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Princess Christi is quite savvy when it comes to genies.

The Princess Planet is a hilariously outrageous world where just about every girl is a princess and mix-and-match monsters frolic amongst spaceships and robots.

This Webcomic, created by Brian McLachlan is best described as a Fractured Fairy Tale meets Space Opera with a dash of The Far Side.

The heroine, Princess Christi, is bored with life in the royal family, so she abandons her life of comfort for adventures outwitting opponents with Bugs Bunny-like logic.

This tall blonde wants to be an adventure heroine.

You can read it here. The comic concluded in July 2013 after eight and half years.

The Princess Planet provides examples of the following tropes:

  • Bavarian Fire Drill: Christi has gotten treasure more than once by pretending to be a Treasure Inspector and taking it away under the pretense of it being defective.
  • Dem Bones: Christi often encounters living skeletons and even lost a game of Strip Poker to them.
  • Disproportionate Retribution: Subverted. A minor character in his first appearance is sent to the dungeon, apparently to die — being hung next to a skeleton—for telling a bad joke, but the next strip reveals that the skeleton hanging next to him is actually a living skeleton sent there (briefly) for the same reason.
  • Forgotten Phlebotinum: invoked, Christi's magic wand which is implied to be able to do anything is only ever used twice. Christi never uses it specifically because it would spoil the fun.
  • Running Gag: Christi often plays "treasure inspector"; the princesses saying "I have a..."; the king routinely finds fault with artists' suggestions for the royal coat of arms.
  • Snowlems: Christi's companion is a talking snowman who never seems to melt.
  • Unexplained Recovery: Various minor characters, including the Viking turned to stone and then a flaming monkey-helicopter-baby-chicken-magnet and the Bad Boyfriend eaten by a monster, but noticeably not the child-eating witch whom Christi turned into a hat. The witch's every subsequent appearance is as a hat.