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A-1 Pictures is a Japanese anime studio established on May 9, 2005 by ex-Sunrise producer Mikihiro Iwata to animate Aniplex's (Technically Sony) productions, though some of their anime's music are produced by other than just Aniplex itself.

In 2018, A-1 renamed their Kōenji Studio to CloverWorks, giving them a unique identity away from A-1. In October of the same year, CloverWorks was spun-off from A-1, though it remains an Aniplex subsidiary.

See also Rough Draft Studios, Toon City, GONZO, Digital eMation, DR Movie, Xebec, Satelight and Production I.G; all of whom also use CG in their works. Also see Sony Pictures Imageworks, another Sony-owned animation studio. Do not confuse with A-1 Production, a South Korean studio. More credits can be found here.

Anime created by A-1 or CloverWorks (among others)

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    A-1 Pictures 


Other Anime worked on by A-1 and/or CloverWorks

    A-1 Pictures 

Alternative Title(s): Clover Works