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A game that involves the loss of one's clothing. The traditional, trope-naming game is Poker, although any game may be played. Mahjong is a popular game for this in Japan, which is why several arcade games where you play strip mahjong were made in The '90s. The loss of clothing is usually little by little, to prolong the suspense, although this is not always the case.

Most setups will usually involve one or more attractive women, and the male character(s) (to say nothing of the male audience) eagerly looking forward to making at least one lose her shirt... among other garments. More often than not, however, the scene switches to the almost fully clothed woman at the table displaying her Royal Flush to a group of guys in varying states of undress— but with at least one in his Goofy Print Underwear.

A common variant involves a regular game of poker where one player is losing so badly that he eventually resorts to betting any stuff he happens to have with him when attempting to win his money back, eventually literally losing the shirt off his back (and the other clothes, as well).

May result in a Shameful Strip if the loser is not eager to disrobe. Expect a savvy participant to use Loophole Abuse to delay this outcome, e.g. by taking off a single earring rather than an actual garment.

This game, more often discussed than actually played, has been the basis for several computer games, as well as two game shows: Strip Poker on USA Network and Räsypokka on Finland's SubTV.

Subtrope of Humiliating Wager. See You Can Leave Your Hat On for stripping without the poker pretext.


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  • An old vodka (Smirnoff?) advertisement has a woman who is "1 part card shark, 1 part cheat, 1 part exhibitionist", where in a mixed-gender game of Strip Poker she deliberately loses, despite palming a card, and has to take off her bra.
  • Another vodka advert has strip chess. The woman wins.
  • Inversion: The regional furniture chain Oak Express had a bunch of ads showing "unnatural" scenarios to contrast with the store's wares. One such scenario has a bunch of nudists playing "Dress Poker".
    Woman 1: He's gotta be hiding cards somewhere...
    Woman 2: Eew.
  • This (banned) commercial for Centrum Silver. (Probably a good idea the scene shifted when it did.)
  • A lingerie commercial (Under Brazil) entitled Strip. The film shows a variety of well healed men and women playing strip poker in a nightclub. Two of the women end up topless.

