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Bob Stewart (born Isidore L. Steinberg; August 27, 1920 – May 4, 2012) was a Game Show creator and producer who, as part of Mark Goodson's staff from 1956 to 1965, created Password and To Tell the Truth. He developed The Price Is Right independently (as Auction-Aire), and it was picked up by Goodson-Todman in 1956. In 1965, Stewart left Goodson-Todman and started his own production company with Bill Cullen as emcee many times. Stewart's most famous solo series were the various incarnations of Pyramid; his Signature Style were word games, recycling elements from other shows of his (either cancelled or piloted but never made it to series), or both. The library of his shows and their format rights are currently owned by Sony Pictures Television, which acquired the company in 1992.

Stewart died on May 4, 2012. While he had nothing to do with the current CBS version of Price, the show recognized him as its creator in a post-show memorial on May 7 - a marked (and welcome) change from several instances in the 1980s and 1990s where Bob Barker referred to Goodson as the show's creator.

His son Sande Stewart has also carried on the family business. Sande worked with his father on their late 1980s revivals; he produced his own short-lived show on NBC, Your Number's Up, with frequent Stewart celebrity Nipsey Russell as host, Inquizition and Hollywood Showdown for GSN, various lottery game shows (including Powerball Instant Millionaire), and was a creative consultant on Scrabble Showdown and the 2016 revival of The $100,000 Pyramid.

Produced the following shows:

  • The Sky's the Limit (circa 1955)
  • Eye Guess (1966-69) and its unsold revival, Punchlines (December 30, 1979)
  • The Face Is Familiar (1966; began as a 1965 pilot hosted by Jack Clark)
  • Celebrity Doubletalk (October 23, 1967)
  • Personality (1967-69)
  • You're Putting Me On (1969)
  • Second Guessers (December 29, 1969; unsold pilot where Jack Carter and Jack Clark are in the wrong spots...and the audience just can't wait to leave)
  • Monday Night Quarterback (late 1970 or early 1971; unsold pilot hosted by Jerry Kramer)
  • Says Who? (May 28, 1971; unsold pilot hosted by Geoff Edwards)
  • Three on a Match (1971-74)
  • The $10,000 Sweep (August 4, 1972; unsold pilot hosted by Jack Clark, with the tapedate proudly displayed right at the start)
  • The Pyramid series (1973-80, 1981, 1982-88, 1991; began as a pilot called Cash on the Line)
  • Jackpot! (1974-75, 1985-88, 1989-90; also had a 1984 pilot hosted by Nipsey Russell)
  • Winning Streak (1974-75)
  • Blankety Blanks (1975)
  • The Finish Line (October 27, 1975; unsold pilot hosted by Alan Kalter)
  • Caught in the Act (November 10, 1975; unsold panel-based game hosted by Jim Peck)
  • Shoot for the Stars (1977; began as two 1976 pilots called Shoot the Works) and its revival, Double Talk (1986)
  • Get Rich Quick! (October 30, 1977; unsold first attempt at Go!, with a unique bonus round)
  • The Riddlers (November 4, 1977 {two pilots}; hosted by David Letterman, easily the most enjoyable thing about the show)
  • Pass the Buck (1978; pilots taped on May 7-8, 1977)
  • The Love Experts (1978-79; pilots taped circa 1975 {hosted by Jack Cassidy} and January 4, 1978 {hosted by Cullen})
  • Mind Readers (pilot for NBC taped October 30, 1978; hosted by Geoff Edwards, and unrelated to the short-lived Goodson-Todman show of the same name)
  • Caught in the Act (April 29, 1979; unsold Pass the Buck-esque game hosted by Jack Clark)
  • Chain Reaction (1980, 1986-91; original pilot taped October 28, 1979)
  • Strictly Confidential (1980; unsold pilot hosted by Dick Clark)
  • Second Guess (May 6, 1982; unsold pilot hosted by Dick Clark, with elements from Caught in the Act and Pass the Buck. This pilot for ABC was passed on for a 1980's Pyramid revival on CBS).
  • Twisters (October 23, 1982; unsold pilot hosted by Jim Perry that blends elements of several Stewart games and shuffleboard)
  • Famous Last Words (1983; unsold pilot hosted by Geoff Edwards)
  • Go (1983-84)
  • $50,000 a Minute (1984; two pilots, hosted by Geoff Edwards and Meredith MacRae)
  • Your Number's Up (1985, hosted by Nipsey Russell, frequent celebrity guest on Stewart shows; technically produced by Bob's son Sande, but we're putting it here for organizational purposes)
  • Money in the Blank (July 26, 1987; unsold CBS pilot whose endgame recycled the Three on a Match board)
  • Eye Q (1988; unsold pilot hosted by Henry Polic II)
  • The Finish Line (May 9, 1990; unsold pilot hosted by Lynn Swann)