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Western Animation / The Angry Birds Movie 2

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"Ice" to be back!

The sequel to the 2016 film, this time helmed by The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack creator Thurop Van Orman.

The film picks up some time after the end of the first with the birds and pigs still against one another. However, things change when the pigs find out there's a third island, a snow-covered place, whose leader, a purple eagle named Zeta, has decided she wants a change of venue and targets both the bird's and pig's islands. Seeing this, King Leonard Mudbeard returns to Bird Island and convinces Red to have the birds and the pigs team up together against this mutual enemy.

In addition to having most of the cast from the first film return to reprise their roles, such as Jason Sudeikis (Red), Josh Gad (Chuck), Danny McBride (Bomb), Bill Hader (Leonard) and Peter Dinklage (Mighty Eagle), joining them are Leslie Jones (Zeta), Rachel Bloom (Silver), Tiffany Haddish (Debbie), Dove Cameron (Ella), Awkwafina (Courtney), Sterling K. Brown (Garry), Nicki Minaj, Alex Hirsch and many more.

As before, this is a collaborative effort from Sony/Columbia Pictures and Rovio Entertainment, with Sony Pictures Imageworks once again handling animation. However, unlike the first film, Imageworks' sister studio Sony Pictures Animation (of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse and Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs fame) also co-produced this film as well. The film was released on August 14, 2019 in North America (coinciding with the tenth anniversary of the mobile game), but was first released in the UK and Ireland on August 2, 2019.

The film's North American theatrical release was preceded by Hair Love, a Kickstarter-funded short created by Matthew A. Cherry and Bruce W. Smith.

A fan-made Digital Pinball Table of the movie was written up here, with tropes about it here.

Not to be confused with the sequel to the original game.


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Has the following tropes

  • Absurd Altitude: After the hatchlings inflate Zoe to float up to a cloud and retrieve the eggs, they miss and continue to float upward. They eventually exit the Earth's atmosphere, float past Saturn and several meteors before bouncing off a satellite and plummeting back down towards Earth.
  • Actor Allusion:
  • Advertised Extra: Pinky and Ella only have a few minutes of screentime in the movie, but are heavilly featured in marketing, due to being respectively voiced by Nicki Minaj and Dove Cameron.
  • All Balloons Have Helium: When the hatchlings inflate Zoe, she floats upward despite being filled with the birds' breath. She even manages to float all the way into space.
  • All for Nothing: This happens twice to Zeta, first to her initial romance with Mighty Eagle and then to her plans to build her own paradise by destroying two other islands. Everything she worked hard towards accomplishing both objectives is all brought to naught just as she was close to succeeding. Fortunately, her failure to destroy both islands leads her to finally go forward with marrying Mighty Eagle.
  • Art Evolution: The animation looks even brighter than the previous film, with more detail to the colors and the birds feathers.
  • Artistic License – Biology: The boa constrictor that the hatchlings encounter has eggs of her own, but real-life boa constrictors give live birth to their young.
  • Ass Shove: When talking about Silver to Red, Bomb, and Leonard in Mighty Eagle’s hot tub, he goes underwater, goes up Bomb’s ass, and out through his mouth.
  • Avoid the Dreaded G Rating: Much like the previous film, the UK and Ireland release (As well as most International English releases) has a U rating by editing some dialogue, namely Zoe's "Oh cwap!" line being changed to "Oh poop!"
  • Babies Ever After: Matilda and Terence have a hatchling named Zoe and three eggs now.
  • Bait-and-Switch:
    • When Red and Leonard begin recruiting their team, they are shown digging a tunnel to break Bomb out of what appears to be a prison cell. When Bomb causes the wall to explode, an offscreen voice reveals where they really are.
      Momb: Bomb, you're still grounded!
      Bomb: I'M AN ADULT, MOOOM!!!
    • Bomb's part of the plan is to 'take out' the eagle guards. We see Bomb trying to psych himself up into exploding... and we then Smash Cut to Bomb having taken them all out to a bar, instead.
  • Big Brother Instinct: Chuck is extremely protective of his younger sister, Silver, constantly treating her like she's still a child despite having skipped four grades and having numerous achievements. Prior to introducing Red to Silver, he threatens to break every bone in Red's body if he tries anything with her.
