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Rat: It just ends! It's the edge of the world!
Jin: (to Li) Pay up. It's flat.

The Reveal is the ultimate resolution of big mysteries, the wool is finally pulled from the eyes of the audience and the truth is displayed for all to see. This should come as a huge shock to everyone... except the people who saw it coming. This doesn't only apply to viewers: characters sometimes suspect what's coming too, and sometimes they decide to make it interesting. After the big revelation, be prepared for a cutaway to two characters exchanging money. Not only had they foreseen the possibility that the revelation might be coming up, they decided to make a game of whether or not it did.


Classic setups include someone coming out of the closet or the resolution of a Will They or Won't They?. Classic subversions include compromising situations that imply one of the above or the losing character immediately winning the money back due to a second revelation.

Sometimes we see the bet being made, in which case a sufficiently-delayed payoff can count as a Brick Joke. Other times, we only get the punchline. A common variation is for the bet to be a contest, with the characters discussing how long the reveal took before handing over the money (in this case, the implication is that no one was betting that Bob wouldn't come out — they only disagreed how long he'd last).

Contrast The Bet, which is usually a more integral part of the plot (though a particularly devious character might set a Side Bet on themselves losing The Bet).



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    Anime & Manga 
  • In Black Lagoon, during the Nazi arc, after the Villainous Breakdown of the Nazi leader, Revy hands him a gun then tells Dutch that she's betting "black." Dutch replies that it's no bet and says that he's going "black" as well. The Nazi at first appears that he's going to shoot himself before attempting to shoot Dutch, only to find that the gun was empty. It's then revealed that the bet was on who the Nazi would try to shoot (himself, the black man, or the half-Chinese woman).
  • In 801 T.T.S. Airbats, Saginomiya tries to get people to place bets on practically anything that happens (such as whether her squadron will pass inspection). She also tries to collect on bets that the other person never accepted (on-screen, at least).
  • A Running Gag in Negima! Magister Negi Magi is the girls of Class 3-A constantly making bets on whatever's happening at the moment. Given they're in middle school, what they're betting are lunch tickets rather than actual money. If we see the tail end of a bet, it's usually Sakurako who wins.
  • In Azumanga Daioh, teachers Yukari and Nyamo wager 10,000 yen (~$100 USD) each year on whose class will place higher at the athletic festival. Yukari wins the first year, but Nyamo instantly reclaims the money as payment for an old debt. In the second year, they add a dinner if either one places first overall. Yukari wins again but is still a sore loser when her class beats the teachers' team with her on it in the relay race. And in the third year, Yukari runs for her class and comes in dead last because she tackled Nyamo to keep her from winning.

    Comic Books 
  • Empowered: Ninjette and Caged Demonwolf make a side bet on how long Emp and ThugBoy will be apart after a fight. Demonwolf wins a set of The Wire DVDs
  • Deadpool got his codename from one of these: the Weapon X program rejects who wound up in Dr. Killebrew's hospice had a "dead pool", a betting pool where they would bet on their odds of surviving Dr. Killebrew's inhumane experiments.
  • Superman/Batman– Protégé: Supes got Batman to make a bet on how Robin (Tim) and Superboy (Kon) would react to their arrival, though Bruce isn't at all surprised he lost the bet:
    Superman: We have a situation–
    Superboy: It wasn’t our fault!
    Superman: [to Batman] You owe me five dollars.
    Batman: Already?
    Superman: I told you if we didn’t explain why we were coming out here, they’d think they’d done something wrong.
    Robin: Wait a second. You two bet on our reactions?
    Superman: It was really more about how he was wrong than how you’d react.

