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Heartwarming / Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom

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  • The words spoken by Evan and the other rulers whenever a pact is made. Doubles as a Moment of Awesome.
    Evan: Let our kingdoms unite for the sake of the world!
    Other: Let the banners of war ne'er again be unfurled!

  • Bracken successfully freeing Zip from Doloran's influence by showing him the recorded memories of his old self. Heartwarming on its own, but the contents of the final recording take the cake. At some point in the past, Bracken lost her leg to what's implied to be an industrial accident, so Zip spent a whole night making her a custom prosthetic. When Bracken, still shaken by the trauma, refused to accept it, Zip made a powerful speech about them being engineers who solve humanity's problems, including each other's problems, and how they shouldn't let something like this stop them.
    Bracken: "...Thank you."
    Zip: "Hey, I'm your boss. It's my job."
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  • The ending of the game. Alisandra is saved from the Horned One's influence, Doloran repents of his wrongdoings and promises to make a new kingdom, and Roland returns to his homeworld. When he returns, he finds that the nuclear war which began upon his departure has been averted, with the implication that his doings in the other world caused the troubles of this one to be solved as well.

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