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Webcomic / Flaky Pastry

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L-R: Zintiel, Nitrine, Marelle

Flaky Pastry is a webcomic by Félix Lavallée (aka Falingard), which started in 2005 and is ongoing, with updates every Friday. It's a Low Fantasy Sitcom featuring the (mis)adventures of three college roommates, who have to deal with landlord dragons, vindictive halfling mages, impossibly large dungeons, and a whole host of other Dungeons & Dragons-esque characters and situations.

The three main characters are:

  • Nitrine, an unusually intelligent (read: about as smart as an average human) goblin girl with green hair. Loves inventing things with dubious purposes. Later learned to make clones of herself (or anything she wanted) using her imagination.
  • Marelle, the Team Mom, who is addicted to learning and has been studying at the university for a very long time. Has Unusual Ears, making her look suspiciously like a Cat Girl, but try telling her that.
  • Zintiel, a sociopathic High Elf. Not strictly a student, but tags along with Nitrine and Marelle when she's bored. Surprisingly strong, and a dab hand with apocalyptic magic. Was due to be married to an Elven prince but ran away on their wedding day. She and Nitrine had previously crossed paths several years back.

Flaky Pastry contains examples of:

  • Never My Fault: Tares has a really bad case of this, laying all the blame for the horrific events on Zintiel rather than accepting his own part.