     Fan Works 
  • At the end of Strange Powers, after England and America hook up after a good deal of UST, Romano pulls out a binder and talks about some money he has to collect.
  • There are multitudinous examples from Harry Potter fan fiction, written by folks who prefer Harry shipping with Hermione, in which Ginny and Ron, the characters Harry and Hermione (respectively) end up with in canon, exchange money and say things like "We were wondering why it took you so long" when Harry and Hermione finally get together.
  • Common fanon for Phineas and Ferb is that the other characters have a bet going about how long it will take for Phineas to figure out that Isabella has a crush on him, with Ferb, Baljeet and Buford being the three most common. However, one of the most unique examples from this fandom occurs in Summer of Love; Django and Adyson both have obvious crushes on each other and when she confirms her desire to be his girlfriend at a 4th of July cookout, it turns out the other boys, including Phineas, had bet on when the two would pair. Ferb (the winner) hands over his winnings to Django and tells him to use it to treat Adyson like a queen.
  • According to the Danny Phantom fanfiction Harmless, the ghosts had a bet on what it would take for Danny and Sam to admit their feelings for each other. The Box Ghost won when they finally became an Official Couple in Phantom Planet. Tucker was disappointed he didn't get the chance to join the bet.
  • In The Legend of Korra fic Repairs, Retrofits and Upgrades, many main and side characters had a betting pool on Korra and Asami getting together. Lin raked it in.
  • Many Kim Possible fanfics reveal that after Kim and Ron got together in Kim Possible Movie: So the Drama, the students at Middleton High had a betting pool going for when it would happen, usually with Monique being the winner.
  • In the Elemental Chess Trilogy, the men of Roy Mustang's military unit have a recurring tendency to place these on just about everything. Falman is notorious for winning.
  • In This Bites!, when all of the crew sans Luffy is swallowed by Laboon the whale, Cross offhandedly says that he bets ten Berries that Luffy will take another entrance and meet them inside the whale. Nami takes the bet, and after Luffy shows up, Cross grouses about not having wagered a thousand Berries instead before Nami reluctantly pays up.
    • Usopp bet Sanji at one point that Cross was actively trying to get himself killed. In Chapter 24, Sanji pays up.
    • Among the News Coos, there is a bet on who will Cross end up with romantically.
    • There was a side bet among the Supernovas on whether or not Cross's rivalry with Apoo on the SBS was real. X Drake is the only one that figured out it was an act.
  • In Old West, Priscilla makes one with another kid over whether or not Jake and Grace would become a couple. When Grace's son Teddy tells that to look probable, Priscilla demands the two bug's wings her opponent owes her.
  • At the beginning of The Keys Stand Alone: The Soft World, the four come across a poem carved into the wall of an underground chamber. Paul and John make a jokey little bet about whether the poem will be relevant to them, though John openly admits he thinks it is but hopes it isn't. (He does not want to be communicated to that way.) The next day they find out that it is indeed relevant, and John proclaims Paul the winner. Nothing changes hands, though, since that wasn't the point.
  • In Terran Federation Contact the colony on the planet Cassandra has such bad luck that the citizens and soldiers there have a pool on which disaster will force it to move on another place of the planet next time. It's mentioned that a past winner had bet on the local giant apes invading, but hadn't been able to collect due one of those apes ripping off his arm and beating him to death with it, while an ensign there has bet on something improbable, namely the Skinnies invading-and when it happens, the first thing he does after sounding the alarm is shouting "Guess who's a fucking billionaire!?" on the radio.
  • In All This Sh*t is Twice as Weird, on the second floor of the tavern, Sutherland tells a group of scouts that Varric is downstairs collecting money he's won in several of these he made regarding the Inquisition's resident Twice Shy pairing, who have finally kissed.
  • Before telling each other their backstories in Not the intended use, Naoki bets Soma 500 yen that his is weirder. Naoki wins.
  • It would be quicker to list the Zootopia shipfics that don't have this as a gag - typically with Clawhauser as a bookie.
  • The Motion Practice series recasts the Avengers as lawyers in the Office Romance-prone Suffolk County District Attorney's Office. Whatever the actual or rumored relationship drama, Tony Stark can be found running a betting pool on the outcome. In Harmless Error, after Maria Hill learns that he's running a pool on if and when she'll invite Jasper Sitwell to move in with her, she chooses her moment according to who she'd rather see win the pool. "Judicial Conduct" reveals that the judges' lounge usually has its own betting pool running, with Judge Ilsa Smithe in charge of it.
  • Ashes of the Past: From the first chapter:
    Ash: I want to go back to the day I met Pikachu — the day my journey began, when I first set off from Pallet.
    Sir Aaron: Ha! Told you, you great lump.
    Arceus: I thought 'any day but then' was good odds.
    Ash: Wait... Were you two betting on me or something?
    Sir Aaron: Err... Nooo?
  • In AAML: Diamond and Pearl Version, when Team Rocket sees that Ash and Misty got together, the first thing Jessie does is tell Meowth he owes her twenty bucks.
    Meowth: Forget it Jess! Dat bet expired two years ago!note .
  • Overlapping with Black Comedy, one of the stories in the first Halloween Unspectacular (based off of Oregon Trail) has a scene where Squidward wins a bet with Mr. Krabs on which of the travelers was going to die first (Patrick did, in case you're wondering).
  • In The Moon's Flash Princess multiple characters bet on when Kirito and Asuna will get married in Aincrad. They get married when they get to the 22nd Floor.
  • This happens when Yoshikage Kira checks in to the Hotel in A Peaceful Afterlife over what sins he might have committed in life. Razzle and Dazzle bet on Unit 731, while Husk bets on pedophile/rapist and Vaggie bets on Serial Killer. Vaggie wins at the end of the chapter when Kira confesses.
  • In You Call That a Costume?, Applejack and Rarity made a bet during a soccer game, with the loser having to dress in the other's style for Halloween. Unfortunately, a sudden downpour ended the game when the score was even. As such, bet enforcer Pinkie Pie declared they both had to pay the consequences.
  • In For Great Justice, there's a betting pool going among the Justice League as to exactly how large Izuku's harem will be, with Flash acting as bookie. Nightwing puts fifty dollars on an even dozen while Batman's betting on twenty.
  • Kidnapping Of A Cryptid: When Izuku reveals to his father's employee Shu that Hisashi is a Super Villain, his response is to crack open a bottle of champagne and reveal that he'd been betting on this with a coworker.
    Izuku: Did you know your newspaper is owned by a legitimate supervillain with limitless resources?
    Shu: Maki owes me money, because I knew [Hisashi] coudln't be paying for the Endeavor matter legitimately. Which one is he?
  • In the Power Rangers fanfic Futureal, the Time Force Rangers have a bet when Jen and Wes will get together. Even Eric participated.
    • Decades later in Heroes and Villains, the rangers of A-Squad had their own bet on when Charlie and Z get together.
  • In the Justice League Fanfic Don't Kill the Messengers, while Superman is going after Green Arrow and Green Lantern for letting Supergirl stay in the 31st Century with Brainiac 5, Booster Gold and the Elongated Man set up a betting pool on what exactly he'll do to them. While Wonder Woman is appalled, both Flash and Black Canary join in. The bets are all nullified when Batman knocks Superman out with kryptonite.
  • Much as in canon, Varric and Dorian like to make these in Skyhold Academy Yearbook, usually just for fun.
  • My Hero Playthrough: While the specifics of the bets are unrevealed, Izuku deliberately ignores his guildmates exchanging money when he reveals he knows what Hagakure looks like. We do know that Mikoto lost.
  • In Sugar Plums when Ume reveals that she's reincarnated not only do the rest of the characters present start exchanging money, one of them produces a book which contains SEVERAL different bets not just speculating the strangeness about Ume, but also betting on things like who their parents were, future spouses, number of children and who would make chunin or jounin first. Notably Ume is very upset when she learns this, because they didn't cut her in on it beforehand.
  • In Home, most of the cast didn't bother to bet if Luz and Amity would get together because it is clear they would. Instead, they better on which of the would ask the other first, as well as if Luz was ever aware of Amity's clear feelings towards her.
  • In Infinity Train: Blossoming Trail, Ash discovers that his Pokémon have been betting on which of his travelling companions he'd get together with. Oshawott admits he lost three Sitrus berries because he bet that Ash would date anyone but Trip.
  • For The Glory Of Irk: Professor Membrane and his wife Moira have a bet regarding which of them dies first, and under what specific circumstances (a monster of his own creation for Membrane, an old patient with a vendetta for Moira). Aside from the $200 wagered, the one who survives is obligated to bring the one who dies back to life (Membrane saying he'd use cybernetic enhancement on Moira, and her saying she'd use gene splicing on him).

