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  • When the Hanzo students are assigned to write up their family trees to show their relationship to other shinobi, the assignment makes Ikaruga pretty depressed about her family situation. Later on, she finds that Asuka had included all of the students in her tree and reveals how much she considers them family. This warms Ikaruga's heart so much she openly cries tears of joy rather than the ones of sadness she'd been hiding.
  • The ending of Hikage's Story in Shinovi Versus: Hikage has been out and about trying her hardest to understand "excitement" since it looks so great when everyone else experiences it. After multiple comedic answers from the others, Hikage finally realizes what makes her happy. Cooking for the rest of the Crimson Squad, and seeing their happy smiling faces. For a character that is 90% The Stoic, seeing her smile so genuinely is adorable.
  • Imu's story in Bon Appétit is a huge Pet the Dog moment. She starts to worry about Murasaki's health from staying in her room too much and tries to find a way to get her out. Imu comes up with the idea to participate in the Super Dish Gourmet Cook-Off to lure her out of her room. After reaching the final dual, she faces Murasaki, but decides that her mission has been accomplished. Murasaki then tells her not to drop out of the cook-off, because she wants to make super dishes with her like they did during their childhood. It's then revealed that Murasaki wouldn't come out of her room because she was making a towel with her and Imu's picture on it. Imu gets a little teary-eyed and thanks Murasaki for the present, showing that the two sisters really do care deeply for each other.
  • As odd as this is, Katsuragi assuring that Mirai there is room for all shapes and sizes for her "Boob harem" in Bon Appétit.
  • Mirai actually gets a lot of Pet the Dog moments in Shinovi Versus. The two biggest ones are her finally meeting cute_shutin, (Murasaki) someone praising her work, and Mirai saying that there's no way she'd ever be disappointed with her fans.
    • The second one is her finding an unlikely friendship with Murakumo, someone finally realizing Mirai as an equal, and the two nerding out something fierce.
    • In Murasaki's Shinobi Hearts story in Estival Versus, she becomes interested in musicals after reading a story by Mirai about them. At one point she encounters Mirai and pretty much their entire conversation while duking it out has them singing the musical number from Mirai's story together. It's quite sweet, especially compared to the usual high jinks that make up most of the Shinobi Hearts stories.
    • Murasaki's Shinobi Hearts is pretty adorable all the way through. She shows up singing that song from Mirai's story, and after the initial comedic shock, Miyabi and Imu actually sing along too. Murasaki's Hearts story ends as she and Miyabi are performing in the play, having a blast while they do so.
  • Just about all of Haruka and Hibari's interactions in Shinovi Versus. It looks like Haruka's idea of being genuine friends worked.
    • In particular, when the two meet up again in the Hanzo story, Hibari vents her frustrations about nobody ever getting mad at her for making mistakes, only ever treating her kindly. She only became a shinobi because she inherited the Kagan ability, something she feels her siblings deserved much more, and she's worried that, with the Kagan's power of hypnosis, she may be unknowingly forcing everyone around her to be kind to her, which means she can never make real friends. Haruka assures that is Kagan not powerful enough to do that; people are kind and patient with her because she's Hibari.
  • Another from Bon Appétit that could be an easily-missed moment, but is most-easily seen when playing the first portion of Asuka's stage. Be playing well and just look at how the player character is genuinely smiling while happily packing a rice ball!
  • During the prologue of Estival Versus the girls are brought to the island, have to fight off mysterious shinobi, and are generally very on edge even as the four groups meet up with one another, until Asuka sees a sight that puts her mind at ease much more than anything else could at that point:
    Asuka: "Grandma!"
  • Rin's level up dialogue in Estival Versus is very heartwarming when one realizes that she is talking about Kiriya.
    Rin: I'm a bit his level...
    Rin: Under his tutelage, there is no contest.
  • Also counts as a tearjerker, during Katsuragi and Yozakura's final battle in the Hanzo story of Shinovi Versus, Katsuragi refuses to kill Yozakura when told she wouldn't accept defeat. When Katsuragi reveals that doing so would break her parents' hearts, Yozakura finds out Katsuragi's parents are the shinobi she and the Gessen Girls begged to spare Kurokage when they were young. After realizing her death would break Kurokage's heart, Yozakura finally accepts defeat, allowing Katsuragi's parents to live.
  • In Day 2 of Estival Versus the girls are more motivated to play around on the beach than begin the Shinobi Bon Dance as part of the Kagura Millennium Festival. On the Gessen side, Yozakura gets into it and cuts loose more than everyone else combined and Yumi quickly figures out why: After years of doing nothing but take care of her siblings and being a Team Mom for the Gessen students, she is finally getting a chance to enjoy herself and have fun.
  • Kafuru's Shinobi Hearts story CG of her tightly hugging Sayuri after the two resolve a misunderstanding and Sayuri telling Kafuru that, out of all of the girls there, she has the best potential towards being a loving mother.
  • A nice moment between Murasaki, Imu and Ryōbi during Day 2 of Estival Versus. Murasaki is pushed to fight Asuka, Ikaruga and Katsuragi by herself. She's extremely reluctant about the whole thing, obviously, but Ryōbi encourages her by saying she should use this opportunity to show her sister, Imu, how bright she can shine. Murasaki goes on to fight, and win, and Imu makes no effort to hide how proud she is.
    • Murasaki and Imu also get a brief but touching moment in the OP, where they're shown sunbathing side by side, before rolling over, holding hands, and smiling at each other. Given how not-touchy they usually are, the moment is incredibly sweet.
  • Mirai got another Pet the Dog moment at the end of the Waist Deep DLC story from Senran Kagura 2. After receiving punishment from Daidouji to convince Mirai to own up for her actions that caused her as well as her friends and the Hanzo Academy girls to become Super-Deformed to avoid being made fun of by her peers after her plan to eat Kagura's red orb to grow up backfired, the rest of the Crimson Squad also took responsibility for Mirai's actions and not noticing her self-esteem problems from feeling less than the others at the time. The close-up of the remorseful and chibi Mirai makes you want to give her a hug to let her know she's forgiven. Seeing Mirai considering apologizing to her friends before being confronted by Daidouji, as hesitant as she was out of fear of being hated for making them into chibis, is also a sign that Mirai is growing.
  • Yumi gets some serious Character Development during her DLC story in Burst Re:Newal while providing several of these: Pulling some strings to allow Ryobi and Ryona to transfer to Hebijo and giving them her fan (given to her from Kurokage) as "proof" they defeated her to allow the transfer, working with Hikage to protect her former gang from a rampaging Naraku (due to a misunderstanding) despite beating them up several times, and stopping Yozakura from going full Knight Templar out of grief from losing Kurokage all while sticking to her principles of Pure Righteousness.
  • Shiki's story in Estival Versus has her speaking with the spirit of Kurokage, who inspires her to go on living and that he'll always be a part of her live even though he is gone. To lessen the sadness, Kurokage reminds Shiki of her Gratuitous French / Gratuitous English speaking skills he's taught her. In the end of her path, Shiki says this in her Gratuitous English.
    Shiki: Now he [Kurokage] is in my heart...
  • Murasaki's Story ending in Shinovi Versus. The side-story starts with Murasaki starting to hate both Imu and Miyabi for always barging in her room unannounced and she starts to spiral even more into depression. It all culminates with Murasaki facing a shadow of herself and convinces herself that she's worthless. Cue for Asuka to rescue her from depression and making her realize that she truly loves her sister and friends. When she returns home, Murasaki finds a note from Miyabi and Imu apologizing for their behaviour. The final scene is Murasaki sleeping with the most precious smile ever.