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Games for the Android mobile phone and tablet OS. A subset of Mobile Phone Games. Due to Google Play's openness, there are lots of games of varying quality to be found, making Google Play's catalogue a textbook example of Sturgeon's Law in action. However, despite the glut of trash from free-to-play shovelware to outright adware that nominally qualify as a "game" and flagrantly rip off existing popular franchises in an attempt to dupe impressionable users (e.g. children who may not be able to tell an official Disney game apart from a copyright-infringing clone riding the coattails off it, or worse with inappropriate content being passed off as innocuous), Google Play's openness also allows for applications and utilities which Apple would not approve, like video game emulators and tools for modding existing Android games; the closest Apple would approve would be emulators pre-loaded with officially-licensed ROMs.

Note that due to the greater variation of Android hardware compared to iOS, it is a good idea to check compatibility with your device before purchasing, especially if you have an inexpensive phone/tablet. While Google Play did automatically delist incompatible apps and games on a particular device, there are cases where "incompatible" apps work after sideloaded and "compatible" apps did not work.

See also iOS Games for the other major mobile platform.

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