    Films — Animated 
  • Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas included among Sinbad's crew two men who passed money back and forth throughout the movie. The bets were on whether or not the earth is flat and whether or not Sinbad would survive his latest escapade.
  • In The Road to El Dorado, early on, Tulio and Miguel are being chased by soldiers, and need to jump off a ledge, and Miguel spots two barrels.
    Miguel: We can make it!
    Tulio: (looks down, looks at soldiers) Two pesetas says we can't!
    Miguel: You're on! (they both jump, landing safely) You lose. (two coins flip from one barrel to the other)

    Films — Live-Action 
  • In Die Hard, when Hans is interrogating Takagi, who refuses to give up information, Theo says, "I told you," and Karl replies, "It's not over yet." After Hans kills Takagi, Karl hands Theo a bill.
  • At the end of Down Periscope, there's not just a yell from the chronic gambler to "Pay Up" on the misfit's boat, but after an admiral who hated the protagonist took over the opposing boat a surreptitious exchange of a wad of cash from the former-Commanding Officer to his Executive Officer of the appropriated submarine.
  • The first Lipstick Lesbian close encounter in D.E.B.S. is followed by the villain's sidekick telling the heroine's friend, "You owe me fifty bucks."
  • The Avengers (2012): Nick Fury offers to bet Steve Rogers $10 that there's still surprises left in the world for Steve. We don't see Steve accept, but after the Helicarrier takes off, Steve walks onto the bridge and silently hands Fury a ten-dollar bill.
  • Fred and George Weasley in the film version of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix bet on a Hermione vs. Ron duel.
  • Ocean's Eleven, while watching Yen practice: "Ten says he shorts it." "Twenty!" Later, when the real deal comes up, the side bet gets a callback: "Ten says he shorts it." "No bet."
  • At the end of Back to the Future Part II, the man who hands Marty the letter that Doc wrote in 1885 mentions that the post office had a bet as to whether Marty would actually show up on the date specified in the letter. He lost.
  • Invictus: Mandela and New Zealand PM Bolger have a bet on the final match. Bolger first offers all his country's goats against all the diamonds of South Africa. Mandela chuckles and instead suggests the wager be a nice case of wine.
  • In The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, when Bilbo catches up to the dwarves Gandalf tells him that they'd been making bets whether he'd show. Bilbo asks what Gandalf thought he'd do - just before the dwarves toss Gandalf his winnings.
  • The Cabin in the Woods. The Punch-Clock Villains bet on how the designated victims will die, suggested to be a deliberate way of disassociating themselves from their Necessarily Evil actions.
  • In PMO, Cabinet minister Peter Tucker apparently had a bet with a friend of his that the government would lose their first budget vote, and while Prime Minister Marc Brancois scrambles to get the support they will need to survive the pending vote of no confidence, Peter calls his friend and says he owes him $10.
  • The President's Analyst - American spy Don Masters and Soviet spy Kropotkin are two among many trying to find and capture the fugitive psychiatrist. They're good friends, and the latter makes a bet with the former on who'll find him first.
    Masters: Okay, it's a bet. How much?
    Kropotkin: Dinner at Bardil Rifat?
    Masters: Bardil Rifat? But that's in Albania!
    Kropotkin: Albania's my next assignment if I don't get Dr. Schaefer. And if I'm going there, the least you can do...
    Masters: All right! But you've got to get your side to leak some information in order for my side to send me over!
  • It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World - police captain Culpepper learns his fleeing lead in an old robbery case was talking to a group of motorists before he died, and that he must have told them where he hid a fortune. He bets his chief that they'll turn south toward where he believes the loot is (and quickly collects). Further on, other guys in the squad room are wagering on which of these motorists will get there first, refusing to interfere with or assist any of them in the interest of fairness.
  • Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2: Drax and Peter have a bet about Mantis' antennae. Drax bets that they are used to detect too-small doorways so she doesn't get decapitated, and Peter bets that they're for literally anything else. Peter wins.
  • This is a plot point in The Gauntlet. The first sign Shockley gets about The Mafia's involvement is when he notices someone taking bets for a horse called "Malley No-Show" at a Greasy Spoon, with the odds against it winning already being astronomical to begin with and increasing at an absurdly high pace. This refers to the witness, "Gus" Mally, whom he has been sent to escort back to Phoenix. Towards the end of the movie, Mally ends up betting on herself to win.

