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Big Time in Hollywood, FL is an American comedy series that premiered on Comedy Central in March of 2015, written by Alex Anfanger and Dan Schimpf and produced by Ben Stiller.

The show follows Ben and Jack Dolfe, a pair of delusional brothers and self-styled film-makers living at home. When Ben and Jack are told by their parents that they have two weeks to get real jobs and move out of the house, the two decide on the only logical course of action: Pretend that Ben is a drug addict, hire a struggling actor to play the dealer and kidnap him, and extort their parents for $20,000 dollars. Things fall apart almost immediately, and the show follows the brothers as they desperately try to lie and scheme their way out of the mess they've created, all while still trying to launch their careers.


This show is tightly plotted and serialized, and character deaths happen at the drop of the hat, so be wary of spoilers.

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