    Anime & Manga 
  • At one point in Ah! My Goddess, Chihiro reminisces about how she once forced her then suitors (her immediate successors as head of the NIT Motor Club) to play strip janken until they were both completely naked.
  • The Fujiyama Gangsta Paradise arc of Black Lagoon combines this with a Shameful Strip for a villainous version. After Yukio is captured, her captors play strip bowling. For every strike they remove a piece of clothing from her. By the time we see her she has lost her shoes, socks, skirt and bra, but for some reason she can still cover herself with her (unbuttoned) shirt.
  • In the Cat Planet Cuties OVA, the Female Catia cast play strip mahjong and strip poker, and there is strip chess with Jens losing to Muttley as well as strip rock-paper-scissors with Kio and some of the female cast, and Kio is winning (he was blindfolded, and they kept using scissors to his rock).
  • Faye and Jet from Cowboy Bebop. She cheats. It's plain ordinary gambling (with dice, in this case). Jet just has lost everything in his possession he's willing to bet, so he only has his clothes to put on the line.
  • In D.Gray-Man, Allen plays this with Tyki Mikk and his human friends, leaving them without their clothes. One volume of the manga also has a joke inner cover, where it's Tyki and Lavi Allen stripped to their underwear.
  • Davis starts to suggest a game of this in the dub version of Digimon's Christmas Episode. Yes, the dubbed version. While the girls (more specifically, his crush Kari) are in the room. My, my... To be fair it is cut off after "Strip", and is really more of a Parental Bonus.
  • In a filler arc of Dragon Ball Z, Krillin's girlfriend Maron plays this with Korin and Yajirobe. Naturally she ends up winning Yajirobe's clothing and Korin's items.
  • Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA☆ILLYA: Done in one of the OVAs where Irisviel and the two housekeepers Sella and Leysritt play a spiced up version of The Game of Life where they players take the opponents' clothes instead of money. Iri wins without losing any of her clothes, while Leyritt loses her top and Sella loses all of her clothes (she still has her panties on, which technically also loses).
  • In Futari Escape, Senpai and Kouhai play Strip Hanafuda for New Years, which results in both of them in the buff by the time Kouhai's editor arrives to join them. Both girls' nipples are covered by Kouhai's Godiva Hair and Senpai's cards.
  • In Gamble Fish, there is a strange variation of Strip Dice: dice are rolled and the two girls playing must come up with a prime number by combining the dice numbers in some fashion. It must be a higher number than the previous turn. If you give a prime number, the opponent loses an article of clothing. If the number you give isn't prime, you lose an article. Later, there is a high-stakes poker match in which Tomu's harem has to take off clothing in his stead.
    • And finally, it is revealed that Mizuhara plays online Strip Poker in his spare time under the alias Kaizer Mizuhara, so much so that his poker skills are on par with professional gamblers. He's infamous on the internet as the "Stripping Emperor".
  • Gintama parodies the trope (not surprisingly) by adding in deadly stakes and a Shout-Out to the eponymous gambler protagonist of Akagi. The final round boils down to him, Gintoki, Madao, and the episode's exclusive character all naked around a Mahjong table, ending when the former's cheat backfires and gives the win to, oddly, Madao.
  • Gravion Zwei begins with the Gran Knights having to do chores after Eiji loses big against the Maids in a game that left him down to his boxers. Rather than lose those (much to the maids' disappointment), he bet the team's services.
  • A one-off chapter of Hayate the Combat Butler has Miki reveal that she had her father's company make a deck of cards where half of them were transparent, creating some interesting new strategies since your opponent could see at least some of your cards and vice versa. Hinagiku shows up after a demonstration and wants to play, with Miki instantly declaring that Hina has to strip if she loses...and making Izumi strip instead of herself if Hina wins. After some obvious goading to her competitive nature, Hina agrees. Miki realized how screwed she was when Hina got an all-transparent royal flush. For Fanservice, Izumi did actually strip after each hand despite her complaints.
  • In Miyuki-chan in Wonderland, Miyuki plays a chess game against her cold, lesbian reflection, and the loser is forced to strip herself naked. Somehow, Miyuki manages to win the game despite of not being able to bring down a single enemy piece and she has only two pieces left. However, since her opponent is her reflection, the punishment has the same effect as if the real Miyuki have lost.
  • Variation in Negima! Magister Negi Magi One of the girls in Negi's class asks if the students can play Baseball Janken, a quiz game to help review for the big test. Negi approves. Unfortunately, (or fortunately, as the case may be) he's too innocent/uninformed to know that the game's primary rule appears to be "answer a question wrong, lose an article of clothing." The Baka Rangers get stripped to their underwear within four minutes.
  • In No Game No Life, you can wager anything in the games, including clothing. Since poor Stephanie loses almost every game she tries, she gets stripped a lot.
  • In Ranma Ĺ, in order to defeat the infamous Gambling King, Ranma "trains" with Ukyō and Akane by playing Old Maid. By morning, he's down to his underwear and the girls own not only his clothes, but many, many IOUs for his services.
  • Rio -Rainbow Gate!-: Orlin Dunhill sends thugs after a little girl named Mint. Rio fights them off and then challenges Orlin to a game of poker, saying if she wins, he'll have to explain himself and then leave. He says he'll only agree to those terms if she wagers something important, so Mint says if Rio loses, she'll take off her clothes. Rio reluctantly agrees and a film crew is brought in to record the game. Rio wins and Orlin keeps his word, but then Mint trips and accidentally pulls Rio's skirt down.
  • In Rurouni Kenshin, shortly before they meet Megumi, Kenshin and Sanosuke go gambling. While waiting for them to come back, Yahiko says he bets they'll lose it all and come home in their underwear (it doesn't happen). At the game, Sanosuke boasts that he will send all his opponents home in their underwear before they get interrupted.
  • In So, I Can't Play H!, they play strip poker in episode 10, to prevent Ryosuke from finding out the truth about the situation. It ends with all girls in just their underwear, and Ryosuke gets a Royal Straight Flush. Then they find out he was cheating.