  • Occurs in the Harry Potter series, specifically in Goblet of Fire, when the Weasley twins make a winning long-shot bet on the outcome of the Quidditch World Cup. They then spend the entire rest of the book trying to collect their windfall, because they were paid in leprechaun gold, which vanishes in a few hours.
  • Discworld:
    • In The Truth, Vimes assumes that someone in the Watch will be running a book on whether William De Worde will survive. "Find out who's responsible, and once you've found out it's Nobby, take it away from him."
    • Nobby also runs a book on Moist von Lipwig's chances in Making Money. Such is the Lipwig mystique, however, that even though he thinks he's doomed, no-one will bet on that.
    • In Going Postal, the Post Office staff put all their savings into a bet on Moist von Lipwig outracing the semaphore. Moist, who at this point has no kind of plan beyond being an impressive loser, is horrified by this, and even more horrified when he hears the lousy odds they got; even professional bookmakers think he has something up his sleeve. (Shortly after the PO placed their bet, the bookies stopped taking bets on whether he'd succeed, and only accepted bets on how.)
  • In The Flying Cloud, Abercrombie and MacKiernan bet each other a shilling at every opportunity, up to and including on whether an admiralty court is about to sentence the whole crew to death as pirates.
    Miss Perkins: Do you always make wagers when our survival is at stake?
    Abercrombie & MacKiernan: Of course! It gives us a personal interest in the outcome.
  • Done in the Honorverse novel At All Costs between Queen Elizabeth and Hamish Alexander as to whether Honor would realise that she was about to become Unconquered's new CO.
    • Happens in Mission of Honor when Honor asks Victor Cachat to deactivate the (otherwise undetected) suicide device he has in his pocket. Victor owes Anton Zilwiki a case of beer.
    • In Storm from the Shadows, Admiral Khumalo bets Bernardus Van Dort that Helen won't be able to convince Terekhov to show up for an official banquet in mess dress (the fanciest uniform in the Manticoran navy). He loses.
  • X-Wing Series: The Wraiths make a lot of such bets. After Wedge learns that Wes set one up speculation about what he would do when he realized the flaw in a plan which involved working closely with Chewbacca when he himself didn't speak Wookiee, he decides to take his most serious revenge on Wes.
  • Later books in the Stephanie Plum series make reference to Rangeman employees having a pool going on how long any car Stephanie gets from Ranger will survive.
  • In Spock's World, Spock and McCoy have one on the outcome of the secession vote. Spock won.
  • In Super Minion, Hellion's Henchmen have betting pools on everything.
    • Pebbles won a bet with the other Team Three minions when Tofu showed up alive and free even though he was last seen being pursued by Magenta.
    • The pool on Tofu's origins reached over $5,000, which is impressive even by "minions betting on a man of mystery" standards. Pebbles lost that one.
    • During Odd Summer, betting pools open on which sectors will get hit with a lockdown and why. Tofu pays close attention to the discussions involved because of all the interesting statistical data the bettors discuss.
  • The Dresden Files:
    • Hendricks in has one with Miss Gard in the short story "Aftermath." It's on if Murphy will figure out a she previously encountered one of Marcone's spies when talking with the mob boss later. Murphy does. Hendricks won.
    • Which itself was a Callback to a bet between Hendricks and Marcone on whether Harry would get involved in a case. Marcone won.
  • Carrera's Legions: When setting up a base in Yezidistan for the Sumer campaign in A Desert Called Peace, a bet is made between an officer there and Sergeant Major McNamara that Carrera would reject the double-wide mobile home set up as his quarters in favor of a regular tent. Carrera pretended to not notice the 50 drachma note being handed to McNamara to pay the wager.
  • A recurring theme with smuggler or ex-smuggler characters in the Star Wars Expanded Universe. At one point in Rebel Dream, as he's taking off on a very dangerous covert infiltration, Lando Calrissian bets the traffic controller a thousand credits on his survival; after the controller agrees ("I could use ten credits.") Lando points out that the man won't be able to collect if he wins.
    • In another incident, Booster Terrik is outraged when his daughter and his rival's son elope together — not because of their rivalry (which he had made peace with over the course of The Bacta War), but because fellow smuggler Talon Karrde, a man of keen interpersonal insight if ever there was one, had bet him a million credits that they would do precisely that. (And had managed to haggle Booster into giving him favorable odds, implying that Karrde knew exactly how they would do it.)
  • At one point in A College of Magics, after the latest of several assassination attempts, two of Faris's friends make a side bet on how much longer her bodyguard Tyrian is going to be able to stay on his feet before he has to get some sleep. Tyrian makes a point of staying up just long enough that they both lose.

