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Heartwarming / Seven Knights

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  • In the beginning both Karin and Evan would be too timid to admit they liked each other as more than friends. They would often be seen blushing by some other heroes.
    • Karin's love rivalry with Yuri was also often funny to see in the dialogue. Karin would also be jealous of all the girls that Evan met in his adventures.
  • Many characters present crushes on other characters which makes them behave in a shy and nervous manner in the dialogue, some even blush and stutter.
    • Evan and Karin, Snipper's crush on Jupy, Da Qiao's strong affection and obvious crush on Bi Dam are a few among several.
    • Karma and Rin's love for each other is also evident as Karma will do anything, even risk his life, for the safety and protection of Rin.
    • Dellons loved Claudia with all his soul and might, she was the sole being who made his day full of happiness and joy until her death. The webtoon showcased their wedding, with Dellons and Claudia overwhelmed by happiness, even though the wedding was later cancelled.