    Comic Books 
  • The Boys: Resident lunatics Frenchman and the Female are seen to play reverse strip poker. With Clue pieces. On a Monopoly board.
  • In Issue 3 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8, Andrew complains about how he's bored out of his mind since all the (hot, teenage, female) slayers just want to play strip poker with each other.
  • In one issue of Marvel Comics' Cable & Deadpool, the latter title character is playing one of these with Bob From HYDRA, Outlaw and Sandi Brandenberg, with only Deadpool down to his skivvies (or less; the characters are shown only from the waist up), until Cable gives him a hint ("She's bluffing") over a psychic link. Later the girls are seen propositioning The Thing for a similar game.
  • In one strip of Le Petit Spirou, Spirou is running around the house wearing around fifteen layers of clothing, looking for a deck of cards. His grandfather asks him what the hell he's doing, to which Spirou answers he's going to play the game Gramps taught him. Gramps gets angry and forbids him to play for money, at which point Spirou asks why he'd want to play for money, and we cut to Spirou's similarly attired friends and Suzette in a bathing suit.
  • The XXXenophile story "Fool's Mate" has a woman playing strip chess. Against her dog!

    Comic Strips 
  • From Luann; planning the budget is a boring job for newlyweds Brad and Toni, until Toni thinks up a novel way to do so in this strip here.
  • One Over the Hedge strip had the animals playing "dress" poker, lowest ranking hand had to put on clothes.
  • In Zits Jeremy and Hector once got caught playing strip HORSE (HORSE is a one-on-one variant of basketball, more information at The Other Wiki here) in the former's driveway. Another time Jeremy and his friends played poker where they could bet anything but money, the bets often involving wacky outfits.

    Fan Works 
  • Part one of Asuka's plan to reveal her and Shinji's relationship in Advice and Trust starts with this to mess with her head. Shinji throws a match to Pen-Pen one day, then Asuka wins him back the next day.
  • Bring Me Home (found here): There is a brief scene of Adrien and Marinette playing Strip Battleship.
  • The campers do it in the Total Drama Comeback Series, though they agree beforehand to only go as far as their underwear.
  • In The Victors Project, the captured rebel leaders of District 1 pass the time by playing this.
  • The Firefly fic Playing Doctor has Simon and Kaylee playing a game of attempting to identify each otherís tools and removing clothes when they miss one.

    Films — Animation 
  • The first Toy Story movie features Hamm and Mr. Potato Head playing Strip Battleship. Which raises the question of what would have happened if Potato Head won. Hamm would probably have to give up some of the loose change inside him (he's a piggy bank).
    Hamm: No, no, not the ear. Gimme the nose, c'mon.
    Mr. Potato Head: [nasally] How about three out of five?

