therapist, part soothsayer, and part prostitute. We're never given a clear indication of what she does...only that she "helps" people and that it sometimes involves sex. The only quest involves calling Commander Shepard to her room, and asking him/her to deal with a problem (one of her clients has become a Clingy Jealous Guy and she needs him to be talked down). She makes it clear that the man is a dear friend and that she wants him to get his act together. If you're disappointed with the platonic reward she gives, she'll also sleep with you.
    • By extension, the other Consorts in her employ are also this trope — but nowhere near her level of skill.
  • Octopath Traveler has Primrose the dancer as one of its eight protagonists. Her unique skill, Allure, lets her seduce most NPCs (of either gender) into following her around and participating in battles as an assist character. In her backstory, she insinuated herself into the employ of a loathsome tavern owner who is heavily implied to take advantage of his position over her and the other dancers, all as part of her plan to hunt down the men who murdered her father when she was a girl.
  • Ann in Persona 5 plays the seductress role to distract Yusuke to get into Madarame's house in order to unlock a door. At another Palace, she and the other girls have to talk up a Shadow for information. Though all the girls are wearing swimsuits, it is Ann that ends up doing much of the work by using her looks.
  • Carmelita Fox plays this role in Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time when she has to belly dance to distract some guards.
    • THE MURRAY gets to be a crossdressing example in the same game.
  • The Escort from Town of Salem has the ability to Roleblock targets, preventing them from using their night abilities. She is on the side of the town though and thus is supposed to help stop The Mafia by... distracting their members. Unfortunately, if the Escort ends up doing this to the Serial Killer, she may very well wind up dead.
  • Your character in Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines if you have a high seduction stat. Mostly only applicable if female in the vanilla game, but the very popular unofficial patch makes this much more possible for male player characters as well. Going in hand with being a vampire, seduction is very much a part of your character's arsenal if they have the appropriate stat, and can be used while playing as a perfectly kind and empathetic character. You can also be The Vamp if you play as a not-so-nice character.

    Web Comics 
  • In Key Chain Of Creation, seduction is Marena's favored tactic, though she is not above turning into an 8-foot tall werefox should that fail.
  • In Pandora's Tale, Isabelle is a sex worker and part of the resistance. She and some of her colleagues are responsible for distracting the authorities from resistance activities in the nightclub they work at.

    Web Video 

    Western Animation 
  • The Simpsons: Played for Laughs. The episode "Large Marge" has Homer Simpson get masticated by their old elephant Stampy. The Springfield police are ready to shoot the beast, but Marge realizes that the police are very likely to shoot Homer as well. To allay this, Marge flashes her enhanced breasts to the crowd, and the police stop to ogle and drool. This gives Krusty the chance to comment, "Check out those mogumbos." This key word was the elephant's signal to play dead, and it spits out Homer intact.
  • Lana, in Superman: The Animated Series, tries to be this during her relationship with Luthor by taking advantage of how close she is to him to deliver information about his schemes to Superman, despite the latter's reluctance. It backfires when Luthor finds out about it, and she gives up on it.


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