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The Announcer

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Nearly every TV show that has a Studio Audience but isn't a Sitcom has an announcer. The Announcer has several duties:

  • Deliver opening and closing spiels for the show.
  • Introduce the host, contestants and/or celebrity guests.
  • On a Game Show, Describe the prizes the contestants can win or have won.
  • In most cases, warm up the audience before taping and keep them entertained during breaks/stopdowns.

In some cases, an announcer can also be a sidekick.

We might have called this The Barker, that guy in a circus or carnival whose job is to loudly announce the attractions, but we didn't want it to be confused with a certain famous game show host.

Some notable game show announcers:

Notable Talk Show announcers include:

  • Ed McMahon of The Tonight Show
  • Bill Wendell, associated with David Letterman; succeeded upon his death by Alan Kalter, who has also worked on various game shows and the USA Network
  • Ed Hall, then "Stuttering" John Melendez on Leno-era Tonight Show. Wally Wingert announced The Jay Leno Show.
  • Andy Richter for Conan O'Brien's Tonight Show and now Conan.
    • Joel Goddard for Late Night.
  • Gary Owens on Laugh-In; he also hosted the first syndicated season of The Gong Show.