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A common Sitcom and Anime trope in which one character accidentally sees another character, usually of the opposite sex, in the shower. Usually, Bob will turn on the water, then leave the room for a moment. Alice, oblivious to Bob's presence, steps into the water and closes the shower curtain. Bob then returns, finishes stripping down, and opens the curtain back up, so they each get a view of the other naked.

Notably, Alice will never stop to think something along the lines of, "Wait a sec, I never turned on the shower..."

Often, but not always, the two characters have a history of sexual tension. If so, the incident typically leads to either an Unprovoked Pervert Payback or awkwardness and mutual avoidance, until they decide to pretend That Didn't Happen. If not, it's at least a source of Fanservice.

Any time someone contrives to invoke this trope, they're almost guaranteed to catch the wrong person and suffer for it somehow, often by exposure to Fan Disservice. If producers want to keep the show or film's family rating, they will use Censor Suds, Censor Steam, or a Modesty Towel.

A sub-trope of Shower Scene. Related to Accidental Pervert. Distinct from Naked First Impression in that it's limited to bathroom settings and characters who already know each other. Compare Landing in Someone's Bathtub.


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    Anime & Manga 
  • Ayakashi Triangle: When Matsuri's female Literal Split Personality visits the Ninokuru household, Soga's sister and father try to hook her up with Soga by sending Matsuri into a bath Soga is already occupying. Soga briefly hides underwater, but Matsuri asks to bathe together because she wants to talk. Soga tries to keep focus as the Matsuri explains she doesn't belong in the original Matsuri's home. Then Matsuri asks if she and Soga should marry, and he angrily ejects her from the bath.
  • Czeslaw, being something of a troll, gets the idea to engineer one of these incidents between his two Twice Shy roommates in Baccano! 1935A - Deep Marble.
    Czes: Weeellll, for the next one, I’m thinking about hiding Firo's clothes the next time he takes a shower. Then, while he's looking all over for them, I'll have Ennis take them to him!
  • In A Certain Magical Index, Touma catches himself before entering the bathroom of Orsola Aquinas's house, as he hears the shower running (lampshading how cliche it would be for him to fall victim to this trope in the process). However, he then tries the door across the hall... which turns out to also be a bathroom. Both Index and Orsola were showering, and he walks in on Orsola. He further lampshades that he could have avoided all this if he had just thought to knock.
  • In Chrono Crusade, Rosette chases the Elder out of the girl's showers... completely forgetting that she's naked. Chrono happens to be standing outside of the room at the time, which leads to the following exchange:
    Rosette: [not noticing Chrono at first] Can't let my guard down for a second!
    Chrono: What guard?
    Rosette: You can't come in here, either!
    Chrono: I was just waiting outside!
    [Rosette punches Chrono]
  • In Code Geass, it happens twice to Kallen (who is surprised?). First, with a Lelouch nice enough to try to look away. Second, a Waterfall Shower spotted by Suzaku. Oh, Kallen, it will be quicker finding the shower tropes you didn't fulfill.
  • Happened in Digimon Adventure. Tai and Izzy rush into a room to save Mimi who has just been carried off. Sora notices Mimi's dress on the floor and calls for them not to go in there. Naturally, they catch Mimi in the bath and get hit with various bath oil bottles.
  • Dragon Ball:
    • Happens a few times in Dragon Ball, most famously with Yamcha seeing Bulma.
    • Happens again in Dragon Ball Super when Goku kept bugging Bulma to get him to train with Vegeta, the last time after she got out of the shower. Then when he accidentally teleported to her home when she got out of the shower.
  • Subverted in Durarara!! when Shinra tries to invoke this on his girlfriend and instead gets the perfect view of his father's naked ass. He is not pleased.
    Celty: What's wrong?
    Shinra: I have seen the face of hell.
    Celty: Huh? The face of what?
    Shinra: Don't make me talk about it! I just want to forget!!!
  • In Fairy Tail, Gray is searching for Lucy in her house, decides that she might be taking a bath, and imagines a scenario in which he bursts into the bathroom, and Lucy, clad only in a towel, slaps him and accuses him of being a pervert. He then tells himself that it was bound to happen eventually and does it anyway, but not only Lucy isn't there, but Natsu is also in the bathtub.