    Live Action TV 
  • On an episode of CSI, Greg Sanders' replacement eventually cracks from the pressure to be just like Greg and quits. Nick forks over a bill to Warrick, who really shouldn't have been participating since he had a gambling addiction in the first season.
    • There's also been a whole episode with a Running Gag about Nick and Warrick having a bet about what happened to the Vic of the Week, so it seems that Warrick can engage in "fun" bets with a buddy without a problem.
    • Another CSI sees Catherine and Grissom making a bet over whether two murder victims' deaths were related or not. At the end, it turns out they were both right, and Catherine rips a bill apart and hands half of it to Gil after the very heavy conversation, this is a tension breaker when Grissom reminds her that doing that is a federal offense.
  • CSI: NY:
    • Danny and Mac in "Fare Game." Danny bets Mac $5 that Lindsay won't eat the bug cuisine he brought back after a case involving it. Lindsay eats it and Danny has to pony up to Mac.
    Lindsay You bet I wouldn't do it?
    Danny: Dunno what I was thinking, betting against a country girl.
    • In season 9, Sid, Sheldon, and Adam had a side bet about whether Lindsay was pregnant again. She was and Sid won. Mac and Christine had one going as well; he won theirs.
  • On Scrubs, when an exasperated Dr. Elliot tells Dr. Kelso that she came out of the (fake) closet to her mother, he deadpans, "Well, it seems the boys in Radiology owe me quite a lot of money."
    • Another episode had Turk and Cox making a bet as to whether a patient would live or die in surgery. The patient lives, and Turk wins the bet. However, this gives Dr. Cox to give a nice What the Hell, Hero? speech to Turk about how callous he's become to make bets on people's lives. Turk feels appropriately ashamed afterward. Why he feels bad or cynical for betting the guy would live is not clear (as opposed to Dr. Cox who stood to gain money from a patient's death).
  • When Ellen comes out of the closet, her friends ask her if she's sure about it, and, when she says yes, Joe pays Audrey, who then pays Ellen's cousin.
  • Tales of the Gold Monkey:
    • Jake gets in a fight with a visitor and the following exchange ensues.
      Sarah: (to Louie) Do something!
      Louie: (to Gushie) Forty francs on Jake.
    • It is a common occurrence during the show's many other bar brawls, too.
  • House sets up bets with his underlings, friend and boss all the time, and some of them have picked up the habit from him. Generally, the audience doesn't know a bet was in progress until money changes hands.
    • In a season 4 episode, House's ducklings were making bets with Chase on which of them would be fired. At the end of the episode, even though they all screwed up one way or another, House doesn't fire any of them, meaning that Chase won all the money. Foreman then confronts House, saying that he can't believe he would do something that 'nice' without financial gain. Sure enough, it is revealed that House and Chase cut a 50/50 deal.
  • Father Mulcahy from M*A*S*H does this virtually every time the subject comes up.
  • Happens several times on Friends. Once, Joey was deliberating on whether to sleep with a casting director for a part. He comes in and tells the others that he refused, only to be offered a bigger part. Ross and Chandler pay Rachel and Phoebe. Then Joey implies that he did sleep with her for the better part. Rachel and Phoebe hand the money back.
    • In another episode the gang decide that Chandler's New Year's Resolution is to not make fun of them anymore. Ross decides to sweeten the deal by betting Chandler $50 that he won't last a week. After three days Chandler decides he can't take it anymore, pays Ross his $50 and launches into a string of jokes he's been holding in about the gang's antics.
  • NCIS once featured Ziva, Gibbs and McGee having a bet over what interrogation method Tony would use.
    • Another one had Abby, wearing a cute hat she'd cut from a clean room uniform, present a similar hat to Kate, and ask her to try it on. She does—and McGee gives Abby twenty bucks. He leaves, despondent... and Abby gives Kate her ten-buck cut.
    • In an episode just before the one where McGee and Abby made a bet, there was a bet between Tony and McGee where Tony had to get Kate to admit she was Tony's wife.
  • One episode of Frasier saw Lilith's husband leave her...
    Frasier: ...and get this - for a man.
    Niles: Damn - I owe Dad $5!
  • On Cheers, Sam and Diane were supposed to be getting married, but they started arguing. While they carry on their dialogue in the foreground, everyone in the bar behind them is passing money back and forth, apparently having bet on whether or not they would go through with the wedding.
  • Several instances on MythBusters, either from Adam and Jamie or the Build Team, on the outcome of an experiment. In one Build Team wager, a cameraman was drafted to hold the money until the bet was resolved (Tory won).
    • In another instance, Adam bets Jamie a hundred dollars that they will not need to use the sprayer method that Jamie has devised to lubricate the water slide they have built. When the sprayer does in fact become necessary, Adam privately comments to the camera that he hopes Jamie has forgotten about the bet. He has not, and Adam has to pay up during the end credits.
  • On a first-season episode of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, there was a bet between the four designers over which pair (the men or the women) could make a nicer room, with the losing team cooking dinner for the winners. The competition heated up to ridiculous extremes, to the point where they were even trying to sabotage each other. Ty called off the bet, bought everyone pizza, and (off camera) told them to never do that again.
  • An entire episode of The Office revolves around this, as bets are placed on the characters' quirks. Such as: Whether or not Creed will notice if his apple is replaced with a moldy potato, or the over-under on how many Romantic Comedies Kelly will mention while explaining Netflix.
  • In The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon once ends up offering "his spot" on the couch to Howard in an attempt to apologize to him. While Howard is describing the advantages of the spot, Sheldon cracks and tells he wants his spot back.
    Penny: How long?
    Leonard: Ninety-four seconds. [reaches for money]
  • When Alan's marriage to Dumb Blonde Kandy fails in Two and a Half Men, everyone seems saddened... because they picked the wrong month in their betting pool for when they'd break up. Everyone, that is, except for Judith, his previous ex-wife, who won the pool.
  • During the second season of Food Network's Worst Cooks in America, chefs Anne Burrell and Robert Irvine had a side bet about whose team would win. If Anne won, Robert had to bleach his hair blonde. If Robert won, Anne Burrell had to lose her trademark hair and get a make-under. Burrell won, and the photo evidence is here.
  • Married... with Children: Marcy once showed up at Al's with a date (the episode was from after Steve left and before Jefferson's debut) and had him ask Al what his job was. Once Al confirmed being a shoe salesman, the date gave Marcy some money. When Al told him how long he kept the job, he gave her more money.
  • One episode of How I Met Your Mother has Ted finding out that Lily and Marshall have been making bets on the decisions their friends make, including a long-running bet on whether Ted and will eventually give up on the idea of being with Robin and if they will end up together. Lily thinks they won't while Marshall thinks they will. At that point, it seemed unlikely that they would, and Ted claimed yet again that he was over Robin, but when Lily told Marshall to pay up, he said, "Not yet." The audience already knows that they won't except the series finale ends sixteen years in the future with widower Ted going to ask out divorcee Robin so the bet seems still unresolved.
  • The team on Animal Planet's series Tanked once started an office pool for how long it would take Wayde to notice that his wife Heather had gotten braces. Answer: two days.
  • On a 1995 episode of The Tonight Show With Jay Leno, Motörhead was the musical guest. Bandleader Branford Marsalis said that he bet Motorhead leader/singer/bassist Lemmy Kilminster $5 he could get them on the show. After they performed, Lemmy took $5 out of his pocket and gave it to Branford before heading to the couch to talk to Jay.
  • In The Red Green Show episode "The Big Thing", the Lodge members have bet on how many tires are on the truck carrying the big thing. It turns up becoming a Brick Joke at the end: When Harold says there were 59 wheels, Red says he won because his guess of a thousand was the closest.
  • In Ghost Adventures Zak at one point mentions that he has a side bet about how long it will take Aaron their equipment tech to trip/fall over something at their filming location. In this particular episode, he tripped over the exact same piece of debris twice an hour apart.
  • In a Flash Back episode of Will & Grace where Will admits he's gay, Grace's mother tells her father she owes him twenty bucks.
  • In the I Love Lucy episode featuring them returning home from Hollywood by train, Lucy continuously pulls on the emergency brake which causes the train to abruptly and violently stop. When she does it to catch a jewel thief, the conductor (who has been driven crazy by Lucy doing that) comes in says he just won $5 from the engineer.
  • In a Green Acres episode where Oliver sees a farmer that has been dead for years, the rest of the farmers reveal they have a betting pool on when he'll crack up.
  • What Could Possibly Go Wrong? has the hosts betting on various things. On one of them, Kevin has a bowling competition with Grant. Kevin uses his remotely controlled bowling ball, Grant his experience. The loser has to drink a beer.. from their bowling shoe.
  • Stargate SG-1: SG-13 apparently has a tradition of betting on what they're likely to find on the other side of the stargate, leading to this amusing exchange:
    Wells: An abandoned naquadah mine.
    Dixon: Boring. Good odds. Bosworth?
    Bosworth: I'm gonna put my money on trees, sir.
    Dixon: Bosworth's disqualified for being a smartass. I'll go with two-headed aliens.
    Wells: Hostile or friendly, sir?
    Dixon: One head good, one head bad. Balinsky?
    Balinsky: Oh, ruins of an ancient city.
    Dixon: Yeah, you wish.
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer - in "When She Was Bad", the Scooby Gang get together and the news says that vampires are at large again Giles says he'll consult his books and Xander tells Willow to pay up, having bet five minutes before he'd do that.
  • Person of Interest. Showing her usual Comedic Sociopathy, Sameen Shaw wants to bet on whether the Number is Victim of the Week or Villain of the Week, and is curtly told off by Harold Finch.
  • In the pilot for Murphy Brown, Murphy was able to book a live interview with a key figure involved in a major political scandal, under the condition that she did not ask said figure if he had slept with a senator's wife. The first question Murphy asks is, "Did you sleep with the senator's wife?" Jim Dial immediately collects money from Frank Fontana and Corky Sherwood.
  • ER; when Carol announces that she and Doug are back together she is greeted by a few seconds of silence. Then a nurse holds out her hand and says, "Pay up."
  • Castle: In "The Double Down", Castle makes a bet with Ryan and Espinosa that he and Beckett can solve their case before Ryan and Espinosa solve theirs. Beckett is angry at Castle when she hears about it, but when a new lead on her case comes in, she tells Castle, "Put a hundred dollars on us.". The two cases end up related.
  • Cracker. Fitz does this all the time, given that he's a gambling addict.
    DCI Bilborough: (re Fitz's Sherlock Scan) Absolute bollocks.
    Dr Fitzgerald: 45 quid.
    DCI Bilborough: We're conducting a murder inquiry.
    Dr Fitzgerald: Yer money where yer mouth is.
  • Motive: In "The Dead Hand", Lucas and Mazur have a side bet about Angie is actually going to take her vacation.
  • Doctor Who: Rose spends the duration of "Tooth and Claw" betting that she can get Queen Victoria to say "We are not amused," making every effort possible to get her to say it.
  • The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel: The staff at the Stage Deli have a betting pool going on for the day that they have to evict someone from Midge's favorite booth so she can sit there. It finally pays off in "Midnight at the Concord" when Midge brings Benjamin there for dinner as part of an evening out.
  • Whodunnit? (UK): At the start of "All Part of the Service", Inspector Godfrey and Sergeant Coop have a bet about how long they'll be at the crime scene.
  • Some episodes of Farscape have gags about the crew of Moya betting on things; at one point, D'argo tells Crichton that if he'd managed to hold back his screams for another microt, D'argo would have won the pool.
  • One episode of Yes, Minister has Sir Humphrey and Bernard preparing to welcome Hacker back from a trip to the US. Sir Humphrey bets a pound that Hacker's first words to them in the office would be to ask about press coverage of the speeech he gave on the trip. Bernard claims the money since Hacker had already asked in the car from Heathrow. Sir Humphrey gets it back with interest when Hacker asks again as soon as they walk in, forcing Bernard to discreetly pass the money over right in front of Hacker.

