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... so take off all your clothes.

Characters are Locked in a Room, and the temperature's rising to Sauna of Death levels. They decide to take a few clothes off to get comfortable (but not necessarily "get comfortable").

Often, but not quite always, done for the purpose of Fanservice.

A frequent variation is to have the characters being discovered in a state of entirely innocent dishabille by rescuers who immediately assume they've been taking advantage of time while waiting for the rescue.

Another variation involves deserts, which would actually be a bad idea in real life, on account of loss of bodily fluids, sunstroke, etc. — the stereotypical Arabic costume of robes and head-dress exists for a reason. See also Heat Wave.


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  • A Kraft Dinner commercial has this. The landlord says to two college roomies that "there will be no microwaves or hotplates in the room", prompting them to turn up the thermostat to cook the mac n' cheese. When one asks the other "think we should turn the heat down now?", the other sees the hot women walking through the halls in their undergarments fanning themselves sexily. You can guess the response.

    Anime & Manga 
  • During the Camping Episode of Ayakashi Triangle, sharing a tent with Matsuri gives Suzu an Imagine Spot where they strip down to avoid the heat—while rubbing their bodies together for no reason.
  • In The Big O episode "Call From The Past", Angel and Roger Smith are trapped in a building underwater. Angel takes off her dress (leaving her in her lingerie) and afterwards is shown fanning herself, indicating that she did it because she was feeling hot. This is Fanservice, an indication of Unresolved Sexual Tension, and a way for Roger to see the scars she has on her back (which make Roger wonder if his constant tease of calling her a fallen angel might have some real meaning).
  • In A Certain Scientific Railgun, Kiyama Harumi tends to use this trope whenever it gets hot, far below Sauna of Death levels. She is always stopped by other characters about halfway through.
  • Happens rather late into Hayate the Combat Butler. While Maria tries to show Hayate the old mansion sauna, the lights go dim and they both trip and get stuck to the floor. The temperature was unbelievably high and they tries to get out but Maria got her skirt stuck to the floor forcing her to take it off (and forcing Hayate to look away). Sadly, Haytate accidentally sees her panties and is thrown in the dungeon for the remainder of the day.
  • This happens in the hot room challenge from Kujibiki♡Unbalance (the one where they told scary stories).
  • In an episode of Last Hope (2018), when a swarm of B.R.A.I. bees reach the water supply of Neo Xianglong, the vibration of their wings causes the temperature of the entire city to quickly rise. Jay, Cecile and the rest of the control room take off their jackets to slightly alleviate the heat.
  • Done on purpose by Naru's little sister Mei in Love Hina, in order to get Keitaro to notice Mutsumi more.
  • Snow strips down to a tank top when she fights in the Volcano field in MÄR. She usually wears two jackets; unfortunately, it doesn't end up helping her much (fire is just not her thing; her name means something as she's an ice specialist).
  • In an episode of Megaman NT Warrior, Mr. Match cheats in a net battle by raising the temperature of the stadium in an effort to get Lan to faint. Some people in the audience start doing this.
  • Averted in Neon Genesis Evangelion, when Misato refuses to take off anything with Kaji also present in the elevator, despite it really getting hot, because they used to date and went through a painful break-up.
  • Happens near the beginning of the anime Please Teacher! when Kei and Mizuho are locked in the gym storage room.
  • The Radio Drama of UFO Princess Valkyrie has a two-episode story where child Valkyrie accidentally traps everyone inside an improvised sauna. All of the girls (except for Akina, of course, due to the presence of Kazuto as well as Risa for being absent the entire radio series) remove their clothes to cool off. Akina actually does start getting dangerously dizzy and faint from the heat due to not stripping.