    Films — Live-Action 
  • Aleta: Vampire Mistress: Near the start of the movie, a bunch of girls at a slumber party decide to play a game of strip poker, much to the host girl's chagrin.
  • Shown in American Pie 2.
  • Captain Ron also features the Strip Monopoly variant.
  • Casanova and Co (AKA Some Like it Cool) features a strip dice game between a group of well-to-do ladies and gentlemen, and the hero Tony Curtis (yes that one!). All the ladies end up naked.
  • Dallas Doll features people playing Strip Golf.
  • Dilemme Charnel (France) features a strip card game between 2 couples. Viewers see a woman remove her dress; the 2 guys are playing sudden death rules and are stripped naked by the women when they lose. The scene cuts to all 4 players naked and starting to do forfeits.
  • Older Than Television! In the 1932 satire The Dark Horse, Dirty Old Man Zachary Hicks gets roped into a strip poker game by Honey Pot Maybelle. She wants to lose some clothing so the political operatives who are on the way can take embarrassing photos, but Hicks is so terrible at poker that he loses every hand, and winds up in his underwear while she still has all her clothes.
  • Embrace of the Vampire (2013): Kelly, the hard-edged captain of the fencing team, makes her teammates all play a drinking game where they must guess fencing trivia, with losers having to strip and drink. The majority end up at least in their bras and panties, if not topless, as a hazing ritual.
  • Three of the counselors at Camp Crystal Lake play Strip Monopoly in Friday the 13th (1980).
  • Girl House: When Anna sneaks into the house, Devon and Heather are playing some kind of strip card game for the benefit of the cameras.
  • J.D. and Veronica play (off-screen) strip croquet in Heathers.
  • H.O.T.S. has a strip football game.
  • In In Time, Will and Sylvia play this.
  • Joysticks features people playing strip video games.
  • In A Knight's Tale, Chaucer is introduced completely in the buff, and he's not forthcoming as to why he's in that state. At least until later on, when he's found that way again, and has to explain to William that he has a gambling addiction, and his debtors took his clothes from him. They also threaten to carve the debt out of his flesh, but William is fortunately able to repay them.
  • In The Movie of Man About the House, Robin tries to trick the girls into a game of strip poker. The girls work out what he was doing and agree. Chrissie turns out to be a card shark (and Jo folds every hand), so Robin winds up stripped naked.
  • In the somewhat obscure Australian movie One Night Stand, four teens hide out in a theater while a nuclear holocaust happens outside. They decide to play strip poker at one point, resulting in all the kids in their underwear. One boy loses his briefs and, from the girls' reaction, came up a little short.
  • The remake of The Parent Trap has two girls (who are actually twins, both played by Lindsay Lohan) playing poker against each other. Hallie suggests the loser jump into the lake, naked. Annie, holding a straight flush (non-royal), agrees. Then Hallie reveals a royal flush... After Annie jumps into the lake, Hallie and her gang run off with the clothes.
  • Sort-of example: In Restoration, Robert Downey Jr.'s character stops at a roadside Three-Card Monte game. Jump cut later, and he's nearly nude, having lost all his money and clothes.
  • The Secret Weapon (France) has a boozy strip card game played by 3 couples, most of whom end up naked.
  • Terror Toons has Strip Ouija.
  • The Hugh Grant movie Two Weeks Notice features his character playing strip chess with his pretty, red-headed new lawyer.
  • Referenced in a brief (no pun intended) joke in Weird Al's UHF: Strip Solitaire!
  • The Wanderers gang members Ritchie and Joey cheat at this to get a look at new girl Nina (Karen Black).
  • What's New Pussycat? Woody Allen recalls playing strip chess with a girl: "She had me down to my shorts and I fainted from tension."
  • In Young Lady Chatterley II, Cynthia and the Count play a game of strip chess as part of an elaborate seduction.

  • The Bronze Horseman by Paullina Simons. Tatiana accuses her husband of cheating in order to get her clothes off. He points out that he doesn't need to play poker to do that.
  • In Thomas Pynchon's The Crying of Lot 49, Oedipa Maas and Metzger play Strip Botticelli.
  • There's one essay by David Sedaris in Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim about how he was invited to a sleepover by several boys in his neighborhood, and how a game of strip poker/attempt at borderline-hazing was derailed when he discovered that a) he was very, very good at poker (or at least at pretending he was good at poker) and b) he liked guys.
  • In one of the Grange Hill novelisations there is a reference to two of the kids playing strip snap, as it was the only card game the girl knew the rules of. The person who lost the first round attempted to play it cute by removing one shoelace, at which point they were busted by the teachers.
  • Louise Erdrich's Love Medicine has a woman and her husband recalling how they and his brother had played strip poker, and she won because she had a lot of accessories.
  • Lilly plays strip bowling with a bunch of other teenagers in the castle in one of The Princess Diaries books, causing Mia to freak out.
  • In Stim, Robert, Chloe, Stef, and some guests play strip poker. To Robert's relief, the game ends before anyone has to take their underwear off.
  • The Teresa Knight Trilogy: The first book is named this, and opens on Teresa playing it against a white man in Africa. Before long it turns into the two having sex.
  • Referenced in To Kill a Mockingbird; when Atticus demands to know why Jem isn't wearing pants (after he loses them while sneaking around the Radley property), Dill lies and says he won them off him in a game of strip poker and accidentally left them there.
  • Jeffrey Archer's book A Twist in the Tale includes a short story about chess, and particularly a game of strip chess which sounds fairly similar to the vodka advert mentioned above. The titular twist is probably not entirely surprising to a savvy reader though.