  • In Cyrano de Bergerac, Cyrano has threatened to punish Montfleaury if he acts in “La Clorise”. Raguenau and the first Marquis bet a fowl “a la Raguenau” about if he will fulfill his threat.
    First Marquis (shrugging his shoulders) : He will not come!
    Raguenau: I say he will! and I wager a fowl—a la Ragueneau.
    The Marquis (laughing) : Good!

    Video Games 
  • In Black Mesa, stepping into one of the offices in "Anomalous Materials" reveals that a security guard and a scientist bet lunch on whether Gordon would show up to work that morning.
  • In Jedi Outcast when Kyle decides to keep his lightsaber, we are informed that Lando owes Jan five credits.
  • Dragon Age:
    • In Dragon Age: Origins one party banter between companion characters Morrigan and Zevran is revealed to be prompted by one of these (the side bet being between Zevran and a third party member - either Alistair, Leliana, or Oghren, depending on who's in the party at the time).
    Zevran: They are goddesses receiving their subjects, just as you should be. Whatever would be annoying about that?
    Morrigan: I have no wish to be placed upon a pedestal.
    Zevran: But you deserve no less. You should be admired by painters, copied by sculptors, exalted by poets! Surely you know that yours is a beauty so exotic it-it would turn the eye of the Maker Himself!
    Morrigan: Well, I suppose I...
    Alistair: By the Maker! You were right! You win.
    Zevran: I think you owe me five silvers, yes?
    Morrigan: I hate you all.
    • In Dragon Age: Inquisition, if the banter is anything to go by, Varric and Dorian have these over just about everything. This includes their chances against the Elder One, which Dorian pegs at about 3 to 1, in favor of the Elder One. (The Inquisitor has the option to get in on that particular bet.) Other bets include whether they are "ass-deep in trouble" (Varric being a dwarf skews that a bit), the creepiness of nug feet, and whether they'll find an enemy that farts fire next.
      Dorian: I'll take that bet. I win either way.
  • In Prominence, some of the crew onboard the Laeril made a gambling pool to guess when the nearby sun would erupt.