  • Big Damn Heroes: Two of them during the climax:
    • Just when Zeta activates her weapon to destroy both islands, the Mighty Eagle swoops in just in time to make amends with her. While he doesn't do much, he provided the perfect distraction for Chuck to tie Silver's Super String on the cannon.
    • When the string begins to break off, the hatchlings and the piglets arrive and grab hold of it, foiling Zeta's plan.
  • Braids of Action: Strangely for a Bird, Silver has these. She even used them to bust herself out of imprisonment.
  • Break the Cutie:
    • The adorable Zoenote and her friends want to re-enact Red's heroics against the Pigs on a beach nearby her house. The problem is, when she tries to make it more exciting by having her unhatched sisters be the eggs to rescue, they end up floating out into the open water. You can imagine how devastated Zoe is over how her sisters might never see the light of day - and she cries when she gets so close to saving them, only to see them end up out of her reach.
    • For some time, a lesser form of this happens to Silver when she and Red are beaten up by tough eagle guard Hank, clutched tightly in his wings and brought to Zeta's room where they are held prisoner, with their extremities frozen to inflatable recliners. The very glimpse of her in trouble is just enough to upset Chuck as a close sibling.
  • Brother–Sister Team: Downplayed. Chuck and Silver are siblings who work together with others to save the islands, but they don't work too closely together.
  • Brought Home the Wrong Kid: In The Stinger, Zoe's siblings finally hatch — except that they're not her sisters, instead being the eggs of the snake she and her friends beat up earlier. Luckily, said snake knocks on the door, intent on a swap.
  • Calling Parents by Their Name: Debbie calls Zeta by name for the most of the movie, only calling her "mom" by the end (no doubt to delay The Reveal that she is Zeta's daughter with Mighty Eagle).
  • Camera Fiend: Courtney uses her smartphone to take numerous embarrassing pictures of the birds.
  • Chekhov's Gun:
    • Silver uses her two crest-braids to free herself after she and Red are imprisoned by Zeta's guards by being frozen to inflatable recliners. With one twirl of her head, she snags and pops open the air cap of her recliner so that it deflates and releases her limbs.
    • Also on Silver’s end, her invention of super string, presented earlier in the movie, is used by the heroes to finally destroy the superweapon after their first plan fails.
    • When Gary presents the group with his inventions, he claims that his eagle detection device will be crucial to their mission. While it doesn’t serve its intended purpose, the spring-loaded mechanism is able to launch Red and Silver’s ice ball into Zeta’s superweapon.
  • Children Are Innocent: Despite their species' previous hostility toward each other, the hatchlings and the piglets befriend each other very quickly.
  • Chuck Cunningham Syndrome:
    • Judge Peckinpah is absent from these events. He does appear in the novelization, however.
    • Leonard's assistant from the previous movie, Ross, does not appear here. A new pig named Courtney takes his place.
  • Constantly Lactating Cow: At the beginning of the movie, Chuck milks a cow who does not appear to have any calves.
  • Contrasting Sequel Antagonist: Zeta to Leonard. While's Leonard's goal was simply to steal and eat the eggs, Zeta proves to be more vile by trying to force the birds and the pigs to vacate their islands so she can have them for herself. Leonard is a male pig while Zeta is a female eagle.
  • Convection, Schmonvection: The lava is very easily piped through glass but only burns on direct contact. Exaggerated when Zeta eventually threatens her engineer to devise a way to inject it into ice balls without melting them with some technobabble about thermal emulsifiers.
  • Covers Always Lie: As it applies to movie posters as well. The teaser, making this Trailers Always Lie too, and character posters suggest that Zeta froze up Red, Chuck, Bomb, Leonard and also Silver, but this never actually happens. Red and Silver get their extremities frozen as they are held captive in Zeta's lair, and they also intentionally freeze themselves in a bubble to commandeer it as it becomes an ice ball and try to use it to wreck Zeta's weapon.
  • Cut the Juice: Red tries this to Zeta's ice cannon in his own, reckless plan to stop it. He ends up cutting power to a microwave in the base's breakroom instead, and things don't end too well for him and Silver.
  • Dance-Off: The protagonists get into one with one of the Eagle Island guards when he mistakes their disguise's awkward movements as a break dance challenge. The rest of the guards eventually join him.
  • Defeat Means Friendship: After Zeta and her eagles are defeated, she agrees to marry her old flame, Mighty Eagle, while she and her eagle allies give up their dream of building a three-island resort through violent means.
