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Sony Pictures is the film and television production arm of the Japanese media conglomerate Sony. They count the Columbia and TriStar studios, SPE Television, SP Animation and SPE Home Entertainment as their leading subsidiaries, and own and operate the Sony Pictures Studios (previously the old Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer) lot for films, TV shows, and audio post-production services.

Beyond production, Sony Pictures houses a variety of TV and streaming outlets. These include Game Show Network, Crackle (an ad-supported streaming service now majority owned by Chicken Soup for the Soul), GetTV (a network for classic movie and television series from the Sony libraries), and Funimation's streaming service (following their majority acquisition by Sony Pictures Television in 2017).

As of 2021, it is the only one of the "Big Six" studios (including mini-major Lionsgate) to not have launched or acquired a paid all-inclusive streaming service/premium cable channel, choosing instead to license its library to other outlets (currently Starz and FX, soon to be Netflix and Disney's various media arms) for a lucrative payday.

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