    Live-Action TV 
  • 3rd Rock from the Sun: Mary plays with some of her and Dick's students (there must be a rule against this!) One of them decides to surrender their briefs instead of their socks on the grounds that their feet would get cold.
  • Ashes to Ashes: Ray and Chris manage to convince two buxom blonde twins to play strip poker. However, Chris's lack of knowledge in poker means that he ends up losing most of the hands... much to Ray's disappointment.
  • Battlestar Galactica. In "Six of One", Racetrack, Hot Dog and an unnamed tattooed pilot are playing Strip Triad at Lee Adama's farewell party. Racetrack removes her sweatshirt revealing her bra, and as the camera circles it's revealed that Hot Dog is already shirtless.
  • Subverted in the reality show Beauty and the Geek: One of the challenges had the girls playing poker and betting on the guys' clothes.
  • Castle:
    • The 6th season episode "Law and Boarder" ends with Castle and Beckett playing strip poker. At the end, the room is strewn with clothes, Beckett is down to her bra and Castle is wearing a shirt which he says is the last thing he's got left to bet (we only see them from the waist up). Both players go all-in, but don't even bother seeing their cards or taking off their last garments - instead they start making out, and we cut to the end credits.
    • Subverted in an earlier season, before they are an official couple: Castle dares Beckett to play strip poker, but she decides she would rather play for gummies.
    • Earlier in the same episode Castle's mother Martha comments that she prefers strip poker because "even when you lose, you win".
  • Chuck: Jeff and Lester of the Nerd Herd, along with Morgan, have weekly poker games. When Captain Awesome is invited out to one after being put in the doghouse with Elle, he comes to the uncomfortable realization that it isn't just any poker — it's strip poker, but only with sad, unattractive men as the players. With the exception of the good captain, they all seem to have a pretty good time with it, though.
  • The late '80s/early '90s Italian game show Colpo Grosso (and its German version, Tutti Frutti as well as the Brazilian version, Cocktail) was an elaborate form of strip-poker: contestants had to strip when they were low on points after playing various games. Also, the points were used to have professional strippers remove items of clothing.
  • Community: In "Digital Estate Planning", the characters explore the town and Troy and Pierce later return completely naked. When asked what happened to their clothes, Troy answers, "Pierce taught me poker. I'm...not good at it."
  • Dog Eat Dog
    • Strip Hangman/Darts/Quarterback/Golf were among the challenges.
    • Host Brooke Burns once opened the show in the nude with a golf club saying, "Somebody has to get a hole in one or they might have to get naked!"
  • At one point in The Drew Carey Show, Drew and friends are playing a game of poker and Oswald antes up his sock, prompting Kate to say they aren't playing strip poker. Subverted when Oswald says that he's just out of money so he's betting his sock instead.
  • Entertainment Tonight: Nancy O'Dell played strip ping-pong with The Bachelor's Juan Pablo during her interview segment with him.
  • Friends. Joey kept bugging the others to play a game of strip poker. They eventually give in to shut him up, but because they can't find cards they end up playing strip Happy Days Game. The rest of them spend the whole game getting him to take his clothes off. Monica had also lost a few rounds and her pants by the time the game ended. Later in the episode, Joey tried to convince Chandler to play him in a one on one game.
  • In Glee, Becky convinces Puck to play with her. She ends up being really good, and he's left with his tiny pair of Star Wars briefs on before he gives up and suggests they do something else.
  • Sammy J finds himself on the losing end of a game he started in an attempt to find out who was inside a Wilderness Society possum suit on a Good News World sketch.
  • Hustle, forcing Danny Blue to wear nothing but a strategically placed pillow.
  • Law & Order: SVU: One episode starts with a trio of friends playing strip poker. One girl is fully clothed (and surrenders her headband when she does lose), the boy is topless, and the other girl is down to her bra and panties. When she loses the next hand, she flees the apartment in embarrassment rather than remove anything else. This being SVU, she's promptly raped by her cab driver, who uses the "she was practically naked, she was asking for it" defense. From there, the plot goes off the rails a little...
  • There was an episode of Lois & Clark with the titular characters playing that. There were constant accusations by Lois that her husband uses X-Ray vision.
  • On one Love Connection segment, contestant Victoria Upton tells Chuck Woolery and the audience that she and her date, Dwayne played strip backgammon. Dwayne won.