  • Defensive "What?": After the main trio of birds notice that the pigs have pranked them:
    Red: Those pigs!
    Chuck: Are gonna pay!
    Red: Uh, because of our hunger to give them...
    Chuck: A taste of their own...
    Bomb: Quesadillas! (beat) What?
  • Demoted to Extra:
    • Stella only has three appearances in the film, all being silent cameos (once at the beginning setting up her shop, once in a picture Red has in his house of all the birds from the mainline games being celebrating him, and once end of the film during Mighty Eagle's wedding), in comparison to her speaking role in the first film.
    • Dahlia, Willow, and Poppy are the only members of Stella's flock who appear, but they appear separately instead of as a group, and Gale does not appear.
    • Matilda and Terence have significantly reduced roles compared to their major roles in the first film, though their children are the focus of the film's B-plot.
    • Bubbles is the only bird from the original who doesn't physically appear, only appearing in Red's celebration picture with the other birds from the mainline games, alongside Judge Peckinpah, who also doesn't physically appear.
    • Subverted with Hal, the only bird from the mainline games initially absent from the Angry Birds 2 game to have a speaking role, and arguably has more dedicated screentime in this film compared to the first.
  • Denser and Wackier: The jokes in this film are cartoonier than in the previous film, with stuff like Red and Leonard literally clutching onto "The Hero" title while building their team, and Zoe's eggs somehow landing themselves into the clouds in a twist of Tempting Fate.
  • Didn't Think This Through: Red tries to deactivate the superweapon by cutting its wire, unbeknownst to him that said wire was for the microwave. This act leads to Red and Silver getting captured and imprisoned by Zeta's guards.
  • Disney Death: After barely escaping the destruction of her cannon, Zeta notices what appears to be her daughter Debbie being crushed by a hunk of metal. Upon lifting it all away, it turns out that Mighty Eagle shielded her and efforts to revive her are successful.
  • Distracted by the Sexy: A variant of this trope happens when Zeta is excited to see that her cannon has enough ammo to demolish both islands, but before she could press the button, her ex, Mighty Eagle, swoops down to make one final plea to reconsider their romance. This buys enough time for the heroes to come up with a plan to sabotage the cannon for good.
  • Dramatic Irony: In the previous movie, Leonard is using his intention to befriend the birds as a disguise plan to steal their eggs with the help of his minions. Comes this movie, he ends up being the one who rally the birds to team up with him to stop Zeta from destroying both side's home islands.
  • Duck!: Red, Chuck and Bomb see a flying cream pie (courtesy of the pigs) and immediately hide in the sand after Red says "Duck!". In response, an actual duck sitting on a beach chair hears what Red said and is soon hit by the pie.
  • Easily Forgiven: After Mighty Eagle wins back Zeta's heart, both birds and pigs put aside her attempts to destroy both their islands — something Red lampshades at the wedding.
  • Embarrassing First Name: The Mighty Eagle's: Ethan.
  • Embarrassing Slide: Several crop up during the secret meeting, mostly some variation of Leonard taking a ridiculous selfie.
  • Enemy Mine: The main point of the movie, as the Angry Birds and the Bad Piggies have to put aside their differences to stop Zeta from destroying their home islands.
  • "Far Side" Island: The palm tree of one saves the hatchlings from drowning after they fall from space. They land on it and need to get the eggs back from the boa that lives there.
  • Foil: Red is one for Zeta as they both drive the movie’s plot for self-serving yet understandable reasons. Red wants to save the islands in order to preserve his hero status so that he won’t be left all alone again while Zeta wants to destroy the islands due to Mighty Eagle running out on her at their wedding 20 years prior.
  • Forced to Watch: Zeta treats Red and Silver to a glimpse of how destructive her newly upgraded cannon has become while they're imprisoned.
  • Foreshadowing: Zeta treats Debbie far more nicely than she does her other minions. The reason for this is eventually revealed to be that Debbie is her daughter.
  • Friendly Tickle Torture: Chuck likes to tickle his little sister, to Silver's annoyance.
  • The Gadfly: Courtney shows hints of this. When Bomb tastes the pig snot out of curiousity, Courtney eggs him on while the others are disgusted.
  • Given Name Reveal: Mighty Eagle's real name is revealed by Zeta to be "Ethan".
