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In mythology and folklore, a vengeful ghost or vengeful spirit is said to be the spirit of a deceased person who returns from the afterlife to seek revenge for a cruel, unnatural or unfair death. In certain cultures where funeral and burial or cremation ceremonies are important, such vengeful spirits may also be considered as unhappy ghosts of individuals who have not been given a proper funeral.

Part of Our Ghosts Are Different and Revenge Tropes. Sister Trope to Onryo, a Japanese counterpart to this trope that has distinctive traits but the same objective, and Revenant Zombie, in which the person returns as a zombie but keeps all their memories and personality, including the memory of the one who killed them and the desire for vengeance.


See also Unfinished Business, when revenge is not the (only) reason to come back as a ghost, Ghostly Goals, for when the primary mission of the ghost is revenge, and Murder Into Malevolence, a reason for why the ghost can turn violent after the death.


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    Comic Books 
  • DC Comics
    • Despite his name, the Gentleman Ghost is a supervillain that lived in 1800s England as a thief and later entered the U.S. illegally and was killed by Nighthawk, one of the incarnations of Hawkman. Revived as a ghost, he became not just the Arch-Enemy of Hawkman, but also a supervillain to stand against every superhero out there.
    • The Origin Story of The Spectre is about this: the cop Jim Corrigan was murdered by thugs and eventually came back to life as the form of The Spectre. With the time, Spectre becomes more as the Spirit of Vengeance by his own and later he got other human hosts, two of the most famous ones are Hal Jordan and Crispus Allen.
  • A '90s Anti-Heroine example is Ghost. Elisa Cameron, a reporter who finds herself dead under mysterious circumstances, gains the abilities of intangibility and teleportation as a result of becoming a ghost. Now she must try to find out how she ended up dead in the first place.
  • The Crow franchise is mostly about this. In many incarnations, a pair of lovers, a father and son, or some other characters with a bond of love are killed by a gang, an organization or even by Dirty Cops. One of the pair is revived as "The Crow", seeking a Roaring Rampage of Revenge against EVERYONE in the group that killed them and their loved ones, not just limited to the killers, but also the highest ranks who managed that event.
  • Invoked by Ghost Rider, being more known as "The Spirit of Venegance" in any of his incarnations (excepting the first Western version, later known as "Phantom Rider", a vigilante that takes the "ghost" as his alter-ego intead being really dead).
  • The Wraith: The Wraith initially comes Back from the Dead to take down the gang who killed him and his brother, and stays there to battle other evil.

    Fan Works 
  • In Chapter 13 "The Abandoned Route" of Pokémon: Nova and Antica, Ash and the other members of his posse encounter Master Silverplien. Although he acts cordial and helps into his house when they're lost, he is in fact a vengeful revenant bent on "saving" people from the harshness of life. Why is he like this? He and his family had their lives unceremoniously taken by Team Hectic.

    Film — Live-Action 
  • Candyman is the nickname of the son of a slave named Daniel Robitaille, who was brutally tortured and murdered because of a love affair with the daughter of a local (white) plantation owner. "Candyman" himself became an urban legend: if you mention his name five times in the front of a mirror, you can be killed by him. The film is about how a girl discovers the urban myth is not just a myth and after that things Gone Horribly Wrong.

  • In Harry Potter, ghosts can come back for a variety of reasons. Moaning Myrtle Warren doesn't say why she came back, but she did go about haunting Alpha Bitch Olive Hornby, who was bullying her before she died.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Supernatural has this as a constant theme, with one of the most frequent Monsters of the Week being vengeful spirits who are unable to move on and seek revenge on the ones who murdered them. Some examples:
    • In "Mannequin 3: The Reckoning", the ghost of a woman is out to kill her former coworkers in revenge for a Deadly Prank they pulled on her that inadvertently got her killed.
    • Defied by Bobby Singer, as he realizes that he's beginning to turn into one when he's about to kill Sam, and in "Survival of the Fittest" he asks the brothers to destroy the flask that's keeping him tethered to the mortal world, which they do.
  • Parodied in the The IT Crowd episode "The Haunting of Bill Crouse", in which the titular Bill Crouse, believing that Jen has died, falsely claims that he was the last person to sleep with her in order to win sympathy from others. Throughout the episode, Jen tries to confront him about it, but each time, circumstances cause him to believe that she's a vengeful ghost haunting him.
  • Korean series Cheo Yong is about the eponymous protagonist who's a police detective that can see ghosts since he's a child and solve misteries around them. In both seasons, various of the crimes are made by vengeful ghosts, including the Big Bad of Season 1, a former partner of Cheo Yong that seek vengeance against him.
  • In Engine Sentai Go-onger, Hiramechimedes is killed by the Go-ongers, but his hatred is so deep that he returns for a last time as a yurei.