  • In the The L Word episode "Lesson Number One", Helena plays strip gin against Catherine in an attempt to clear her gambling debts.
  • Mad About You: We see Jamie finally winning the underwear of a group of Paul's friends. Thankfully, the scene ends quickly.
  • In one episode of Married... with Children, Kelly and her boyfriend told Bud they were going to do this with Nintendo. (They didn't specify a game.) Al threw the guy out before they could.
  • M*A*S*H
    • Hawkeye and Trapper play with a nurse, and Hawkeye demands that the others turn their heads before he will remove his dogtags. To make things worse for them, it was really, really cold outside.
    • Speaking of "really, really cold," one of the later "winter" episodes features everyone bundled up in all the cold weather gear they own, playing strip poker. Of course, because it's really, really cold, losers leave the table when they're down to just "one coat, two gloves, one hat, one scarf," so maybe this doesn't really count as Strip Poker.
    • In another episode, a general walks in on a game of two-person strip dominoes. The guy was down to his skivvies and the nurse was still fully dressed.
  • Mile High is a British television drama based on the lives of the cabin crew members of Fresh!, a budget airline based in London. Several strip games take place during the series, including a strip quiz to help new cabin staff revise for their exams, and a strip poker game between an attractive female pilot and her male colleague.
  • Near the end of the Mork & Mindy episode "Mork The Monkey's Uncle", Mork attempts to play strip solitaire. And of course, he's losing fast.
  • Psych, in the episode "Tuesday the 17". Includes the conceited camp counselor who has removed everything but his shoes and socks (much to the discomfort of every other male).
  • In the second episode of Puberty Blues, Sue arrives home to find her parents and a group of other adults playing a strip version of 'Strip Jack Naked' (a.k.a. 'Beggar Thy Neighbour').
  • The crew plays this in one episode of Red Dwarf; Kryten the android proves to be at a severe disadvantage, as he has no clothes and must detach body parts.
  • On Riverdale, while trapped inside by an Ominous Fog, Veronica and Reggie try to pass the time by playing strip poker and end up having sex.
  • Subverted in an old sketch comedy show (possibly Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In). A male and female are outside of the camera view, but we see them ante their clothes one by one. Then camera pulls back: they're fully clothed in a laundromat.
  • A Saturday Night Live sketch featuring the androgynous Pat had a mixed-gender group try to determine the character's gender with a game of strip poker. Pat loses the first round and a belt. Cut to the end of the game, and Pat's fully dressed while everyone else is practically naked.
  • In one sketch on The State, two guys are playing "Strip Battleship". At one point, one of them says, "You know, this would be a lot more fun if I actually wanted to see you naked."
  • An actual game show in the early 2000's called Strip Poker which aired on USA and that network's stable of local stations which had switched from the Home Shopping Network to program a CITY-TV like format for a bit until the ratings didn't pan out and USA sold them out to Univision. Basically not at all Exactly What It Says on the Tin; the contestants wore four layers of underwear and no thanks to USA's standards and advertisers, never got below that last layer. No, seriously. The title promised so much, but it ended up as exciting as playing with paper dolls.
  • In a Strip Trivia variant, a Japanese game show called Strip Questions had a female contestant strip naked behind a pane of glass that had strips of paper embedded in it, creating the effect of a Venentian blind between her shoulders and her thighs. The host would then begin reading off a series of trivia questions; each missed question meant a strip was pulled away, revealing more of the embarrassed contestant.
  • In an episode of Swingtown, the teenage characters play a game of strip poker in which the girls beat the guys quite handily.
  • Three's Company: "Snow Job" has the cast playing this ending with a "winner take all" hand. As all the losers leave the apartment where the game was held, it shows Larry, Jack and Furley wearing newspaper, boxes or pillows while the two girls Furley brought with him have Modesty Towels on.
  • One episode of World's Dumbest... features a full-scale strip poker tournament. The episode then ends with Danny Bonaduce playing strip poker with three very attractive (but not very intelligent) women.
  • In a Broke Episode (well, more broke than usual) of The Young Ones, the lads play a round of Strip Poker in which they burn the lost items of clothing as a heat source, having already run out of furniture and all other fuel. Rik is quickly left in his shirt and underpants, because the others convinced him that people with an R in their name get only one card.