  • Gone Horribly Right: Garry the pig scientist demonstrates an "InvisiSpray" to the team. When Red asks how long it lasts, he reveals that it never wears off, leading the pig testing it to lament to his girlfriend that they won't be able to see each other again.
  • Great Offscreen War: As the movie begins with the abrupt end of the war between the Birds and Pigs (and the first film ended with the first battles of the war), roughly over 90% of the conflict becomes this trope, implied by the amount of time that passed between the two films. What happened in the war throughout all that time is left up to the imagination.
  • The Guards Must Be Crazy: Zeta's guards aren't the brightest bulbs. One of them falls for the eagle disguise the team wear (another immediately realizes its a fake, but his partner doesn't listen), and an entire group of guards are so into the Dance-Off that they fail to notice the suit has fallen apart, and the occupants have fled.
  • Hailfire Peaks: Eagle Island is a little like this. It may be an arctic island alright, but it has a huge, inactive volcano, and Zeta is using its energy to fuel her cannon, as well as the lava deep inside it to upgrade its ammunition later on.
  • Here We Go Again!: Immediately after Zoe gets her freshly-hatched siblings back, they end up drifting out to sea again.
  • Human Popsicle: Zeta's dog, who she calls "Baby". Her engineer, Steve, becomes this after being stuck in a frozen torture room for too long.
    • Red and Silver somehow avoid being this when they intentionally freeze themselves into a large bubble as it becomes an ice ball. The hollow air inside allows them to commandeer the ball in hopes of crashing it down on Zeta's weapon.
  • Incest Subtext: Implied, but Played for Laughs. When Chuck introduces his sister Silver to the group, the two get into a tickle fight. What would have looked sweet and innocent with two actual children looks oddly intense with two young adults, and the others, including Bomb, are clearly uncomfortable watching it play out.
  • Inflating Body Gag: To get to the eggs stranded up on a cloud, the hatchlings blow up Zoe like a balloon to float up to them. It works too well, as they pass the eggs entirely and, unable to deflate Zoe in time, end up floating to outer space, only landing back when the string tied to Zoe's beak gets caught in a satellite and she deflates.
  • In Name Only: Silver here has virtually nothing in common with her Angry Birds 2 namesake, aside from being, well, silver. But then again, the movie take place in an Alternate Continuity.
  • Instant Ice: Just Add Cold!: Zeta's dog eventually breaks free from his ice block only to fall in water and another ice block form around him.
  • Insufferable Genius: Garry, the pigs' chief inventor. When he first meets the team, he coldly calls them "disappointing".
  • Invisibility Ink: One of the gadgets Garry shows the team is inviso-spray. Unfortunately, it's only after demonstrating it on an assistant does he reveal the effects are permanent.
    Invisible Pig: (On the phone) Tina, we're not going to be able to see each other tonight.
  • It's All About Me:
    • Red wants to save the islands by himself in order to preserve his hero status. He gets over it after his plan ends up getting himself and Silver imprisoned.
    • Zeta makes no bones about her plan to take over the islands being all about her.
  • Late-Arrival Spoiler: Terence and Matilda, who became a couple at the end of the first film, are now married and have children.
  • Loved by All: By the end of the first movie, Red was loved by everyone in Bird Island. By the end of this one, this now includes Piggy and Eagle Islands.
  • Luke, I Am Your Father: Debbie is Mighty Eagle's and Zeta's child.
  • Match Cut: There's one early into the film where Leonard looks at a drone photo of Zeta's wing holding a cocktail drink, which then fades smoothly into a scene that introduces her proper at her frozen resort.
  • Mondegreen Gag: When Mighty Eagle reveals that Zeta is his ex-fiancee, Courtney mishears this as Beyoncé.
  • My Beloved Smother: Bomb is revealed to still live with his mother and she still grounds him even though he's an adult.
  • My God, What Have I Done?: Red has this when Zeta smugly reminds him that he told the birds to not evacuate Bird Island. Zeta herself has this when she believes Debbie has died after her cannon explodes.
  • My Sister Is Off-Limits: Chuck is very protective of his sister Silver and doesn't like the idea of her being an item with Red. By the end of the film, it is implied that he is okay with it.
    Chuck: (to Red, about Silver) You are absolutely clever, but don't love her too much. That's my sister, Red. (in a deep scary voice Venom-wise) Or I'll crush every bone in your body! (normal voice, cue Mood Whiplash) Ooh! Frisbee!
