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You can say whatever you want about Digimon being a show for kids and only for kids: the only reason this page exists is to prove just how wrong you are.

Series with their own pages:

  • In general, Digimon really did have more translator bravery than a lot of anime aired in the Saturday morning cartoon block. Other series lost entire episodes or even arcs, had stories and characters changed drastically because God forbid there should be any drama, angst (kids can't handle it!) or romance (that's tantamount to admitting sex exists!/Boys will think it's yucky!) happen. Digimon will keep the handgun given to an eight-year-old out of frame but that's about the extent. Never Say "Die" applied pretty much to death words only, and the occasional use of The Hit Flash. (They did try to pretend away two deaths in the Myotismon arc, but then they realized just how huge a body count the series was going to rack up from here on in and gave up.) You get things like the sight of Chuumon with one of Piedmon's knives sticking out of him (we lose only the instant the knife goes in.) The letter of the law is adhered to
    • Death and related words are actually said fairly regularly in Adventure, 02, and Tamers. They gloss over it a bit, but they don't outright hide it. Heck, they've even used "kill" before!
      • That was T.K. When BlackWarGreymon was going after one of those stones that tied the Digital World together, Cody stood in between him and it all on his own. Just before it cut to commercial you get a chilling, "He'll be killed!"
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    • Tamers definitely averted the Never Say "Die" trope. When Guilmon first biomerged to create his Mega form, Kenta was worried about Takato's disappearance and thought he may have fallen off a cliff "and be hurt or dead or something" amongst other points.
  • Thanks to the higher demographic target, Digimon Savers can get more leeway than usual. Even then, some of those aspects are ridiculous, such as:
    • Yoshino barging in and insisting on 'accompanying' Masaru for security reasons, which results in her sleeping in his room. Consider this: at this point their relationship is defined by bickering and mockery, and there's 4 years of difference between them. Chika even lampshades how they act somewhat too close.
      • Masaru's mom let it go without further ado, so that's a bonus.
    • Emphasis on Rosemon's Digivolution as well as transition from local Bridge Bunnies to Lovely Angels (training suit with loose zipper).
    • Taking the cake and eating it is Touma vs Nanami. To say this is not sexual at all is the same as saying how sincere GLADOS is.
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    • Chika drags Ikuto and Falcomon to the bathroom and then throws them into the bathtub, but not without stripping down poor Ikuto first.
    • The way Ikuto's mother is Bound and Gagged.
    • Given how the previous seasons' dub censored all the instances of "real" guns being used, it was a surprise to see Kurata and his soldiers keeping their guns intact in Data Squad.
    • With Masaru and Touma gone, it's up to Yoshino, Ikuto, Miki, and Megumi to fight Belphemon. Think about it: three grown-up ladies who wear somewhat fanservice-y clothes are bringing a pre-pubescent boy with motorcycles at night. The situation might be intense, but it's hard to not snicker at the party's composition and accuse the ladies of being paedophiles.
  • Mervamon from Digimon Xros Wars really takes the "Ms. Fanservice" trope and runs with it to the end zone. Her bustier is flesh-toned.
    • In the sequel, in the second-to-last episode she Xrosses with Beelzemon, and uses an attack called Sexy the Cannon.
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    • Stingmon and Lilamon from the original Xros Wars. One is an insect and another is a flower. They're portrayed as lovers. Insert pollination jokes here.
  • Lilithmon, in an Evil Is Sexy manner, is similar to Mervamon at least in the original dub of Digimon Xros Wars. A particular standout moment is in The Dark Side of Bright Land, when the radar is outright shattered as she fondles her breasts and tells her comrades how being in Hell's Field is getting her ''excited'' because of how the area feels to her.
  • Digimon Adventure 3D: Digimon Grandprix! has Agumon outright shitting with his behind right in front of the camera!


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