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Funny / Ni no Kuni

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  • When Oliver learns the Form Familiar spell and summons his familiar for the first time, the first thing it does is bop him on the head with the flat of its sword, for no real reason.
  • The whole Fairygrounds scenario. From the Smiley n' Surly skit to the journey into the Fairy Godmother's tummy and getting "reborn", you are bound to laugh at least one time or more.
  • Swaine's Deadpan Snarker attitude causes a few moments, but his reaction to finding out Shadar was really a Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds really takes the cake:
    Swaine: "He could've fooled me."
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  • Pretty much anything Drippy says is comedic gold, though his interaction to seeing his mother again deserves special mention.

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