  • Mythology Gag: Silver debuts in the sequel to The Angry Birds Movie, much like how she was introduced in the true sequel of the original game.
  • Neon Sign Hideout: When the birds and pigs are gathered at Mighty Eagle's lair, a neon sign pointing to the entrance is titled "Secret Meeting". Also, at the eagle's base, there is a very blatant sign, "TOP SECRET SUPERWEAPON".
  • Nice Job Breaking It, Hero:
    • Mighty Eagle would definitely regret backing out of marrying Zeta, which drives her mad into wanting to carve out a life of her own by hurting a lot of people along the way.
    • Zoe wants to make her re-enactment of the war between the Birds and Pigs more authentic by making her unhatched sisters the very eggs to rescue, but makes the unfortunate mistake of playing too close to the water, causing her sisters to float away towards unspeakable danger. Oh, no...
    • The mission to destroy the superweapon is nearly doomed by Red's reckless efforts to go at it alone. Silver goes with him in hopes of trying to get him to rethink his actions and both of them get caught, leaving the squad dangerously shorthanded. Red's decision to convince his people to stay and hope for the best puts them in harm's way as Zeta boasts of the horrific damage the now-upgraded cannon could now unleash in front of him as Red and Silver are imprisoned. And the very sight of seeing Silver caught is enough to make her brother Chuck lose his marbles and blow the team's cover by wrecking the Harvey costume they were piloting, giving Zeta's guards a chance to catch them had they not found a quick escape.
  • No OSHA Compliance: In the opening moments of the film, we're introduced to the Birds' new slingshot transit system that helps brings them to different parts of their ever-expanding village. Unfortunately, the film doesn't bother to address how the Birds are able to safely aim and fire themselves from those slingshots without missing their destination targets or worse, getting into mostly deadly mid-air collisions...
  • Non-Standard Character Design: The mallard duck seen on the beach looks more realistic when compared to all the other cartoony bird characters.
  • Not as You Know Them: Anyone familiar with the Angry Birds Stella character Dahlia would know for sure that she's a science whiz - but for some reason, she appears to be uninterested with Silver's new invention of Super String at Avian Academy, falling asleep as she presents it. But then again, if you think about it a little, you might say that Silver is the new Dahlia...
  • Nothing Is the Same Anymore: In a first for the franchise, the birds and pigs call a permanent truce and learn to coexist.
  • Offscreen Moment of Awesome: When the hatchlings find their eggs in the possession of a boa constrictor, they very quickly and easily defeat the snake and take back the eggs, with all of the action taking place entirely behind the bushes.
  • Oh, Crap!: Zoe and her hatchling friends decide to replace the rocks they're using for eggs in their little game of 'Red vs. Pigs' for the eggs of her unborn siblings. Said eggs are then gently swept away by the ocean waves, leaving Zoe to exclaim "...Oh cwap!". The international release changes it to "...Oh poop!" instead.
  • Outliving One's Offspring: Subverted. Following the destruction of her base on Eagle Island, Zeta initially believes that her daughter Debbie has died and cries for her, only for Debbie to then be revealed to have survived along Migthy Eagle, her dad.
  • Outrun the Fireball: When Zeta's cannon is finally destroyed, all of the Birds, Pigs and Eagles involved in the battle over it are forced to flee the ensuing explosion, which causes the volcano to collapse. Most of them don't get out cleanly, forcing some birds to huddle to protect others.
  • Parental Neglect: Neither Terence or Matilda seem to notice their three eggs are gone for quite some time. It's only when Zeta attacks Bird Island they notice, and they are horrified.
  • Pint-Size Powerhouse: The hatchlings, who manage to take down and skin a boa ten times their size in the process of getting their eggs back.
  • Prehensile Tail: The snake uses her tail as an arm in the film's final scene, first to knock on the door to Terence and Matilda's house and again to open the restraints of the three-seat float holding their new daughters.
  • The Present Day: A newspaper clipping that Red kept about the Birds' victory over the Pigs is dated on the first film's release date, implying that the films are set in the present day. Furthermore, the flashbacks of Mighty Eagle's romance with Zeta are set over 20 years ago in The '90s, with trends like a parody of Blockbuster Video.
  • Pun:
    • The "Bird Island Beat" newspaper seen in Red's house has a tagline of "All the news that's fit to peck."
    • Bomb's mom is named Momb.
