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Funny / Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom

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  • When Evan and Roland meet their first wind Higgledy, Wiff-Waff, he gives Evan what appears to be Oliver's Old Stick/Sky Tree Wand, but is described as "a moldy old twig". Their reaction:
    Roland: "What did he give you?"
    Evan: "Umm... a stick."
    Roland (looking unimpressed): "Lucky you..."
  • After betting repeatedly in Goldpaw and being unfairly burdened with a ten million guilder debt, Evan is strapped with a bird called a "Duebill" who constantly follows him around, sometimes squawking "KRARRRK! U O ME! KRARRRK! U O ME! U O ME!" Fortunately, the actual squawking bit is saved only for cutscenes, preventing it from becoming annoying.
    • A little bit later, Batu comes out of the Casino, followed by an absolute lardass of a Duebill, indicating that he somehow owes even MORE than Evan does!
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    • In the credits, he doesn't seem to have learned his lesson and is still gambling merrily, with the same fatass Duebill floating over his head.
    • Funny and also heartwarming: One of the residents of the Forest of Niall gets one too. After the party sorts things out with Pugnacius, he nullifies everyone's debts, but if you return to the forest, the guy's Duebill is still there. If you talk with him, he reveals that they grew attached to each other, so he adopted it as a pet. If you talk to the Duebill, it says "KRARRRK! U O ME!" but now with a pink heart emoticon afterwards.
  • Mr. Higglesworth, a pudgy, topless man in a Higgledy mask who is hiding in a forest and convinced that he's a Higgledy himself, and you trade him pebbles for candies. All weird enough, but then you can ask him if he really is a Higgledy, and he responds with incredulity and a Higgledy voice clip. Extra funny is if you talk to him again at any point after, and you get an adult male voice casually asking "How are you?"
  • The wedding scene Lofty plots to gain an audience with Queen Nerea, complete with Evan and Tani dressed to the nines and Lofty dressed like a film director. Evan's incredibly nervous Bad "Bad Acting" is so hilarious that even Tani can't help but be amused while she does her part very well. In the background, Batu is horrified, even if the idea is just pretend for them to marry each other. Lofty then makes it weird by excitedly trying to make them kiss, to Batu's disapproval and Roland visibly cringing in the background, but the guards arrive just in time.
  • A sidequest in Hydropolis, to find the writer of a love letter, ends with the girl telling him that she doesn't care about him at all. Cue the game over music!
  • The group getting a Cool Airship. The same one Zip uses... You know, the one with his ugly face in gold on the front. Everyone perishes the thought of riding around with the ship having his face on it, such that Bracken argues that it's the only useless design he has ever done in his life and dismantles the thing to something way more practical-looking, much to the shock of Zip's ego.
  • Batu not being informed about Roland pretending to betray them to infiltrate Ding Dong Dell. He backpedals pretty quickly about the plan and treats Roland as the same amazing genius Batu always complimented. Tani can only give her father a dull stare.
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  • After you recruit Speio to Evermore, if you talk with her, she talks about becoming a priestess and communing with kingmakers, but has this to say regarding Lofty...
    Speio: When I imagined communing with a kingmaker, I...did not imagine a mind like that of Lofty. His deepest thoughts seem to revolve around his rumbling belly and saying "Tidy"...
  • Jared's sidequest, the prerequisite for recruiting him to Evermore. He's a scrawny-looking man, and wants to find a diet that'll help him bulk up. Batu recommends meat and milk, which you collect and give to him. Jared leaves, there's a fade to black... and he comes back suddenly incredibly buff, with a comically deep voice. The party is suitably shocked by the transformation.
  • If you manage to accumulate in your coffers a total of 5,000,000 kingsguilders, the maximum amount, Roland appears with a truly stunned wide-eyed expression and the following comment...
    Roland: The tireless efforts of your citizens have earned you a total of 5000000KG. That's more money than I've ever seen, and I was president of the richest country in the world!
  • The closing credits present a series of still scenes as artwork. The first of these depicts Aranella playfully chasing after a toddler Prince Evan, while King Leonhard sits chuckling on his throne and Lord Mausinger stands next to the throne doing a facepalm.
  • The Lair of the Lost Lord DLC adds Roland's Journal to the game, 30 Leafbook entries you can find dotted throughout the game of Roland's largely-serious thoughts of the game's events. Find them all, and you get an additional Leafbook post of Evan saying that he's discovered the journal entries, much to Roland's chagrin.
    Evan: I found some entries on Leafbook that look a lot like Roland wrote them. I didn't know you could keep a diary on here...
    Roland: Hey, you need a password to read those!
    Evan: I typed in "Mister President" and it worked!
    Roland: How did you guess that?!
    Evan: Oh, umm...just a lucky guess I suppose.
    Roland: Oh, come on! Who told you?
    Evan: Well, Bracken may have given me a hint...
    Roland: Great. Just great.
    Evan: Don't worry! I haven't read all of them...yet.
    Roland: Great. Just great.

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