  • Fushigi Yuugi, with the Official Couple. It was an accident, really!
  • This is how Ichika finds out Charlotte's true gender in Infinite Stratos.
  • In the manga Memory of Red of K, Mikoto is taking a shower. He then spots Anna peeking through the doorway and innocently trying to record it on camera. Mikoto throws her out.
  • After coming to the wrong conclusion that Yasuna bathed with Hazumu in Kashimashi: Girl Meets Girl, Tomari drags Hazumu to her house, throws her in the bathtub and then enter the bathroom a few moments later, in only a towel, wishing to bathe with her. Obviously, after learning what happens, embarrassment ensues.
  • In Kekkaishi, Yoshimori gets an eyeful of Tokine taking a bath when he is skulking around her house looking for her because he has not seen her in three days. He feels really bad about it afterwards — so much so that he began to avoid her, making her think that he was mad at her. They patch it up fairly quickly, but it prompts her to "rely" on him more. In other words, this is when she starts to go after him. So, boys and girls, stalk and peek at girls you like — it will help apparently.
  • Mazinger Z: At the beginning of the Mazinger Z vs Great General of Darkness movie, Kouji went to the bathroom and he walked in on Sayaka right when she was taking a shower. She slapped him right away.
  • Occasionally in Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch, Lucia will happen to walk in on Kaito in the shower. Partial subversion in that he doesn't get angry about it.
  • Negima! Magister Negi Magi:
  • Neon Genesis Evangelion:
  • No Matter How I Look at It, It's You Guys' Fault I'm Not Popular!: Tomoki walks in on Yoshida showering at his house in chapter 168. Neither has any idea what the other is doing there.
  • A gender-flipped version occurs in Otomen when Ryo (girl) walks in on a very naked Asuka (guy) in the bathroom. He freaks out, she doesn't even seem to notice.
  • Ryo in Penguin Revolution keeps accidentally catching Yukari bathing or changing clothes, and usually gets things thrown at his head when he does. Ayaori also tends to wander into the bathroom while Yukari is bathing, but since he's Blind Without 'Em, it takes him six manga volumes (and, finally, actually having his contacts in at the right time) to realize that Yukari's not a boy.
  • Ranma ˝: It's averted a lot in the manga. Ranma usually doesn't give a damn about who sees his girl side naked. For example, when Akane, or the rest of the Tendō family, runs into a naked female Ranma in the bath, as the latter couldn't care less. Played straight in other situations, however.
  • Skip Beat! has Kyouko and Ren spend the first night in their roles as the Heel siblings in a hotel room. Since Ren's taking a long time with his shower and bath, Kyouko assumes that 'her big brother' Ren has fallen asleep in the tub and storms in, pulling back the curtain to scold him. And Ren's still in the middle of showering.
  • Double Subverted in Toradora!: Ryuuji walks in on Ami in the shower while she's behind the curtain. When he tries to run away, she stops him and tells him to stay. As he gets flustered, she pulls the curtain aside... only to reveal that she's fully clothed and did it to mess with his head. Ryuuji flees the scene unable to speak due to embarrassment. Eventually, he gets Taiga to fight this battle for him, only Ami actually is showering by the time Taiga confronts her.
    Taiga: [barges in] Hey stupid chihua—
    [Taiga returns to Ryuuji]
    Taiga: [with a large slap print on her face] She actually was showering...
  • In The Wallflower Sunako seeing Kyouhei in the shower (while she is naked in preparation for her own shower) is the event which inspires her to plan to kill him.

    Comic Books 
  • Green Lantern: This happens twice to Kyle Rayner. The first time he thinks it is his girlfriend Donna, but it is Jade, who had (technically) broken into his apartment and was tired and needed to shower. The second time, Jade is his girlfriend and he's come back from an extended time in space and thinks it's her again, but now it's the guy she started seeing while he was away for so long.
  • Smallville Season 11: Diana's first adult encounters with her Childhood Friend Steve Trevor occurs when she ends up showing up at his apartment unannounced while he was showering and he ends up losing his Modesty Towel when he confronts her. Diana's Innocent Innuendo right after doesn't help
    Diana: You have... certainly grown...
    Diana: I cannot believe I just said that...