    • The 90s flashback of Mighty Eagle and Zeta dating has a few pop up, a couple of noticeable ones being the two of them returning a VHS tape to a 'Flockbuster Video', and Zeta wearing a 'Birdvana' shirt.
    • One of Zeta's guards is shown reading Crazy Rich Avians.
  • Race Against the Clock: Just after Red and Silver break free from imprisonment and reunite with the rest of their team, they all find out that they now have just ten minutes to come up with and carry out a plan to destroy the cannon as it begins to gather ammunition for a final attack on both Bird Island and Piggy Island. Cue "The Final Countdown".
  • Related in the Adaptation: Chuck and Silver are brother and sister in this iteration.
  • Required Spinoff Crossover: Inverted. Like in the first film, Stella and her friends from the Angry Birds Stella spin-off released five years prior appear once again, and this time, some of them even come face-to-face with the classic Angry Birds heroes early on in the speed-dating scene the night after the last battle with the Pigs. Sweet!
  • Retcon: It's said that Leonard is the father of King Smoothcheeks, the main villain of the first Angry Birds video game, and the first film was meant to be a prequel and origin story behind it. However, because the sequel begins with the unexpected end of the war between the Birds and the Pigs with no clear victor while Leonard is still the ruler of Piggy Island and ends without a mention or appearance of his son at all, what we've seen in the films clearly contradicts whatever sense of continuity that's in the games, unless this is an Alternate Continuity.
  • Rocketless Reentry: The three hatchlings trying to save Terrence and Matilda's eggs end up going into outer space, before falling back to earth in a fiery blaze.
  • Runaway Groom: The truth behind Zeta's evil plan being that she was in a relationship with the Mighty Eagle in the 90s and, when she proposed, he left her at the altar. Their daughter Debbie was born afterwards.
  • Running Gagged: The "Oh my gawwd" mime is struck by a lava ball. He reappears at Mighty Eagle and Zeta's wedding, completely unscathed, however.
  • Sarcasm Mode: Silver sometimes makes sarcastic comments to Red about his reckless attitude and decisions until she finds out that he's afraid of losing his hero status.
  • Ship Tease: The movie floats the idea of having two of Stella's BFFs, Dahlia and Willow, courting some of the big boys of the flock, Chuck and Bomb, in the speed dating scene early on. While these gals actually don't appear to express interest in going forward with such relationships, that hasn't stopped some fans from imagining what it would be like if they did. Likewise, there's something going on between Red & Silver throughout the movie and Debbie is shown flirting with one of the guards...
  • Shout-Out:
    • A lazy eagle guard can be seen reading Crazy Rich Avians.
    • The mime bird is once seen holding red balloons, which herald the appearance of Pennywise, who returns in It: Chapter Two, released less than a month after the film.
  • Slippery Skid: As the combined team of birds and pigs arrive on Eagle Island, it's played for laughs almost immediately, as whoever was in charge of designing their ship had the bright idea of making the landing ramp out of flat, polished metal. Thus, they all slip and painfully slide down on their own, with no oil or marbles involved.
  • Slow Walk: The team stepping out of the sub. It gets ruined when they all slip on the ramp one by one.
  • Snakes Are Sinister: While the hatchlings attempt to retrieve the eggs of Zoe's unborn sisters, the eggs end up in the possession of a sleeping boa constrictor. Assuming this trope is in effect, the hatchlings beat up the snake off-screen and run off with the eggs. After they return to Bird Island, they discover that they eggs they took were actually snake eggs. The snake arrives on Bird Island in a cast, but fortunately for the hatchlings, this trope is subverted, as the snake simply swaps the baby snakes with the baby birds without any fuss.
  • Sound-Effect Bleep: After the hatchling trio make it back to dry land after rescuing the eggs, they find out that they've instead landed down on Piggy Island. Zoe's reaction is completely drowned out by a loud, foghorn-style blare. All several seconds of it, especially funny if you can read her all-too-visible lip movements.
  • The Speechless: Terence only communicates in grunts, this time supplied by Nolan North rather than Sean Penn.
  • Stealth Pun: When Leonard tries to talk to Red to warn him of the threat of Eagle Island, he's quickly bound by Red. He's hogtied!
  • Storm the Castle: The Birds and Pigs travel to Eagle Island to destroy Zeta's superweapon once and for all before she can use it to demolish their islands.
