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"Sorry about before. One of the perks of living alone is that I get to just walk around naked."
Mindy St. Claire, The Good Place

So, your family/roommates have gone out for the evening, leaving you home alone. What do you do? Strip and spend the next few hours walking around naked, perhaps because you hate being dressed, or just because there's nothing stopping you, or some other reason. Make sure to close the curtains, though.


Notably, the camera is almost always angled so that the audience doesn't actually see any real nudity, or some other visual censor will be used.

Almost always a Comedy Trope. May be a Guilty Pleasure. See Naked People Are Funny and What You Are in the Dark. May lead to Birthday Suit Surprise Party, Open the Door and See All the People, or Naked People Trapped Outside.


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    Anime & Manga 
  • In B Gata H Kei, Kosuda argues quite regularly with his sister about her tendency to casual nudity at home. She's not so shameless that she'd walk outside in the nude or even around the house if there are guests over, but if it's just her high-school-age baby brother, who cares? (Aside from said brother, and anyone walking outside while he yells at her.)
  • Among the Little Bit Beastly people of Murenase! Shiiton Gakuen is Student Council President Miki Hadano, a naked mole rat, emphasis on naked. As a naked mole rat, she and her kind regard wearing clothes as disgusting to the point that she sees the clothing others wear in Pixellation. She and her fellow mole rats will wear clothing if they need to venture up to the surface, but are otherwise much happier underground in their burrows stripped down to their underwear. In one chapter, Miki is forced to dorm with others temporarily and tries to introduce nudism to her temporary roommates.
  • Mio of Waiting in the Summer is a nudist at home due to being raised by nudist parents. Scenes of her at home, such as while talking to friends on the phone, show her walking around in the buff. This causes no small amount of angst as a combination of this and being sluggish in the mornings causes her to habitually forget to put on underwear for school and leaves her in fear that her love interest will be disgusted with her when he finds out. Fortunately for her, he isn't, and even tries to offer advice for her Going Commando problems.

    Comic Books 
  • DC's resident Mr. Fanservice Dick Grayson, also known as Nightwing, has been shown to hang around in his apartment in the nude or with just his briefs on. He does not indulge in at home nudity when he's living at Wayne Manor or has any of his bothers staying with him but will happily answer the door in nothing but undies or a towel.
  • Poison Ivy is often depicted as this sort of character, particularly in her self-titled 2016 series. After being given a second chance at being a scientist as Pamela Isley, she dresses in professional lab attire while performing her work but only to prove that she's serious about trying to reform. The moment she returns to her home and shuts the door, she takes off her clothes immediately.

    Film — Animated 
  • Discussed in The Simpsons Movie when Lou arrests Bart for skateboarding in the nude.
    "Look, kid, nobody likes wearing clothes in public, but it's the law."

    Film — Live-Action 
  • In Half Price, the main characters are a bunch of kids who've been abandoned by their mother. Unable to keep their clothes in order, they start going nude at home simply so that they won't have to do so much laundry.

    Live-Action TV 
  • In one Broad City episode, Abbi comes home to find that her roommate's freeloading boyfriend is out, and she has the apartment to herself for once. She celebrates by dancing around naked.
  • In an episode of Childrens Hospital, Cat tries home nudism after being catcalled. She likes it apart from the fact that she's cold and can't find a place to put her lipstick.
  • Friends:
    • For the first half of the series, a faceless man referred to solely as "Ugly Naked Guy" (the flashback episode shows he was "Cute Naked Guy" before he started putting on weight) lives in the apartment across from Monica's. As his name implies, he always walks around his apartment in the nude, while the friends take pleasure in spying on him along with his various misadventures. He has no lines and the only two times he is seen a small shot of his stomach when the gang thinks he is dead, and later the back of his head and torso when he answers the door to Ross. Later, he moves away, and ironically most of his moving boxes are labeled "clothes".
    • Chandler and Monica leave for Las Vegas before Rachel, leaving her alone in the apartment the day before she leaves. She uses the opportunity to drop her robe and walk around the apartment undressed. Unfortunately, Ross, who lives in the apartment across the street, sees her and incorrectly assumes she is trying to seduce him.
    • Rachel's example was done at the encouragement of Phoebe, who states that she does this regularly.
      Phoebe: Why do you think it takes me so long to answer the door?
  • Murray from The Goldbergs takes off his pants as soon as he gets home from work and sits on his easy chair in his shirt and underwear.
  • The Good Place provides the page quote. When Eleanor, Jason, and Janet first meet Mindy St. Claire in the Medium Place, she is naked the first time she sees them, and she dives behind some sunflowers to hide herself. She explains later that she often walks around naked due to not having seen another person since her death thirty years ago.
  • How I Met Your Mother:
    • When Ted briefly moves out in season two, Marshall and Lily seize the opportunity to do all the things they wanted to do if they lived alone. The first thing on the list is to stop wearing clothes. However, they soon realize it's not as much fun as they thought it'd be, and is actually kind of cold.
    • The first time Ted doesn't have a roommate, he also starts walking around his apartment naked, though this backfires when he spills hot soup on himself.
    • In season eight, Ted briefly gets back together with his ex-girlfriend Victoria. Unfortunately, she takes pity on her German ex-fiancé Klaus and allows him to move in with them while he works to get back on his feet. Klaus frequents the apartment in the nude even when other people are around, much to Ted's discomfort.
  • One sketch on The League of Gentlemen had the characters celebrating "Nude Day" by spending the day at home naked.
  • One such person appears in a Midsomer Murders episode, to Barnaby's surprise and Troy's horror. Then it turns out the guy is an outdoor nudist as well, which compromised the murderer's plans as he thought he'd been spotted.
  • There was a short-lived sitcom called One Big Happy where Kelly Brook's character Prudence walks around her lover's kitchen naked in the pilot.
  • Seinfeld:
    • In "The Apology", Jerry moves in with a girlfriend who undresses immediately after getting home. When Jerry himself tries doing it, she is unimpressed and breaks up with him.
    • In "The Contest" Jerry notices a woman in an apartment across the street walking around naked. He tries to ignore her in order to win the titular contest. Kramer gives up on the contest because of the woman and he ends up in bed with her.
  • The Wings episode "House of Blues" has Joe and Helen experiment with nudism around the house after kicking out Brian and Casey. Helen only wears an apron while cooking breakfast because, as she claims, "I am not making bacon naked." They run into problems when they start getting blackmailed with photos of themselves around the house.

  • Questionable Content: When Dora and Faye get lost en route to a friend's family cottage, they end up at the door of a rather large, very naked elderly man. They stop in for a game of cards and some home-baked cookies, so clearly they're not much bothered.
  • Real Life Comics: Greg once reacted to having the home to himself for hours with "Aaand it's naked time."
  • Striptease: Max and Alli experimented with this after moving in together.
  • Katherine in Wapsi Square never wore clothes at home for many years' worth of strips. The first mention of this is when she asks Monica what to wear at a bar they're going to. Monica tells her that she can wear "whatever she wears at home". Katherine replies "But I don't wear anything at home". She starts wearing clothes when she becomes an adoptive mother and has to share her apartment with adolescents. No mention of her previous nudism is ever made.

    Western Animation 


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