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The Jim Gaffigan Show is an American sitcom based on the standup comedy of Jim Gaffigan. The show premiered on July 15, 2015 on TV Land.

The Jim Gaffigan Show provides examples of the following tropes:

  • Big Eater: Jim practically is the poster child of this trope. He's rarely seen without some sort of food in his hand. If he's not, expect him to obtain food shortly. Much of the humor revolves around Jim's habit of over eating. He once convinced his kids that their Halloween candy had poison in them so he could eat it. He also took a popsicle from one of his sleeping daughters. when she woke up Jim convinced her she was still sleeping and that she was dreaming.
  • Butt-Monkey: Jim naturally. The show revolves around often getting himself in trouble. Often due to his own laziness, incompetence, and/or gluttony.
    • Jim's friend Dave qualifies as well. Especially the time he got mistaken for a homeless man.
  • Camp Gay: Daniel. Jeanie's ex boyfriend.
  • Composite Character: Dave is based on a few of Jim's comedian friends.
  • Crossover: With PAW Patrol, of all shows: an animated short was produced showing Jim as a dog to promote the show.

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