  • Surprisingly Realistic Outcome: Despite being accepted by the other birds, Red still struggles with loneliness and abandonment issues, determined to keep being their hero so they won't reject him again. Lifelong issues such as Red's don't simply disappear overnight.
  • Sweet Seal: There's a running gag of a cute seal taking Zeta's food from her just as she's about to eat it. She also has a thing for Zeta's dog.
  • The Tape Knew You Would Say That: Leonard sends messages via baloons to ask the birds for a truce. Upon reading one, Red asks if Leonard thinks the birds are idiots. The next message to reach Red contains Leonard's answer to the question. He does think they're idiots but really wants a truce.
  • Tempting Fate: The hatchlings manage to get the eggs that were swept up by the waves, and comment that it was 'too easy' for such a rescue. Cue a whale emerging from underneath them and blowing the eggs into the clouds directly above them.
  • Third Act Stupidity: Zeta may be an ambitious villain, determined and motivated by frustration and anger to accomplish her goals, but she's not the brightest bulb, particularly in figuring out how to make sure her plan finally succeeds. After learning that Red and Silver got themselves caught, she decides to come to them personally, brag about how unstoppable her plan will be to demolish both islands with lava balls and then leave them there by themselves while assuming that they're her only foes and passing up the opportunity to interrogate them to try and get them to divulge their allies' location and get them caught. This allows their friends to avoid capture and continue the mission, eventually giving them a chance to formulate a real plan to stop her. And once she sees that plan fail, she is once again flushed with pride that she can now just fire the cannon and destroy everything, only to have her ex swoop down and make one desperate plea to her that takes all her attention away from that long enough for the heroes to come up with a last-second plan to destroy the cannon that worked.
  • This Is Gonna Suck: As Red explains his bare-bones plan to infiltrate Eagle Island, Silver writes down "There is no plan!" on her notepad.
  • Time Skip: The sequel takes place several years after the first film. Terrence and Matilda spent a good amount of time raising four daughters after marrying, and the Birds have done a lot of work fighting the Pigs while modernizing and upgrading their village by the time the second movie begins.
  • Toilet Humor: There's a long sequence in which the team, disguised as an eagle guard, tries to get a key card from one of the guards while he's in the bathroom. The clincher is Chuck spitting out water out of the zipper so that it looks like they are peeing; the guard is weirded out by the sounds and the weird way the "pee" is streaming.
  • Totem Pole Trench: The birds and the pigs infiltrate the Eagle Island compound by piling into a bird costume (which they named "Harvey"), obviously standing on one another.
  • Two Lines, No Waiting: The main storyline of the pigs and birds trying to stop Zeta is interspersed with a secondary story involving Zoe and her friends trying to recover her unhatched siblings. The plotlines converge in the climax when the hatchlings, with the help of some piglets, arrive just in time to keep Silver's string from falling apart, allowing Zeta's plan to be foiled.
  • The Unfought: The heroes do not engage in a direct fight with Zeta.
  • Visual Pun: In the beginning of the film, the pigs send a pie flying towards Bird Island. As the birds duck the pie, it hits a duck in the face.
  • Villain Decay: Leonard was far more of a threat in the previous movie, taking the birds' eggs and blowing up their village. Prior to the Enemy Mine situation, he is content to pull pranks on the birds.
  • Villainous Breakdown: Zeta has one when the Mighty Eagle arrived to surrender.
  • We Win, Because You Didn't: For the Birds, the very cessation of the Pigs' attacks would be a sign of victory over them in the opening prank wars.
  • Wham Line: Zeta reveals to Mighty Eagle that Debbie (who up until that point seemed to be just another one of her minions) is their daughter.
  • Woman Scorned: Zeta entire vendetta stems from being left at the altar by Mighty Eagle.
  • Would Hit a Girl: The big eagle guard Hank has no qualms about beating up Silver as he takes her prisoner, although this happens offscreen.
  • Yank the Dog's Chain: A literal example. As the superweapon is destroyed, Zeta's dog, who spent most of the film as a Human Popsicle, breaks free from the ice, only to land in the water and become frozen again.
  • You Monster!: Red shouts this to Zeta upon learning about the increased destructive power of her new cannon upgrade.
  • Zerg Rush: The opening battle between the Birds and the Pigs ends with the latter unleashing a swarm of crabs on the beaches of Bird Island before Zeta fires her first shot at everyone.

Alternative Title(s): Angry Birds 2