    Comic Strips 
  • Dennis the Menace: Dennis Mitchell has walked in on his mother in the bath several times. While this is awkward for his mother, Dennis is solely concerned with whatever matter he barged into the bathroom to discuss and this is more to do with him having no sense of privacy.

    Fan Works 
  • A Rare Male Example of it occurs in The Artist and the Faker when Saber walks in on Shirou in the bath. Done as a callback to the original Visual Novel.
  • Evangelion 303: In chapter 4, Shinji walks in on Asuka right when she's just taken a shower and is towelling herself dry. Cue screaming and yelling.
  • In chapter 4 of HERZ, Shinji walks in on Kurumi when she was having a shower in the base’s locker rooms. He screamed in terror and ran off.
  • This is how Heathcliffe and Aki first met in One Piece: Parallel Works, when Heathcliffe goes and takes a shower, but, catches Aki in the middle of her own shower. Thankfully, they get a proper introduction later.
  • The Power Rangers S.P.D. fic "Facing the Past" features a scene where Bridge is fixing the sink in Z and Syd's room and Z comes out after taking a shower, with the result that Bridge sees her naked before he can turn around or Z can grab a towel. While discussing the incident with Syd, Z learns that Syd has had similar moments with Sky (Syd musing that the bathrooms must be basically soundproof as nobody can hear anything going on in them from outside), although in that case Syd is less embarrassed as she and Sky are dating, allowing Syd to teasingly confirm that she's sure Bridge "enjoyed the view" of Z just as much as Sky enjoyed his own view of her.
  • In Chapter 29 of Pokémon Reset Bloodlines, Ash finds a rather secluded waterfall and decides to wash himself under it. However, shortly after Iris shows up too and decides to join him, not caring at all about stripping naked in front of him. Ash for his part is torn between not looking too much at her and not making her feel rejected.

    Film — Live-Action 
  • Bean: David turns on the shower and then sits on his bed for a while to contemplate his worries. When he enters the shower, he finds that Mr. Bean decided to take one in the meantime. They both freak out, but David is forced to answer the phone while all this is happening. Unfortunately for him, Bean answers it first and when the caller wants David, he cheerfully states that "yes, he's here in the shower with me!".
  • In the prologue of Caddyshack, Danny walks in on his pre-adolescent sister Kathleen, resulting in the latter screaming in a Modesty Towel.
  • In Captain Ron, Martin and Katherine are fooling around in the shower when the door jams and the shower begins to flood. Captain Ron ends up coming to their rescue, much to their embarrassment, and afterward tells their son that his parents were "playing 'hide-the-salami' in the shower".
  • In Dave, the title character (while impersonating the President) is taking a shower when the First Lady storms in and demands to speak to him face to face.
  • Inverted in Demolition Man when John Spartan receives a wrong number Fiber Op call from a woman who had just stepped out of the shower.
  • In Elf, Buddy hears Josie singing in the shower and enters the women’s changing room to sing along; since he's grown up solely alongside elves as opposed to humans, he doesn’t understand what changing rooms are. This leads to a rather awkward encounter.
  • In Hell Baby, Jack finds out Marjorie has gotten to their house by bumping into her in the shower. He puts on a towel to finish the conversation, while she doesn't.
  • The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (2005) has this with Arthur and Trillian, as part of their newly introduced love story.
  • Last Christmas: In the first five minutes of the movie, the protagonist meets a guy at a bar, spends the night with him, and the next morning things seem great...until his wife gets home from her business trip a day early and does this.
  • Steve Hardman's attempt at Shower of Love with his foreign language teacher Mona Lott turns into this in Loose Screws when he misinterprets what she said in French — to the effect of "I'm in the shower, I'll be out in a minute" — as "I'm in the shower, won't you come join me?" and proceeds to strip down and enter into the shower with her, scaring her and sending him running to the door.
  • A downplayed example in Piggy (2022). Sara appears more annoyed than embarrassed at being seen naked when her mother interrupts her shower. She makes no effort to cover herself.
  • In The Proposal, Margaret is at Andrew's parents' house (before their Citizenship Marriage) and leaves the towel outside the bathroom when she showers. She tries to get it, but their dog stands outside the door and starts barking loudly. She manages to trap the dog in the bathroom, only to bump into a naked Andrew who was also about to take a shower.
  • Alan in Recovery attempts to take a shower, but is interrupted by the nurse, as he forgot to turn on the water. He proceeds to masturbate in front of her.
  • In Reefer Madness: The Musical, Jimmy gets so high during "The Orgy" that he does this on his own mother.
  • Happens in So I Married an Axe Murderer where Mike Meyers' believes that he is walking in on his girlfriend, but it's actually her sister/roommate.
  • In the 2008 comedy Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins, Reggie tries to sneak in on his cousin RJ's girlfriend in the shower but finds his cousin Betty there instead. The actors improvised their angry exchange.

