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Comedy Central is a network on U.S. cable/satellite TV, created by a merger between Viacom's HA! and Time Warner's Comedy Channel (launched by HBO) in the early 1990s (Viacom bought out Time Warner's 50-percent stake in 2003). It tends to have a lot of comedy shows and movies, including Stand-Up Comedy showcases, sitcoms and Sketch Comedy. While they rerun shows from other networks (such as Scrubs, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia note , and more recently, The Office (US) and Parks and Recreation), Comedy Central's original programming are some of the best-known shows in the genre.

Comedy Central has thus far successfully avoided even coming close to Network Decay, at least partly because comedy is such a broad topic. That being said, the network has come under fire for promoting shows that heavily rely on shock value to be funny, such as the Comedy Central Roasts after the one honoring Pamela Anderson, Tosh.0, and especially animated series like Brickleberry. South Park, the network's flagship show, isn't the trope namer for All Adult Animation Is South Park for nothing. note 


Unlike most American TV networks, Comedy Central tends to run a series in a given timeslot only until it runs out of new episodes, then rotate in something else until that runs out of new episodes. Only their new(ish?) shows are exempt from this trend.

The Comedy Central "brand" is also used for Viacom comedy channels in New Zealand, Latin America and much of Europe. In the U.K and Ireland, it's a recent renaming for the station formerly known as Paramount Comedy. Incidentally, Comedy Central is one of the few U.K networks that are In Name Only to their U.S counterpart — the bulk of the U.S network's original programming usually finds itself on other channels first, if they make it to Comedy Central at all.

Beginning in 2019, Comedy Central content was added to the free streaming service Pluto TV after Viacom bought it; most of it is archive material no longer seen on the main network.


The network also owns Comedy Central Records, which specializes in Recorded and Stand-Up Comedy.

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