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Comedy Central is a network on U.S. cable/satellite TV, created by a merger between Viacom's HA! and Time Warner's Comedy Channel (launched by HBO) in the early 1990s (Viacom bought out Time Warner's 50-percent stake in 2003).

They tend to air a lot of comedy shows and movies, ranging from stand-up showcases to sitcoms to Sketch Comedy series, and the network's own original programming are some of the best-known shows in the genre. As a result, Comedy Central is noted for being one of the few cable networks that have successfully avoided even coming close to Network Decay, at least partly because comedy is such a broad topic.

That being said, the network has come under fire for producing and airing shows that have been criticized for relying on shock value to be funny. note  As The New '10s continued, Comedy Central's original programming was noted to have broadened towards shows derived from quirky situations and politics, with other programs being aimed at females and minorities (without deriving from racial humor).


In 2020, coming off the re-merger between Viacom and CBS Corporation, the newly renamed ViacomCBS would begin to prioritize in-house productions and owned IP over programs produced by outside studios. Comedy Central would see a renewed interest in adult animation as a result, announcing revivals of MTV's Beavis and Butt-Head, a new Daria spin-off starring Jodie, and a reboot of Nickelodeon's The Ren & Stimpy Show. The network would also launch a new daytime animation block in March (originally dubbed Animation Contamination), currently featuring syndicated reruns of Futurama and The Cleveland Show. Consequentially, Comedy Central would decrease its scripted live-action slate, announcing the cancellations of Drunk History and Tosh.0, while other shows would picked up by rival streaming services.


International versions of Comedy Central have launched in New Zealand, Latin America, and much of Europe. In the U.K and Ireland, Paramount Comedy was relaunched as a local version of Comedy Central and, incidentally, is one of the few British networks that are In Name Only to their U.S counterpart; the bulk of Comedy Central's original programming usually finds itself on other channels first.

Beginning in 2019, Comedy Central content was added to the free streaming service Pluto TV.

The network also owns Comedy Central Records, which specializes in Recorded and Stand-Up Comedy.

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