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  • When Oliver has seemingly lost all hope in his mission, since his mom is officially Killed Off for Real, he spends several days in a coma. Suddenly, Pea comes along and tells him that everything he's been through hasn't been for nothing. She shows him all the people he's helped, and all either acknowledge how much of a tremendous help he was or how he essentially changed them. It's such a Ghibli moment.
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  • The 12th Tale: The Young Woman's Journal. Aka Aille/Alicia's story.
    "I wonder where you've gone... I've been looking for you all this time, but I can't find you anywhere."
    "Passing through a village today, I heard some people talking about you... They described you a little differently from what I remember, but it was definitely you. They said you were heading north. So this is where I shall go too."
    "I don't believe it. They say you've...thrown yourself into some kind of swamp—-something called the 'Miasma Marshes'...Why would you do such a thing? What am I going to do now?"
    "I finally found someone who could tell me about these 'Miasma Marshes.' It doesn't sound good. It seems those who gaze at the marshes are lured towards them by the 'evil spirits' who reside there. They prey on those who've been overcome by despair, and compel them to throw themselves in... Is that what happened to you...?"
    "I finally understand. The mystery of the Miasma Marshes... Well I know what I have to do."
    "Last night, a traveling wizard told me that people in this world share a soul with a person in another world. These people are called 'soul-mates.' According to him, soul mates' lives are intertwined, and affect each other. By throwing themselves into the Miasma Marshes, however, people can cut the bond that links them to their soul mate, allowing their hearts to be consumed by evil. Those who have done so are beyond redemption. Even releasing the evil from their hearts and reconnecting them to their soul mate does not bring back the person they once were."
    "He told me something else as well. Something important. I need some time to think about what to do next."
    "It is decided. I must become a wizard. It is the only way I can save you."
    "It's been several years since I last wrote in this journal. I'm a Great Sage now, capable of breaching time itself. I've decided to go back and rescue the other you. I'm going to take good care of him, right from the very start. I know I'll never be able to return to this time, but I will not regret this. In the other world, I'll find the 'floating soul' to which you were once connected, and I will absorb it. That soul will then be reborn—-as my own child."
    "I'm setting out on a journey, a long journey to acquire the 'life' that I need in order to save you. That is the least I can do for you, after what you did for me...
    I believe that one day your soul will return, and that we'll meet again.
    You saved me.
    You sacrificed everything for me...
    You gave your life so that I could live mine...
    I must see you again..."
  • The reunion between the prince and the princess when you finish off Aapep. And this is when they were separated for a thousand years.
    • Finding out that the Rainbow Frog was her all along. She deliberately inflicted the same Baleful Polymorph curse on herself just so she didn't have to leave him.
  • Alicia thanking Shadar for saving her life during the war.
  • In Wrath of the White Witch, saving Cassiopeia and having her help defeat her inner demons in the final battle.


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