    Visual Novels 
  • Katawa Shoujo:
    • Emi and Rin repeatedly make bets on whether Hisao will keep his word and show up to events. Rin tends to lose since she's the one betting that he won't show up.
    • Kenji loses a 1000 Yen bet over Lilly's ethnicity.
  • In Runa's first season of Sweet Enchantments, the heroine learns that Zain and Roman had a bet running on whether or not she'd lose her patience and punch Runa. Roman bet that the heroine is "too virtuous" to resort to violence, though the heroine counters that she's simply not dumb enough to punch a magician.
  • Queen of Thieves:
    • Zoe, Jett, and Leon seem to engage in frequent side bets. In the prologue, Zoe has bet Leon a beer that he (driving a car) won't get to their rendezvous point before the rest of the team (in a helicopter), while Jett has bet Zoe two drinks she can't land the helicopter with nothing but her tablet.
    • During the jailbreak in Remy's second season, there's a bet going on who can escape first. Nikolai ends up owing Vivienne a gelato after she beats him to the rendezvous point.
    • Everybody in the Gilded Poppy has money riding on whether or not Nikolai and the heroine will get back together in his fourth season, after breaking up at the end of the previous season. One dialogue choice can have the heroine calling them all cowards and upping the ante by another ten thousand euros.

  • Ace's mother in the webcomic Too Much Information (2005) is a repeat offender.
  • This strip from Narbonic.
  • Seen here in the webcomic Get Medieval.
  • Betting on who the new mayor is in this Dominic Deegan comic.
  • Here in Knowledge is Power, with the twist that the character in question is wrong about winning the bet. (The bet was on whether Emjay's supposed boyfriend David really existed; the "David" her friend just met was actually an alien shapeshifter who happened to be using the name.)
  • This strip from The Order of the Stick.
    • Haley and Roy betting 10 gold pieces on various things has become a sort of Running Gag.
    • While two of the Inter-Fiend Cooperation Commission bet 10 "soul pieces".
    • Girard Draketooth's message at the Gate's false location mentions a 10,000 gp betting pool on how long it'd take for Soon to break his word and go there. His bet was on less than 12 weeks. While Girard was extremely wrong, the Order figures that someone won the bet, and they hope to find them in the nearby town, spending their winnings.
  • This has been used twice in Wapsi Square. The first time, Shelly made a bet with Bud that Monica wouldn't be able to figure out how she protected herself from being shot. The second time, Bud bet Brandi that Monica wouldn't be able to keep her hands off of a supernatural artifact.
  • Girl Genius:
    • There's a long-running pool about which corner of the Love Triangle will end up with Agatha. We see the odds getting revised and updated as new events put one guy or the other ahead, and there are even 'long-shot' wagers about a both or Dark Horse Victory.
      Vesperian Squad Captain: Thirty - in gold - on Sturmvoraus!
      Jäeger General: Hey keed, gimme vun hunenrt on her takink BOTH uv dem!
      Vanamonde von Mekkahn (Keeping book): That's the dark horse, general. One will get you five.
      Violetta: What? You had that one to fifty!
      Vanamonde von Mekkahn: That was before Sturmovarus evened the odds. It's ANYONE'S race now.
      Random Jäeger: Really? Den hy gun bet feefty on ME!
      Vanamonde von Mekkahn: ...sure. Good luck.
    • ...and note that all this happens while they're under siege from The Empire and simultaneously fighting off an invasion of Body Snatchers. There's ALWAYS time to update the odds.
  • In Exterminatus Now, there's a betting pool concerning the outcomes of each Suicide Mission that Eastwood and company take. Simmons recognizes that they are Born Lucky and always bets on their mission success and survival...and always wins. Thanks to the horrible odds against that particular outcome, Simmons has made a lot of money this way.
  • In Faux Pas the cats have a running pool. They had to close "Myrtle does something stupid" because no one would bet against it, and when they heard that she was planning to visit the zoo they made bets on which of the animals (all of whom hate her) would eat her. And when word got around that Cindy was pregnant they began to accept bets on the number and sexes of the kits.
  • Grrl Power:
    • When Sydney (who is quite short) first meets Anvil (the tallest member of a team of generally tall people), Sydney falls to the ground, screaming about shrinking. Maxima hands Anvil a twenty.
      Maxima: Technically she didn't say anything about your height, so I'm paying in protest.
    • During the first major fight against supervillains, Dabbler warns everyone not to touch one of her discarded weapons, as it's "mammary-trapped." Maxima corrects her to "booby-trapped," and Dabbler pulls out a "Make Maxima say __ bingo" card and crosses off "booby."
      Maxima: What was that?
      Dabbler: Nothing. Just... notes on English.
    • When Sydney is given a code word to say when under duress ("Vermillion"), she asks if she can change it to "that penis-butt thing that chickens have." Maxima points out that 1: It's called a cloaca, and 2: She's heard Sydney say that word before in casual conversation, so it can't be her code word. Once Maxima isn't looking, Sydney takes out her own bingo card and crosses off "cloaca."
    • When Sydney finds out that Varia doesn't know who her father is, Sydney sets up a betting pool for the entire team on who/what she is. Possibilities range from her father being a god (making Varia a demigoddess) to an alien king (making Varia a star princess), and a mad scientist who built Varia in a lab.
      Varia: I get a cut, right?
      Sydney: Ten percent.
      Varia: Twenty-five or no deal.
      Sydney: Fine. Unless it's the star princess one and you wind up with a currency with your face on it.
  • Schlock Mercenary:
    • During the kreely rescue arc, they have a pool for how many of the slavers will surrender and how many will get killed.
    • When the company goes into hiding in the backwaters of the galaxy, Tagon is annoyed that he forgot to set up a betting pool on if they'll find a planet with life on it.
    • When Tagon is given a Dragon-class warship (the same model as the Kitesfear, the first ship he owned), there was a betting pool on what he'd name it. The smart money was on Kitesfear II, but he asked the ship's AI, Cindy, to name it instead, and she went with Cynthetic Certainty.

