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Sony Pictures Imageworks (also known as SPI or Sony Imageworks) is a visual effects and computer animation company headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia. It was formed by Sony Pictures in 1992 to branch out in the booming VFX industry, with its first work being previsualizations for Striking Distance. From that point on, the studio would create visual effects for over 50 films, and would branch out into animation by means of working with sister Sony subsidiary Sony Pictures Animation. The studio was headquartered in Culver City, California (nearby the Sony lot) until they moved to their current location in 2014.

See also A-1 Pictures, another animation studio established by Sony (but for anime, not big budget films; this company is operated by Sony Music Japan via Aniplex), and Animal Logic, another prominent VFX studio who has also done simultaneous work on live-action and computer-animated movies.

Films that SPI have worked on include:

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