  • In the song "Sofa King" by Danger Doom on their debut album The Mouse and the Mask, there is a line referring to a "game of strip limbo."

    Music Videos 
  • In the music video for "Poker Face", a game is played and everyone but Lady Gaga loses their clothes.
  • Uniting Nations' video for "Out Of Touch".
  • In the video for the song "Temptations" by Tupac Shakur, there is a game of strip poker going on (and lots of couples having Idealized Sex) in a sleazy motel.
  • The video for "Lovin' Every Minute Of It" by Loverboy pans through several rooms of a hotel where the band members are each engaged in different activities; in one room, one of the band members is playing strip poker with several ladies.


    Pro Wrestling 
  • On the December 8, 1997 edition of Monday Night Raw, D-Generation X played strip poker at ringside. By the time the game broke up, Shawn Michaels was down to his underwear and Triple H had lost his shirt, but Chyna was still fully dressed.
  • Once in 2000, the APA (Faarooq and Bradshaw) were playing cards with Test and Albert, who lost all their money. To keep the game going, they worked out a deal: if Test & Albert lost a hand, their manager, Trish Stratus, had to take off a piece of clothing. By the end, Trish was about to have to take her panties off when her guys attacked the APA.
  • On October 10, 2006, WWE's ECW show featured, along with the matches, Extreme Strip Poker. All women.
  • When TNA moved to Monday Nights to go head to head with Raw, The Beautiful People (Sky, Rayne, and Von Erich) were thinking of ways to attract viewers and came up with strip poker. Midway through their game they were challenged by Val Venis.

  • "Strip Trivia" on the Don And Mike Show
  • Parodied on I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue, in a round called "Strip Quiz" where the players (supposedly) had to remove an item of clothing if they answered incorrectly. Everybody got extremely easy questions they had no difficulty answering... apart from Tim Brooke-Taylor, who got impossible ones.


