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  • Delayed reaction, I know, but I just got this game. This is a very minor thing, but was Oliver's mom's heart condition foreshadowed at all? She seemed perfectly healthy to me, and after she rescued Oliver from drowning, suddenly clutched her chest and person says "She always had a weak heart". I personally was kind of surprised - it seemed to come out of left field. So this makes me curious - did I miss something? Like, does an NPC say "By the way Oliver, you shouldn't worry your mom - you know she has a weak heart!" somewhere?
    • Not that I'm aware of. I'm pretty sure it's just something they Hand Waved in so that her heart attack didn't look like it came from out of nowhere.
    • I think it's explained she has a frail body and that swimming to rescue Oliver was too much stress for her body to handle, considering you find out she actually is Alicia later on within the game, perhaps all that magic and that encounter with Shadar put incredible stress that affected her body physically. Saying she had a weak heart was probably how she tried to explain this problem by human world terms.
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  • Where does it say that Oliver is 13 years old? To me he couldn't be more than ten at the most. Are we just working from Teens Are Short or Age Lift or something?
  • Does no one notice that a recently orphaned ten year-old boy has disappeared, reappearing only days later for a few hours at a time? Has no one been appointed Oliver's guardian in Motorville? For that matter, does anyone in Motorville notice when Oliver casts Gateway and vanishes right in front of them?
    • In the post game, there's a Motorville NPC that mentions that Oliver has been playing "hooky" lately and that, even if he's still grief-stricken over his mother's death, he should return to school, but there's not much more than that. As for people noticing him disappearing, they probably don't for gameplay reasons (just like how you don't need to have a large open space in order to cast Gateway after the first time). As for who's his guardian, the closest would probably be Miss Leila, who was taking care of him before Drippy took him on an adventure. She probably returns to that duty after the end of the game.
  • Why doesn't Oliver find Allie? Not his mom, Alicia but her counter part in the real world, while yes Alicia was from the other world, what stopping him from finding her counterpart and using her to bring back his actual mother?
    • Remember how they mention Soul Mates work? It's likely that she's already dead, and Allie might not be the real name of her real world self and just an alias she used.
      • Shadar explicitly states that Alicia has no Soul Mate "in this world or any other".
      Shadar: This is the price she paid for meddling with time.

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