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Sony Pictures Television is a major Hollywood television producer owned by Sony through its Sony Pictures division. The company grew out of Screen Gems, founded in 1948 as Columbia Pictures' first entry into the burgeoning television market. By 1974, Columbia has grown comfortable enough with the medium to produce shows under their own name, and the division was thus renamed Columbia Pictures Television. (CPT's output is profiled under the Columbia Pictures page).

In 1994, CPT was merged with TriStar Television and the combined operation became Columbia TriStar Television (though both CPT and TT continued producing series independently for some time after). In 2002, 12 years after the Sony purchase of Columbia, the division was given its current name. Due to Sony's historic inability to buy television stations (until 2015, the FCC forbade more than 25% investment in stations by a foreign-owned company), SPT is one of the few non-network affiliated production companies still producing shows for network television, often by co-ownership arrangements with network-based producers.


In 2017, Sony Pictures Television purchased a majority interest in North American anime licensor Funimation.

TV shows (and films) produced and/or distributed by SPT include:

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    Animated productions 

    Live-action productions 

NOTE: Shows inherited from Columbia TriStar Television are in bold italics:

    Other shows distributed by SPT 

Shows from the Norman Lear and Embassy catalog:

Shows from Spelling-Goldberg Productions:



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