    Web Original 

    Western Animation 
  • In one Alvin and the Chipmunks cartoon, Alvin is left at home as punishment while Dave takes Simon and Theodore to an amusement park; Alvin has to clean the house while they're gone. Simon and Theodore make a bet over whether or not he'll actually do it, with Simon betting he won't and Theodore insisting that Alvin learned his lesson. When Alvin sees Theodore collecting from Simon at the end of the episode, he's outraged that Simon would bet against him.
    Simon: (dryly) I was playing the odds.
  • Carmen Sandiego: Coach Brunt and Professor Maelstrom have one in "To Steal or Not to Steal." If Carmen outright refuses their offer to work for them in exchange for saving Zack and Ivy from being mind wiped, Maelstrom owes Brunt a steak dinner.
  • The Corner Gas Animated episode Fat and the Furious has the townsfolk make bets on what Brent weighs when Lacey convinces him to use a scale. Given that Lenny hugs Lacey after the weighting, it's assumed he won.
  • Daria:
    • In the episode, "Antisocial Climbers", Daria and Jane wage a bet on whether or not Quinn will be kicked out of the Fashion Club. She is, and the scene cuts to Jane handing Daria a bill.
    • In "Fat Like Me", Daria and Jane are placing various bets with each other throughout the episode. When they hear about Sandi being forced to resign from the Fashion Club due to the strict weight guidelines when she puts on a couple of pounds after breaking her leg, and then guilting Quinn into resigning as well, they start betting whether or not the Fashion Club will be able to continue. As the stakes get raised up to $80, they both begin manipulating Quinn to have the bet go into their favor. Ultimately, Daria wins after she not-so-subtly suggests that Quinn help Sandi get the weight back off so they both can rejoin the Fashion Club.
  • In a flashback scene in The Dragon Prince, two royal guards exchange some coin when Queen Sarai disarms her husband Harrow during a sparring match.
  • Duck Dodgers: In "The Fast & The Feathery", Duck Dodgers enters a race against X-2. During the race, Cadet and the Martian Queen make a bet over who'll win. Dodgers wins the race and Cadet makes a big profit.
  • Futurama: Occurs in "The Deep South", while the Planet Express crew searches for Fry on the ocean floor.
    Bender: Fry! Oh, I just knew you were still alive! (whispering) I owe you ten bucks, Hermes.
  • Goof Troop: In the pilot, P.J. and Pistol make a bet on whether or not their father will bust a gut or a spleen when the Goofs make a tiny dent in his prized boat. When Pete sees the dent and has a major Freak Out, P.J. gives Pistol a quarter and says, "You were right; spleen."
  • House of Mouse: In "Gone Goofy", Mickey, as a last resort to solve the club's budget problems without having to fire Goofy, goes up on stage to announce that he's quitting. The scene then cuts to Mortimer Mouse telling a few villains, "I told you boys the mouse wouldn't last. Now, pay up!"
  • Johnny Bravo was subject to this trope once. His sensei was arguing with a rival martial arts teacher. When Master Hamas (Johnny's sensei) said even his worst student would defeat his rival's best, the rival picked Johnny. After the fight, it was revealed Hamas was so sure Johnny would lose, which he didn't, he made a side bet against his student. Instead of promoting Johnny to a higher belt for winning the fight as Johnny hoped, Master Hamas punished Johnny.
  • Milo Murphy's Law has its first episode centering around a bet over whether Milo and Zack will make it to school on time; Milo's best friend Melissa is the only one betting for him and totally cleans up...admittedly with food since the bet started because of classmate Bradley's comment of "I bet my pudding pack we don't see them again today." to which Melissa bets a snickerdoodle that Milo will not only make it to school but also on time; it snowballs from there.
  • In an episode of The Penguins of Madagascar where it seems that Maurice has slaughtered Julian, Skipper asks Kowalski who had that day as when Maurice would snap. Kowalski revealed it was Rico, to which others reluctantly handed him fish. However, it was then revealed that Julian had been soaked by his blender, so Rico had to give the fish back.
  • In Regular Show, the third season finale starts out with Mordecai sharing a kiss with Margaret. He feels he screwed it up, and when he tells Rigby about it, the first thing that he says:
    Rigby: Whoa. I owe Muscle Man so much money.
  • In Rugrats, Susie tries to help Chuckie get over his fear of the slide. As Chuckie goes to face his fear, Angelica bets a pudding pop with Susie over whether or not he chickens out. When it looks like he's getting cold feet, Angelica raises the stake to two pudding pops. Susie still wins.
  • South Park:
    • When Butters tells his parents he has a girlfriend, they exchange money according to their bet on his sexuality.
    • In another episode, Cartman bets Kyle 10 bucks that his Christian rock band will sell a platinum album before him. It backfires when, during an album release party, Cartman is presented a Myrrh albumnote  , resulting in the bet falling apart and Cartman throwing a tantrum.
    • And of course, the entire subplot about the Kyle sucking Cartman's balls in "Imaginationland."
  • When the heroes of Transformers: Rescue Bots finally reveal to the town that they are aliens, Huxley Prescott reluctantly hands some cash to Mrs. Neederlander.
  • In the Wild Cats cartoon, Maul and Warblade bet on how many days it's going to take Grifter and Zealot to give in to their simmering UST. When they confess their feelings before the end of the episode, Warblade smugly collects his money.
  • In the third episode of Xiaolin Showdown, which centered on Kimiko Tohomiko achieving "absolute focus," her male teammates made a bet where the loser has to do the others chores—Raimundo bet that would gain her focus while Clay and Omi bet that she wouldn't, but Raimundo won the bet, so Omi and Clay had to do Raimundo's chores for the next four weeks (it was originally just one week, but they doubled the bet twice).

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