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Characters Who Will Myth Awaken.

There are some heroes who, according to the current storyline, will myth awaken sooner or later.

  • Hellenia, twin sister of Heavenia. It is very likely that the other twin and actual counterpart will also myth awaken soon.
  • Karin, one of the central characters, will myth awaken due to her ancient blood and the power of destruction.
  • Mercure, obsessed with stronger dark powers and his research experiments, can find the Power of the Abyss and awaken again.
  • Daisy was said to have been cursed by the Power of Destruction and Ace tried to save her. Many already speculated she would awaken due to the curse. Heroes who receive a myth awakening also automatically gain an awakened form.
  • All remaining seven knights will myth awaken. Dark knights will also myth awaken.

Fate of Characters.

  • Pascal to die soon in the story. Last time we heard of Pascal, Pascal was on the verge of death due to the Power of the Abyss consuming his whole body until he would implode. Rin, now empress, is leading Aisha continent and has become the monarch. There can't be two emperors.

Future of Dellons.

This was indeed somewhat spoiled by the sequel game, Seven Knights II. The sequel game revealed that after 30 years since the events of Seven Knights I, Dellons still failed to revive Claudia and was struck by more insanity.

Hidden Masters.
There will be more Hidden Masters released. With 10 already out in global and 12 in Korea, more are to come to represent even more countries.

Future of Celestial Guardians.
The last valkurie will release in March 2020.

  • So far the valkyries have released about 4 months apart from each other, putting the last valkyrie for a March 2021 release date.

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