  • In the Disgaea Novels, Laharl accidentally walks in on Flonne while she is in a hot spring. He blushes and quickly walks out.

    Live-Action TV 
  • 21 Jump Street: Police officer Judy, while transporting an arrested woman on a multi-day trip, takes a shower in the motel they stay in. When she opens the shower curtains after ending the shower, she finds a gun pointed in her face by another suspect that was still on the loose and that she had no idea was following her; she screams out in terror. This is an inversion in the sense that Judy is so much terrified by the gun pointed in her face, that that totally overwhelms any concerns she might have about being seen naked; while the perpetrator who points the gun at her (the moral of the episode is that some perpetrators actually have a heart of gold), reacts embarrassed/regretful that he has to overpower her when she's naked, and came prepared with a towel which he first hands to her saying "Put this on".
  • Beverly Hills, 90210: David walks in on his step-sister Kelly during her shower and sees her naked, to her horror. The rest of the episode she spends about how awkward that makes her feel, while David, feeling awkward about it himself, confides the incident to his friend / Kelly's ex-lover Steve, who at first thinks David is making this up. To prove his story, David describes a mole somewhere on Kelly's body, to which Steve reacts shocked: "O my God, you did see her naked".
  • In the season 2 premiere of 9-1-1 Buck strips and heads for the shower thinking it's his girlfriend returned home. He pulls back to curtain to reveal his sister. She laughs it off, reminding him she used to bathe him but he's still freaked.
  • Charmed:
    • Prue walks in on her brother-in-law Leo in the shower. Prue's sister / Leo's wife Piper walks in at the same time and is not impressed.
    • Phoebe walks in on Piper and Leo in the shower together just after they get married. The incident convinces Piper it's time for the couple to move out. A flashback episode where Phoebe and Paige get sent back in time has the same scene reused only with present Phoebe walking in this time.
    • In a downplayed example (because it doesn't actually happen in a shower itself): when a very minor earthquake happens (note this takes place in San Francisco and the sisters have lived there all their lives, so they should have some knowledge on how to handle these), Phoebe, who was taking a shower at the time, freaks out so over-exaggeratedly that she runs naked out of the shower into the house. When her sisters later make fun of her because of her freak-out and how that made her run around naked, she retorts with:
      Phoebe: Hey, I was wearing slippers!
  • In the opening to an episode of Chuck, Chuck accidentally sees his sister Ellie and brother-in-law Awesome in the shower. Squick.
  • CSI: NY: Det. Flack does a welfare check on a guy whose life has been threatened. He calls out for him as he walks thru the guy's apartment but gets no response. Hearing the shower running, he enters the bathroom with gun drawn and pulls back the curtain. The naked guy screams and attempts to cover his privates while Flack hastily looks away in disgust.
  • Diff'rent Strokes: Kimberly mischievously takes a picture of Arnold's bare bottom in the shower. The photo is accidentally published in the newspaper, complicating his run for class president.
  • Family Matters: Urkel is about to step into the shower when he goes to get a loofah from his room. In the meantime, Laura steps into the shower herself, even though the water's already running, and sure enough...
  • Friends:
    • Chandler accidentally sees Rachel topless as she exits the shower. Rachel then tries to walk in on Chandler as payback but gets Joey instead. Joey then tries to get even by walking in on Rachel but gets Monica. Monica then tries to catch Joey, but instead sees Joey's dad, bringing the Zany Scheme Chicken to a screeching halt. Notably, Joey's father is completely unfazed.
    • Joey comes home from a fishing trip absolutely filthy and smelling terrible but falls asleep before he can shower. He then oversleeps and has to rush to work the next day still filthy. He ends up sneaking into Charlton Heston's dressing room to use the shower, only for Heston to come back and catch him mid-shower.
      Charlton Heston: Put some pants on kid so I can kick your butt.
  • The George Lopez Show: George hears a shower running in the bathroom. Expecting to see his wife inside, he goes inside unannounced in the hope of surprising her... only to see his mother instead!
  • Grey's Anatomy:
    • Played with in an episode. Sloan and Lexie are dating, but Callie, Sloan's bisexual ex-girlfriend, deliberately walks in on Sloan in the shower to ask him a question. Neither of them is weirded out, but for Lexie, it's very uncomfortable.
    • Due to living arrangements with Meredith, almost everybody had it happen to them at one moment or another. Usually while the people in the shower are having sex and it has to remain a secret.
  • Hercules: The Legendary Journeys: Iolaus stumbles across Nebula taking a shower on board her ship.
  • Home Improvement: Tim thinks it's his wife in the shower so he enters the bathroom and takes off his clothes, but once he pulls open the curtains, he instead sees his sister-in-law. Noticing his subsequent awkwardness, his wife teases him with "You liked what you saw, didn't you?"
