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This talk show/Game Show hybrid was basically The Dating Game for The '80s. Hosted by Chuck Woolery and created and executive produced by Eric Leiber, Love Connection gave young unmarried contestants a choice of three potential dates, and the Studio Audience voted on whom the contestant would date.

The series originally aired in syndication from 1983-94, with a revival from 1998-99. A new primetime version for Fox with Andy Cohen premiered on May 25, 2017, and was renewed for a second season.

This show provides examples of:

  • Animated Credits Opening: One opening featured animated contestants spinning as if in the windows of a slot machine.
  • The Announcer: Rod Roddy announced from 1983-85 (and filled-in during 1986). He was followed by Gene Wood from 1985-88 (with Rich Jeffries as a substitute announcer during 1987), Johnny Gilbert from 1988-89, and John Cervenka for both the rest of that run and the revival.
  • Bad Date: And there were lots of them. Often, it was a case of two people who were simply mismatched (i.e., had no chemistry or compatibility) but other times it was a case of one (or both) dating partners being total class-A jerks or had other vices or did other things wrong (such as very late for the date and showed up completely unkempt or semi-drunk). Unless the date ended in an unacceptable manner, both parties often agreed to recap the disastrous date and reveal they were parting ways.
  • Catchphrase: Chuck's "We'll be back in two and two" (complete with a two-fingered hand gesture), referring to what was then the length of a commercial break (two minutes, two seconds). This was later used on his version of Lingo and referenced in an ad for Greed reruns on GSN.
  • Carried by the Host: There wasn't much of a "game" to speak of, so Chuck's interviews with the contestants were the basis of the show.
  • Game Show Host: Chuck Woolery on the original series, Pat Bullard on the revival, Andy Cohen on the Fox version.
  • Opening Narration:
    • (1983-1984): Profiles of the contestants fill up the white background one by one, with Rod Roddy saying the following: "This is (contestant's name). We showed him/her videotapes of three single men/women, and he/she picked one as their date. Which one will he/she choose? Which one will our audience choose? And this is (contestant's name). Which one will he/she choose? Which one will our audience choose? Today on Love Connection, you'll find out who they picked, who the audience picked, and everything that happened on their dates. Now, here to tell us more about Love Connection is our host, Chuck Woolery!"
    • (1984-1986): Same thing as above, but this time with a pink background being filled up by Love Connection logos, and either Rod Roddy or Gene Wood adding "Welcome to Love Connection" to the beginning of the spiel and the end changed to "Now, here's your host, Chuck Woolery!"
    • (1986-1988): Two slot machines of cartoon characters expressing different reactions when seeing each other, with either Gene Wood or Rich Jeffries saying "Welcome to Love Connection! Where old-fashioned romance meets modern-day technology. Where you hear all the intimate details of a first date. Sometimes our dates have a happy ending... ...and some other times... there's... just an ending. But it's always unpredictable when two strangers meet, trying to make that Love Connection! And now, here's our host, Chuck Woolery!"
    • (1988-1994); Same as the previous one, but with the "Sometimes our dates" line dropped, and with either Johnny Gilbert or John Cervenka narrating. The 1988-1990 opening consisted of an animated heart on the shows' opening logo, being dumped by the other heart, only to find true love with the other one, the 1990-1992 opening had clips from season 7 episodes, and the 1992-1994 opening had season 9 clips.
  • Pilot: Multiple pilots were recorded on December 5, 1982. UCLA holds Pilot no. 2 in their archive.
  • Rearrange the Song: The theme was rearranged once in 1986, and once more in 1991. It was rearranged again for the 1998 revival, and the 2017 version replaced it altogether.
  • Studio Audience: Voted on the couples.
  • Title Drop: Chuck often made reference to the contestant making (or not making) "a love connection".