    Video Games 
  • Pocket Gal where the CPU character is a hot/cute-looking girl who, upon losing advantage, first strips down to her undies, and then strips naked once she definitely loses.
  • You can do this in Dead Rising 2 while in hiding with various survivors, if you rescue the right combination. The women cover up as they are rendered topless. If you manage to eliminate Cora, Kristin, or Trixie from the game, they wind up stripped down to their panties and will stay that way for the rest of the game. On the other hand, this is true for the male players too, Chuck himself included, although Chuck can just find more clothes and get dressed again.
  • A famous cutscene in Dragon Age: Inquisition (triggered by talking to Varric with high enough approval) features the Inquisitor, companions and advisors playing a game of Wicked Grace. While they are not actually playing a "strip" version of the game, the scene ends with Cullen losing his clothes in the bet, which initiates remarks from some of the other characters.
    • Blackwall also mentions playing cards with Solas; the game ended with Blackwall having to go back to the barracks with just a "bucket for my bits."
  • One of Gaia Online's Random Item Generator minigames begins with the casino's Cardbot demanding a game of Strip Poker from its (human) coworkers. Cardbot loses.
  • A Strip Poker game based on Granblue Fantasy, named SHIKOBLU! Deluxe Occasion, exists. It allows challenging 5 different opponents, and has a quite different gameplay than normal Poker because both the player and the girls have various skills to cheat (complete with Mana bar), thus turning it into a more tactical affair closer to an RPG battle.
  • Implied in the second Knights of the Old Republic with the mention of "Nar Shadaa rules" for Pazaak.
    The Jedi Exile: Are these Nar Shadaa rules?
    Atton: (to the female exile) No, our clothes stay on./(to the male exile) No, our blasters stay in their sheaths.
  • Leisure Suit Larry 7: Love for Sail! had a game of strip liar's dice, and the player has to actually win in order to progress.
  • Like a Dragon: Ishin!; While looking for clues on how to meet the elusive head of the Shinsengumi, Ryoma comes across his fellow captains Okita and Takeda playing strip mahjong with a pair of unlucky troopers. Okita and Takeda are both fully clothed while the two troopers are down to their underwear, and a disturbed Ryoma decides to leave them be rather than join in.
  • Despite Love of Magic being a poker-themed adult game, strip poker is not a major factor. However, there is an optional scene where MC can play strip poker with Katie and Bella.
  • Discussed in Mass Effect: Andromeda. Gil Brodie is a big poker aficionado, so Ryder can flirt by suggesting they play strip poker. Gil likes the idea with Scott Ryder, but tells Sara Ryder that he only plays strip poker with men.
  • One of the household entertainment items that can be played by The Sims. It was even the subject of one of the commercials.
  • One of the earliest known video game examples is Artworx's Strip Poker, released on various 8-bit platforms between 1982-83.
  • Studio Gainax made a series of strip mahjong games, including one starring the cast of Neon Genesis Evangelion. This is actually pretty standard dôjinshi for milking the cash out of a successful franchise. Start with a popular game, add the promise of ecchi, produce it for little cost, profit.
  • Super Real Mahjong has you play mahjong with several girls. Winning lets you watch a cutscene where they undress.
  • The 1988 computer game Teenage Queen is a strip poker simulation, taking place in a night club with your opponent being a teenage roller-skater. In a twist, if you keep playing even after the girl has taken off everything she could, she rips off her skin to reveal that she's a robot.
  • There is a company called Torquemada Games which released 3 Strip Poker games with full format videos. One is a Gender Flip version.
  • In Utawarerumono: Mask of Truth, Nosuri complains of being bored out in the country where there isn't much of a gambling scene. Haku makes a set of hanafuda cards and teaches her how to play koi-koi... but Nosuri is terrible at the game, swiftly loses all her money, and starts betting her clothes too, to Haku's exasperation (he tries to subtly let her win at this point, but she's so terrible she keeps losing anyway). She only gives up once she's completely naked and has literally nothing left to bet.
  • One puzzle in Zork: Grand Inquisitor requires you to play strip Fire-Water-Grue.

    Visual Novels 

    Web Comics 

    Western Animation 
  • Parodied on an Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog (the goofy one) episode where Scratch and Grounder "strip" and lose their mechanical parts to Sonic in several rounds of strip poker.
  • In Futurama, Bender uses his "lucky glasses" (X-ray specs) to cheat at poker and ends up wearing clothes from all the other players. Meanwhile Zoidberg loses almost everything he's wearing.
  • On a Rocko's Modern Life episode, Mrs. Bighead gets Heifer and Rocko naked in a few rounds of strip poker.
  • The premiere episode of The Venture Bros. has Samson losing at strip poker. Once down to his underwear, he gladly complies. Cue spring sound effect.


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