  • Home and Away: Happened repeatedly, at least three or four times in Irene's house.
  • Hope & Faith: The title characters, trying to disinfect Hope's daughter Sydney's pierced tongue, head into the shower with her, dressed, so as not to spill hydrogen peroxide on the rug. Just then Hope's husband Charlie comes in asking for her. Hope, who doesn't want him to know about the unauthorized piercing, claims to be showering, so Charlie drops his bathrobe to join her and pulls the curtain, inadvertently exposing himself to his daughter and sister-in-law.
  • Kyle XY: Kyle walks in on Jessie shortly after she moves in with the Tragers. Jessie responds with exactly the level of embarrassment you'd expect — that is, absolutely none. Kyle, on the other hand...
  • Living Single: After moving in with the girls after a fight with Kyle, Overton accidentally walks in on a naked Khadijah in the shower. Regine, who did not want him to move it, considered it karma, especially since he was then becoming a nuisance. Then he accidentally sees Max naked due to her undressing with the window shade up while in her apartment.
  • Lost: Has a scene shortly after the hatch is discovered where Jack comes upon Kate in the shower. Although he doesn't see anything, it's still an extremely awkward moment between them.
    • Earlier, there was a horse bath of awkward when Michael stumbled onto Sun in the woods. It was immensely awkward for both of them and Michael apologised and left immediately, but considering how much of a Crazy Jealous Guy Sun's husband had been up to that point, especially towards Michael, they were both genuinely scared.
  • Mork & Mindy: In an episode where Mindy forced to host a gossip show, Mork tries to help out with compromising gossip of his personal friends, including an embarrassing photo of Mindy in the shower with a shower cap, and then hilariously similar one with Mr. Bickley in the same position with the same cap!
  • Mr. Robot: Elliot walks in on fellow hacker Darlene, who has broken into his apartment and is taking a shower. This seems only slightly awkward until it is later revealed that she's his sister.
  • The Nanny: Fran accidentally catches Mr. Sheffield in the shower. Later in the series, this comes back a Brick Joke (and from the other characters' perspective as a Noodle Incident), by Fran mentioning that she has seen her boss naked once.
  • The New Adventures of Beans Baxter: The opening scene of "There's No Place Like Omsk" has Beans catching Soviet defector Svetlana (played by Miss Universe Shawn Weatherly) in the shower.
  • Seinfeld: Jerry's girlfriend walks in on George after he's been swimming, which horrifies George because he had just climbed out of a cold pool. ("Shrinkage!") George spends the rest of the episode contriving excuses to walk in on her naked to even the score.
  • Passions: Sheridan gets an eyeful of a naked Luis when he comes out of the shower wearing only a smile and a few beads of water.
  • Pretty Little Liars: Used this trope in season 1 in order to build up sexual tension between Caleb and Hanna. He is secretly crashing at her place after his foster parents gave him the boot. While he is taking a shower she walks into the room in order to fix her make up. She is then forced to step into the shower, while naked Caleb is there, when her mother walks into the room. Romance Ensues by the end of the episode, soon to b followed by more.
  • Reba: Reba, in her eagerness to relax, is too immersed in her easy-listening music to notice that her ex-husband was using her shower equipment at the time as she prepares for her own shower. The result only stressed her out more, as she told him: "I'm under strict order to keep my stress to the minimum, AND YOU'RE NOT HELPING ONE BIT!"
  • Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place: Johnny's does various attempts to walk in on Sharon in the shower. Unfortunately, he gets Ashley the first and Pete's grandpa the second time.
  • Ugly Betty: Daniel walks in on the villainous Wilhelmina thinking it's his love interest. Turns out that they're sisters.
  • Who's the Boss?: In an early episode, Tony catches Angela coming out of the shower. This helps set up the series' Will They or Won't They? tension. Allegedly, the director had Judith Light flash Tony Danza for real during the taping in order to produce a suitably shocked reaction, making this an example of Enforced Method Acting.
  • The X-Files:
    • Subverted when Marita is talking to Krycek in the shower. The characters have history, but they appear to be quite comfortable.
    • But played straight with Mulder and Scully themselves in "One Son". There's a brief but spectacularly awkward scene when they have to shower to remove possible contagion. Though there seems to be separate showers for each of them, the dividing wall is not particularly useful, privacy-wise, and they both look very uncomfortable with the situation (and try extremely hard not to check each other out).
    • Given that it's definitely not the first time in the series they'd seen each other naked, the awkwardness probably comes more from the fact that they're both naked at the same time and neither of them was unconscious.
    • Averted in the episode "Demons", in which Scully finds a naked Mulder trying to warm up in a steaming bathtub, in shock after being drugged and traumatized.