  • In all the world, they're their own and distinctive vengeful spirits. Some of the most known ones by region:
    • In Americas, there are plenty of vengeful ghost depending of the zone: in North America there's the Chindi a vengeful ghost that causes dust devils in Navajo mythology; in Latin America there's a prominent number of female vengeful spirits, everyone with different motifs, like La Llorona ("The Crying Woman", also known as The Woman in White) who lost her children and now cries while looking for them in the river, Sayona, who believed her husband had an affair with her mother, Dama Branca who died after childbirth, Patasola who lures men and later devours them by converting into a beast and Sihuanaba, who had an affair and attacks unfaithful men.
    • The Green Lady: A restless female spirit said to haunt certain locations in Scotland, mostly in certain castles. In some tales she was murdered in a green dress, and then stuffed unceremoniously up the chimney by a servant. It is said that her footsteps can still be heard as she walks the castle in sadness.
    • China has Mogwai, a vengeful ghost or demon; Nu gui, a vengeful female ghost and counterpart of japanese Onryo; and Yuan gui, the spirits of persons who have died wrongful deaths.
    • Chudail, a female ghost of Indian folklore, well known in North India and Pakistan. This spirit is said to originate in a woman who died either in childbirth, in pregnancy or during her menstruation, in a state of ritual impurity.
    • Japan has Onryo: A generic name of the Japanese folklore for ghosts (yurei), who come back from purgatory for a wrong done to them during their lifetime. Onryo are mostly women and often manifest themselves in physical rather than spectral form.
  • In Classical Mythology there are various vengeful ghosts too: Lemures in Roman mythology are the wandering and vengeful spirits of those not afforded proper burial, funeral rites or affectionate cult by the living; and Keres, spirits of violent or cruel death in Greek mythology.

    Tabletop Games 
  • In Blades in the Dark, spectres are a type of ghosts that have been twisted by their deaths and are driven by the desire to take vengeance upon the living by consuming their life energy. Many start off with a specific target (e.g. their murderer), but once the target dies, transfer their hatred upon all of the living.
  • Exalted: In the game, human beings have two souls. The Hun or "upper soul" governs intellect, morality, consciousness and higher thinking, while the Po or "lower soul" is concerned with a person's passions, instincts, and animalistic urges and drives. After death, the Hun departs to either reincarnation or the underworld, while the Po remains behind to watch over the body. If a deceased person was not buried or was buried improperly, the Po will manifest as a ravenous, predatory Hungry Ghost, resting in its body by day and going out by night to cause chaos and attack the living until it is pacified by being given a proper funeral. It is also possible for a Hungry Ghost to be created by a violent or painful death, and necromancers often torture victims to death to purposefully create ghosts to use and control.
  • Most editions of Dungeons & Dragons have the "Revenant" monster.
    Fueled by hatred and a need for vengeance, a revenant rises from the grave to hunt and kill its murderer. Devoid of any compassion, emotion, or logic, a revenant has but one purpose, and cannot rest until it has found vengeance.
  • Mitos y Leyendas: The 2016 Bushido expansion has "Yurei", which illustration is based in classical despictions of yurei. The card has the ability of return 2 ally cards from your graveyard if this card goes to one. this is her setting text:
    Usually appear between 2 am and the dawn, to scare and torment those ones who offended them in life.


    Video Games 

    Visual Novels 
  • In the second Paramedium game, the bus driver is killed by the ghosts of the students he kidnapped (and then becomes a vengeful ghost himself before being put down for good).

    Web Animation 
  • Lewis from Mystery Skulls Animated is seeking vengeance on his murderer Arthur, either not knowing or caring that Arthur was very much Not Himself at the time and was visibly horrified by his possessed half's actions.

    Web Original 
  • Inverted (and exploited) in Yet Another Fantasy Gamer Comic, where baron Greyfort arranges for the burial ceremony be carried out wrong so that his ghost can keep an eye on his family.

    Western Animation 
  • The Boondocks episode "Stinkmeaner Strikes Back" features the spirit of Colonel H. Stinkmeaner (an elderly jerkass who was accidentally killed by Robert Freeman in a street fight from an earlier episode) rising out of Hell to seek revenge on his old enemy. Stinkmeaner possesses the body of Robert's friend Tom DuBois, eventually coming over to Robert's house to try and murder him.
  • In the first episode of DuckTales (2017), the triplets accidentally summon a Ghost Pirate coming for "Scrooge McDuck's head", implying that he's seeking revenge on Scrooge. The old duck defeats him by giving him the head of a statue of him, which makes the ghost vanish.
  • Gravity Falls: The Monster of the Week for "Northwest Mansion Noir/Mystery" is a ghost from a lumberjack who came to seek revenge on the Northwest family. He only manages to find peace when Pacifica, the Northwest's White Sheep, opens the gates, allowing the townsfolk to enter the mansion.


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