    Comic Books 
  • In 1982's one-shot all-humor issue The Fantastic Four Roast, Spider-Man asks Johnny "The Human Torch" Storm to turn off his flame as it was getting a little too warm.
    Johnny: No chance, pal. The fans came here to see the Human Torch. The flame stays on.
    Spider-Man: Fine. I roast you, you roast me. Seems fair.
  • In one strip of Gaston Lagaffe, the whole office suffers from inexplicable, blistering heat, forcing everybody to shed off their clothes. The culprit, as usual, proves to be Gaston, who pushed the heating to the max to see if you could toast bread with the radiators alone. He's delighted to see it works; his coworkers, not so much.
  • Element-inverted in one Marsupilami book: An archeologist couple find themselves in a stone pit with a wall statue pouring water, threatening to drown them. The wife takes off her jacket and tells her husband to do the same, he wonders if this is really the right time, she gently chides him and clarifies that they need to block the flow of water coming in.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • In Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls, things got a bit hot for the title character whilst spying on someone from within a tank disguised as a rhino. After stripping bare, he finds that the tank door is jammed, so he crawls out through the rhinobot's vagina, meaning that a safari-going family got to witness a rhino giving birth to a fully-grown, naked human.
  • In Age of Dinosaurs, Jade Jacobs locks herself in a small confined to protect herself from the Dinosaur, after spending some time there while waiting for get freed, she removes her coat.
  • Christmas at the Riveria, a 2007 Christmas drama, features the Mistaken for Cheating variaton.
  • Fantastic Four (2005) had Johnny Storm repeatedly utilizing his newfound fire powers to put this trope in action while riding in a elevator.
  • In Firequake, four scientist get stuck on underground tunnels that they end up getting sweaty, so they removing their containment suits, the scientist also removes her regular shirt alongside the containment suit, remaining in a tank top.
  • Both Linda and Rusty strip down to their tanks tops in Nuclear Hurricane once it starts to get hot in the small confined area they are.
  • Betsy Russell's character does this to herself — deliberately turning up the heat to give her an excuse to disrobe — in the 1983 teen sex comedy Private School.
  • In [REC], with the movie being set in a apartment building crowed with many panicked tenants and also having to carry an injured elder cop downstairs its naturally going to get hot, Angela takes off her red jacket and white shirt, remaining in a tank top, she also starts to get more sweaty as the movies goes on.
  • In Speed Zone, Charlie (John Candy) and Tiffany (Donna Dixon) are rammed by a vehicle that is pursuing them. This damages the car's cooling system and the engine starts overheating. Charlie cranks the car's heater up to full to pull heat off the engine while they escape. The interior heats up to the point where they both start stripping off their clothes: thereby providing both Fanservice and Fan Disservice in the one scene.
  • In Spiders II: Breeding Ground, around the end of the movie the lead character Alexandra gets totally covered by steam and takes off her black shirt and continues the reminder of the film in her grey tank top.

