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"For the Seven Knights!"

Seven Knights is a free-to-play Korean mobile RPG by Netmarble Games for Android and iOS.

Seven Knights was released in March 11, 2014 in Korea and October 14, 2015 in global. Independent Japanese and Chinese (Terminated in 2020) servers would also later be released. Seven Knights is a 3D mobile game with attractive graphics and an interesting storyline. The game features hundreds of playable characters from fantasy creatures like elves, dwarfs, orcs and also regular humans.

Seven knights would go on to receive a reboot in both Korea and Global servers. Global celebrated its fourth anniversary alongside the reboot.

The Korean version had been constantly in the top 50 grossing RPG mobile apps in Android even after several years since release. The game's success would later encourage two Seven Knight game spin offs to be developed, Seven Knights Revolution and Seven Knights Time Wanderer. Eventually a sequel would come out titled Seven knights II, being one of the top 10 Korean grossing games. Seven knights would get its first anime adaptation based on seven knights revolution, releasing April 2021 in Japan

Both the Korean and Global versions are in season four of the story line.

Korea server would celebrate their seventh anniversary in March 2021, Global celebrating it's sixth on October 2021.

A sequel, Seven Knights 2, will launch for Android and iOS devices sometime in 2021.

Seven Knights provides tropes such as:

  • Allegedly Free Game: The game does provide a surprisingly amount of free awards, especially through Check-In Events. The awards increased after the former developer, Dev. Spike, started managing the game. There are item selectors, special hero selectors, etc. Of course, like many gacha games, players often have to spend a large quantity of rubies in order to obtain the specific special hero they want.
    • Dev Kagura has also offered plenty of freebies in the game, though also caused some controversies.
  • April Fools' Day: As part of April fools day the Korean server released genderbent costumes for Ace, Rin, Sun Wukong and Teo with different voice actors.
    • In April 2020, A gender-bent costume for Kris and twins Branze & Bransel would also be released. Funnily enough due to Branze & Bransel's Bishōnen look, some players couldn't tell the difference.
  • Calling Your Attacks: The heroes all have a phrase they say when using a skill.
    • It does not have to be the title or the name of the skill.
  • The Chosen One: The game's protagonist, Evan, was chosen by goddess Elena herself to encourage the Seven Knights, wielders of the fragments, to stop the war and work together. The seven knights were also chosen to hold the fragments of destruction which is actually what causes the war in Asgar.
  • Crossover: Currently in the global version (now known as Newworld) there have been three collaborations featured: Guilty Gear, BlazBlue, Street Fighter.
  • Dialog During Gameplay: Some cut scenes and dialogue are shown in adventure mode as the player advances in the story.
  • Doomed Hometown: The continent of Asgar (home to the protagonist) is wrecked by war caused by the fragments of destruction. Many monsters in Asgar also start invading lands and killing humans.
  • The Empire: Season one takes place after the Skytria Empire has fallen and the god of destruction has divided twelve fragments of destruction among different individuals; seven of which happen to be the famous 'Seven Knights'. Emperor Pascal also unified many lands into one single continent, Aisha, much like an empire.
  • Equipment Upgrade: All equipment can be upgraded into a stronger form. Items, attack and armor equipment exclusive items, jewels, accessories can all be upgraded. There is also the Limit Break and Fighter's Soul which can make your heroes stronger.
  • Experience Booster: As the player clears adventure mode the level of the hero raises up until level 30.
    • As of 2020, hero levels can reach up to 50.
    • Rubies can also be used to randomly level up heroes but it's not recommended.
  • Fanservice: Especially the beach costumes for the female characters. Otherwise there are plenty of characters who show plenty cleavage already (Black rose, Sarah, Awaken Eileene, etc)
  • Fantasy Counterpart Culture: Many of the lands in Asgar and Aisha seem to be inspired by countries. Aisha is evidently inspired by Asian countries and cultures such as Moonlit Isle coming from Japan. Terra kingdom seems to be inspired by Europe.
  • Fantasy Kitchen Sink: Asgar and Aisha continents bring us a world filled with demons, elves, spirits, orcs, humanoid foxes and talking slime.
  • Informed Equipment: The in-game items don't modify the looks of any of your characters.
  • King Mook: Especially the bosses of the regular enemies you encounter. Some bosses even have the title of 'King'.
  • Limit Break: There's a feature by the same name that enables you to increase the HP, attack and defense of your hero.
    • Limit Break later also got upgraded and now can use to unlock hidden skills.
  • Named Weapons: A lot of the equipment is named after an accessory or item that the hero wears in their design. There's also the addiction of Exclusive Items (only for awakened heroes) which can be unlocked with the use of gold.
    • You formerly needed to use Shadow Ores to unlock the Exclusive Items but a recent made it easier for players to unlock it with gold.
  • Only One Name: In-game characters have only their first name revealed, when you dig in more into the lore there are a few with their last names revealed.
  • Play Every Day: There are many daily log-in awards, events, daily missions and modes which you are encouraged to participate in daily.
  • Really 700 Years Old: Many characters are older than they appear. This is due to being elves, spirits or hybrids.
    • One of the oldest characters in the game is Dellons, over 1,500 years old but physically 29. Rosie is also that age.
    • Yuri is over 1020 years but looks to be in her 20s.
    • Bathory and Bane are close to 1,000 years old.
    • Aquila and Sun Wukong are also both over 100 years old.
  • Socialization Bonus: You can send and receive honor (used to quire low-rank items and heroes) to the friends in your list. You can also make 'Special Friends' in which you can obtain points and eventually receive a seven knights selector.
  • Spin-Off: Two spin-off games have so far been announced. Seven Knights Revolution and Seven Knights Time Wanderer for Nintendo Switch. A continuation series Seven Knights II was also announced.
  • Timeskip: Four years take place in between season one and four.
  • Victory Pose: Characters do a winning pose after the end of a battle in any PvE mode or if they win an arena battle.
  • Video Game Tutorial: Has one at the beginning of the game which introduces the skills of heroes and game mechanics.
  • World of Badass: Plenty of badass characters to choose from. They've got badass humans, badass monsters, badass hybrids and even badass slime.