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"Strange. Funny. Heartrending."
— Advertising slogan for Mother 3

Even if you're the most hardcore xtreme gam0r to ever walk the planet, these scenes will make you want to reach out and hug your console. No other medium can so effectively force a viewer to empathize. Keep tissues handy.

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  • In Infocom's Stationfall, at one point you and your Robot Buddy, Floyd, come across a young, "unborn" robot named Oliver. Upon seeing it, Floyd has this to say:
    "Oliver is a nice name. I hope Floyd is around when Oliver wakes up. Floyd remembers waking up for the first time. It is scariest and loneliest time for a robot. If we be here when Oliver wakes up, Floyd would like to teach Oliver to play paddleball. Paddleball helped Floyd forget how lonely and scared he was until he found friends... like you."
  • The conclusion of Episode 27 of Seraphic Blue. After Hausen sacrificed himself, Foxey snapped at Minerva for being spoiled one scene earlier and remembered that someone consoled her in the past, she decided to apologize and do the same like he did for her, at the same time recalling the road she was on her entire life before she met Lake and the others.
  • For so many years, the rumor persisted of being able to tip the iceberg on Club Penguin. Two months before the website shut down for good, on January 31, 2017, it was finally made possible. Doing so would reveal a plaque saying "Together we can build an island, create a community, change the world... and even tip an iceberg. Waddle on." Many people have repeated doing this since then.
  • A meta example: Phantasy Star Online was originally released in 2000, with the last official servers shutting down in 2009. The game still lives on, however, via numerous private servers, many of which are labors of love, populated by dedicated players and continuously maintained and updated to this day.
  • In Little King's Story:
    • Some of the scenes at the ends of the Princess Quests qualify:
      • Princess Apricot, your first princess, sits with you as you look out over the valley where you fought the Onii King. You turned a place she didn't want to remember into her "Valley of Memories". It's really cute and sweet.
      • Princess Shizuka teleports in and teleports you to your castle, where you watch UFOs appear in the shape of a heart.
    • You can kiss your princesses. Doing so enough is a requirement for Martel's sidequest, but all of them result in hearts appearing above the king's head for a bit.
    • The scene where you've chosen your princess. You can even choose Minister Verde. (Too bad about what happens to her...)
    • You're finally confronting the source of the quakes: A giant rat with a crown! All looks bleak... but then you hear... a loud and high-pitched whistle! It's Liam, scaring the enemies into hiding and giving you a fighting chance!
  • Progressbar 95: Visit Progressbar 7 after Windows 7's cancellation and you'll get a message saying "Your Progressbar 7 is out of support! Actually that means nothing... enjoy it!" Since Windows 7 is considered the last good version of Windows for many, seeing it become outdated made them depressed, but Progressbar 7 acknowledging that despite it being outdated, it's still usable felt touching.
  • "Player Two" is the story of a gamer who rediscovered the course ghost of his father's lap times, and refused to beat it and overwrite it, even when he finally surpassed it one day.