  • Arthur C. Clarke's A Fall of Moondust: A tourist moonbus, buried under several metres of dust has its air conditioning fail, because the radiators are buried, leading to all of the passengers shedding most of their clothing.
  • Nancy Drew, of all people, gets caught in this trope during Two Points to Murder when she's locked in a basketball team's sauna. She removes shirt, jeans, socks and shoes, which (though it's not expressly mentioned) leaves her in her underwear when she finally figures out how to escape.
  • Trident Deception: In Ice Station Nautilus, Christine O'Connor is captured and brought into the quarters of the Spetsnaz commander, who turns up the heat to shed off her thermal clothing. Christine even removes her bra as a distraction.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Done completely straight in a Season One episode of Ashes to Ashes, with Alex Drake and Gene Hunt locked in a secure and near-airtight document vault. Alex strips down to her underwear and Gene breaks out a hip-flask just in time for Ray and Chris to arrive and break them out.
  • Also parodied in one of the first episodes of The Big Bang Theory, when the guys are all trying to redesign Penny's apartment. Penny, who's perfectly happy with it as it is, says something along the lines of, "It's getting hot in here, I think I'll take off all my clothes" to get their attention. Completely unsuccessfully.
  • Nyssa supposedly takes off her jacket and then her skirt in the Doctor Who serial "Terminus" because she is running a fever from Lazar's disease, but it was so out of the blue and poorly explained that it has become a running joke among Doctor Who fans.
  • In an early episode of Eureka, Sheriff Carter's smart house stages an intervention to keep him in town. When short-circuiting the AI causes it to revert to an earlier personality, a military interrogation AI named BRAD, the AI separates the six people into groups of two. Carter and Alison are in a section of the house that's freezing, while Douglas Fargo and Beverly Barlowe are in a section that is getting unbearably hot. Beverly finally removes her dress, asking Fargo to look away. Marginal Fanservice, since her slip isn't much more revealing than her dress (save for maximum cleavage) and the difficulty is resolved moments later and the dress goes back on.
  • In an early episode of Farscape, an alien decides to lay eggs and hatch its young in Moya, and has to increase the heat in order to properly incubate the eggs properly. Aeryn ends up going into heat delirium (a potentially fatal condition her species is susceptible to, due to their being unable to deal with excessive heat). She does her best to lower her body temperature by removing some clothing, followed by taking a cold shower. Since heat delirium is apparently a very unpleasant way to go, this is not played for Fanservice. (Much.)
  • Friends: Joey tries to invoke this when his dancer roommate Janine plans to bring a bunch of her friends over for Thanksgiving. He cranks up the heat in the apartment so anyone who walks in will have to start removing their clothing.
    Rachel: It must be like 100 degrees in here!
    Joey: Is it so hot you want to walk around in your underwear?
    Rachel: No!
    Joey: Still not enough!
(The middle lines are often cut in re-runs, resulting in a rather odd non-sequitur.)
  • In Knight Rider 2008, KITT is hit by a missile containing a napalm compound, putting it on fire. The invulnerable car can take it, but the heat is rising fast inside (as well as the oxygen depleting). Inside, Michael and Sarah, to last a bit longer while KITT and the Knight Foundation are looking for a solution, strip down to their underwear.
  • Modern Family: The Dunphy's next door neighbour Walt used to keep the temperature in house high so the meals-on-wheel lady would have to take her sweater off.
  • Monty Python's Flying Circus:
    • Played for laughs with a scene outside a tower block with a young lady changing in the window (and the lines "My it's hot in here" badly dubbed on).
    • Later this scene is itself parodied: Having defeated Stanley Baldwin in the election for PM, Ramsey McDonald enters his flat where he says "My, it's hot in here." He begins to disrobe to show he's wearing women's underwear.
  • Primeval: Season 1 has Abby keeping her pet lizard Rex in tropical temperatures, requiring her to walk around in her underwear. A new season and a change of timeline later, she seems to have lost the habit.
  • Spoofed in the recurring Saturday Night Live segment "How Do You Say?... Ah, Yes!... Show," where Chris Kattan played a very randy Antonio Banderas. The sketch always ended with Kattan "innocently" remarking "It is hot in here, no?" and tearing off his shirt to the accompaniment of a flamenco guitar before trying to "seduce" (i.e. date-rape) his guest.
  • Star Trek: Voyager: Captain Janeway returns to Voyager to find the crew infected and immobilized by an alien virus, that eventually leaves the body and grows into a large and hostile Monster of the Week. As the environmental controls are no longer working, Voyager can't vent any heat, so the audience is gifted by a Lock-and-Load Montage in which our Action Girl strips down to a sweaty tank top and grabs a compression phaser rifle to get Sigourney Weaver on the creatures' butts.
  • Happens to the entire cast of Victorious in the episode "Survival of the Hottest" (save for Cat), when the main characters are accidentally locked in an Recreational vehicle during a Heat Wave.

  • MAD: In one Don Martin strip set at a masquerade party, a guy suggests this to a buxom-looking guest in a horse costume. The guest agrees and removes the top of the costume to reveal two men, the "breasts" being the uppermost guy's bent legs.


    Puppet Shows 
  • The Muppet Show: A skit set in a steam room has Miss Piggy suggest this to guest star Rudolf Nureyev, who is wearing only a towel.
    Miss Piggy: If you're warm, maybe you're overdressed.
    Rudolf Nureyev: I'm fine, thank you.
    Miss Piggy: Then maybe I'm overdressed.

    Video Games 
  • An Easter Egg in Zone of the Enders: the 2nd Runner lets you invoke this: In the mission where you have to carry a disabled Ardjet up a shaft, you can take a few minutes to hold the mech in the furnace at the bottom of the shaft. Ardjet's pilot will loudly complain, then stop after a while. At the end of the mission, when she jumps into Jehuty's cockpit with Dingo, you can see she's pulled off the upper half of her flight suit.

  • Happens in the My Little Pony: Equestria Girls fan comic Caught in the Storm on page 7: in which Twilight Sparkle, Applejack and Rainbow Dash get stuck on a storm in AJ's van, so they decide to sleep on the van for the night. Rainbow Dash reluctantly strips herself to her underwear after it starts to get hot inside the van.
  • In Something*Positive, Nerdrotica's heater won't shut off and all the phone sex operators have stripped down to their underwear. Jason is horrified that Davan is actually trying to get it fixed.
    Jason: Do you wake up every morning and say, "Today, I'm going to find someone's dream that's come true and put an end to it"?
    Davan: I look at it like this: the holiday season may have a phenomenally high suicide rate, but we can't hope to maintain that level of excellence if everyone doesn't do their part.
  • Stick Man Stick Man plays with this in strip 692: the heroes are stuck in a car lifted by a helicopter over a volcano, so one of them suggests this.

