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The Other Two

The Other Two is a 2019 Comedy Central single-camera sitcom created by former Saturday Night Live writers Chris Kelley and Sarah Schneider and produced by Lorne Michaels. It follows two struggling twenty-something siblings after their 13-year-old brother becomes a superstar when his song "I Want to Marry You at Recess" becomes a viral smash. Brooke Dubek (Heléne York) is a former ballerina with no idea what she wants in life and has recently broken up with a long time boyfriend, while her brother Carey Dubek (Drew Tarver) is a waiter/actor who is grappling with how to get parts without compromising his pride in his sexuality. Meanwhile, their little brother Chase Dubek aka ChaseDreams (Case Walker) and their mother Pat Dubek (Molly Shannon) have moved to Manhattan to better juggle Chase's media appearances, recording sessions, and video shoots.


The show explores the anxieties and ambitions of aging millennials while spoofing the culture around internet celebrity, especially Youtubers and Instagram Influencers. It also features cameos by celebrities such as Patrick Wilson, Andy Cohen, and Michael Che playing themselves.

Associated Tropes

  • Accidental Public Confession: Pat admits her husband didn't die of cancer and was an alcoholic who froze to death during Chase's album launch livestream and in front of a plane full of his fans.
  • All Gays Are Promiscuous: Subverted. Carey eventually stops fooling around with his roommate because he's uncomfortable being used and experimented on. Also, Carey presumes the Instagays are promiscuous and fooling around with each other, when in fact they are religious virgins and one of them is straight. They just like hanging out in speedos and taking pictures of each other's bodies.
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  • Amicable Exes: Brooke and Lance stay supportive friends after their breakup.
  • The Baby of the Bunch: Chase is very much this in his family, and the dynamic remains even as he eclipses his siblings in fame and wealth.
  • Big Applesauce: The show is shot in NYC, and Pat and Chase are excited to move there. Brooke and Carey have struggled to survive and don't see it as quite so glamourous, but they still enjoy being there.
  • Big Brother Instinct: Both Brooke and Carey are very protective of Chase, especially when he's put into grown-up situations he's not mature enough to handle.
  • Did Not Die That Way: Chase believes his father died of cancer. He later finds out that his dad was an alcoholic who froze to death on the roof of the family home.
  • Episode on a Plane: Chase's album launch takes place on a plane full of fans and livestreams, and the whole episode takes place on the trip.
  • Flash Mob: Carey has an acting job in which he is part of a flash mob that entertains tourists.
  • Gayngst: Subverted and spoofed. The many gay characters all seem completely comfortable with their sexuality but during an acting class, Carey's coach advises him to look more ashamed when simulating gay sex.
  • Incestuous Casting: Happens In-Universe. Brooke steps in to dance in her brother's video, only to be horrified that she has to grind in front of him in a skimpy outfit. She doesn't, and she also keeps reminding the other dancers that her brother is only 13-years-old.
  • Instant Web Hit: Chase's first video creates his celebrity, and he later has other viral smashes.
  • It's All About Me: Brooke and Carey make Chase's success all about them, and often they are not wrong. It does change their lives dramatically.
  • How We Got Here: An episode opens with Brooke and Carey discussing Chase's VMA performance and how their lives are now ruined, before flashing back to the events that led to the scene.
  • Jail Bait: Chase is only 13 when he becomes a tween heartthrob and is often subjected to the attentions of older, creepy fans. He is put in a music video that contains suggestive dancing, and he pretends to be in a relationship with a fellow tween star.
  • Parents as People: The recently widowed Pat genuinely enjoys the perks of Chase's fame, writing a children's book, appearing on talk shows and even taking molly at a party.
  • Sibling Rivalry: Brooke and Carey love Chase, but his fame makes them feel inferior.
  • Waiting for a Break: Carey waits tables while taking any job he can get, and he has mixed feelings about being recognized as Chase's brother.
  • Successful Sibling Syndrome: The show's premise is based on Brooke and Carey dealing with Chase's superstardom.
  • Wham Shot: In the Season 1 Season Finale, there is a final shot of Pat's image on a Times Square jumbotron, announcing her new afternoon talk show.

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