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Discovery Channel (or simply as Discovery) is a cable television channel which began broadcasting in June 1985. It is owned by Discovery Inc., which also owns several other networks such as Animal Planet, Discovery Family, and TLC, among others, with networks like HGTV and Food Network acquired in 2018 (they had previously been SNI, a spinoff of the EW Scripps Company); a streaming service combining the various Discovery brands, Discovery+, launched in 2021. The same year, a deal was announced where Discovery would acquire WarnerMedia from AT&T (who had essentially dug them into a hole during their tenure as owner), with the combined company tentatively named Warner Bros. Discovery.

It used to be a Science Show oriented network. Nowadays, it's kind of hard to tell. Most notable for being the network with MythBusters, Man vs. Wild, Deadliest Catch and Dirty Jobs. Also has a Shark Week every year since 1987, usually in mid-summer. Their current slogan is literally The World is Just Awesome (for which it is the Trope Namer). They often employ the Docudrama approach to their shows.


Often seen as competing with The History Channel; both in the days when the two networks primarily aired educational programming and today in the race to become Network Decay's poster child.

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