    Western Animation 
  • Code Lyoko: Used to play up the Unresolved Sexual Tension for all it was worth between Ulrich and Yumi in episode "New Order", as seen above. And to much frustration, they still remained Just Friends.
  • Daria: In the Strike Episode "Lucky Strike", Mr DeMartino says this verbatim to Ms. Li when he threatens to picket naked.
  • Futurama:
    • Seen when Fry and Bender flood their prison cell with steam in an ill-conceived escape attempt and decide to use it as a sauna.
    • Also when Amy and Fry get stranded on Mercury in her new car.
  • Happens in the French animation show Il Était Une Fois... l'Espace (Once Upon a Time... Space), at the beginning of the "Revenge of the Humanoids" story arc. The spaceship of Peter and Psi crash-lands on a desert planet and the internal heat regulator is busted, leading the lead characters to strip off their tops. The desert part of the trope is then averted when they venture outside, though, as they wear heat-repellent suits.
  • Happens to Shifu in one episode of Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness when he's trapped inside a metal box with a Descending Ceiling (spiked edition).

Outdoor variant

    Comic Books 
  • Happens in Little Ego, where Ego's guide recommends she remove her clothing in the desert. Justified as it occurs in an Erotic Dream. As she is disrobing, the scenery changes around her and she finds herself performing a striptease on stage.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • In the 2008 Journey to the Center of the Earth film, the group discovers that the temperature on the center of the Earth will rise to the point they will die, after this, Hannah Ásgeirsson abandons her grey shirt for a white tank top.
  • In Jurassic World, Claire starts out wearing white business attire, but slowly abandons more clothing and becomes sweaty as she spends more time running around the hot jungles of Isla Nublar. Given it's Bryce Dallas Howard, you can't really complain.
  • Most of the characters in Predator, considering the movie is set in the jungles of South America. Anna ditches her shirt, spending the remainder of the film in a tank top, while the male characters all end up shirtless.
  • Tina and Samantha from They Feed both strip down to their tank tops after having to drag Eddie with them.
  • In Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen, both Sam and Mikaela spend the last moments of the movie running in the hot Egyptian deserts trying to reach NEST, by near the end of the conflict they get rid of their jackets.

  • In one of Aesop's Fables, the titular North Wind and the Sun try to strip off a man's cloak in order to determine which of them is strongest. The Wind blows and howls till he nearly lifts him off his feet, but the traveler only wraps his cloak tighter. Then the Sun burns down, and the man abandons his cloak by the side of the road.

  • A Certain Magical Index: during the New Testament arc, Academy City suffers an inexplicable extreme heat wave in November (which, yes, turns out to have been artificially induced), such that the entire city's population starts going around in their swimsuits in an effort to cool off.
  • The Dresden Files: Harry Dresden frequently wonders whether this day is a "too hot to wear my bulletproof duster" or "too bullet-y to worry about heatstroke" sort of day. Given the Dresdenverse, no matter what he decides, it's the latter.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Primeval: Helen justifies her usual lack of clothing as her travelling in historical eras where it is much hotter than the present.

    Video Games 
  • Epic Battle Fantasy 3: While in the desert, Natz complains that she'd prefer the snowy terrain than this heat:
    Lance: Take your top off!
    Natz: What??!?
    Lance: Who said that? Wasn't me.
  • In Undertale, the way to beat the Royal Guards in Hotland peacefully is to clean the mud off of the dirtier one's armor. This will cause that Guard to overheat and take off his armor, flustering the other.

    Web Animation 
  • In Broken Saints, Oran takes his shirt off when crossing the desert... at night, when it would be very cold. (Considering he lives in that climate, you think he'd know better.)

    Western Animation 

    Real Life 
  • Victims of moderate to severe hypothermia can experience sensations of overheating. This, combined with confusion and disorientation, often drives them to remove their clothing, exacerbating their condition. It's known as "Paradoxical Undressing".