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Series / Heist (2006)

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A short-lived 2006 NBC American crime drama that has a professional thief (Dougray Scott) leading a team to rob three different jewelers at the same time while an LAPD detective (Michele Hicks) investigates the break-ins.

The show also stars Steve Harris, Seymour Cassel, Marika Domińczyk, Billy Gardell, David Walton, and Reno Wilson.

It aired for seven episodes between March 22 and April 19, 2006, with two more episodes left unaired.

Tropes for the series:

  • The Caper: The show revolves around professional thief Mickey O'Neil, who created a team of experts to try to pull off the biggest heist in history - to simultaneously rob three jewelry stores on Rodeo Drive during Academy Awards week.
  • False False Alarm: The very first thing seen is O'Neil and his partner intentionally setting off the alarm at a jewelry store repeatedly. After a while, they note that the police response time has tripled since their first intrusion. Having sufficiently "cried wolf", they perform the robbery for real.
  • One-Word Title:
    • Pilot.
    • Strife.
  • Unwinnable Training Simulation: A cliffhanger has Mickey locking himself in a vault to motivate his team members to figure out how to open it quickly before he suffocates. The next episode beings with the team members apparently failing to unlock the vault in time, only for Mickey to yell at them and for the camera to reveal the giant hole they had cut in the vault to get him out.