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Yet Another Fantasy Gamer Comic is a webcomic by Rich Morris, following the lives and (mis)adventures of the D&D monsters of the Black Mountain, and their interactions with the rest of the world. As the comic went on, more and more characters got added to the cast, and now plenty of "good" humans and other characters living outside of Black Mountain get their own arcs as well.

Notable for its sense of humour, sketch-like yet very nice artwork, and complex character development and interaction.

For the first several years of its existence, new episodes were published every day, seven days a week. Eventually, real life intervened, and Morris switched to a "when it's ready" schedule, which typically means about three or four episodes per week.

A word of warning for those who browse TV Tropes at work: it has some NSFW elements, mostly casual nudity.


Has a character sheet.

Yet Another Fantasy Gamer Comic provides examples of: