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A-1 Pictures is a Japanese anime studio established on May 9, 2005 by ex-Sunrise producer Mikihiro Iwata to animate Aniplex's (Technically Sony) productions, though some of their anime's music are produced other than just Aniplex itself.

Noticeable for having CG in their shows.

In 2018, A-1 renamed their Kōenji Studio to CloverWorks, giving them a unique identity away from A-1. In October of the same year, CloverWorks was spun-off from A-1, though it remains an Aniplex subsidiary.

See also Rough Draft Studios, Toon City, GONZO, Digital eMation, DR Movie, Xebec, Satelight and Production I.G; all of whom also use CG in their works. Also see Sony Pictures Imageworks, another Sony-owned animation studio. Do not confuse with A-1 Production, a South Korean studio. More credits can be found here.


Anime created/co-created by A-1 or CloverWorks (among others)

A-1 Pictures


Other Anime worked on by A-1 and/or CloverWorks


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