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FX Networks (short for Fox Extended, when it was a cable branch of the Fox network) is a family of cable channels owned by Walt Disney Television, a division of Disney. Although it no longer has any connections with Fox besides name, it shares that network's aptitude for experimentation and is regarded as a network close to the standards of premium cable channels like HBO and Showtime, consistently producing critically-acclaimed series with major crossover appeal.

FX took pride in its early adoption of the internet to interact with viewers (broadcasting hours of live programming from an apartment/studio in New York- including Tom Bergeron as the co-host of Breakfast Time, a Transatlantic Equivalent to The Big Breakfast), but otherwise spent the 1990s running old movies and television shows (primarily Fox-owned, natch). Its first foray into original scripted programming was The Shield in 2002, which turned out to be a critical and commercial hit, winning a number of Emmys, Golden Globes, and other awards.

FX is notable for being led by executives who are actual television lovers, who give notes that can actually make the show better. It is also famous for mostly producing comedies and dramas that revolve around anti-heroes. This became such a prominent theme that then-network president Kevin Reilly once turned down a new show because it featured yet another anti-hero,note  although they appear to have given up that fight.


On March 20th, 2019, Disney would acquire FX Networks as part of a broader deal to purchase the majority of 21st Century Fox's media assets (excluding the Fox network, Fox Sports and a few others) thus making the networks a sister branch to ABC. Reactions to this have been divided. Some fear that Disney might slowly let FX rot itself to irrelevance as they focus their attention to their streaming platforms, Disney+ and Hulu, the latter of which Disney now has the majority stake and operational control of.note  Others, including network head John Landgraf, believe the Disney purchase will give FX more resources and allow its programming to better compete with Netflix on a level playing field via Hulu. Indeed, Disney CEO Bob Iger announced in November 2019 that Hulu would be the new home for FX programming, streaming programming from the network immediately after broadcast.


Additionally, under Disney management, the networks have begun investing more in original content, cutting back on the number of repeats of older programs and movies that dominate most of their schedules. In January 2020, FX chose not to renew their first-run cable output deal with Universal Pictures, the latter of whom was launching the Peacock streaming platform around the same time.

FX's siblings are the younger-skewing, comedy-oriented FXX, the all-movie channel FXM, and the soon-to-be-launched Hulu channel FX on Hulu. The Disney acquisition has also re-united the FX Networks with the former Fox Family Channel, of which they share growing syndication rights to 20th Century Fox Television's primetime animated comedies.

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