    Myths & Religion 
  • Classical Mythology:
    • In Greek mythology, Artemis was the goddess of the hunt, and one of her attributes was her chasteness. A mortal hunter named Actaeon happened to see her while she was bathing the woods. Artemis was so furious that she turned him into a stag, and he was run down and torn to pieces by his own dogs.
    • One version of Tiresias's myth states that he walked on Artemis's half-sister Athena, also a virgin goddess, when she was bathing. Instead of turning him into an animal, Athena blinds Tiresias; once she calms down and realizes not only what she has done but how she can't undo it, she gives him massive seers powers as an apology.

  • Brighton Beach Memoirs: Eugene tries to do this with his hot cousin Nora after being coached on the technique by his older brother, but it backfires on him when she accidentally walks in on him using the toilet.

    Video Games 
  • Death Stranding. To ensure they won't be overheard, Deadman gets into the shower with Sam Bridges as there are no surveillance devices there. Apart from the inevitable Homoerotic Subtext, it's also awkward because Porter suffers from aphenphosmphobia and Deadman has No Sense of Personal Space.
  • Happens in the first Deponia game, with Rufus walking in on his ex-girlfriend Toni. She seems more annoyed than genuinely upset with the whole thing (a somewhat odd reaction given that Wenzel was looking on the whole time).
  • The Fatal Frame series have this as cutscenes.
    • III: Rei notices someone near the bathroom door while she showers, but the "someone" is a ghost, not Miku (her roommate). Fortunately for her, said ghost doesn't harm or kill her, though the experience still leaves her feeling unnerved by it.
    • V: Yuri is bathing in her tub, but is dragged underwater, and then locked in a submerged box with a ghost. She then flings herself awake, realizing it has been All Just a Dream but feeling shaken by the incident all the same.
  • Happens differently to normal in Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne, as you might expect when the two people are a cop and an assassin.
  • Solatorobo does it twice. Modesty Towels prevented those moments from being even more awkward.

