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Tear Jerker / Seven Knights

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Character Stories

  • Dellon's backstory is both gruesome and tragic. He fell madly in love with Skytria's second princess, Claudia. This love was deeply hated by Snowood (Dellons' brother) and Arial (Claudia's sister). Another obstacle standing in their way was the Silversword family who wanted to kill Claudia as it was speculated that, like Karin, she was a full-blooded descendant of the ancients. After Snowood and the Silverswords try to capture Claudia, Dellons saves her only to soon brutally lose her as Claudia is stabbed through the back by Arial.
    • Dellons tried repeating history and going trough a vicious cycle of watching Claudia die over and over until he lost his sanity. Even when he took the fragments of destruction from the Dark Knights hoping to revive Claudia this way, his plan did not ultimately work.
    • It is later revealed that goddess of destruction Nestra was actually Claudia that whole time and was trying to use Dellons for her own gain.

  • In season 3 Rin appears to Karma and begs him, with tears in her eyes, to come back to her in the imperial palace. Karma, now awakened, says he has to leave her and break his promise in order to finish his new mission (finding the other victims of dark magic Experiments).

  • Skuld's two sisters died during the war in the heavenly world. The only reason why Skuld survived was because she stayed behind and did not participate. Skuld was depressed and cried for a long time. Her sisters left her a birthday letter which expressed their love for her and a spinning wheel.

  • In season 4 After Sylvester reveals to Evan that he's his father, he slowly begins to fade away and vanish.