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Little does Mark know it's the other way around...sometimes, at least.

"Lots of very respectable people are trekkies."
Nathan Spencer, Casualty

There are many, many famous people out there who are also geeks and nerds... which is exactly what we are. Most of them keep their geekish tendencies hidden. Some don't care.

The literal version of nerd. You can take the toughest, most vicious action hero, and when they go on a talk show to promote their new movie, they let it slip that they hadn't been getting much sleep because they've been playing the latest video game.

Compare Fandom VIP, Promoted Fanboy and Ascended Fanboy (a promoted fanboy In-Universe). Also compare The Knights Who Say "Squee!". Contrast Fictional Fan, Real Celebrity, where it's the character who is one of us.

It probably isn't necessary to list every single genre fantasy or sci-fi writer here, though. Yes, we can assume that, say, Terry Pratchett or George R. R. Martin are gigantic fantasy geeks; it isn't necessary to say it... in fact, listing the fantasy or sci-fi writers who aren't geeks would be shorter. Probably because such a creature likely doesn't exist (except perhaps Terry Goodkind).

Not related to One of Our Own, the Joan Osborne and ABBA songs named "One of Us", the British drama miniseries that was released internationally on Netflix as "Retribution", or the biography of terrorist Anders Bering Breivik by Åsne Seierstad.


Gooble-gobble! Gooble-gobble! We accept you! We accept you! One of us! One of us!