    Visual Novels 
  • Subverted in Fate/stay night when Shirou walks in on Saber in the bath. He feels really embarrassed for a bit but she tells him to get over it, she doesn't consider herself a girl anyway. Played straight later when Shirou does it again, and Saber uses the moment to start wondering if Shirou thinks she looks too muscular and unfeminine for mutual awkwardness.
  • Sara walks in on her brother Suoh in the shower in Sickness and gets a good glimpse at everything. She freaks, while Suoh isn't fazed at all.

  • Happens in Misfile when Vashiel stumbles into Ash's bathroom while already looking for tissue.
  • A variant appears in Sticky Dilly Buns here, when Dillon and Amber, who are used to sharing showers, blunder in on new roommate Ruby, who thought she would have the shower to herself. The fact that she merely gets angry rather than cripplingly embarrassed is a sign of her Character Development.
  • A World of Fizz storyline has Carlos accidentally walking in on Kelli as she is stepping out of the shower.

    Web Videos 

    Western Animation 
  • Done straight on 6teen with Jonesy seeing Jen completely naked and freaking out over it because they're stepsiblings.
  • In the Adventure Time episode "Marceline's Closet", Finn and Jake end up stuck hiding in Marceline's bedroom closet when Jake ignores her warning to stay out of her house when she's out, and she comes back at the wrong time. At one point Finn tries to sneak out and see what she's doing... which turns out to be taking a shower. He manages to avoid being detected, but it's heavily implied he accidentally saw Marceline naked.
  • Happens in Code Lyoko episode "Uncharted Territory", where Aelita is tricked by Sissi into entering the boys' shower room. We don't know what she saw since it stays an outside shot with just some surprised yells heard. Ulrich and Odd, wet and wearing Modesty Towels, are prompt to get her out.
  • In The Cramp Twins, Miss Hissy is temporarily appointed Lucien and Wayne's mother while their real mother is way, and starts making romantic advances towards their dad. She intentionally barges in on Mr. Cramp while he is naked and showering, which terrifies him to the point that he refuses to bathe again until forced to by his boss. Mrs. Cramp comes home just as Miss Hissy is about to do this again.
  • Referenced in Family Guy when Peter and his neighbors win a trophy for a parade float commemorating the Who's the Boss? scene.
  • Gravity Falls: In the episode “Summerween,” a couple of kids look around the Mystery Shack since they want Stan to give them some candy. During their search, they accidentally come across Stan while he’s showering. This makes the kids run away in terror.
  • In the Home Movies episode "Shore Leave", Brendon is staying the weekend at Fenton's house and walks in on Fenton's mom in the shower. As he has his camera with him and shooting a movie, he catches the moment on video. Coach McGuirk ends the show trying to put the footage online.
  • On King of the Hill, Bobby walks in on his cousin Luanne. A jealous Joseph then keeps trying to do the same.
  • Parodied in The Simpsons when Marge comes upon a decidedly un-sexy Burns in the shower.
  • Seen in SpongeBob SquarePants.
    • In Neptune's Spatula, the Roman God Neptune attempts to show Spongebob his reward for beating him at a cook off via a magical cloud, which accidentally opens up to Tom Kenny (SpongeBob's real voice actor) showering. As you can guess, he panics when he realizes he's being looked upon.
    • In New Digs, Mr.Krabs enters his office to see that SpongeBob has hung floral print curtains in his office. Upset, he yanks them down to reveal SpongeBob's mother taking a shower only for her husband to walk in and get upset with him and as usual with the cartoon, all hell breaks loose.
  • Downplayed as a Running Gag in the VeggieTales song "Oh, Where Is My Hairbrush", when Larry the Cucumber - having just gotten out of the shower - is singing about how he can't find his hairbrush. Pa Grape, Junior Asparagus and Bob the Tomato both pop in to offer their thoughts, and are "shocked and slightly embarrassed at the sight of Larry in a towel." Finally the Peach enters to resolve the story, also wearing a towel, leaving both him and Larry "shocked and slightly embarrassed at the sight of... each other".


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